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3 months is a long time for stuff to happen + win an Eastern Element!




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Heavy Metal Heroes 10


Macneil tour down under


NZ mission + X-Air


Don’t belive the hype?

Flatland for a flat land. Australia’s top vert dog

Australia’s longest running comp series turns 10. Big names, big riding.

Seems more than a few crew head to NZ... Greenville from a differnt perspective.


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Three riders to take notice of. Basic airs and gnarly handplants. Beats and Riffs, Muph and Hatebreed + DVD’s. Just a taste of what you can spend hard earned coin on We had some building up so here they are....



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Haro team COVER//Luke Parslow rocked NZ’s X-air beating everyone including mate aka the unbeatable dirt rider, Ryan Nyquist//MIkE BELL CONTENTS//Phil Johnston obeying the rules//IaN roBINSoN

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Cooper Brownlee//PErEIra

Featuring sections from Cooper Brownlee & Andrei Sablinksis, Lucas Comino, Haimona Ngata, Clint Millar, Luke Batchelor & Heath Holden, Simon O’Brien, Mike Daly, Matt Holmes Grub, Glenn McLaughlin,and more. Bonus featues include a SImon O’Brien interview, Heavy Metal Heroes teaser and a photogallery. Music thanks to Resist Records, Obese Records, the Blurters and more...


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A big thanks go out to all who played a part in making the Hindsight idea a reality, I’m hoping you’ll all be back on board for the next one, it’ll be sooner than you think...

Hindsight is 2020vision. The 25 frames per second evolution of 2020bmxmagazine. As with the mag, it’s full of true Australian riding and music filmed both here and around the world.

About 6 months ago we had an idea for a short DVD that would be an extension of the mag. Part of that idea was to make sure it was free, so all could check it without the big $ that BMX DVD’s are starting to charge. So we set to work not knowing a hell of a lot about what we were undertaking. We checked in with a few crew to see if they’d be down for it and started to suss how to make a DVD and stick it on a mag for nada*. Within a few months the original plan for a couple of sections had grown to more than could fit on the DVD, as had the cost of making a shit load of free DVD’s. But we pushed on nonetheless and the results are what you have in front of you. A fully blown 80 minute DVD stuck on the front of this mag. I gotta say I’m pretty stoked on the whole deal, even though riding took a back seat for a month.

mag, but a DVD as well, talk about some extra late nights... It’s been a massive learning curve, but one well worth the effort.

2020VISION Welcome to issue 16 of 2020bmxmag. This has been a big one for us. Not only a



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Worlds 2005 GO CZECH

This years Worlds will take place at the Mystic Skate Park in Prague in the Czech Republic. Think Czech beer, Czech ladies, Czech history, the best riders in the world going nuts and it's an easy equation. I'd love to go to Prague! All the info is at but there will be comps for Dirt, Street, Vert, Mini, and Flat, with expert, master, pro and girls classes. The dates are June the 1st to the 5th and of course there will be the regular parties that the worlds are renown for. This years organizers are also running a “KING of the WORLDS� comp, the winner of which will get money or prizes to the value of $5000. This will be chosen by riders and officials and will go to the rider who does well in the most categories during the Worlds, could be expert, master, girl or pro rider. I'd say Pete Radivo will be back there after last years efforts!

Pete Radivo and Dan Montoya have joined Clint Millar on the Orchid footwear team for Australia. these guys will also have sections in the up comingTriplesix team DVD that will showcase the entire team. Clint Millar will be editing it & should be in stores around July//Robinson


Mik boosting a massive feeble to drop//PoLaCk

EASTERN BIKES GIVEAWAY Mik Bayzand has just been signed up with Eastern Bikes here in Australia. With Leigh Ramsdell's recent wording up of the now Melbourne based street and dirt ruler, it wasn't long before Eastern's Aussie distributor, Dirtworks, hooked him up with the full kit. To make this deal even sweeter, Dirtworks, Eastern and 2020bmxmag have teamed up to give you the chance to ride a complete Eastern Element. It's a full cromoly frame and fork set up with 3 piece tubular cromoly cranks that can be all yours without the years of hard riding Mik has gone through to get to where he is now! All you have to do is answer the following question and email the answer into us at before May 28th 2005 The question to answer is: Name 2 other Eastern team riders*. *Hit up for clues...


Millar Lite WTP Frame

wethepeople are giving clint millar his first signature frame called the MILLAR lite. It will come in two sizes 20.6 and 21 inch top tube with a chainstay length of 14 inch (or 13.75” slammed). It will have an internal headset and come with a MID BB (uses profile sized usa bb bearings pressed into frame) removable gyro tabs and an estimated weight is 5.5 pounds or less making it the lightest frame in wethepeople’s range. Clint should have a prototype by mid March and production should be by September...... also look out for limited edition two-tone paintjobs...... check for more info in the months to come........

styling through the eight-pack getting his bike virtually 180 as he kicked it about. While on the eight pack topic, my old neighbour Flagz was hitting up the run in true B-Town style. Drunk and full of barbequed sausages. How a big man like him rides trails so smooth ill never know. It is hard to figure out how someone can actually pull tricks cleaner with each beer they guzzle. I guess some mothers do have em.

Diamond Creek

trail Jam After a fairly late night on the town I was rudely awoken by my alarm at 6AM. I crawled out of bed, and made a vain attempt to properly wake up. The meager two hours sleep from the night before was gonna have to be my sustenance for the day. I drank a coffee and headed off to work trying to mentally prepare myself for hurling roof tiles. Anyway enough whinging I’ll get on with the story. Today was the day of the Dymo Trail Jam and the Melton Skate park comp and I was working in Warrandyte. That meant that it was near impossible for me to be at all these places at once. I knocked off at about 10 and drove like a wild man in the vague direction of Melton. I arrived there and some how stumbled upon the skate park without too much trouble. To my shock the park was pretty empty. In fact it was free of anything that made it look like a 20-inch comp should have started half an hour ago. Some locals informed me that it was tomorrow, making me not half an hour late but twenty-


Even with the flooding of Dymo, Jay Lovelace and crew made the jam happen, much to the joy of Nathan Saunders//CooPEr

three and a half hours early. After cracking the shits I jumped back into the Ute and headed out to Dymo. Since the comp hadn’t been on, it made me pretty bloody early so I figured I had time to pick up a six-pack and some hot tucker. On arrival at the trails I was surprised to see how many people had already shown up. There was some young blood running through the big four-pack and styling it up for the few older crew who were either recovering from last night or preparing their livers for another belting. Things started to warm up as more riders started to pile into the trails and before long it was being sessioned by a good dozen BMXicans. At about lunch time, the day was starting to see some sweet trail riding from a host of different styles. This guy from Knox I’m pretty sure he’s called Jade was throwing his brakeless yellow Standard in all sorts of crazy directions. Super smooth

Not long after this eight pack session had started, Heidelberg’s notorious Luke Weatherall showed. As per usual, arriving with little or no sleep under his belt he proceeded to rip the trails to bits, pulling super styled, super big moves out of his seemingly never ending bag of tricks. From here on it was an open slather with too many riders and way too many tricks to remember. Things seemed to be going well until a rider called Gordon took a spill that no rider wants to see. Clipping his front wheel on the landing he was catapulted head first into the dirt. He slid for about a metre with only his head touching the ground. His head stretched back so far his helmet and back were touching. It was disgusting to watch Gordon’s body lying motionless and screaming. Blood was trickling from his mouth and nose. I called the Ambos just as he made it to his feet. It was a relief to see him walking as everyone thought we had a paraplegic on our hands. Hospital check ups found he had broken two vertebrae in his tumble, however he is now back on his feet and riding again. After the accident everyone mellowed for a while. I guess a reality check of how dangerous this sport can be had taken place. Eventually riders headed back to the big four pack and began hitting it up for all it was worth. When I left at around 6pm, there were still a few people riding but most of the mob were now chilling with a brew or a billy (Dymo styles in effect). A big props has to go out to Jay and the Dymo crew for organizing the day. Its great to see people are getting behind jams as a way of helping the 20-inch scene grow. We need more of them and comps too. On this topic myself and some others are looking at organizing a comp at Dymo in the next six months so keep your eyes peeled for it. Grub

Haro Team DOWN UNDER The annual trek to NZ’s X-Air comp for the Haro Team always includes a short stint in Australia. Luke Parslow, the new No. 1 Haro dirt rider, Ryan Nyquist and Josh Harrington did a high speed mission from Melbourne to Sydney in a search of dry skateparks and big dealer appearance gigs. They lucked out on the weather, but Wilson’s Bikes turned it on with hundreds coming by to say G’day to the crew who were fresh out of G-flight suits after a Mig fighter jet session. Truly lifestyles of the rich and famous! So although Sydney turned on more water than the Murray in flood, the Haro guys still got some serious high speed air. Tom Boorman in his element. Somewhere way above the lip//WarE

Strawberry Slaughterhouse On Saturday the 5th of February the Strawberry Slaughterhouse Jam went down at Moorebank skate park. The Jam was basically put on to bring the Sydney riders together with no pressure of competition or prizes. The flyers that went out were worded ‘no x-gamers’ but that didn’t stop some people from forgetting that they know how to flow ‘if you know what we mean’. The Campbelltown riders made a strong showing, ‘thanks guys!’ Jason Cousins stood out with his smooth lines making the park look like some kind of invisible maze that he was running on his own. Sean from Campbelltown was riding fast, going huge and flipping. B-Rad with his uber-cool flow was getting around the park using the ‘running-man-techskid’. Tom Boorman, Macca and Harley Jones were also ripping and in form. All in all though it was a great day, no injuries to mention which considering the number of riders and tricks going down was not only suprising but relieving for all. Finally we would like to thank Mike, Brad, Fresh Matt, Shane, Shorty, Mel and Dana for all their help leading up to and on the day. Big thanks goes out to our parents for all their help. Mike Lewis and Beau Jones

OK, so 20inch might make it too the Olympics. Does that mean we'll be on the lounge with beer, pizza and spliff watching Zac Musarsa fighting for gold medals instead of Thorpe? Hells yeah//CrISPY


Terry Durham over tooth//SaYEr



No prizes, no distribution of flyers and no music. All the things that make a jam a failure. Not this time. The Gravitational Variable 2 jam was an out and out success. A big hell yeah to all the skate park boys in Adelaide who stepped up and rode on the day.

Was it the half page flyer in this illustrious magazine? Was it the free drinks I bought and gave away? Or was it just that it was a great day to get together and ride? No matter what it was the park riders and flatlanders alike enjoyed the vibe and sun shining down upon them. Things just came together to make a fun day.


One evening at last year’s worlds in Cologne there were a few less BMX riders at the bar because about 30 of us were at a meeting talking about BMX freestyle in the Olympics This may sound weird but rest assured we didn’t leave wearing spandex or filling out our prescriptions for performance enhancing drugs. No, we left with an agreement that will see the future of Freestyle BMX firmly in the hands of riders, whilst enabling us to take advantage of the greater opportunities and support that getting organized can bring. The meeting was initiated by Gary Ream (the owner of Woodward) and Steve Swope who works at Hoffman Bikes and looks after the BS and CFB comps as well as the BMX side of the X Games. There had been rumors flying around for a while that the Olympic organization wanted to add a Freestyle BMX event for 2008 or 2012. For this to happen they would need to set up some sort of governing body for Freestyle through the UCI (, which governs all cycling events at the Olympics. Now the UCI could have set up their own organization to run freestyle but decided that it would be much better if they contacted existing riders and worked with them, nice idea. This was probably helped along by the fact that the UCI guy in charge of BMX Johan Lindstrom knew what BMX freestyle was and had even been known to ride a BMX sometimes. So the UCI needed a governing body for Freestyle and Gary and Steve wanted to find a way to organize freestyle but keep it in the hands of riders. Back to the meeting, we get 30 or so BMX riders from all round the world in a room with Gary and Johan and see what we can come up with. After about 6 hours of talking the general consensus is that if we don’t organize, someone else will and that we should, in principle, work with the UCI as long as they recognize that Freestyle BMX is very different from MTB or Track Cycling. We came up with the name IBMXFF (International BMX Freestyle Federation) which is a pretty boring name but sums up what we are and also voted Jay Miron in as the first President. Gary Ream, myself, Mat Hoffman, Ian Morris, Apichat Rutnin (from Thailand) and Jonathan Sherwood (from South Africa) are vice presidents and Steve Swope is the secretary. There is also a long list of other board members who are involved in different aspects of the IBMXFF including Bart De Jong,


Stephan Prantle, Zach Shaw, Stuart Dawkins and Dave Manconi, who is the New Zealand representative. So now we sound important, but what difference will all this make. Well first up things like the worlds will actually become the World Championships. The worlds have always been run by riders but without a governing body, any one could organise an event and call it the worlds. Now that we have the IBMXFF, they will sanction one event per year and call it the worlds, this year’s will be in Prague in June. Also on the agenda is helping individual countries set up their own national organisations to help run local and national comps and provide, amongst other things, local info on skatepark design and clinics for younger riders. Australia already has this organisation in place in the form of FBMX but many other countries do not. Still on the agenda is the Olympics, nothing has been decided yet but I would imagine that a freestyle event, probably Vert, will be added to the Olympics in 2012. Most riders, myself included, will find this pretty weird, yes there will be a national uniform and you will have to pass a drug test but the bottom line is that if you don’t like it don’t go, its not going to mean that you cant go ride street on a Friday night. I also believe that the Olympic movement and the UCI recognise that BMX freestyle is different from other “sports”, that’s why they want it in the Olympics, and they are not going to force any changes that will detract from the appeal of freestyle, like making us wear spandex, not gonna happen. The advantage for Freestyle of a tie with the Olympics will come in three ways. First, recognition from official government types will mean more skateparks, legit trails, ramps and skateparks at places like Sydney Olympic Park. Second, dollars flowing down from the Olympics will help fund, events, comps and clinics and finally comps sanctioned by the IBMXFF should find it easier to find sponsorship because of the association with the Olympics. All round I cant really see how this can be a bad thing, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out, so maybe see you on the Olympic vert ramp in 2012, I’ll bring the beer! Mike Daly

We also experienced a thing that is a rarity at skate parks these days, pure domination of the park. The skaters were flushed out and nowhere to be seen. The flatland badass Shane B noted the best of that. A roller blader turning up, seeing the sheer number of riders then continues on his merry way shaking his head, absolute classic. The riding as you would expect was exceptional. Dave Ludbrooke was 3-whipping out of the bowl to the dismay of a camera user with bad timing, Craig Johns manualling the bowl extension with determination and Dwayne Golding was saying “ah fuck” each time he 360’d the spine. It was all good. And to top it off, Marcus Ambrose won the V8 championship while the two factory Holdens take each other out on the first turn. Thanks go out to Terry Durham for the transportation of this non driving flatlander and supplies in his Mazda ute(rus), Ross D for the mention in Reformist and to Matt for running the flyer in the mag. And ya know what? It’s all happening again at Elizabeth skate park on April 2nd. So bring all your new tricks. Dave Sayer

leumeah sk8prk comp

The comp held at Leumeah on the weekend of the 29th of Jan was off the hook. The under 16’s went crazy with everyone goin nutz. Shaun Reilly stomping flips along with this Daniel fellow getting convinced into trying to flip the box by Fink on the mic (the box is small, real small…). He tried first go, crashed, cased, 2nd go cased, held on and slid off. Everyone was wrapped and this was the UNDER 16. Lol, nuts! Luke Fink turned up in his black night van, there was Shane Biffen, Dermo, Pipe, and Clint Bensley! Plus many more in the opens, everyone absolutely shredded. Fink pulling off his now trademark flip to smith on the elbow after a bit of convincing on the mic from the Colonel Bensley. Lol! Pipe owned evrything he tried, whips, 540’s… Dermo put down a solid run with a high 540 air and air out whips along with Colonel busting big assed ssg’s over the hip. Besides Fink absolutely owning the park from the time he pulled up to the time he left. He also stomped everything he dam well tried too. Droppin in 360 on the 8 footer to start his run was like WHAT? Hurricanes because he can, massive lines! Also flippin the box. Biffin was flipping the box too along with myself. all up a awesome time, well worth the drive in there for a awesome night. Narz

