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62 Road Trip TEMPEREDBIKES There are so many things that happen on road trips that can’t be explained, maybe it’s the readers take or comprehension from inside jokes or other unknown written jargon. Could be missing out on the R18 elements, so to speak. All the crude, rude and regular shit that goes down on a BMX road trip. Other parts of a story may get left out due to head injury, memory loss, retardation and failing school. Now for a moment we all agree that these things are forgotten when we are trying to write an interesting road trip story. Everyone who has been on road trips throughout these years may remember some of them as “the best times of our lives” status. So for those who can relate, imagine, if you will, the censored and/or forgotten imagines of a road trip story. Then feel free to reminisce over some of your own tails from the road to get a better appreciation. So let’s not go overboard with this.


72 Interview LIAM ZINGBERGS The first time I really noticed Liam riding was at my local park ‘Mt Barker’ in the Adelaide Hills. He was this cheeky little long haired kid kid blasting the hips and box jump, doing large a stylin’ superman seat grabs, turndowns, toboggans and x-ups. All with a super good trails flavour. The next thing I know he got himself some pegs and started destroying both park and street as well. This sparked a definite interest and admiration for Liam and his riding. At this point in time I made a note to myself... Keep an eye on this kid, and if I’m ever in the position to help him, do so! He is a master of bike control, he has this mysterious self confidence, plus loads motivation to ride and progress, with a never give up attitude when trying a new trick or run. I love Liam like a son! I definitely don’t spend enough time with him, sorry mate. I believe Liam has a big future on and off his bike. I’m excited to see what next for Liam.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about one of your best friends skills on a bike without sounding like your just blowing wind up their arse, it’s even harder when that friend just returned home with a 5th place from the X-games. Liam used to be this small, energetic but ratty looking kid that was always riding someone else’s bike asking for tips on how to do 360’s, learning every footjam combo and annoying everyone around. He’s a few years older now but he’s really just that same ratty kid with the same energy, just now he has an extra ton of salt to pour over everything. It’d be easy to imagine Zingers just waking up one day and someone had given him the power to have every trick dialed, but as cliché as it sounds I’d put my money on his progression coming from having fun on his little bike, backing himself and equal shovel loads of natural talent and bike control. He’s always down for a game of bike doesn’t matter if it’s on flat ground or a skatepark ledge. Every time trying to go higher, faster and smoother, mixing it up with crankflips or a barspin air on a 150yr old red gum. I don’t see Liam slowing down anytime soon, him and his sideshow bob hairdo are going to keep on producing and getting wild on two wheels for many more years to come. I know he’s got plans to do some global roaming and I hope he doesn’t stay away for too long ‘cause it’s a treat riding with him. Just don’t try and talk to him when he’s getting shit done ‘cause he’ll have both earphones in and Bliss ‘n’ Eso blearing.

I’m not writing this to talk about Liam, Matt and Rhys have already done a good job of that. I guess the only reason I’m taking a moment to put some words on paper is to give some insight into the interview process. I always find myself wondering what kind of an environment the interview was done in, or whatever. After a more unproductive than usual Saturday’s riding, we made our way to Rhys’ place to have a few beers, eat some food and do the interview. While we had been talking about the interview for months (and telling each other how we’d write some corker questions down), nobody wrote anything down. So the recorder was switched on and for better or worse we all winged it through the interview. I don’t know if this needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. Liam’s a salty dude but it’s all said in good fun... if you find yourself taking offense to anything from this point onwards... well, don’t be offended. Everything was said with a smile and no intention to offend, it’s all just a conversation amongst mates over a few beers.



James: I got a couple that Mikey texted through... Mike Moore: How’d you get so thug? Liam: I’m not answering that man... I’ll look like a fucking dick... Mike: What’s your opinion on secret crew handshakes? Liam: That’s a secret man. I can’t tell you. It’s a pretty tight opinion. I’ve only got one secret handshake. But I can’t tell you about it. It’s a secret. Rhys: Is it... the... G..FK? Liam: Don’t even talk about it man! This is going in a magazine. You don’t talk about that shit. James: GFK is going in the mag, but. Liam: We’re going places!


