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Hi Dom, So what was it like in the first few months after you left Falmouth University? What do you recommend to fellow recent graduates who are going through that experience? Well, first I joined a Swiss team taking part in the Race Across America as a supporter – one of the longest and hardest endurance cycling races in the world. There I did everything at once: shooting for the newspaper, recording audio for the radio, filming video for the TV, and writing for the online and print publications, as well as my main job as navigator. For 8 days I only slept 2 hours per night. This was an incredible fast-paced learning experience for me. Back in Switzerland, I had the chance to assist a photographer on several assignments per week, and thanks to him, I got my first


own proper assignments. In the winter I shot Snowboarding and Freeski competitions, going back to what I had already done before University. Despite this it was quite hard for the first year. Most of the time I had nothing to do and often sat at home. Looking back, I would suggest to other photographers they look for a part time job in a related field for half their time and shoot their own projects which they are interested in for the other half of their time. You now work as an intern at Keystone, what is it like working for the biggest news agency in Switzerland? I love it! But it’s also hard work! I shoot up to 3 assignments per day plus editing, captioning and travelling. Most of the time I spend riding

Feature - Real Talk with Dominic Steinmann

205DPI - No.23  

This month features a huge variation of coverage, starting with one of our own trusted photographers Dominic Steinmann in a fantastic Real T...

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