Freestyle now bust da south tour Tours or road trips what is the difference? I don’t have a clue. What I do know is that both are fun. On this occasion i'm calling this a tour as that is what we did. Story and photos by Shaun Jarvis The freestyle now bicycle stunt team consisting of Jason Parker, Adam Duncan, Kurt Drake and myself, Shaun Jarvis, went on a five day tour through some of the south west and hit up seven parks. The tour was all paid for and it was the most fun I've had in a long long time. You could have called this a nanna tour as there was no party or night club action like on the past tours. Early to bed early to rise means more riding and less slacking. It was good, no fuzzy feelings in the morning, just a clear head to ride with. Jason arrived at my house on time, then we collected Adam and Kurt and out of Perth we went only 30 minutes behind time. Now that’s a first. Our first stop on the tour was Mandurah skatepark. This is a nice park that is very open with a really nice big hip. Adam did what he is good at and busted that hip like only he can. Jason being Jason didn’t ride the park that much but he did a rock walk drop in off a mad high wall. Kurt had his first proper ride at this park for the first time in six weeks due to hurting himself on a flair gone wrong. We meet some riders from Albany, Patrick, Paul and John while there. They were on their way to Perth on their own road trip. As normal Adam hooked up with some nice young girls and got hooked up with a phone number. This would be repeated at just about every park that we went to. After a bbq lunch it was off to Boyanup. Boyanup is not far from Bunbury and is home to a huge bowl that is under cover. We all had a good ride but the park did get a bit boring after a while as there is not much else there. Kurt did pull off some 540 tail taps on the large 9 foot tranny. Adam did what he does best and blasted some major air out of the tranny to the height of about 2 meters. Meanwhile I took some bails on the small hip but it was all in the name of fun. Our final destination for the day was Nannup on arriving in the town we drove to the skatepark. While the others went walking around the park I decided to get my bike and ride it as I was so impressed with the park. It was one of the best rides of the tour, very kicked back and peaceful. As normal Adam still managed to go big and jump some large tranny to tranny gap of about 3 meters. Because we rode the park till dark by the time we got to our hotel and got ourselves sorted out we could not get any food as everything was shut in the town. We were very very hungry men by 9pm. The folks at the Nannup hotel were kind enough to give us some food although the kitchen was closed. So back to the rooms we went with a loaf of bread two tomatoes and a very small lettuce. Not much but we all ate something. Friday morning and I awoke not alone in my bed, unfortunately it was not my girlfriend but the local ants. After a very large breakfast it was off to work. Today was scheduled for two demos and a workshop at the Nannup park thanks


to the shire of Nannup. The first show was basically just a warm up for us but the town did come out in force for the show. The workshop followed and it was good to see young kids with some skills especially a 8 year old girl named Emma, jumping very well all while riding kurts bike. Demo two was at the end of the day and that was when we all busted out and rode like we should. Kurt did a flip and bailed into a handstand. It was one of the best bails that I had seen for a long time. He didn’t get hurt and pulled it clean on the next try. Kurt used the nice hip to pull truck drivers and tail whips. He defiantly came back to form in the show. Adam went to work well with 900 tail taps, foot jam tailwhip nose picks and back to back to back to back 540 tail taps on the mini as well as the big gap that he did the day before. Tricks were not only the thing that Adam pulled, as normal he got the hook up with the girls. Jason Parker, decade dropins and noes pick whips. Flatland was the main stay in the show for me and I did ride well and get into the groove with some nice flowing links as well as a long backwards bar ride. The town just loved the demos and every one was well stoked. It was a very hot day, so hot that the CD player started to melt which is not a good thing to happen. One of the local riders, Kim was spun out to see me. He had met me 12 years ago at a demo in Perth that I had done. Good to see that he is still riding a kids bike even if he is 30. Day 3 I awoke early with out any ants in my bed. After breakfast Jason, Kurt and I went for a ride around the town and left Adam alone for 2 minutes and I think at his age that is all he needed as well. Our next target was Margaret River. I hadn’t been to this park for about 4 years and was glad to go back there. We were running a workshop there today. On the drive from Nannup to Margaret River I had to almost stop as the tears of laughter were rolling down my cheeks. Adam was telling us about what happened in the show. In our introduction I mentioned that Adam likes tofu food and is a vegetarian but this is not true. We do this in our shows to muck around a bit. After me saying that Adam heard this old hippy lady say “no wonder he is so fuckin skinny” in response to what I had said. Now that is one of the best reaction ive ever got from an audience. I laughed so hard, maybe you had to be there. We got into Margaret River on time and meet up with Stan from the council. He showed us our accommodation which was small but nice but only 3 beds. Interesting. To the park we went and started up the workshop. It was hot but the workshop went well. Wazza and Dylan made the trek from Bunbury to ride but after Wazza hurt his knees they went home early. After the workshop is when we get to ride and all the normal stuff happens. The sub box got a work over with Jasons tail whip noes picks, Adams fufanu and Kurts tooth picks and ice picks. The spine was worked with 360s

from Adam and Kurt up it by adding an x up in there as well. Other tricks that went down were backflips for the young grommets by Kurt while I proceeded to jump the hip in style mode as Adam was pulling in the girls. That night we all went and got one of the best meals of the trip, you gotta love pub food. We sorted out the sleeping arrangements with Jason sleeping on the pillows on the floor. Sunday morning and we were off to Bunbury with a small detour to Dunsborough to see the park there. I had a ride while the others sat in the car. Lame asses. Nice park pity about the sand. Will want to go back and ride it properly again. Bunbury skatepark was the last stop in our workshops and it was packed. 21 riders. We really earnt our keep on that day. The stand out in the workshop was a young dude with wide racer style bars but he had a lot of tech skills. Wazza was ripping it up and does the best nose dip 360 in the world. Dylan was shedding it as well, 270 tail tap to pedal stall to 180 revert in, nice. All I wanted to do was ride the park but as luck would have it my front axel snapped. Same thing happened last time I went to ride the Bunbury Park. Cursed? Last supper tonight was Dominos pizza. And we all ate like a fat man at a packer jam. Day 5 saw us heading home. Adam was excited to be heading to Mandurah to try to hook up with his girl contact that he made on the first day. But first I had a date with the Gelorup Park. I like this park. You can pump around it all day with out a pedal and it got a nice hip. The others did not want to ride but I was like the energizer bunny and could not be stoped, but time is the essence my friend and we had to go. Next stop was Eaton Park. Again only I rode and my first words on riding the park was “this is shit”. But after a few laps it turned out to be ok. It’s small but easy to ride. Heading home we called in to see the park in Falcon but it was hella windy so we elected not to ride it. It’s a small park with not much there but it’s still something to ride. We did ride the Mandurah Park again though. If you’re going to ride that park do so in the morning as in the arvo it’s full of skaters that don’t move and its hell windy. A small flatland session started and Kurt got to show off some of his skills. We didn’t ride for long but we did manage to lock the boot shut. After pulling the contents out of the boot through the back seat we managed to unlock it and taped the lock switch off. Never do that again. The drive home was done and every one was dropped off. We were all very happy bikers. We had just spent 5 days touring around and riding and having a hella lot of fun. A thanks goes out to the councils of Nannup, Margaret River and Bunbury. To Kurt Adam and Jason for being great guys. And to the riders that we meet along the way. Ride well and have a well ride.


Gallivant around on the web I once read that the internet is like the biggest jam ever. Think about it, when you go out and ride with mates for a day, you do your riding and take a break every so often and stop to talk to each other. It could be about where you’re going wrong with a certain trick, or what you are getting up to when you’re finished riding.

Now take that on a world level. You go out and ride for a day, come home, sit down in front of the computer and talk about your day or whatever is on your mind to your riding friends online. It’s the same thing, only on a much bigger level. So for those of you who are new to the internet, or have yet to realise what the rest of us have discovered years ago, these message board are some of the best. So please, talk amongst yourselves. throughout the country or to talk to those a little closer to home. Get to know riders before you ride with them so to speak. I frequent this one quite often and have found that Australian riders rule, even if they do tend to write BMX related stuff in the general discussion forum and forget there is a dedicated section for riding (I’ll probably get put in the “I hate your guts” section for that comment). Check it out. Unlike the other sites listed this issue; BMX Board is a dedicated message board site, not much else. The same old stuff can be found as you’d expect, but this time it comes across as an old school feel (Think 96-97 style boards). Not being a member of these forums, I wouldn’t know the vibe of the place, but from looking at the amount of users and recentness of posts made, it appears as if they have an active community. You will have to check it out for yourself for a better run down this time. I’m sure readers of 2020 have heard about these forums before. It’s Australia’s answer to the pedal forums. The bases are all covered here again. This is probably the best single place to find out about comps or jams Probably the biggest community on the BMX web. It has a section for all aspects of riding. Flat riders will especially like this one. It is the biggest flatland forum there is and I know for a fact that some pro riders post there from time to time. All disciplines of BMX are covered though, even a dedicated WOF forum (Women Of Freestyle). The users on the pedal forums are always happy to hand out tips on riding in all sections, just don’t post pictures of yourself stealing other flatlanders signature moves, they’re a bit protective of that kind of stuff. As for general discussion, something I found to be a great touch was a separate section for politics and religion. Too often does that kind of stuff get heated and taken way out of proportion on internet message boards. So you wont have

Message boards can be like a huge riding session, and you have to treat it like such. You cant just show up to a spot and act like you own the place. So sign up, introduce yourself and get to know the locals first. It will make things a lot easier for everyone. Like the old saying goes, treat others how you would be treated. This issues extra credit goes out to my website neighbour Back from a year off and looking towards to supplying more South Oz riding to the world. Check it out. Also keep an eye out on during the BMX Games. Yours truly will be running around like a mad man trying to deliver live updates (If the pieces fall together). Send site submissions to DAVE SAYER

Fink ice over ghetto spine amongst the masses//HILLIEr

Bendigo trail Jam

Because of the Cod October 4th 2004

Ok, Its been a while since the jam actually took place but as it was such a good day, I thought fuck it, someone’s gotta write about it, so here it is in all it's glory. The Bendigo trail Jam had been advertised for months. So October 4th had been set aside by most riders of kids bikes as time to head up to Bendigo. It was no surprise that by the time I hauled arse up there, many a pedal head was getting fired up over the main four pack. My girlfriend and I arrived at the trails to find the local B-Town boys already half pissed. (11:30AM) Everyone was in high spirits or on high spirits, downing cans and yelling either abuse or praise at riders hitting up the trails. By about 12pm Big Top had his Barbie fired up and some serious riding was taking place. Melton’s Andrew Gull was the first to get seriously jiggy with it, busting out with the likes of backflips and was the first to 360 whip over the second. He consistently put tighter tight runs throughout the entire day. Andrew Gull is definitely one rider to look out for. Each time I see him ride he gets better and better. Luke Weatherall was the next to start busting out the big guns. As you’d expect he killed the trails. Quad barspins, X-up flips, double truck to X-up, stupidly stretched Superman’s and just big shit in general. Extra points go out to Lukey for riding flat out all day. When I check my footage, every third run is Weatherall and I filmed for a good 5-6 hours!

over the day but here’s the ones I feel/remember that are deserving. Adam Hough who claims he can’t ride dirt, proved himself wrong with styled turndown 360’s and downside whips. Luke Fink did what you’d expect and rocked shit up, flips, whips you know the score. Another face who’s been getting around lately was a character called Knox Dave. For a guy with a pink bike he rides like a real man! 360-whips pulled a little too clean for my liking, plus an assortment of tricks he emptied out of his bag and onto the trails. There was heaps more good shit happening, a guy called Robbie and his Shepparton posse laying down the law and giving the jumps a good old thrashing Sheppo style.

A heap of other riders deserve commendation for their efforts

Viva La B-Town!

Birdman whip//HILLIEr

Aside from dirt jumps, there was possibly the worst spine I have ever seen. Think 4 and a half foot with vert. It was a bitch to ride with many a tumble taking place. Local boy Flagz managed an over feeble to 270 out. I don’t understand how? Aside from riding there was the usual B-Town rat-baggery. Random cracker explosions, sky rocket battles and the odd ‘piff the stubbie’ war broke out to break up the days events. After all this people either went home or got blind drunk. Grub

Welcome to the Lower Plenty squash courts

10 years ago families used to head down to the Lower Plenty squash courts for a swim in their local pool or maybe a game of squash. But the last 3 years or so the place has been abandoned and is now home to 100’s of graffiti writers and a handful of BMX riders. I remember the first time I ever went there, we had heard that it was abandoned and headed down there to cause some havoc. What we didn’t know was it was soon to be known all over Australia as an awesome place to ride and hang out. We would go down there and dream of putting ramps through the rooms. Then one day we started building, first a big bank to wall then more ramps and soon enough the boys had the place flowing with some of the best lines and tricks I have ever seen. From just going down there, chilling with friends and having a lazy session with the odd graffiti writer coming down to display his styles. Over the last year it went from having huge jams with over 100 or more people to a place where over 50,000 cans of paint were wasted, (whether or not that’s a bad thing I don’t know) either way the IC warehouse is now being demolished and I know that the place holds a special place in my heart and a lot of other peoples hearts too. As I was standing in the rubble the other day, looking at the 6 foot bank to wall and remembering how much fun it was riding for the first time, it made me think what makes a bunch of kids slaving over saws and hammers for 3 weeks for this to happen, then I’m reminded its just our pure love for 20 inch. Dean Lucas

Mongoose prize pack

Mongoose and 2020bmxmag have created eight prize packs to get out to you, the reader. Each pack contains 1 Super Large McCann Poster, 1 signed Team cube, assorted stickers, Mongoose pens, T shirts, and more posters. All you have to do is email us the answer to the following questionon: Name one Australian rider who has a signature bike with Mongoose. Entries to be emailled to by the 1st of June.


Daniel Johnson looking back over Lilydale//GORAK




After some meetings with the girls from Youth Services department of the Shire of the Yarra Ranges, we came up with a comp series like no other. It was aimed as a local event for the youth around the outer eastern parts of Melbourne and turned into an unreal jam series with a comp as a side-dish! It’s really great to see a council with an entire department devoted to the youth and organizing stuff for the kids of today and I hope we all see more of this. The plan was simple, three parks, three age classes and loads of fun and that’s all that was necessary. So it was decided that the first would be at Monbulk in conjunction with the park official opening, then 2 weeks later at Yarra Junction and then the following Tuesday at Lilydale. The news of a series spread quickly and guys rocked up from far and wide to each round and made it a worth while event to ensure similar events in the months and years to come.