James: Is that clippin? Doug: Ah yeah. Liam: I want party pies. Rhys: What’s your age, sex and location. James: Yeah start with that, what’s your full name, your age, your sex and location. Liam: That was Sam’s fault, I was ready to leave after 20 minutes of being there. James: No you weren’t. Liam: Nah I wasn’t, it was like half an hour. Sam: You were watching that ‘Heyhowareya Heyhowareya’ for ages. Liam: That’s cause you were taking so long. Sam: I was done! Liam: You was done? Sam: I was done. Liam: You was done? Sam: Real done. Liam: Doug you got a question? Doug: Nah not really man.

80 Road Trip

Mornin’. Photo LEE TURNER


tour downunder

fly bikes Story by Lee Turner


My journey started on the south coast of England, in a small town called Christchurch. Leaving here on a Sunday morning it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be in Melbourne for another 3 days I knew this was going to be a crazy trip. I made my way to London to meet up with Sergio who had kicked his trip off from Madrid a few hours earlier. We met up and somehow managed to get away with being over weight with all our bags. I had packed a minimal amount of filming equipment after hearing many bad stories about the fees for excess luggage. Finally we were on our way! Stefan’s journey had started in Barcelona, where he had been living for the past 4 months. His plan had been to move back to Italy with his Dirt bike and stuff and chill at home for a month or so, but we had other ideas as this trip was going to be too good to miss. So we booked him a last minute flight and let him in on the plans. Before he left he had to finish a Nike edit he was working on and also arrange to get his dirt bike and stuff back to Italy. Even after being a crazy week for him he still managed to get to the airport early, a whole one day early in fact! He headed home and started the never-ending trip again the next day; Barcelona to Milan, Milan to Dubai and then on to Melbourne. When he arrived after his 36-hour flight he did not seem too well. The following day he had to see the doctor and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and couldn’t leave the house for a week! In the mean time Sergio, Chris and I killed time checking out the local parks and streets spots, filming for our next video project. As the week went on Stefan started to recover and we all started to look forward to the 2000 + km drive up to Brisbane. Photo LEE TURNER


Clips. Photo LEE TURNER Bondi. Photo LEE TURNER

Bondi. Photo LEE TURNER

day 1 >> We decided to make this a proper road trip, so we hired a motor home to drive and sleep every where we could. From gas stations, bar car parks and of course the beach. We loaded up the van and headed off to our first spot Canberra. We had planned a shop stop at Backbone Bmx for day two, as we had a fair few kms to cover we spent most of day one driving. We ended up spending the night in a little truck stop in the middle of nowhere but the view was amazing. When you live in or near a city with all the light pollution you forget what the night sky and stars actually look like.


81 Catchin’ waves. Photo LEE TURNER

Melbs. Photo LEE TURNER

Chris, Bus 180. Photo LEE TURNER

Road Trip

Drivin’. Photo LEE TURNER


Chris. Photo LEE TURNER

day 2 >>

day 3 >>

The following day, after coffee, we continued on our journey. A few hours later we made it in to the city and after a few changes of directions, we finally found Backbone BMX. This shop is based in an old gas station and has a really cool setup. Everyone there was really cool, letting us rampage their shop tools and take over the shop. After hanging and riding with the locals, we met up with a couple of them for dinner and a few relaxing beers, which resulted in a nineteen year old bar maid, on a power trip, calling the Police. She had decided that myself and Stefan, who were not drinking, and standing in the street outside the bar were two under age kids causing trouble by not showing her our IDs. Which resulted in us getting told to “ f@#k off” by 4 coppers and an “asked to leave the area warrant”.

We started the day bright and early with a security guard kicking us out of the night parking spot at 7am. After moving the van and a few more hours sleep we found out the water pump had decided to stop working, leaving us with no shower or water to wash the dishes! We locked up the van and headed to the civic skate park in the city for a bit of a warm up. We had a little cruise around the city and met up with Jesus. He took us to this amazing wave structure just outside the city. It’s crazy when you find stuff like this and you just know you have to ride it. The sun was out and this was one of the highlights of the trip so far. Next stop Sydney.

day 4 >> After driving a few hours we stopped at this truck stop, which luckily had some showers. It was a much needed bonus after 24 hours with no water. We all had been internet starved from the start of the trip so far, so when they were ripping our van apart trying to find the water pump we took advantage of this by stealing their internet. Never leave 4 BMXers in your office with 10 or so working computers! A few illegal downloads and status updates later we were on our way again thankfully with a working shower. After arriving at our second shop stop; Hell on Wheels. We hung around with everyone at the shop then moved on to 5 Dock park for a jam session. We rode there until dark and headed to Bondi Beach to ride a little and camp down for the night.