Up in dem dar hills! Monbulk is the location, BMX is the action! Being a series devoted to skate and BMX we had to watch and wait for the skaters to kill the park between age classes but all was good. 12 & under class was up first and as with the 16 & under class we had a preview of our future. All the way from 16inch wheels to the BIG 20inches we had shredders that bought a new aspect of riding to the park. Local boy Jarrod Roche although thinking he sucked showed the new-comers how the park is to be ridden. Boosting big airs and smooth trails style really making a good name for himself and getting the attention of anyone competing against him in the 16 & under class. Brad Green (1st place, 16& under) was another rider using the entire park to express his riding. With close to the biggest cheer squad of the day Ian Michelson competed well to closely follow Jarrod in third place. After a session on a dirt 1/4 across the road, open class begun. Now, the normal riders shredded and killed the park. Pete Radivo, whip air one side of the mini, opposite air, downside whip on the other side! Luke Weatherall pulled a superman-seat grab over the box. You call that a box? It was a roller into a flat-bank! Another local, living only a few minutes away, Jordan Kolb showed up with dialed styles and tricks to make us watch, from whip and barspin airs right down to clean whip to manuals getting the huge crowd excited.


Peter Mayer inverted above Yarra Junction//GORAK

Now, one young lad that surprised everyone was Daniel Johnson. Beginning his run from where no one could see, he sprinted into the park to bust a huge 360 up the ledge and into the mini, blowing everyone away. His new look on the park opened everyone’s eyes by showing new lines which were copied in the next run like barspin from bank to mini-deck and all with clean smooth styles to knock everyone from their seats.

Far, far away, almost off the Melways! In a place called Yarra Junction... The morning was depressing with rain clouds making the comp difficult to run but the atmosphere of the riders and skaters, not to mention the crowd amped everyone to get it all happening. The rain eased and kids started riding. The park soon dried and we saw an awesome battle in Round 2 of the Summer Sessions Series. Dinny, our MC for the series, decided to have a ride in practice and ended up splitting his chin open in a crash leaving the park for everyone else to play. The hip was a favorite with everyone and wasn’t long before kids were boosting beyond my lenses angles. Also Jordan Kolb and Drew ‘Claw’ Balshaw had a bingle resulting in one mangled front wheel and tyre, not to mention the frightful bang of the colliding metals. The Fink show was on full view! 450 turn-down the hip, big airs, super tech and every stupid maneuver possible! Luke pulled the cleanest 630 (1 and 3/4 rotation) over the hip I have ever seen and all rode exceptionally well. Nathan Saunders was also amazing to watch pulling a downside whip to fakie from bowl to bank and clean brake-less styles giving him good position for the finals! Locky, who with a couple of guys traveled from Traralgon, showed what he’s got like his barspins and nice whips all brakeless.

Under lights Unlike the first two rounds, there were no rain clouds in sight. In fact, in true Melbourne style it was the complete opposite being hot and stinky! I think it was almost 40 degrees! But luckily this round was planned for an evening show making sure we weren’t in the peak of the heat. Still it was very hot and to make it worse being a dry zone we couldn’t crack a coldie! Despite the heat, heaps of riders rocked up and a crowd to match. There was a definite buzz in the air, the riders were pumped and the spectators loved it!

Dave McComb mid 3whip//Gorak

Luke Fink in general ruled. The tricks this man can do are remarkable, over to tooth and back from hump to spine and a clean flip over the no-bigger-than 3 foot hump just to name a couple. The insane temperature didn’t stop Dave McComb going big over the spine with 360-whips, trucks and a 720 attempt so close he could almost claim it! Also, Jordan Kolb was riding well on the night. I’m sure I saw him do barspin to manual to foot jam whip in. Far from local, Mozzie, made the journey from South Australia to also place well. Very clean styles and dialed whips was the evidence for the jury but it was definitely the locals that proved their point. Cooper and Ryan introduced us to some ancient lines that weave in and out of the transition. Cooper’s precision riding doing a double tyre stall on the twin coping spine to 270 over and Ryan was going faster than ever before blasting from bowl to bowl with long gracious flatties. Another local Laurie Muts punctured his tube attempting a 450 over the hip and jumped straight onto Claws bike and came so close it was astounding, especially in the dark letting sparks fly on one try. The rider that stood out through the entire series and more so at his home ground Lilydale, was Daniel Johnson! A brakeless rider to start with and who still isn’t afraid to hit things with speed. DJ spun clean truck-drivers on the spine, past clicked look-backs and all round shredding. As the night went on and with the much appreciated lighting from the local SES, the atmosphere only got better! Everyone was having a great time and on the edge of their seats trying to see what was going down next and so it was the perfect timing for young Daniel to unleash and endeavor to land a 540 over the spine. After two shots he was so close, so close I couldn’t capture it, I had to see it with my eyes. Every single person was watching cheering him on, standing to make sure they didn’t miss. Daniel dropped in launched the spine and begun rotating. Landing backwards, hitting full transition and giving himself plenty of room to roll out. And it was done! Just like that! Not a silent man, woman or child could be found as DJ was swarmed by anyone and everyone to congratulate him on his efforts. And like that the night had finished. After some very hard work from the Youth Services crew from the Shire of Yarra Ranges and some help from the guys at Total BMX, an unforgettable comp series was over. I’m sure that in the future these guys will be teaming up again to bring you more events for the BMX community. Gorak

2 5


A.C.T Michael Puniard is a machine! Puni dislocated his shoulder, went to hospital got it popped back in then came out partying for the night. Puni is also riding for Dragonfly Bikes now. Stephen Hilborn is almost fixed after foot surgery and over 8 months recovery. He also had his bling bling T1 stolen, fresh dark green paint job….keep an eye out. I broke my ankle a few months ago and had a stay in hospital with some titanium screws, hopefully I’ll get rid of these walking sticks soon. Pete Majoinen is recovering from his 3rd knee reconstruction, I didn’t know he had 3 knees? The boys at the Deakin Mansion (Bentley, Ben, Harry and others) have been working very hard and the backyard ramp has had some really nice improvements! Bulbs broke both his ankles at once and earn’t himself a nice stay in hospital, 3 months in a wheel chair and some skinny legs. Get well soon. Wallace has been working with Niels Thanild from Denmark on a signature frame for Simple Bikes, they are on something like their 3rd prototype now. Rusty and Rhys are off to do a bit of travelling with Americans Garrett Burns and John Brighton, should be a very chilled out road trip. Sam Delaney just turned 21, happy birthday mate. Cam White (2) is back in the US to kill it again and Dave James has come out of hiding and has even been spotted riding Tuggeranong Skate Park. Brownie and Rob Smith drink lots of beer and Puni is currently sporting the spew badge. The Tuggeranong City Council (1) ran a comp for local riders on the 11th December. The day was pretty relaxed with a BBQ and band crankin out the tunes. Rob Smith provided entertainment as MC for the day and the rest of the Tuggas locals judged or just hung out with a free sausage and a beer. In-between the free food and music some guys rode bikes and the results looked like this, Open Comp, 1. Chris Solon, 2. Brendab Boek, 3. Harrison U14’s 1. Josh Dunlop, 2. Chris Harti, 3. Glen Young. After the comp everyone retired to a Canberra night club for a T1 video premiere and free drinks thanks to Dan Hunt and 2020bmxmag. Finally Act5 will be on over the weekend of the 26th March, meet at Erindale on Sat avo. Dan Hunt

New South Wales

Matt Fairbain and myself will be doing demos and some coaching at the Easter Show again this year. Old school Sydney rider Cavan Te Ratana showed up on the X factor and made it into the finals. Talking of superstars the elusive Mike S (8) was back in town for a few months riding smoother than ever.


6 3


The new skate park at Balmoral Beach will be finished by the time you read this, the bowl looks fun! There are also new parks planned for Manly Vale and Waterloo in the near future. The second annual BMX Games will take place on the 23rd and 24th April at the Sydney Olympic park in Homebush. This years comp will include Vert, Street, Dirt, Flat and Mini with a guaranteed $20,000 up for grabs. The dirt jumps are being built by Brad Grantham and I will have a hand in the street course design. The vert and mini will be part of the new Skatepark complex that is being built out at Homebush (6) which will be open to the public soon and will be bigger than anything seen before in Aus. Check out www.bmxgames. net for more info and entry details. Should be huge! The date for the next Martial, One World Ban, BMX Jam is set for Sat 16th of April, which is the weekend before the BMX Games. The day will start at 10am and there will be new ramps constructed again this year, hopefully including a curved wall ride and a removable sub rail jump box. So make the trip to Port Macquarie and have some fun. This is not a comp, the $12 is the cover charge to make it into the park, as it is indoor. This means anyone can come and the weather wont affect the day. Thanks to Martial Clothing, Animal, Coastal Music, Coalition, Federal and 2020bmxmag for helping out. Wollongongs Totally Wickid day, a BMX, Skate and Inline event is coming up on the 17th of April at Fairy Meadow skate park, and will have bands and pros to teach the kids a few things. Mike Daly


Nick Richardson (wethepeople) had a small fall a few months back that left him with a snapped ACL, torn MCL and cartlidge damage to his knee. Doctors say they cant operate until he is 17, which is in December, so he has to ride with a brace until then. Looking at his riding lately it doesnt seem to be slowing him down too much... Richo kiss ass! A new rider owned parts company is being started by Clint Millar and Chris Harrison from Triplesix under the name of Colony BMX. Parts will be designed in Australia and produced in Taiwan. The first line of parts should be available by September. Ryan Guettler is the first pro rider on the team and will have some signature parts out very soon. Wanna mess with Beenleigh? Termi-Schneider is ready (3).

CLint Millar

South Australia In an act of supreme un-organisation and lack of communication, we had two competitions in one day. One at the new park in Nuriootpa and another a Paradise skate park. Not a great deal to write home about, but at the Paradise comp local rider Ernie scored well for doing the near impossible and 360’d the out of wack spine. All in attendance appreciated the feat. Instead of one stellar comp, we had two mediocre comps... Volatile Visions turned 10 recently and Mr. Volatile himself held a dirt jam in celebration at the city trails. It was mainly a MTB event, but a handful of BMX'ers showed up to get some air only to session CitySk8 shortly after. The second edition of the Gravitational Variable jam took place once again at Elizabeth skate park to the joy of all who showed up. A fun day was had by all. See words elsewhere in this issue. Make sure you come ride at the next one too at Elizabeth skate park on April 2nd and watch Cairns go nuts. (4) Next up was the Hillbilly Hoedown comp at Mt Barker skate park. This was close to a wash out with rain threatening to end the day. But a window of dry came along and all went ahead as planned. My ride there decided it was a washout, so a group of us ending up sessioning Adelaide’s wet weather spot SkateFX instead, I heard reports from the comp that it went really well and that everyone is blowing shit up in Adelaide. Look out for the second wave of Adelaide riders to start ripping real soon. A new skate park opened up in Victor Harbour recently and by all reports from riders, it’s awesome. I’m yet to check it out, but from video footage I’ve seen, it is amazing. It has everything including an ocean view. Shane Badman is set for international travel after the BMX Games in April. Shane will be riding with his Hungarian mate Ben Shenkar. Some extra news about the BMX Games. If you are unable to make it to Sydney for the games, you can get kept up to date on If all goes to plan, there will be live updates put on there moments after it happens. Maybe even live reports from riders, organisers and media reps. Dave Sayer

TAS News

The state of Tas has been a little quieter than usual due to the absence of Leigh G who is currently living it up in Austin Texas. He has been travelling the states solo since July,

hooking up with and being looked after by many a rider. Leigh heads to Canada soon to work a little and ride plenty of course, a big G’day goes out to Leigh from all the Tas crew! Heath Holden is out with a broken foot, and Nick Hills with a fractured ankle after some foam pit jumps gone wrong would you believe. They should both be back riding real soon. A few of us Tas riders will be heading to the BMX Games in April, should be good fun to say the least! Not much else really happening in Tas apart from Kirk Lucas rippin’ shit up! Everyone has just been loving the summer weather, riding and drinking plenty including me! (5) Check the Spirit of Tasmania scene check in the Hindsight DVD for the lowdown. Word. Luke Batchelor


Hello and welcome to the Victorian news! Not entirely full of beneficial substance this time, but sure to increase with each issue. Hooray! On with the news. Total BMX is helping out local shredders Daniel Johnson (9), Laurie Muts and Drew ‘Claw’ Balshaw for 2005. Claw actually busted his leg up good and proper doing an alleyoop pocket air, putting him out for up to four months. Get well soon big fella! Everyone’s favourite person Cooper Brownlee (7) will have the fourth issue of Focalpoint BMXZINE out around the end of March, stickers are available now, t-shirts real soon. Contact for more info. There is a bunch of new parks popping up around Victoria, with Epping, Lorne, Point Cook and a few others now completed. Box Hill’s new park is under way, apparently to be finished around April. When are some of the interstate riders going to start roadtripping to/around Melbourne and related areas? Surely there’s enough parks for you guys down here now! Camberwell local Hessian Henry has broken his collarbone and will be out of action for a while, so if anyone has any advice for putting on extremely tight jeans one-handed, let him know! Knox local Dave McComb has broken his foot again for the second time in 6 months. The Bendigo crew’s new video Why Try Harder is nearly finished, filming is coming along slowly but is looking to open a few eyes, with Josh Tickel’s section, Jay Flowers, and a lot of random riders. The plans are (at the moment) to have another trail jam around mid-year and premiere the vid on the back of the Vert ramp, bands should possibly be playing as well. Another great day in B-town! Greensborough street-demon Tom Baum is





12 now being helped out by Supercycle bike shop. Keep an eye on Tom, he’ll get all tech-street on your arse if you aren’t careful! There was recently a BMX demo at St Kilda featuring Adam Hough, Luke Fink and Luke Parslow. Bendigo Stu was overheard considering having his face shaved by the girls in the Clearasil van, who were spotted rubbing their boobs all over men luckier than us. Adam was overhead saying ‘I can get halfway across America with the money I’m getting paid for this demo’, which isn’t really saying much, as Adam can make a tin of corn and a crust of bread last him 3 and a half weeks. Adam is off to America again on the 3rd of March. Spotted: Bendigo’s Louis Reeves wearing girls shoes. Louis is also getting flow now from Stowaway, be sure to catch him at your local bar spitting beer on dirty girls. Grizzel Clothing is stepping it up with belts, hats, shirts and hoodys pumping out in time for the cold harsh winter bestowed upon us. Check out for updates by Luke, whenever he gets around to it. On a final note, I know my DVD Glasses should have been out by now, but it’s hard to make a video when all the main riders keep getting hurt! It shouldn’t be TOO far away; all we need is a bit more time and a bit more good weather. When it’s available you will be able to get it through You could also pick up a nice Teflon-coated sprocket or some Ti parts to bling your bike up at the same time, go on, be a sport! That about wraps up the Victorian news for this issue, if anyone has anything they’d like to contribute for the next one, email me at dao@ and I’ll put it in! Thanks to everyone for contributing, and thanks to Mike and Matt for asking me to do this news. Peace! Dao Radivo

Western Australia

The big news at the moment is that the Western Australia new komp series or WANKS is about to start. Freestyle Now is putting the state series together to let riders compete in park and flat. The series kicks off with the Joondalup Jumpfest which is now in its seventh year. The comp is part of the Joondalup festival that will take place on the 19th and 20th of March. Park will take place over the two days with flat happening on the Sunday. There will prizes and $1000 up for grabs for some lucky riders. A massive ramp course will be set up in the middle of the main street for the riders to attack as they see fit. This year’s course will be even better than the last. All going well round two of “WANKS” will take place at the Eaton



skatepark near Bunbury on the 24th of April. Email for more info on all things about WANKS. The Giant aka Kurt Drake won’t be at the Joondalup jumpfest as he will be on holiday in Queensland and, as he is going over to the BMX Games in April, he wont be at the comp in Eaton either. This should give some one else a chance to win a comp seeing as he has won everything in the last year. Kurt took the honours at the Gravity Games Challenge and took home a Mongoose as a trophy. Good luck Kurt at the BMX Games and do the CHL as well as Freestyle Now proud. Now all he needs to do is dial in his double flips! Speaking of the BMX Games the ever stylish Michael Bielecki has told me the there are five of us going over. I would have to say that he means flatlanders. If that is the case then that’s almost the whole of the Perth flat scene going. For more info on the flatland world in WA log onto I was told by an unidentifiable source that the trails man in Perth Ben Higgs has quit riding, is this true? I hope not. One of W.A.s best riders, Jono Lucas who has had his life time of injuries already and like two years off his bike is starting to get back behind the bars and is sessioning his foam pit again. Industrail bikes will be back in production soon as the man behind them has returned to Perth after a bit of a walkabout around the country. Club Old Boy a new venture into the line of clothes will rise very soon. Be on the look out for their gear. Are the better bike shops in Perth really noticing a slump in BMX bikes and parts? Who cares as I don’t ride a BMX bike I ride a freestyle bike. Wazza in Bunbury said that the trails in Wollaston will be going by the end of winter and they should be nuts. Nice to hear that trails are still on the go. Did some of the Mandurah crew get busted riding at a high grade uni only to escape capture by busting some scary rails that they thought were not touchable? That’s one way to do big stuff. Put these words into your own sentence. “Swanga” “ripped nuts” “don’t ask” (10) After the successful Jamage Action 1, 2 and 3 number 4 is going to take place on the 10th of April. To the joy of the Jamie Mauri and the other Carine park locals (cpl) it will be at the Carine skatepark. Starting at about noon, bring your bike and self, ride and have fun.