Stefan, Turndown. Photo LEE TURNER

ttle photo by pete conway jay wilson taking the final ba

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For any trail builder, the most devastating thing possible is to find out that your trails are going to be knocked down. The nature of a good set of trails is such that they require dense bushland to thrive. There is usually nice dirt in bushland, which is easy to dig, yet compacts into what every shape you like. Bush also acts as a wind block, so you can ride even if it’s blowing a gale. And at the end of the day hanging out in nature is part of what trails are all about. To find a place that meets those requirements, it means that 95% of the time, you are going to have to build on land that does not belong to you. It is a huge risk. No matter how hidden they seem, or how cool the surrounding neighbours are, at the end of the day the person responsible for the land could decide that they do not want liability on their land and destroy all your hard work. This isa a pretty pessimistic way to look at it because the risk is well worth the good times to be had. Creating the most amazing BMX track your work ethic and imagination will allow and enjoying it with your best mates in the trees free from the outside world. To trail rider it is what life and BMX is all about. The following a reflection on the good times had by a bunch of kooks in the is a trees before their trails were knocked down by the government.

96 Road Trip DISHONOUR

I wrote a super detailed intro to this article, but I just wasn feelin’ it. I mean there’t much to this trip, I justwasn’t got a bunc h of the Dishonou together for a road tripr crew from Sydney to Adelaide. And only 5 days so shit was it was rushed. But at the end a bit day, we all rode a bunc of the h, we all had a heap of fun and little bit of partying was a done for good measure. Oh and got a bad memory at the I’ve best of times, so this is by no means a blow by blow acco unt of the trip. Not much more to it that. I’m hanging for the than next trip alre ady... WORDS & PICS BY JAME S WADE

97 Road Trip DISHONOUR Mozzy. Ice to Whip. Photo JAMES WADE

0 - THU RSDAY DAY from the airport, his flight from Mt Gambier So Thursday starte d off pickin g up Brad Wright joint later Chris Barnes rolled up to my came in at 12pm or something like that. A few hours ’t quite tell if our taxi driver couldn I t. airpor the in his ute, and we caught a taxi to cuts to the airport which got us short cool few a d manage was drunk, deaf or asleep, but he there on time. by Mike McMah and Jake Shepherd. Both who On arrival at Adelaide airport, we were greete d the airport that they refuse d to go in the of scared so were They . had never flown before front of the arrival’s drop-off zone with front doors. So they were just standi ng out the gave them a quick run down on how things We boxes. bike bigger even big goofy smiles and work and checke d ourselves in. se he hadn’t even pulled his bike apart. Mozzy rocked in a little bit late, and to my surpri but he told me that if you buy a Virgin on, going was what ing wonder was I admit I gotta wheel off and life’s good. Sounds like a bike box, all you have to do is take your front me. to deal dope pretty Olive, Sam Illman and Tom Blanch. After we We then flew up to Sydney and met up with Brock and made our way over to Bondi to the YHA cabs of sorted out our luggage, we found a couple I mean, I can’t talk for the whole hostel, hostel. backpackers. I gotta talk a bit about this , it smelt pretty bad. Like I’m not talkin g cause I only witnessed one room there, but mannnn weeks and there ain’t no ventilation. stinky dudes. I’m talkin ain’t showered in five a roll down to Bondi and grabbe d some food So once we had our rooms sorted out, we went forto Bondi at night before, you’ll know the been ever you’ve If and checke d out Bondi park. rd to lose depth perception. Most of the lights there are pretty crappy, it’s pretty standa seem to be fazed by it, I can distinctly didn’t Brock and Mozzy crew were just chilli n, but s. recall Brock slingi ng double-bees with no worrie any bottle shops open, so we decide d to head It starte d gettin g pretty late and there weren’t sleep. But once we got back up the hill, some get and ckers backpa our to back up the hill food and for some reason, we decide d not we decide d that we didn’t want sleep, we wanted minute ride to the shops turned into a 45 2 a been have would what So to take our bikes. caught up on some shut eye. minute round trip. We eventu ally got back in and

106 Interview PAUL LANGLANDS Rotary powered Photo RYAN McCRAE


THE GOOD OLD KIWI QUESTION: HOW MANY WEETBIX CAN YOU DO? I can do 4 without going all out, but I like to get some yogurt, banana, plums etc on there to make it gourmet. WHAT’S C TOWN’S RIDING SCENE LIKE? For the size of the town there’s a lot to ride and heaps of young riders getting into it, so it’s definitely a good scene. We have a few evenings a week where some good sessions go down. Our skate park and street is pretty average here too, which makes for more motivation to dig. Being central in the North Island is handy too, having a lot more spots to ride within one to two hours drive. HAVE YOU ALWAYS LIVED IN A SMALL TOWN? I have grown up on several farms around Cambridge, pretty much in every direction around Cambridge but never actually in town. Usually about 10km outa town, it’s handy being close to town and still having land to build and ride on. GOT A NICKNAME? “Langas” and “Lang-Banger” seems to be the most commonly used two, at comps it seems to change each run ha-ha. WHO ARE YOU SPONSORED BY? Currently sponsored by ABD, T-Whites bikes and Metal Mulisha. I get a few drinks from Demon Energy every now and again as well.

One of many stylin’ grab variations. Photo RYAN McCRAE

In a land where style is king. Photo RYAN McCRAE

CAN YOU SHED ANY LIGHT ON WHO PAUL LANGLANDS IS? He’s a pretty cool fella (laughs, don’t put that in there) Na I’m someone who is always doing stuff, on the go and getting stuff done. I can be all go or all chill depending on what’s going on. I can’t sit still for too long though.



FIRST UP ARE THE BASICS: WHO ARE YOU? HOW OLD? AND WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Paul Langlands, 22 years old, from Cambridge, New Zealand.


Paul Langlands is one of New Zealand's most well known riders, everyone has seen him blasting huge but insanely smooth combos over dirt. He's one of those guys all the kids look up to. Not just because of his riding, but because he's a super good dude too. Langlands has got the best backyard setup in the country and he's all about getting everyone around for a jam. It's been a good three years I've spent shooting with Paul for this interview, I've got to know him pretty well and learnt a few things about what makes him tick. First up he loves to flow over dirt jumps, second, he's not one of those shit talkers you find on the ComeUp and third, if it's not good enough he's not going to settle for it, he'll ride it, build it or skid it till he's satisfied. INTERVIEW by Ryan McCrae

114 Road Trip TERRIBLE ONE Soy latte, the beverage that made it all possible.Photo Dave Rubinich

115 Road Trip TERRIBLE ONE

‘Mate, you can’t swim in jeans...’ Tom Dugan getting scholled in surf ettiquite. Photo Dave Rubinich


somehow missed the song Orion by Metallica from the Album Master of Puppets in my misguided teenage years. For some reason or another this musical gem eluded me in all my metal lusting years. Some things never change and to think that a good friend could turn me on to this song whilst travelling around the country with me with not a care in the world is something that is not lost on me. I think it was Joe that first put this absolute treat of a song on in the bus and from the opening chords I knew this was going to be an absolute belter. This song was then found to be on high-rotation for the rest of the trip. By the end of the trip delirious from lack of sleep and sore from a few too many spills Russ and I joked that this could have been the soundtrack to our final demise. If the bus was to veer off a tall cliff, it would have us peacing out to some sort of weird male version of Thelma and Louise. Guess you had to be there to feel the vibe I’m talking about. What I’m trying to say that if this was the last (riding) trip that I ever took than this was the crew I would have wanted to be tripping with.


ooking back at the end of this trip I truly feel like I am one of the luckiest people alive. To live, breath, ride, surf and learn with a crew like this for two weeks around some of the best terrain this country has to offer is something I don’t think I will ever forget. To save you the hassle of a long-winded trip story I will let the pictures do the talking. I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the funniest things that did happen that I saw… Tommy Dugan meeting a “one night wife” in Melbourne after he somehow convinced her he was actually Dustin Dollin. His “stand up” performance occurred later on that night in an alley behind Bar Open.