If you are in Scarborough on the 3rd of April for the youth festival look out for the Freestyle Now bicycle stunt squad busting out with some serious action as only they can. Word up to Patrick in Albany peace out to ya. Matt Lawton from tempered bikes in Esperance has said that the scene down there is jamming well and that they are planing a road trip to Perth to start filming for their new DVD. New park in Lemming opened up and it is now my favourite park at the moment. It’s just behind the shopping centre. Log onto these web sites for more western Australian info and Shaun Jarvis

New Zealand

X-Air 05 is done and dusted once again, and what a fabulous comp it was. A few highlights include Macneil taking first, second, and third in street (Ali, The Beast, Gary Young) dirt winner Puppa Parslow stage diving off the winner podium after collecting his check and winners belt, then being crowd surfed towards the bar and dosed in beer. The Beast being drunker than a billygoat and getting kicked out of the club after winning vert, I think he took a lady home to the hotel with him though, so all’s well that ends well. Congratulations to the judges and event staff for running everything smoothly, onto bigger and better things for X-Air 06, look for a full story in this issue. By the time this goes to print, the Fly Bikes tour of NZ will be done. Keep an eye out for a full story in an upcoming issue of 2020bmxmag and also the tour DVD, which should be out in a few months or so. The tour has most likely been the most expensive tour in BMX history, with Fly having to foot the bill for the airfares of most of the riders, after Redbull said yes to paying, then changed their minds at the last minute, talk about two steps forward one step back. None the less, the DVD should be a banger, with a whole lot of riding in what has come to be one of the worlds most exotic riding destinations at the moment. While we’re on the subject of travelling, the illustrious Mr Byrnes along with his lady friend Crystal and good friend J.B. recently stopped into Auckland for a battery recharge/ surf safari. They rented a car and had planned to travel the North Island, but somehow made it back to Auckland four times after small trips to Whangarei and the Coromandel, oh, Garrett is on Fly parts now too, so expect some extra earthy colourways sometime in the near future! A few of the Wellington boys, and Auckland’s The Wazzman are heading to join Tim 'TOO' White and Dave 'THE

13 JACKHAMMER' Strurthers in Vancouver for a month or so, some site seeing, and nugget blazing are sure to go down, along with a few extra saucy boat rides! Rumour has it that there’s a trails revival in Auckland, with a few crews getting down and dirty with shovels, and also heard through the grapevine that there’s a new park going up in Reefton in the south island, look for pics soon. Chaffers park in Wellington is no more, rest in peace, here’s to all the good times at one of Wellington’s riding spot icons! If you’re on the internet, check Mike from Hamilton has outdone himself, a very extensive website on riding in New Zealand, along with a good healthy dose of Wazzman style blaze the shit attitude. And finally in this update, after years of undercover work, the S.F.A. (Sweet Fuck All) team has finally come to fruition with Garrett Byrnes, Agent Grey and John Britton, Agent Green the first two international agents to be assigned to the team roster, with five more international agents to be announced shortly. Look for signature T-shirts from each agent, and double size hammocks in the near future, as well as other relaxation tools, and quite possibly, the most shittest website ever! In case you’re wondering, the SFA team is made up of riders who like to “take it easy” (13) and not stress too much about anything, and to enjoy the simple way of relaxing, and riding, nuff said. Also in NZ news, David Quesada, owner of Fly Bikes is moving to New Zealand and will run Fly from there. Look out for more info in the road trip story next issue. That’s all for now, time to vaporize those nuggets. Haimona Ngata

NEWSWORTHY? If you have any news, pics or info that you think should find a place here in the news, let either the guys here know or email:


OK, so we haven't answered any letters in the last year, but we are going to start. This hasn't stopped the flow of people contacting us via mail though. Seems that in every corner of this crazy country there are crew ripping and loving the 20inch style, of all ages! Send on in letters, art, pics or whatever and we'll endeavour to send you stickers and any other random junk we have lying around! Be it an idea for what we can do better, or what we do badly, bring it on!


Seems Simon O is just too photogenic to go an issue without....//Moore



Now with so much of this country being flat there was always going to be some hella flat news instore....

Adelaide hell raiser and metal god Dave Sayer now has up and running. This site is the global answer to all there is to know about the Aussie flat scene. The site offers news, reviews, photos, clips, articles, contest and jam updates, spots to ride and also an Aussie flatland database. The site has (or will be looking) for a representative for each Australian state. Flatland Fuel is sponsoring the site and a best trick contest held after the Sydney’s BMXgames so hit up for more info. Wandering gypsy, Shane Badman has recently moved closer to the heart of the City of Churches. With riding spots spattered all around the CBD and access to trains, expect to see this flatlander in a deserted car park near you. Speaking of Badman, he will be leaving Australia on probation to head to Budapest, Hungary to stay with good mate Ben Shenker following the BMX games in Sydney in April. With several road trips planned and riding with the OG crew, expect to hear more about this adventure in a future 2020bmxmag. Russell Tranter, that 4 peg brakeless cowboy from South Aus, has recently been getting into flatland. Riding with Badman, the two have been pushing each other to learn “weird” tricks. Perhaps the biggest news recently is that Skatefx in Adelaide is going to be getting a major overhaul. Not just a facelift, they will soon be relocating to a new premises complete with brand new indoor ramps and roller rink. Promising to be bigger and burlier than the current setup, this is going to be a place that is going to draw people from all over the country. Massive props go out to Beau and Char for their unwavering commitment to BMX and skateboarding. Stay tuned for further developments… Melbourne Flatland ‘Zine issue 2 should be out by the time you read this. Despite some printing dramas Alistair Finlay has been putting in plenty of down time to get some decent coverage of the flatland community in Melbs and all over Oz including his stay up in Bris in January. Look for Shane Badman’s contortioned body on the cover of the new issue. Issue number 1 is up on so if you

cant locate a printed copy look for a scanned version there. Otherwise, drop Ali a line at MFZ – 11/59 Station Street Fairfield, Victoria 3078 or email him at alialltheway@ “Clint is not sponsored”… Stowaway Distributions now has an all flat DVD titled Flat Crap in stock. I haven’t seen a copy yet (review in this issue somewhere) but the lineup includes Brian Tunney, Leif Valin, Aaron Behnke, Alexis Desolneux and some added clips of Kevin Jones. Crossley Cycles has copies in stock if you can make it down there or ask any decent Stowaway stockist to get one in for ya.. It’ll cost ya approx $40.00 InTRIKat’s “Inside Circle of Balance” is also in stock. The DVD includes cutting edge scoreboard graphics, complete contest coverage and behind the scenes footage. Runs for approximately 90 minutes in total. NZ’s June Dungca sent me some words on what’s been going down in his hood as of late: We had the 2005 Vodafone X-Air down in Wellington on the 22nd and 23rd of January. It is New Zealand’s biggest extreme sports event. We had a little BMX Flatland demo with 5 guys riding in it. Me, Derek Blaikie, Manu Pouajen-Blakiston, Paul Knox and Ian Quigley. The riding area was okay but could’ve been better if the Trials riders we were sharing the spot with didn’t take up most of the space ha-ha. It was a great time and we’ll probably have the same thing again next year with better riding area. Be good to have some of the ground riders in aussieland ride with us though. If anyone is keen then tell them to email me on jdungca@nzflatland. as I’ll probably be organising it again next year. They will get passes giving them access to the after party which went off this year! Check out photos on http:// (note: look for the NZ Flatland stickers) We had to drive down 9 hours for the damn thing, I will fly next time. I’ve also updated the site with some more news for the NZ flatland scene. www.nzflatland. Ross Lav

DVD REVIEWS FlatCrap (A really really serious flatland video) by Dane Beardsley Featuring: Leif Valin, Jody Temple, Aaron Behnke, Dane Beardsley, Alexis Desolneux, and Brian Tunney. Bonus: Kevin Jones, Ed Mahony, Kurt Pearson and Roman Showcasing riders that never really get that much coverage, flatcrap really lays down some awesome classy originators and also some new talent from U.S. to their maple leaf neighbours. Starting with producer Dane Beardsley, who has some tricky back wheel pass through links and improved front wheel styles. FBM’s Leif Valin always impresses me with his original flow, and unleashes smooth carved backwards manuals, and x-up peg wheelie to ice-cream. Aaron Behnke and Brian Tunny both have awesome sections with some street riding to boot. Double front breaker Jody Temple has some new style flow and Alexis Desolneux blows minds with his patented x-foot rolling combos, and new 360 whip whiplashes. It also contains a bonus section with Kevin Jones, Kurt Pearson and Roman Wilson. With clean edits from Don Fury (a.k.a. Mike Peluso) and a PETA ad thrown in to boot, FlatCrap is a pleasure to watch. Available from Stowaway. Stumpy

Flat Sphere by Chad Johnston Featuring: Terry Adams, Dylan Worsley, Jeff Desroche, Pete Brandt, Matt Wilhelm, Alexis Desolneux, Chad Johnston, Simon O’Brian and Nate Penonzek. Bonus: Ryoji Yamamoto and Jesse Puente. From the maker of the much loved RealiTV comes inTRIKat’s latest flatland DVD “Flat Sphere”. Chad uses creative edits and original music to emphasize the rider’s style and succeeds in holding your attention to the end. Brandt delivers some new burners showing he is still unstoppable, sailing through blender combos and splendid bar flip karl kruisers. Terry Adams, Jeff Desroche and Matt Wilhelm have worthy sections but are overshadowed by Dylan Worsley and Alexis Desolneux who lays down amazing x-foot hitchhiker pivot backpacker combos. Nathan Penonzek is a must see with his runs shown in normal speed then in slow motion, just so you can comprehend what’s going on. Simon’s section is awesome, really showcasing his incredible ability to flow and be so creative. With links and switches you’ll watch over and over Simon dominates, and the backwards backpacker kickflip combo is absolutely amazing. The bonus section contains comp footage of Yamma battling Jesse Punte at Flatground, Nate P at Metro and Chad Johnston at the LA X-games which is quite innovative. Available on-line at inTRIKat. Stumpy

VIBE: Technik Motiv by Jeff Desroche. Featuring: Jeff Desroche, Lachlan Cameron, Chad Johnston, King of Quebec #1, Metro Jam 2004, Braun Flatground 4 and an Australia scene report. Jeff Desroche has progressed as a rider and film maker as shown in his latest DVD. Technik Motiv has a really good mix of exceptional riding and low down and dirty hip hop sounds, combined with extensive coverage of competitions, jams, local talent and pro flat riders. Laced with coverage from the King of Quebec, Metro Jam 04, Braun Flatground 4 as well as sections with Chad Johnston, Lachlan Cameron and Jeff himself. Obviously the best part is a scene report of Australia featuring riders from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, SA and Tassie, which is filmed by Brett Dighton and Stewart Munro. Technik Motiv is available at Stewart Munro


Bohan returned to battle it out for his prized hop title//Moore


Back 2 Basics

The Macquarie Dictionary defines Jam as “a meeting of artists for the spontaneous and improvisatory performance of art.” If you dumb that sentence down it would probably read “hang out with your mates and do tricks on your bikes.” Stu’s Back 2 Basics Jams have become synonymous with having a great time and this year’s heart starter was no exception. Being held the weekend after New Years celebrations meant pretty much everyone would be on holidays and be able to attend. With a few exceptions everyone who is dedicated to supporting these events was there. After having such good feedback from the last jam, Stu decided that he just had to keep the ball rolling and organise another and then now another fun flatland jam for us. With the success of B2B2 at Downey Park, Wilston, it was a logical choice to hold it again at the excellent location. There are trees all around that protect you from the afternoon sun, and in Brisbane you really need that or its blister city, there are also seats and logs and even a bottle-o near by. The best thing was that there was no entry fee, no waivers, no stressed out overpaid event co-ordinators, no hassles and everyone who put in effort and actually rode got something cool for their toil, as well as providing entertainment for the many spectators. As for prizes Stu had outdone himself once again having everything covered with, rim sets, tyres, stems, magazines, DVD’s, clothing, and much more stuffed into individual packs. Also master builder Daniel Tierney constructed an awesome jump pole which topped out at 46 inches, with 2 inch increments, all painted black with sponsor stickers all over, it was the shiznit. The Jam was supposed to start at 3pm but someone forgot to put it on the flyer so some guys from Sydney rocked up at 10am, with the lovely Brisbane sun belting down on them they soon realised that jams like this start in the cool afternoon when the shade hits the courts. That aside the attendance was phenomenal with spectators outnumbering riders twenty to one. Thanks to the super solid VC crew for their help once more, and to Brenno, Ben, Ash, Chris, Mark (Ritcho) and Svet for the support and assistance. There was also a BBQ for some family and the kids were stoked to see flatland and the parents loved us for keeping the kids out of their hair. We were surprised to see a German rider show up hitch whipping his blue KGB round the courts, I wish I had caught his name though. Simon O’Brien partied with us for New Years at Byron (You GOT to go) and stayed in Brisbane for a week for the Jam, so it was good to see some mad styles from the master himself. Tony Newton’s workload permitted him to attend, and was ripping accordingly. Locally we had Glenny, King Andy, Chris Moore, Ronnie, Dan Tierney and Kimbo representing, and some coasties came for a look too. Rado and Alistair were there for the web content side of things, digital cameras blazing, so go check their sites. Back from a whirlwind trip in the states Corey Bohan returned, most probably to retain the king of the hop title. With


friends and crews relaxed as well as in the mood for a good time the jam was officially about to begin. At about 4:30 we started the hop comp with everyone joining in. Riding in circles we all attempted to clear the pole with the flatlanders bowing out first, leaving only the ramp/street riders and veterans to hop higher. I was one of the last flatlanders to clear at 30 inches leaving Corey to work his magic and pop a 46 incher by the end. It was awesome to see Corey smiling all the time whilst riding, that’s why he is so good, cause even if it’s the finals at the X’s or a local hop comp he just loves being on his bike. A mandatory sticker toss got everyone off their feet running rampant ready for the main event. As the sun retreated behind the trees, we all gathered round to see the flatlanders do their thing. It was supposed to be a jam, but Simon and I basically rode for everyone and it turned out to be like a demo. We rode for about an hour with Chris Moore joining in and also some little girl on blades spinning a stick around was amusing to all. Simon was doing some mad fire hydrant things where he stepped in front of the bars from the left and out the right side to a massive combo. The crowd were amazed with Simon’s riding especially his rear wheel links which where dialled as. I pulled some new hijacker hitchhiker link and a blender which I was stoked on. Chris was doing hang-5 g-turns without scuffing and mad bar flip body twist switches. With the spectators content the prize packs where distributed and pretty much everyone got something they needed. As the day drew to a close we packed up our rubbish, said our goodbyes and left only to meet up at club VIP later to watch the premiere of Glenny’s new DVD ‘Young Guns’ with Stewart’s awesome US footage tacked on the end. The jam wouldn’t have been possible without Stewart’s organisation and the various companies which supported Back2Basics from the beginning. Thanks go to Gerard at Velvet Couch Clothing Company ( for the donations and massive crew representing. Be sure to check the site, and if you are in Brisbane come see his jams called Right2Roll. Props go to Mike and Matt at 2020 as always, also Mike again for the Soul and Dragonfly flow. As well as Richard at Crossley Cycles, Pat at Flatland Fuel, Chad at inTRIKat and Jamie at Stowaway distribution. Big up to Bobby from Diversion and the Bizhouse boys for their awesome DVD’s and parts getting here just in time. As I have said in the past, if you have not been to one of these jams yet, you should be ashamed of yourself. To make up for it you ought to get yourself in a car/bus/plane and come to the next jam to join in the fun. Cause that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Stumpy (KHE/Puma)

they dropped it, it’s a little bit upsetting. I suppose we can just keep it underground then, it will be a hell of a lot better, more originality. Where do you want to take your riding in the next years? It’s not really that I want to take it anywhere it’s just that I can’t stop, it’s like an addiction. What gets you motivated to ride and what keeps you there? Basically, friends in the past who have ridden, ummm, everyone else who ride’s now. My motivation comes from a lot of those Diversion DVD’s and stuff like that, gets you stoked on new tricks but I still like riding the old school way. Who’s been the biggest influence on your riding? When I first started riding I saw Trevor King ride and that was a good influence. Then after that me and my friend’s got together, Matt Hodson and people like that, we’d ride street and skateparks. I think influence is from everywhere, you guys who ride, everyone else who rides flatland. Flatland is everywhere really; you know you can go out into the street and ride flatland, that’s what I love? You lived in South Australia for a while, what was that like? That was awesome, after I went overseas I got the travel bug so I thought I’d leave Melbourne and went too Adelaide for quite a while. I have some friends over there as well so that was really cool, I really enjoyed riding there too. Change of atmosphere. So you traveled OS in ‘03, tell us about that? Well, nine weeks with out riding flatland! It was a holiday for sightseeing and stuff like that. I had bought a Cream magazine in Montpellier and I looked in this magazine on our way to Paris. I saw an ad about where this shop was and ended up turning up at the shop and ran into a couple of French flatlanders, they invited me out for a day of riding, I enjoyed that too, the whole holiday I enjoyed. Are you into anything else in a major way? At the moment I’m looking at buying a new house. I’m looking at having a big enough garage to ride in and stuff like that. So at the moment, Real Estate is my hobby!


Grant Cruse

Easy, and the standard thank you’s... First of all I thank my wife ‘cos she puts up with my crazy addiction. Matt Hodgson for being a really good mate, he lives in S.A. Dave Cleary for helping me out with all the parts over the years and everybody I ride with for their influences. Last words I just wanna ride a much as I can and as hard as I can and keep away from things like street because I always hurt my self.

When we first met, Grant and I had to hall arse from the city to the St Kilda spot, mid afternoon on a 37 degree day. However clichéd it may sound, after that ride of death, it was like we had been mates for life. Grant has that affect on people. As Bielecki said once, “He’s just so positive”. Whether is helping a brother out with photos or just down to ride Grant is a dam fine guy to roll around with. Interview and photo’s by Alistair Finlay We’ll start with some of the usuals. Name, age, location? My name is Grant Cruse, I’m thirty-two years of age and I live in Melbourne. What are you riding and why? I ride flatland because I love it and this is an FBM Equilibrium and I heard that they were good so I got one.

And is it good? I love it, it’s an awesome bike! How long have you been riding for? I’ve been riding BMX for about twenty years, flatland for about fifteen. What do you think about the way flatland is changing? I think its changing for the better. It’s sort of pretty cool being in the X-Games and stuff like that in the past but seeing

Action #2 went down in November, just after the last issue came out. JAMMAGE ACTION Jammage The day was long and hot, but the riding was awesome. Park riders were pulling off some really crazy moves. however due to the local council (who provided some funds for the event) forgetting all about flatland, we were left to riding in a 2 metre square area where two footpaths met! That said we still had fun taking it one by one to have a little jam.

flatland we handed the park back to the PRO park riders, who completely amazed everyone with the quality of riding! By about 4pm it was all wrapping up, so prizes were awarded to the comp winners and everyone settled in for a bit of a relaxed ride before heading off after a long, hot, awesome day.

By about 11am the riders were coming through thick and fast and the comp got under way, starting with AM Park where some little dudes on some little bikes were busting out some HUGE tricks. Some of the PRO Park riders were a little intimidated I’m sure! But they were yet to get their turn as the flatland demo took place, with only myself, Jason Parker and Shaun Jarvis left to do it, it wasn’t a very long or spectacular demo. Especially after I busted my ankle and had to leave it to just Shaun and Jason... As much as those guys can bust out some awesome tricks, it was just far too hot in the middle of the park, like a massive concrete oven. So after the announcer’s forgetting that what we were doing was called

Jammage Action #3 has also just wrapped up, with a huge focus on keeping it low key. And low key was definitely the vibe on the day! Bullcreek Skate Park filled up not long after the set time of 4pm, with well over 30 quality riders flowing the park like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately for me, I was the only flatlander who showed up on the day, other than a quick cameo appearance from Bielecki on his spanking new park bike (I think he has been lured by the dark side!!!) which meant I had half the car park to myself... which wasn’t so bad, but after an hour of solid riding it was time to spectate the park!


George’s Bike Shop in Balcatta (my local bike shop and 2020

mag dealer) provided me with a HEAP of cool spot prizes to give out on the day, which made the jam just that little bit more fun, as some guys were doing some mental stuff just to score a chain tensioner, let alone what they would do for a stem or set of modulevers! On a side note: The support from the awesome people at these bike shops is what allows these jams to really kick off well - so make sure you show your gratitude by dropping them a visit some time and show them that its worth doing. By about 6pm a bunch of dark clouds had come over and a few rain drops fell, which indicated to most of us that the jam was headed for an early ending, however it held out just that little bit longer until everyone had ridden to their hearts content. It was then time for all the groups to head back to someone’s house and booze it up long into the night, which I’m sure a bunch of them did! See you at the next jam! Aron Dobrowolski

The new Four Pack is the best trail/park bike that DK offers!

Nathan Fons


SIX PACK The Six Pack got its name at the trails, but feels right at home on the skatepark too!

EIGHT PACK Everything you need to shred the skatepark or tame the trails!

GENERAL LEE This dirt bike is inspired by the off road antics of the infamous Duke Boys!

ARTRIX 0482 02/05

[Also available in 16” or 24” sizes]

Photographs for illustration purposes only.Specifications subject to change.




For sticker packs send $5 and self addressed envelope to: Etnies PO Box 203, Collaroy, NSW. 2097 info:



I first met Matt Fairbairn in Texas at the Global X Games. It was a weird comp because there was a mix of big name guys and relative unknowns. I felt as though the unknown guys were being a little overwhelmed by the presence and attitudes of some of the more established guys so I tried really hard to talk to all the new guys and get to know them. The new guy that impressed me the most was Matt Fairbairn. His riding really stood out, but it was his friendly attitude that struck me. Over the next few summers, I got to spend a lot of time with Matt as he relocated to Europe and then America in order to chase his dream of being a pro vert rider and we grew to be pretty friendly. It’s a weird time to be a pro vert rider. Prize money and opportunity is at an all time high but, as a result, competitiveness is also at an all time high. Matt always struck me as too intelligent and humble to be competitive so it made sense when he e-mailed me last winter to say he was moving to the UK for a couple of years. I could tell that the dreams he was chasing were more about the experiences and friendships than about career or money. I realised that he just loves to ride and he especially loves to ride vert. Since Matt moved here, it’s been like a boost to our scene. I just built a new vert ramp and we’ve been having the greatest, most creative and progressive sessions. It’s funny, I feel as though I have a new partner in crime, someone who loves vert as much as I do and wants to ride as much as I do and jokes around almost as much as I do! Matt told me that he moved here because he wanted to learn but I don’t think he yet realises how much me and my friends can learn from him! Like all the vert riders in Europe, I have such a respect for Matt, both as a rider and as a friend and it’s funny how easily he has fitted in over here. You guys in Australia should be proud, I think this is yet another Australian who is about to take over the world. I just think that he is going to do it his way.

Simon Tabron

32 34

Prahran’s new lease on life means more battering from Matt//MUSaRSa

OK, the basics: give us your name, age and how long you have been riding for? Matt Fairbairn, I’m 29 years and shit how long have I been riding for? I don’t know. I’ve always ridden a bike. What are your first memories of riding BMX? I can remember being nine years old and being taken to a BMX track by some friends. I was just hooked on riding from then on. Then at about twelve years I saw the movie “Rad” and after that my Dad started taking me to the track and I started racing. You were actually a pretty successful racer back in the day. Could you tell us a bit about that? From ’87 to ’95 I raced and won two state titles. In ’94 I won the 18-19 years title and I think in ’97 I got the number 1 in 19 and over or something. I can’t remember exactly what class it was. With your racing pedigree do you still wear the silky pants ever? I don’t know, they still feel good but I guess it’s not cool to wear them anymore. Every now and then I put them on just to wear around the house. (Laughs) Most ex-racers are overweight and pumping out the kids by your age. What’s wrong with you? Well according to my friend Trevor Ward I am pretty fat and there are a few 29 year old racers still kicking around.

When did the racing end and the freestyle side of things begin? I have always been into dirt jumping and when I was racing I always had my own trails as well. I love jumping so I always messed around with dirt jumps and around ’95 I met up with some friends who were keen to ride the skatepark so we started riding in the skateparks and some street as well. Then at the end of ’97 I quit racing altogether. For a while then it was all street, park and dirt jumping until ’99 when the Planet X Games were coming up and they wouldn’t let me ride park or dirt so I thought stuff it I’ll enter Vert instead. So I spent two weeks driving down to Sydney every day and started to learn a bit of Vert stuff. You came away with the gold medal at that contest if I remember correctly? I don’t know how that happened and it took me a bit by surprise but I was stoked none the less. After that I spent a whole year dirt jumping at some trails we had in Barnsley and that was one of the best times of my life. I was at university and I’d study for half the day then the other half was spent digging. There were about six of us who would hang at the trails and it was like our own little world. That whole year was just dirt jumping with a little bit of real street mixed in. I barely rode park or mini-ramp because I was just so into trails. That was such an enjoyable time because I progressed so much on dirt and life was good. Things changed a bit after that didn’t they? Yeah that’s when I started working. I was still going to uni but I was also doing a cadetship as an electrical engineer so I had hardly any time to ride. I still rode everyday but it was lucky to be an hour a day and usually at the skatepark. I didn’t have time to get to the trails and unfortunately our trails scene pretty much died not long after.

33 35

Obviously things picked up again and Vert came back to be a part of your life? It was pretty full on for about 18 months of full time work plus a degree. I hated not being able to ride as much as I would have liked. Then I got a call from Planet X to do a vert demo. They had remembered me winning vert at the Planet X Games and wanted me to do a demo in Perth. I hadn’t ridden vert for over a year and that kinda sparked up my interest in vert again. After that I went to the Philippines to do demos with Rob Smith and that was awesome! Doing those demos really boosted my confidence as when you’re riding vert everyday it starts to become second nature and less intimidating. After that I started getting heaps of demos. That allowed me to save up a bit of money because I was still working, eventually I had saved enough money to get a deposit on a house and I applied for a home loan and got it. I had the loan but the thing was I couldn’t find the house I wanted. As you can imagine my life would be a lot different today if I had gone down that track. If I had found a house I would be working behind a desk today rather than riding my bike. I actually liked the job I worked at but I love my life right now and I am totally happy with how things have worked out. What is the best thing about riding Vert? I always enjoyed the challenge of vert because you take all your tricks from riding mini-ramps and when you do them on Vert it’s like stepping up to another level. But once you start going higher it becomes more fun like trails and flowing on Vert reminds me of the feelings I used to get riding dirt. You don’t need to do tricks just carving all over the ramp going alley-oop, big carve then straight up and down as high as you can and throwing an invert, that’s what Vert is all about. At the moment I am so hooked on Vert that I hardly ride anything else.


Not many people would know that you are as good as anyone out there and have put in a lot of time in on dirt and park. Do you miss riding other terrain? Yeah I do and I get kinda bummed on myself. I don’t know what it is but at the moment I get scared to do some of the stuff that I’ve done before. I know what I have done before and I know I have it in me but I don’t push myself as hard anymore except on Vert. Riding Vert has become your bread and butter so do you feel that you save yourself for the Vert ramp because there is more at stake? That is probably true to a degree. Vert is my main income but Vert is also my main passion at the moment. I push myself as hard as I can on Vert and I take more risks because I’m trying to progress as far as I can on Vert. I don’t know how to put it without sounding like a dick, but I feel that if hurt myself on Vert it is more justified. I’ve known you for a long time and you were riding just as hard when riding was still very underground. Would you be pushing it if there was no money involved in riding? I will always ride, no matter what. Even when I was working and I thought engineering was going to be my career, sometimes I’d get up in the morning and ride before work just because I wanted to ride. Riding is a good social outlet and I’ve met nearly all of my best friends through riding. I also really enjoy riding by myself. Just putting on some headphones and going out for an hour of riding that just makes me feel good. I still have the passion to ride everyday, it’s part of who I am. Every now and then I need to take a few days off because I’m hurt or maybe burned out a bit, but if I can’t ride for a few weeks something happens to me. I get depressed and all moody. Riding is something I just have to do.

Roll in to super boost//Mahon

Riding has obviously been responsible for some of the biggest decisions you have made in your life? It goes back to when I had the home loan and I was about to buy a house. While all that was happening I started to get a lot of offers for Vert demos. It got me thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. Did I really want to be an engineer? Ever since I was a kid I had looked up to guys like Mat Hoffman and Eddie Fiola. To ride full time was the biggest decision and I mulled over it for two or three weeks and in the end I thought I’d give it a year and see what happens. It’s been two and a half years now and things are going great! How did your family and friends take that decision? Pretty much all the people close to me told me not to do it. They couldn’t understand why I wanted to head down that path but I thought that if I didn’t give it a shot I’d never know what would have happened. Making the choice to ride for a living is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I have had so many great experiences and I couldn’t be happier. How has the decision to ride full-time affected you? I’ve heard people bag out on comp riders and guys that ride for a living for being too serious but honestly me riding for a living has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve seen the world and met so many good people and it has changed me as a person for the better. I feel so lucky experiencing different cultures and whatnot. I have studied at uni but I feel that travelling and riding is the best education I’ve ever had.