Ocean road, the final stretch to Adelaide Photo Dave Rubinich

Me wolfing down a handful of almonds whilst driving then realising that there was a cooked rat claw amongst it. Needless to say I threw up much to everyone’s delight on the bus. Said rat claw was in a bag of almonds purchased from a supermarket that has constantly told Australia that they are “the fresh food people”. I think that’s a lie....

122 Making COLONYS DVD


COLONY DVD SO CLINT, WHEN DID THE IDEA COME ABOUT TO DO A DVD? Not sure exactly to be totally honest? Seems so long ago now! I guess we had been pumping out solid web videos since Colony began and it just came time for us to put something out with some substance. I mean web videos are great and they do their job very well. But I wanted something that was for the ages and not forgotten about in a few days. If we were going to the effort of doing a full team DVD then I also wanted it to be something to be proud of. It had to have great riding of course but even more so we wanted a top notch production level to compliment it all. I feel we have achieved what we set out to do. Hopefully everyone else out there feels the same.

STU, YOU WENT ON PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TRIPS, WHAT TRIP DID YOU FEEL WAS MOST PRODUCTIVE AND WHY? I think all the trips were fairly productive but filming one on one with a rider were the most productive times, like when I filmed Pete Radivo for one day and got 35 clips!


It definitely felt like a bit of a struggle sometimes and getting that motivation at times was also hard, you’ve always got in the back of your head ‘protect your knee’. But it’s just the confidence to look past that and know youre 100% when your gonna ride your best. My biggest motivation was going on trips and seeing everyone bang out clip after clip, it made me want to do the same.

Y DVD - THE MAKING OF THE COLONY DVD - THE MAKING OF THE COLONY TOM, WHEN WE WERE IN PERTH YOU SPENT A COUPLE OF HOURS FILMING A LINE AT THE WHITE LEDGE SPOT WITH NO AVAIL, BUT THEN WE WENT BACK AND GOT IT DONE, CAN YOU GIVE US A RUN DOWN OF THAT MISSION? Yeah the white ledges in Perth was definitely a nightmare spot for me and I assume Stu and Cooper who had to endure it. Basically we went there in the morning to get this line done on these three ledges but it just wasn’t working out, we left and decided we would come back the next day and that’s when shit got rough. As soon as we got the there were these three junkies in the park where the ledges are just yelling shit like “If you don’t land it I’ll stab ya” and basically having sex with his junkie scum misses at the same time! Not listening to the skeletor looking motherfucker we kept going but rang the boys to come down if shit got rough. Eventually I pulled it and the guys rocked up but the junkies had left. As we were leaving one of them came up the stairs with his mad FUBU pants on holding a knife trying to come at us hahah.

Liam, Luc-E to 360. One of the best filming sessions we had was at this spot, Liam was on it that night.

We figured anyone stupid enough to pull a knife on 14 ugly BMXers is the type of person that probably wasn’t sane so we just yelled ridiculous shit out to him and bailed. Can’t beat Perth mate.

STU, WHAT CLIP DO REMEMBER TAKING THE LONGEST TO FILM? I think a lot of Toms stuff took along time because the stuff he’s doing is so hard! Which you can see in his part because no one else in the world is doing half of that stuff. Tom Stretton is a god.


Zac, Sussing blue OverIce

It’s pretty much tradition that we all lose our money on trips, due to playing C-Lo. Before we had even left the country the dice were out, it always starts off with a couple of bucks but sure enough Millar will loose a couple of hands and he’ll just keep upping the standards until he gets it back or hits rock bottom. Anyways the real chaos was when Millar and I were doing some big bets and Marnold thinking he could front it with the big boys, took a couple of hundred off him straight up... I couldn’t lose. He’d go get more hundreds thinking he was due a win, but no... Marnold failed epically, loosing around 500 Euro ($800 Aus). Then karma bit me in the arse and I lost $380 euro in one hit to Millar..... Farkkkk, ah well.

The last filming trip and we spent more time filming at night then during the day. Zac Miner was pedalling flat out in pitch black and landing in pitch black all whilst dodging flashes and filmers.