You started to get noticed pretty quick on the contest scene. When did that begin? I went to the Asian X-Games in January 2003 and I had put in a lot of time on the Vert ramp leading up to that contest and I ended up winning and that got me an invite to the Global X-Games. I couldn’t believe it. I won a fair bit of money at that comp and I put it towards a USA trip. My original plan was to spend seven weeks overseas. Start in America, then have a holiday in England before heading to the Worlds. I did quite well at the Global-X getting fifth and the money I won there financed the rest or my trip. Is that when riding started paying for itself? Yeah. I still wasn’t sure how things were going to pan out because I didn’t see myself as a good Vert rider compared to the guys I was competing against. I felt a bit lucky with some of the results in contests. But your riding style is so different to anyone else. Do you think that played a part? There were a few guys who were psyched. Maybe it was my style or maybe it was the fact that there was a new Vert rider on the scene. New Vert riders don’t appear that often. What else happened during that trip? I went and stayed at Point X Camp for a bit and broke my hand and that cut short my stay in America. I headed off to England and had a bit of a holiday leading up to the Worlds in Portugal. Was your hand healed by the Worlds and how did you go there? The first time I rode again was at the worlds. I hadn’t ridden for three and a half weeks because of the broken hand and I ended up coming fifth which kinda surprised me. I was quite psyched on that result. At that point my trip was coming to an end. But I decided not to go home and headed back to the states to try and qualify for the X-Games. I went to a CFB contest and did well enough to qualify for the X-Games and the Gravity Games. After that I did a bit of a road trip around America with Ian Robinson and Luke Fink and had some adventures but I never really warmed to the place. The first few times I met you it seemed to me you weren’t too keen to make friends with people but after a two week roadtrip to Queensland you really opened up? I used to be quite a shy person. I’m not so much anymore but I’m not the kind of person who tries to make friends with everyone I meet. If they are cool people then they are cool people and I will base a friendship on that. There are certain people that you meet who you can just be yourself around and you don’t have to put on an act.


Who are some of the people you click with then? I really respect Simon Tabron, he is such an inspiration and has encouraged me so much plus given me a lot of good advice. I’ve done a lot of demos with Rob and we’ve had a lot of good times, he would have a few good stories to tell about me. Trevor Ward, not many riders would know who Trev is but he’s a pro skater from Melbourne who I’ve done a lot of demos with and I consider him one of my closest friends. Seaton Spratt, he is one of the most humble, down to earth riders you will ever meet. The start of 2004 was a hard time for you. Do you want to talk about that? At the start of last year I did a demo on the Central Coast and I decided to try an alley-oop 540 for the first time. Now instead of working up to height, “Stupid Matt” decided to go as high as he could and ended up landing flat bottom from about 6 feet out of a 13 foot ramp. This resulted in a broken foot. A few months after that I broke up with my girlfriend of six years who I had been engaged to, so as you can imagine I was a bit messed up at the start of the year. The day I got my cast off Trevor Ward gave me a call asking me to do demos in Thailand. I wasn’t supposed to walk for a couple of weeks but I took a risk and headed off to Thailand nonetheless. How did things pan out in Thailand? Because of all the stuff that I had just been through I was pretty much at rock bottom. I decided that no matter what, I was going to have a good time in Thailand. The first day we were there we met three girls, one from Thailand and two are from England. It was me, Trev and those three girls and we spent the entire time in Thailand hanging out, partying and it was the best time ever. I instantly struck up a nice friendship with Jo, one of the English girls and she is my current girlfriend but that didn’t happen till a while later… You based yourself in England for a fair bit of 2004 so you had a few new English contacts after Thailand? Yeah I had mentioned to Jo that I was thinking of heading to Europe and she asked me to stay with her family. While I was in England I did go and stay with her and a month or so later we got together and I was pretty psyched, not only is she a super-cool girl but she is fully supportive of my riding. Her family has also been really awesome. So after going from probably the lowest point of your life at the start of the year things were starting to pick up? How did the Euro contest scene treat you in 2004? Well when I rocked up to England I didn’t have very much money I just wanted to get as far away from my problems as I could so that’s why I was there. But straight away things were looking good with riding, I did well at the Soul Bowl then won the Vert comp at the King of the Skateparks contest. Then headed to the Worlds and came fifth. It kinda went on and on from there. I was in Europe for four months and during that time I only had three weekends off. That’s split between comps and doing demos for Red Bull (thanks Achim!!!). Another great thing was getting to go to ride at a lot of big events. I have seen so many good bands live this year. I am just so happy that I get to do all these cool things and it’s all through riding. People who do the 9 to 5 work hard and save to go on a holiday when I am pretty much on a holiday 365 days a year at the moment.

You forgot to point out that you put your balls on the line more than Joe Average but I suppose your current lifestyle can all be put down to you making that big decision to ride fulltime? Exactly and that decision was the biggest risk in the world but that is one lesson that I have learnt. If you want more than what you have, you’ve gotta take that risk. Sometimes it’s gonna screw up but if you take that risk at least you know. You certainly took a risk on the alley-oop 540 earlier in the year? Yeah but I’m glad I went for it. It was a scary thing to try it again though. It took me until the Worlds six months later to try it again but I got it first go at the Worlds. You know I’m not trying to be the best rider out there but I know what I want to achieve for myself both with my riding career and riding (tricks) and I am willing to take the risks needed to achieve my goals. What do you think of the bad attitude some riders have towards the guys who ride for a living? It kinda pisses me off sometimes how you see kids who don’t have much life experience but they see shit in the media and they bag people out who ride for a living. Younger riders are quick to put shit on people like Dave Mirra but they don’t know half the story, they don’t have a clue how hard those guys work. Back to the subject of you... You did go back to the states right? I went back to the states just for the Gravity Games. I wasn’t too sure about it but my girlfriend encouraged me to go and I’m glad she did. It had always been one of my goals to get top ten at Gravity Games or X-Games but also I wanted to put together a run that included all of my biggest tricks and in my first run I did that. I was just so happy about that and the fact that I received compliments from guys I’d always looked up to like Dennis McCoy and Jamie Bestwick. That was the biggest thing for me. What did you end up placing in the Gravity Games? Seventh, so that was cool. After that I headed back to England to stay with my girlfriend for a week then it was back to Oz. Did things slow down for you once you were back home? I did a demo in Perth a week after I got home and messed my face up pretty bad there then did some clinics and demos with Trevor. Then it was back to Thailand. I went to Thailand four times last year. How has life been treating you lately? Well I’m in Melbourne right now staying with my sister and riding Prahran Vert ramp, it’s so much better than Mona Vale which (although I’ve learnt a lot of stuff there so I shouldn’t bag it out) is a crap ramp. Prahran is a 14 foot monster and it has to be the best Vert ramp in Australia at the moment. It’s hard to ride Vert by yourself and that’s what I do at Mona Vale most days. So to have all the skaters at Prahran is nice. There’s been times where I’ve knocked myself out at Mona Vale and woken up on the flat bottom with nobody around thinking “What am I doing here?”. What does the future hold for Matt Fairbairn? I’m off to X-Air in New Zealand, then on the 26th of Jan I am off to England on a two year work visa. Hopefully I’m going to move down to Newquay and be riding with Simon Tabron a lot. I think that’s going to help my riding a lot. I’ll get to see my girl a lot more and there’s a heaps more going on over there in general. In Australia there’s lucky to be one contest each year on a decent Vert ramp so England will be a nice change but I hope to come back home a few times each year.

Matt and I do a lot of demos together and some how I get stuck in hotels in foreign countries with Matt. He has obsessive compulsiveness. It is insane. Not to mention he should be doing marathons cause on the ramp he will take a run and I swear it lasts an hour, Boring... He has balls of steel too. Matt is totally obsessive about his weight and what ever else it is for him to obsess over. I was in Thailand for a month with him and he said that he was going to lose 10 Kgs. I thought yeah right. He normally eats and wants to go to decent restaurants. I kind of gave him a bit of shit one trip to Thailand and had everyone calling him Fat Matt. Oh well he was Fat. Anyway. He seriously ate Rice for Breakfast lunch and Tea for a month. He did sit-ups every night and morning it was terrible.... I am glad that I have met the slyest man on earth. He is a great friend and always inspiring to ride with. He gets you amped and makes you laugh all the time. I have had some of the best times with Matt. He is a true friend that stands by you no matter what. Thanks Matt. Trevor Ward

Tyre grab ice the width of Renton Millars secret ramp//Mahon


Urban scene v43: Xup at altitude//Mahon


Thank Yous? First of all I have to thank my Mum and Dad. They have been there for me no matter what. I couldn’t ask for better parents. My sister Sandra, she is always supportive of whatever I do. My girlfriend Jo Hampson for being the wonderful person that she is. Jo’s family, the Hampsons, for everything that they have done for me. Luke Percy for letting me stay at his house while I was in the UK last year. Kate Miller for all that she has done for me over the years. Simon and Pippa Tabron for going out of their way to help me out. Trevor Ward for being a good friend and making me laugh. Seaton Spratt for being a good friend and always pushing my riding. Jamie Mahon for wanting to interview me. Terry Bourke from BMX Militia (Volume and Demolition). Terry deserves a lot of credit, he helps out so many riders, I don’t know how he does it! Chris Northwood from Armour-Dillo, Mike Daly for hooking me up with Etnies. Mark Theaker and Simon Tabron from Spinlikehell. And last of all, thanks to the many people who have let me stay on their floor while I have been traveling over the last few years! 2020

38 40

Big ramp, big air...//Mahon

VOLUME BIKES 2005 Destroyer




2.62kg, TT 21,CS 14”,HT 74.5°,ST 71° Euro bottom bracket, internal head tube (sealed headset included), gyro tabs. Colours: Dark brown,black,silver.

2.55kg,TT 20.5”,CS 14.5”,HT 74.5°,ST 71° Gyro tabs,euro bottom bracket,internal headtube (sealed headset included), lowered brake bosses. Colours: Aqua,black,brown,grey

2.68kg,TT 20.75”,CS 14.25”,HT 74.5°,ST 71° Euro bottom bracket,lowered brake bosses. Colours: Orange,blue,black, red.

2.37kg,TT 20.87”,CS 14”,HT 74.5°,ST 71° Euro bottom bracket, internal headtube (sealed headset included), lowered brake bosses. Colours: Dark brown,black,burgandy, white.

Reagle Beagle Bars Bronson Bar 653g, 9 butted 4130 cromo H 7.75,W 25,S 9°

903g, .079 4130 cromo H 6.75,wW 25,S 6°

Bennett Bars

Middle Weight Fork

Black Sheep


20.5” cromo main frame, 3pc cromo tubular cranks, 39t sprocket,14t, Alex alloy wheels, 14mm axles. Demolition tyres, grips, seat,brake cable.

1.14kg, Heat treated 4130 chromoly fluted tubing, alloy tension bolt, 10&14mm dropouts

Volume Bikes T, California T, Speaker T


Luke Fink Photo: Holmes

659g, 9 butted 4130 cromo H 7.25,W 25,s 12°

BMX Militia

Brendan Jones

Seats,sprockets, rims and casset te hubs due soo n!


Mini Saddle Tea r res cover for durability istant kevlar type and comfort.

Team and Death grips Kraton rub ber, big feel, big long lasting pleasure.

Wheelsets Doub le wall aluminium mediu height rims comple te with stainless spo m on Bulimia, stand kes ard high flange or cassette hubs.

Pedals Oversize d, heat treated cro mo spindle, replaceab le pins, loose ba ll & sealed (702g & 718g/pair)

Alloy chain ten sioner Lightweig ht alloy, 17g, 2 bolt length s

Sprockets 606 1 Aluminium, 1/4 ” thick, 28t,39t,36t,39t,43 t,44t

Bulimia Hub 36h , 707 nuts, cones and wa 5 shell, 235g, alloy shers.10mm heat treated cromo axle , sealed bearings. (Also available in 14mm)

Trail Slayer and Zepplin tyres Dir street gripping in t ready or 1.95” and 2.1”.

Dumbschuck pe g Hardened pla stic cover over aluminium inner. Coping frie ndly...

Cromo seatpos t Alloy guts 405g



CHEAPER THAN YOU MIGHT THINK! bmxmilitia 0414 540 360

Numchuck pe g Heat treated cro mo over aluminium inner.

Brake cables Slic and pro (bar spi n friendly) 1.5mm inner wir e

Jarhead stem 6061 Aluminium , 53mm reach, hollowed out Use with or witho internals to reduce weight. ut gyro tabs

Johnson Seatp ost 199g, cold for ge fluted aluminium , machined head,a d 7075 lloy guts

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ll Heroes 10

In my opinion there are two things which variate between most contests. One is the level and originality of the riding and the second is the stories that come from your experiences during your time there. HMH has been and gone with its tenth contest. Digging through notes I had written on the two days, it reads like a generic trick list: 3-0 here, whip there and to be honest it pretty much follows that routine for the whole two days. Looking closer at my notes however, hidden amongst torn notepaper and blurred ink lay some really memorable times both on and off the bike. Here are a handful of stories and random moments that occurred between the dates 27th and 28th of November 2004 at Heavy Metal Heroes..


Story by



Quality not Quantity

Any rider who at least had a crack at the dirt jumps would say the dirt was crap. Mark Schneider asked the council to dump a tonne of dirt down to help build up the jumps ready for the contest. What in fact the council had brought down was this really absorbent mulchy stuff which gave even the more experienced riders a challenge getting through the sets. If you were a spectator it was boring; if you entered it sucked. Aside from some really decent runs by Brad Doyle, Shane Conlan and Ryan Guettler, it was Yonny Wakefield who deserves the biggest props for his attempts at bike flips. He was pretty intent on landing one and got pretty close to landing a couple. It was the most impressive thing I had seen attempted on dirt for some time. I can’t wait to see them once they’re dialled!

Guettler… Need I say more?

Okay, so I will say more. In Pro Mini Ryan pulled flawless run back to back full of burly and technical tricks. Even his Street run was impressive; blenders, flairs, double whips, downside whips and a most impressive 720 over the spine. Seriously, Ryan is probably the best thing coming out of Australia at the moment, you probably won’t see anyone give as much commitment to a run for some time to come. Check out Ryan’s section in the Hindsight DVD, actions speak louder than words!

Giddy up

It’s no doubt that Schneider’s idea of BMX Horse is now a part of HMH. Over ten years ago the game was played on the Beenleigh bowl late Friday nights and sunset evenings on Saturdays. Nostalgia aside, I have to admit the game is cool to watch and it is also a fun way to push your mates into learning new tricks. Schneider kicked back on the mic explaining the rules and laughing while he commentated. You can tell he loves the game. Lee Kirkman won BMX Horse at the last HMH with a decade air and I’m assuming he wanted to eliminate as much competition as possible so he threw it down a decade air for his first trick. Surprisingly a couple of other riders pulled them off and the game kept going but it was Guettler’s Indian air 3-0 that won the game and landed Guettler with a new pair of magnesium Cielencki Pedals. Nice.

How comps should be judged

Late afternoon, the scores came back that Clint Millar and Ryan Guettler tied for first place in Pro Mini. Clint’s ankle was shot to hell after a whip air attempt during his last run so they figured the best way to settle a winner was with the old fashioned way, arm wrestling. After a few drinks and a couple of bike DVD’s at Schneider’s, the contents of the living room coffee table was swept off with one swoop and the wrestling begun. They agreed on 3 matches with alternating hands. In the end Clint won. Having said that Clint gloated in his victory but you know, Ryan is in his early 20’s and Clint’s ten years his senior so I think Millar had the advantage on that one. Besides, I swear I could see Millar’s elbow lift a few times…


rm Wrestling, Macneil Frames, and overall winner: Lee Kirkman I’ve known Lee for quite a few years now and I’ve seen him progress from an upcoming flatlander to an accomplished Dirt jumper, jump box king and whatever else he can get his hands or bike on. Anyways, after Clint won the arm wrestle Lee stepped it up and wanted to match him. To memory I think the deal was if Clint won, Lee lost a hundred points of


Niki Buckard pushing the limits of spine transfers//Moore

43 47

Ryan Guettler ruled dirt all weekend//Moore


tal e M y v a He eroes 10 H

HEAVY METAL HEROES 10 Heavy Metall Heroes 10

Nick Cooper 180 whip to fakie//ChrIS raeThKe

his end of year score (which wouldn’t matter too much cause Lee was ahead by a long shot) giving Millar and Guettler a chance to catch up. If Lee won, Clint offered an old Macneil frame which was to be one of the prizes at the contest. Once Lee got started he’d take deep breaths then exhale winching Clint’s arm closer and closer to the top of the coffee table. I’m not exactly sure where Lee mustered the strength but he kicked Clint’s arse by a long shot. By the end of the weekend Lee placed top three in Street, Mini, Vert, and BMX Horse and won the overall title for HMH in 2004. Not to forget the second Macneil frame he won from the overall title. This guy is becoming a force to be reckoned with!

Four? Some backyard

clothing co...”

f**kin’ fix them…f**k you four!” After that a pair of crutches were destroyed in a matter of minutes and things got a little too rowdy so Clint and thought I was better to leave before the cops showed up. The next day the tent was fine and all of the artwork including Clint’s was painted over and ready for the day’s events.

There’s a full moon on the rise…

Mark Schneider is the greatest guy you’ll ever meet. Not only does he tell great stories and have a mini movie theatre for a living room; his riding was super impressive to watch. The Wolfmann pulled a very nice back to back 540, was getting a good five foot out which landed him second place in Vert. Schneid’s also placed 4th in Pro Mini landing him in 9th position for the end of year results.


Clint and I had decided to camp out at the skate park on the Saturday night to look after the big tent at the park. After a long night and Millar getting drunker as the night went on, it was in his better interest to sleep off his drunken stupor in his own bed and rest up his bung ankle rather than in the back of the van. Clint was unsure and felt guilty for not staying with the tent so we drove to the park to have one last check up to see if the tent had been burnt down by the locals. When we arrived some kids were at the park wandering around. As soon as they saw us arrive the kids hopped in their car and took off. Soon to arrive were the rest of the drunken riders kicked out from Schneider’s all ready to party a little more. We walked around the park randomly until we noticed that someone had gone around and stencilled some Graff onto the ramps with the word “four” on it. That was fine and good and Clint didn’t mind too much until he noticed that the BBSAI logo on the wall ride had been gone over with black paint. Clint instantly turned from happy drunk into angry drunk as he got his baby blue spray paint from the van and began drawing genitalia on all of the stencilled work and painted over the rest. Clint just kept muttering, “What’s this four s**t? I’ll

Originality at its finest

Macca’s qualifying expert street run was probably the most original thing I had seen at the contest all weekend. There were a ton of riders who entered street and they pretty much did the same thing; rode the spine, hit the box then the wall ride with the same tricks everyone else was doing. Not Macca. I wont lie to you and pretend I remembered everything he did in his run and normally I would have written the stuff down but I was so awe struck with the lines that he had I was to busy watching him ride than writing it down. I caught up with Macca for a few awkward seconds to comment on his run and to ask him why his run was so unique and he told me he was looking for original lines and things people weren’t doing before. Macca won Expert Street and later entered Pro finishing 8th place. If his riding that weekend was any indication of what Macca is or will be capable of in a few years I have complete faith that riding will be taking a turn in the right direction. Watch this guy ride!

Heavy Metal


Bloody big bunny hops‌ Overall Much like BMX horse the Bunny Hop Pole is another way to have some fun with your mates. Everyone gathered around late afternoon on the second day to watch a bunch of guys hop over a pole. As the pole went up in inches fewer riders were left until there were only two riders left. Corey Bohan and Jayde Kite were left to attempt a forty-one and a half inch hop. It came down to a good 15-20 minute session with these two guys casing this pole hop after hop. In the end Corey came through winning an Odyssey DVD. Still much respect needs to go out to Jayde for dedication and tenacity.

This was the first year in which HMH tallied the rider’s points to make an end of year point system. Ryan Birch came through winning overall beginner and receiving a wethepeople airwin complete bike, Niki Buckard scored a new wethepeople 4 seasons frame for 1st place in expert and Lee Kirkman came out on top in Pro with the Macneil Freimuth frame. Deb and Nick Richardson received a plaque for their endless time and support to the BBSAI. Schneider keeps telling me that its people like Nick and Deb who keep Beenleigh and the BBSAI running for all of us to share and a big thank you goes out to them. Check out for clips, photos, sponsors and contest results for HMH 10. Thanks again to everyone. Ross Lav


Tim Wood launching another huge superman on vert//Moore


Heavy Me Heroes 10

The Adventures of Story by Clint Milar.

Drop Face & Moose Cat* It all started at X-Air last year in New Zealand. Jay Miron had come over to check out the event and ride as well. I was there like every year prior, as X-Air is one of the best events in the world. With Triplesix having taking over distribution rights to Macneil a few months earlier that year, I became responsible for making sure Jay had a fun time. Well I guess he did and we both started to plan for next years event to have a tour in Australia afterwards. With almost 12 months of planning it all came to reality at this years X-Air event in Wellington, New Zealand.

*aka Macneil tour down under 2005


Clint in the drivers seat//Musarsa

Moosecat to dropface... Where we going next? I forgot...


ustralia Day 2005 marked the beginning of the tour in Brisbane. We had Jay Miron, Alistair Whitton, Gary Young, Zack Musarsa and Kym Grosser on the tour with myself being the tour guide and filmer. Jeff Z was there to cover it all for RideBMX and Ian Robinson was on board as the official 2020bmxmag photographer. No matter how much planning you do, nothing can compete with the weather. The first few days were pretty much a write off. Once the weather did clear up the guys were blown away as to what Brisbane has to offer. From the street riding in the city, to the abundance of parks, to the beautiful girls everywhere before our eyes, everyone was rather enjoying Brisbane to say the least. As much as we all loved Brisbane we had plans to also check out other places. One of these places was the awesome trails in Maryborough. The guys up there have done so much hard work on this awesome set up. They have multiple sets of trails as well as a ghetto street set up with dirt trannies to a wall ride, dirt trannies to sub-goda and an awesome 4ft plywood vert quarter. So much good stuff to ride in one place it’s amazing. It was also one of the hottest days in history, which made the post-swim in the river with the rope swings all the more refreshing. A huge thanks go to the locals for being so cool with us all riding there. More riding went down in Brisbane after the short trip up north with the tour delaying its exit to Sydney. The guys wanted to check out more of what Bris-town has to offer. We checked out Browns Plains where Jay did what was probably the banger of

the trip with one of the biggest backies you will ever see, period, just take a look... Kym Grosser showed his overall bike control and adaptability to any terrain with his street knowledge and technical park assault. Zack Musarsa proved that he really does have way too much style for a 16 year old with gigantic boosts over the various hips at Kuraby. We have all seen the sequences of Alistair and his run-and-jump handrails before but it was really cool to see one in person. So much preparation goes into these that you don’t see in videos or magazines. Ali chose a real high rail in Springhill and wanted to 180 out of it. After a few failed attempts due to tape and stickers not holding he got it done on his first full try. Gary Young was like the Energiser bunny at The Gap’s new bowl showing us all the correct way to ride that place. Gary has way too much skill and energy. Mark Schneider would’ve killed me if I hadn’t taken the guys to Beenleigh to ride the premier bike park of Australia. A nice late arvo session went down with Ali showing that he must have true Beenleigh roots with a few backies over the box jump. After the session we were all invited to a party at Corey Bohan’s place. The pool and ping pong table were given a full workout there as well as quite a few pizzas being consumed along with many more drinks. A great time was had by all and marked the end of the Brisbane leg of the tour.


*aka Macneil tour down under 2005

Kym was very mindfull to stay healthy for the whole trip. He told me he was going to take it easy until the last few days so he would be riding the whole time. Well, if what I saw of Kym riding was taking it easy then I wish I could take it that easy. Tailwhip air on the steep wedge at Bondi late at night to avoid the masses//Robinson


Suffering from tonsillitis early in the trip did slow Jay down somewhat but I think he forgot all that once we arrived in Bondi. This bowl was absolute heaven to Jay & his riding there reflected that. I think Jay also loved showing the skaters how to really use that bowl to its full potential with airs like this//Musarsa

I’m serious about the (Bondi) bowl. It has the best cement transitions I’ve ever ridden. Who ever built it rules all cement park building... Jay Miron Next on the tour was the long drive to our final destination, Bondi Beach. Along the way we had a brief stop in Grafton to show the guys some good old wild Kangaroos. Gary made it clear to me that he couldn’t go back home without seeing some. I didn’t really want to take them to just any old zoo with them all caged up. I knew of this spot in between a housing estate where around 30 kangaroos lived in harmony with the locals. The guys were stoked to see so many of them in one place. Ryan Guettler, who came on as a special guest on the Sydney leg of the tour, even ran amongst them and steered a huge one towards us all. It was well worth the short stop. Ryan also bought some walkie talkies which kept us all entertained on the drive with my van being dubbed “Moose Cat” and the other van “Drop Face”. We all stopped off in Newcastle to ride the huge mining bucket there. This thing is real hard to ride but Kym and Ali took control of duties here. Just to double peg this thing is a mission but Ali soon icepicked the beast. Kym threw barspin airs, 360’s and turndowns out of its huge teeth. After riding here we headed towards Triplesix HQ so the guys could pick up some new goodies and see where all the action goes down. No matter how many times I go there it’s like being a little kid in a toy store. So many cool things you wish you could have all at once. Arriving in Bondi was magical. Awesome weather, beautiful girls everywhere, the beach and the awesome new park. This all soon came crashing down when we checked into our accommodation. Up until this point we had some rather good places

to stay but not in Bondi. We were supposed to have 2 x four people dorms all to ourselves but instead we had to share. Not good when you have $$$ of camera equipment and bikes in a backpacker hostel. It all worked out well in the end though. One thing that was mandatory was the wearing of thongs in the shower. Ryan, Zack and Ian bought some awesome thongs that were 2 sizes too small and had flowers on them, very nice. As it was we didn’t end up sleeping there much anyway with all the riding that went down and the late night partying by those who weren’t riding. There are so many hot girls in Bondi that it’s almost too much. Everyone got their beach on and spent almost more time on the beach chillin’ than on the bikes riding. Which wasn’t at all a bad thing that’s for sure with the talent that was on display. Getting back to some riding now though. The new park in Bondi is like nothing else. Very smooth, fast and unique. Riding there is hard in a few ways with it being so busy and the female distractions on the beach. Kym somehow looked past these to pull a brakeless sub-jam Canadian nosepick, one of my favourite tricks of the trip for sure. Ryan proved his worth as a special guest with flairs on the roll over quarters in the park. Jay loved the vert bowl there and showed the skaters how to ride it properly. Jay was killing it with tailwhip airs and corner pocket airs until he came off making his elbow swell up like some alien life form... Gary was the leader of the, “lets ride 24hrs a day group” with missions into the

Shortly after pulling this fufanu in Newcastle, Zack destroyed Ian’s flash & tripod with a rollback out of an abubucca gone wrong//Robinson


Jay shows why he is the boss of Macneil and does one of the biggest backies I have Taking some time out from being the tour guide, organiser and filmer. Millsey with another tailwhip nosepick but this time on the wedge at Bondi//robinson

*aka Macneil tour down under 2005


Ali showing how hot it was in Maryborough//robinson

I had only been to this mining bucket in Newcastle once before and I was amazed that I found it again so easily. Ali was also very stoked that we found it and rode it like it was easy to ride//Musarsa

CBD to scout out what Sydney has to offer for street riding. Many things were found to his liking in there including an amazing over rail in Darling Harbour. Zack and Ali were enjoying the vacation feel of the trip by playing Frisbee in the surf in between boosting the parks hips and various lines on offer. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Overall this Macneil Tour of Australia was a huge success with everyone having a great time. Plans are underway for another tour in 2006. Many thanks to Macneil, Triplesix Distributions, X-Air, RideBMX and 2020bmxmag for all their efforts in making this tour a reality. Yo Yo! 2020

This had to be one of the bangers of the trip. This thing is crazy enough to even jump//Robinson

ever seen at Browns Plains Clint Millar

A very nice undown from the nice guy of BMX, Gary Young. Gary rode Kuraby like he rides everything, at full speed. It is always a treat to watch Gary ride and he is definately an asset to the Macneil team//Robinson

New Zealand is always a fun place to visit so when January came around I was keen as to head back over for the annual road trip and X-Air comp. We flew into Auckland a week before the comp to start our trip and picked up the usual Toyota mini van to provide us with some luxury transportation around the country. The crew this year was all Sydney with myself, Fresh Matt, Chris Barrowman, Brendan Jones and Goggles. Baz and myself have been before but the others were NZ virgins. Story by Mike Daly ..


Mt Doom//MiKeD

One of the many Australian riders in search of new horizons over the Tasman, Dan Montoya//bearDo

Matt invert Waikanae//Baz

Mike New Lynn//baZ

Auckland City//MiKeD


he regular meeting spot for freshly arrived OS riders is the outdoor ramps at Victoria Park. Here we met up with Haimona, Johno and rest of the Auckland locals and after a good session headed off for some Mexican food and beverages. We found a cheap hotel and got organised for the week, but next day woke to find our transportation towed to the local impound for parking in a work zone or something. The next three days were spent riding all the Auckland and northern spots like New Lynn, Whangarei and Linfield. NZ has some really old concrete that’s super fun to ride, think Pizzy Park or Five Dock for an idea, im sure you would get bored of it if you live next door but for a trip its cool to find places like this. There are also new parks, wooden ramps and trails if you search them out. After hitting up the local spots we needed to start heading towards Wellington as we had a long list of stuff to do on the way. First up was a little side trip to another old concrete bowl that I had missed on all my previous trips to NZ, Waiuku didn’t disappoint with a massive over vert bowl and assorted tight trannies. The local kids were keen to rip it up on their 12” bikes while their parents sat back with a beer, Waiuku is pretty far from the beaten track! Next up Raglan for a mellow session and swim and then onto Rotorua for some sulphur infested boiling mud and geyser fun. We arrived late and after hooking up a hotel headed to the only place open late on a Tuesday night, the local backpackers where Brendan thought he was gonna get killed by a huge Maori bouncer, until he found out the guy was just screwing with him!