123 Making COLONYS DVD

I don’t think any photo or footage could give this large feble grind Mick is doing justice. The ledge is also slanted and giant brick at the bottom was an issue, but he got it done safe and sound. Most likely with dishwashing pads in his shoes.


MICK, YOU SOMEHOW ENDED UP GETTING THE SHORT END OF THE STICK WHEN IT CAME TO FLIGHTS? Every f@#$in time. What was with that Cooper? Do you hate me? I don’t really remember my flight patterns. Let’s just say I get screwed all the time flying around the whole world just to get across the street. Lay overs longer then my flights. Everyone will be on a flight together, and I have to wait 12 hours at the airport and fly by myself. Next year I’m buying my own private jet and I’m not letting anyone else on except girls.

AND THEN YOU HAD A LITTLE BIT OF A STOP OVER ON THE USA TRIP DIDN'T YOU? Oh yeah, see what I mean.. f@#$. We get off a long flight from LA to like somewhere I forget. Everyone has half an hour to wait to take their flights straight home. I have a 14 hour lay over with no one there. Thank god Millar is such a champion. He put me up in one of those day spa places at the airport. It was sweet. I got to lay down, have a shower, get something to eat. But, 14 hours... So boring. I finally got on my flight and I have to go though NZ to get home. So guess what? Another layover. Then, I have to go to Brizzy for the King of the Jibs comp which was cancelled. So, I fly all the way there just to turn around on another flight to get home. Bring on that private jet.

MARNOLD... FAVOURITE SPOT YOU RODE DURING THE FILMING OF THE DVD? All the suburbs in Melbourne just because of the crew that I ride with and it has everything I like to ride.


was super bad timing because I hadn’t got a lot done for the Colony DVD. I might of got four clips done by then, but I thought for sure I could get the surgery then have plenty of time to finish off the section, but I was wrong. First of all I had never had surgery before so I just assumed I’d get it done, wait three months and be back 100% but that wasn’t the case. Even five months after the surgery I could not do five push ups and still could not bunny hop my bike. Then when I could ride I felt this pressure that I needed so many good clips because of what I’d been hearing the other riders on the team had been doing so I booked a flight to New Zealand right away to film trails and on the second day I crashed and broke my collar bone because my body was so weak from not riding for seven months, which put me out for another month. So even now that it’s past the deadline I’m still filming and sending clips to Stu....

ALEX, EVERY ROAD TRIP IT SEEMED LIKE YOU SPENT EVERY MINUTE OFF YOUR BIKE PLAYING DICE AND WINNING OTHERS PEOPLES MONEY, ARE YOU STILL ADDICTED TO IT? Haahaha! Yeah dice is probably the most addictive game ever! But it’s weird I only ever play it on road trips with the boys!

Night wallride crew.



I’ve now got hurt again but they say it comes in threes so I have to be good now but let me fill you in on what happened: I planed a trip to go to the Outta Banks to ride some parks with Colin Mackay and to film some more for the video but the morning I was going to hit the road the weather was worse in Greenville and the Outta Banks. So I delayed the trip for a day so I thought I better not waste a day I’ll go to the warehouse and film a run which includes a 1080. I was warming up on the resi and on one of the attempts my chain snapped and shot me over the bars and in to the slider door shoulder and head first. After going to the hospital I found I had a 3rd degree shoulder separation and three broken ribs so I’m back in the arm sling. Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a car.

COOPER, HOW DID IT FEEL GETTING YOUR BIKE TAKEN IN BARCELONA BECAUSE OF SOMETHING ZAC DID. DID YOU WONT TO DOB HIM IN OR TAKE HIS BIKE? It was one of the worst times of my life when that happened! The language barrier was ridiculous so I didn’t understand why I was being singled out but they took my bike then claimed I could get it back in a few days but that never happened. We had to go around to a few different places to get it back but it was a massive fuck around and they weren’t very helpful at all. I don’t blame Zac for it since we were all riding the spot but it is fun bringing out the guilt trip card once in a while. I felt worse that it was because of this incident that we had to pretty much leave Barcelona because of the vibe we got after it happened.

Smashed graff.

2020v40 Preview  

2020 hits 40 issues old. Out across Australia and New Zealand in late June 2011, or the rest of the world via

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