Gloggles sprocket sliding under the long white cloud//baZ

Morning and time to hit up the thermal park to check out the geysers, bubbling mud and volcanic craters. Apparently Rotorua, well actually half of northern New Zealand, sits right on top of the fault line caused by the meeting of the Indian-Australian and Pacific continental plates, this means earthquakes, volcanos and crazy boiling mud. The last big eruption was in 1886 but long before that a massive eruption created lake Taupo and threw something like 800 cubic KM of dirt into the air. OK back to BMX. As well as a big lake, Taupo also has a pretty damm good skatepark and right next to the park is a 50m bungee jump. So the rest of the



Brendan ruled NZ//baZ

day went something like ride the park, jump the bungee, eat some food, go ride the park some more, sit in the hotel pool, eat more food, go to sleep. Good days work! We had to get to Wellington the next day so after Taupo we headed south passing by Mt Ruapehu, (Mt Doom for all you Lord Of The Rings nerds) and stopping at Palmerston North, Levin, Otaki and Waikanae skateparks on the way. One of the best things about NZ is that you can hit up so many parks and cool spots without having to drive too far, makes for a relaxed road trip and not so much sleeping behind the wheel.

Mike invert//baZ


Well that was the road trip part of our NZ holiday pretty much finished so we parked the Tarago in a parking station and went to check out the comp set up for X-Air. This year the event had moved from Hamilton, its home for the last 5 years, to the capitol of NZ, Wellington. The city centre of Wellington was pretty much taken over with all the events happening down town near the wharves and harbour.

Luke Parslow ripped the kickers and the quarter for the win over a more than star studded dirt field//beLL

X-air dirt course in Wellington city//MikeD

This year the list of pro riders at X-Air was huge!


Rotorua hot springs//baZ

Jay Miron mid 540 whip. Yeah//MiKeD

listair Whitton, Gary Young, Jay Miron, Chad Kagy, Ryan Nyquist, Josh Harrington and Mike Escamilla headed up the overseas riders. Matt Fairbairn, Luke Parslow, Ryan Guettler, Colin Mackay, Corey Bohan, Brendan Jones, Dave Dillewaard, Clint Millar, Lindsay Brown, Tim Wood, Nick Cooper, Tim Casey and John Wakefield plus others headed over from Australia and the NZ rider list was headed up by Haimona Ngata, Paul Needham and Jed Mildon. The Dirt jumps were set up in a car park right in the city centre and looked really good. Three sets with crossover options and a big dirt quarter at the end. Right from the first practice run shit was going down, it must have a been a hard one to judge as all the riders were ripping it up. Most people were flipping the first set with 360 whips and 720’s flowing further down the course. Luke Parslow ended up taking his first win in a major event with a smooth flip whip over the first set and consistent runs throughout the comp. Ryan Guettler took second and Ryan Nyquist third, both Ryan’s pulled really smooth 720’s on the second set plus flip variations amongst a huge array of whips, 360 whips, nothings, the list goes on...

Transfer of the comp, Garry Young//MiKeD


If you need to add some style to your endless bag of tricks, look no further than Corey Bohan for inspiration//beLL

Qld represent, Colin Mackay took time out to rip it up with solid riding on both street and dirt//beLL


The Vert ramp was set up inside a concert hall and the atmosphere was awesome. The organisers had a demo the night before where all the comp riders could ride the ramp and hang out and they also flew in Tony Hawk to ride as well. The crowd was going insane and it wasn’t very different for the BMX vert final. Jay took first place and I got to see a 540 whip close up, love that media pass. Jay also did huge whips, 540’s and the fastest backwards grinds I had ever seen. Chad Kagy took second, he has those corkscrew flairs dialled and also pulled a huge double whip. Matt Fairbairn came in third and pulled his first ever 540 bar spin, check Matt’s interview elsewhere in the mag for more. Zack Shaw and Tim Wood also rode well and a big get well soon must go out to NZ local Paul Needham who broke his leg in the final. The street course used the same ramps as last year and although the everyone seemed to have fun I didn’t manage to find too many lines. There were however plenty of sub rails to hit up and the usual box jump and street spine, which got a good work out. The Jam format final for the street comp went off with all the riders going for bigger and bigger lines towards the end of the jam. Alistair Whitton ended up winning by pulling a bunch of new tricks that he had never done before, a double whip, flip whip and the biggest manual line on the course over the top of the wall ride gave him the win, he was stoked. Gary Young took second, with fast tech lines and a huge wall ride right across the vert wall, big gap! He also did a big air out of the quarter to vert wall thingo. Jay came in 3rd with some weird gap lines, fast nose wheelies and big box jump tricks. Outside of the top 3, Clint Millar got tech and nose picked the biggest rail on the course, Ryan Guettler double whipped and 720’ed his way to 4th and fellow road tripper Brendan Jones also rode really well taking 9th place. Almost everyone who was in town for the comp was staying at the same hotel which was a five minute walk from the comp site and downtown Wellington, so the party was always near by. The organisers had a local beer company as a sponsor and were handing out the free drink passes every night. Needless to say the BMXers were the most vocal at the after party and awards with Clint needing a special mention for hijacking the proceedings. On the last night we had to leave for the drive back to Auckland at 4am so opted for the no sleep option, luckily we had Baz to do the driving so we made our flight home after a blurry drive up highway one. If you want to see more of the road trip or comp check out the DVD attached to the front of the mag, there’s footage from both. You can also find a good list of NZ skateparks at some info on the bubbly mud at and New Zealand BMX info at 2020

, North Carolina. There is a lot to learn about Greenville ulation of this town For instance, did you know that the popthis population are of ent perc 0 36.8 that And is 60,476? males aged eighteen and over? No? , NC is the epicenter I’m sure you do know that Greenville y of the top BMX man that and m nalis of BMX professio of 21,756 riders in the world have chosen this town party in. and in ride in, live to , ents stud ge colle one sports Greenville, NC was voted the number rated in Illust rts Spo by lina Caro h Nort in town the college 2004 and this sure isn’t because of haven’t on seas this far so football team, who managed to win too many games. By Kelly Mackay


Colin Mackay and crew on a regular Friday night. Chillin, drinking, laughing, riding/ What more is there to life?//Nitai


Alan Cook on night supermarket duties//nitai

So, why Greenville, you ask? Since visiting for two months last summer and moving here to live in March of 2004, I have become a witness to many of the crazy things riders do to have fun in this town. From warehouses, skateparks, backyard ramps, dirt jumps and Allan Cooke’s midnight escapade to build a concrete quarter against the wall of a run-down supermarket, you can gather there is never a lack of commitment and dedication in building something new and different. This is what makes Greenville the rider attraction that it is. The rider’s here strive to be different. They are not afraid of a little hard work when they know the end result will be so rewarding. When the contest season is over and the riders return home for the winter, their love of excitement doesn’t stop at riding. Their willingness to build goes from dirt jumps and concrete quarters to RC car tracks and planes. And once again, this isn’t taken lightly. What may be considered as just a little fun is turned in to so much more. An RC car track was constructed to fill the entire area of Colin Winkelmann’s back yard. From there, bets are taken and the competition goes from dirt jumps and street courses to racing of a different kind. Remote control cars. The downtown scene of Greenville is no more than a few decent bars and student drink specials. As Greenville is predominantly a college town there is no doubt you will run into a few football meatheads, resulting in the unofficial name change of a bar called five-nineteen, to fight-nineteen. With that said, I must make clear that fights occur only on rare occasions and generally the BMX scene and its riders are well-respected. Especially by the M.O.P. This being, the self-proclaimed Mums (Moms) Of the Park. If one bad thing was to be said about Greenville, NC it’s that the parents of this town see the success of ‘pro’ riders and assume their children can be just like this. They don’t understand that every rider that has made it to their level of professionalism has done so from their love and commitment to riding and not from their willingness to be rich and famous. They must think that having BMX training classes every Monday night, making sure their kids’ tire pressure is at the correct psi reading and having them wear the newest full-face helmet or ride the best complete bike, is going to turn them into superstars. They couldn’t be further from the truth. But these parents can’t be blamed for wanting their children to have the life of a professional BMX rider when the local bike shop is painting them a mental picture of stardom, success and money by handing out ‘Star Maps’ similar to what you might see in Hollywood, with directions to riders homes, riding spots etc. If there is one thing I can assure you of it’s that Greenville is nothing like Hollywood. It’s a small college town with a bunch of riders, having a good time doing what they love, and that is to ride. 2020

Just a taste of the backyard scene in Greenville//nitai


Photo: Jared Souney

go vegetarian

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//anDrei sabLinKsis

Rail stall to fakie//Jeffers


Resides BALLARAT, Victoria AGE 16

Likes riding BMX. A gun BMX rider at that. He’s a brakeless bandit, and rides mostly street and park. Over four or five years, I have watched him progress into a smooth, consistent rider with a unique style like no other. He uses his imagination and shreds anything he rides, and if he wants to do something, he will do it. Paul Jeffers One of Ballarat’s finest.




2:52 PM

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So much skill. And style. And the kid Daniel Dunn has to be one of the coolest guys i know. He’s 16. can make you smile when your down He seen. ever i’ve that attitudes refreshing most the of posseses one with him. Watch out for this kid. friends i’m why That’s . situation.. every on and always has a positive spin James Wade


Avalon invert//seaton



a surfy town on Sydney’s Northern beaches. Not too long ago I met a bunch of keen riders from Avalon. It’s long to notice that they were pretty good. For take didn’t it and basis We started riding with these guys on a regular of 18 can pretty much do anything from lip tricks me, a kid named Dennis stood out. He’s a great guy and at the age bit harder. I’ve experienced many good sessions to huge floating inverts on dirt and is always trying to push that little Seaton come. to more plenty there’s going he’s with Dennis and at the rate


This spot is good for learning hand plants because you have a transition for the take off and bank for the landing. The trannie gives you a good kick to get the bike high enough and the bank makes it easier to land (or less painful when you crash) You can also learn hand plants over spines especially if you can find one that goes from large to small.

1. Ride up to the transition with plenty of speed to jump out onto the deck. 2. Before you hit the coping set up your bike so that its going to turn in a nice smooth arc over the ledge, you should launch the bike so that its going to float above you as you when you take your hand off. Its probably going to take a few goes before you judge the best speed and angle to launch from. 3. As you take off drop your hand down onto the ledge (or spine) but don’t try and hold the weight your bike up, you are just using your hand to guide you over the ledge. Its hard to

AIR on a Ramp

This how to is for airs on a quarter or half pipe. You should be able to carve the ramp and bunny hop before you try this. Start off low, you want to get your airs smooth and under control before you try going too high.

3. After getting under coping airs in control its time to head over the coping. You need to build up a little more speed and head up the ramp at a slightly steeper angle, reducing the amount you carve before you take off.

1. First up learn to carve the ramp under coping, pumping the transition to keep your speed.

4. Gradually work your airs higher on the ramp until your front wheel starts hitting the coping, you can then use this to help pop you off the ramp.

2. Once you have a smooth carve going you can start to hop both wheels off the ramp at the top of your turn, keep it under coping for now. Both wheels should leave the ramp at the same time and then land at the same time, don’t land back wheel first as you can loop out.

5. As your airs get above coping, start judging how much to pull out so that you don’t hang but also don’t land flat bottom. You should try to land front wheel first, just below the coping, this will give you the smoothest landing and help you pump and keep more speed.


PROUDLY brought to you by Adelaide City CounciL

Before trying handplants you should learn fast plants, handplants are basically fast plants but using your hand instead of your foot.


$cash40& pr0iz0es WIN a COMPLETE

Abb’s planting at Dulwich//DALY

adjust the position of your bike after take off because your arm is not strong enough to hold up the weight of both you and your bike so its really important that the set up is right.





4. When the bike starts heading back down you need to get it back under your body so that you don’t land sideways. You also want to make sure that your bars are straight before you land. 5. Grab your bars before your tyres hit the ground and roll away. Abbs

ate Park Sk ty Ci rd 23 l ri Ap ay rd tu Sa Park Sunday April 24th City DiSrt Junior, U21, Over 21 CLASSE Perish Funk & Hip Hop DJ’s Delta &by Free Trials Jam supported Register before April 10TH onto: For all info & updates logo

Who better than Tom Boorman to teach air?//DALY

6. Now that your airs are above coping you can choose to carve across the ramp or air straight up and down, carving will give you more air time and allow you to hit the ramp faster without going so high. 7. When your airs start to get above 3ft or so you can really use the coping to kick you off the ramp by popping first your front wheel then your back off the coping on the way up. If the ramp is steep enough this should give you all the pop you need and stop you from having to pull out at all. This is also the case on a ramp that goes to vert, you don’t need to pull out at all just adjust your landing spot buy using the coping and moving the bike around in the air.

*(pre entry only)



The Cave Years Independent release This little five-track release was drunkenly handed to me by a friend’s housemate. He gave it to me in the hope that I might find a use for it in filming or reviews. He struck lucky as I loved his shit and both reviewed and used it for filming. Basically he’s a Melbourne MC who has released his own stuff and done a fricken good job of it. I guess the vibe of it is kinda dark/moody/ reflective if I have to box it in. Lots of self reflexive lyrics that are appropriately bitter at times. I really like his intricate and imaginative rhyming style. Well produced and solid content are my thoughts on this one. Check out the DVD stuck to this mag for a listen to one of his tracks. Or buy a copy through him. Grub


When the Dust Settles Obese Records.

Perth crew Downsyde released this 23 track Album a bit before Christmas 04. These guys have been getting a fair bit of coverage round this dusty old country called Oz ever since. I must admit I didn’t like this CD on first listen. I lent it to mate and about a week later he was giving us a lift and had it in his CD player. 20mins later cruising down the eastern freeway and it was really growing on me. I took it back off him and have been playing it ever since. I guess it was the off-beat reggae feel on some tracks that won me and now I really like it. Very vibrant music and well assembled lyrics. The CD is a great party CD as it’s got a lot of energy and heaps of tracks that are quite diverse in style. Its well worth a listen and definitely a good buy. WA seems to be really pumping out some sweet Hip Hoppin shit. Here’s more proof. Grub


Healthy DISTRUST Obese Records. From Rhode Island to the speakers of the world, Sage Francis’ new album Healthy Distrust is a major release from the Epitaph stable. Signing with such a Punk based record company really forces one to take note of the motives behind the hip hop label that Sage falls under. Far from bling, blowjobs and guns, the straight edge vegetarian Sage Francis unleashes his mind and life experience with his words on this album. Addressing everything from the war in Iraq to homophobia and suicide, to popular hip-hop and the importance of intelligence, to his own intentions in music and life. If youre down for a solid album with heavy themes then Sage Francis is well worth a listen, it may educate you about yourself too… Holmes

Through this passed summer, packed with amazing sessions, heatwaves and flowing beerverages, a huge number of bands have played to Sydney Siders. Screaming some of the most amazing and memorable shows we’ve seen for quite some time. Of these shows I narrowed it down to 2 awesome headliners that will stick in my mind for years to come or until they return...



In light of the new Muph and Plutonic Album, Hunger Pains, an interview took place in the rather cramped back room of Obese Records I got chatting with Muphin. He’s a really nice bloke with a lot to say. Here it goes. So Muphin, how long have you been an MC? Umm started I think in about 93’ at parties just drunk just doing freestyles and that kind of thing so yeah since 93 and what’s it now 2005, that’s about twelve years. How old are you? I’m 25. What was your first introduction to Hip Hop? Basically my brother bought a tape down at Eltham when there used to be a music store there, it was a Run DMC tape and I ganked it off him. Kinda borrowed it and that got me into Hip Hop that raising hell tape. What’s you inspiration for your music where do you get it from? I draw inspiration from a few things I guess, the main thing is just the things that I see and the people I know, just try to observe and listen keeping my eyes peeled for ideas I guess Melbourne in general inspires me write about certain things. When you’re writing a new song do you plan it out or just sort of go with the flow of it? Depends, usually ill come up with a main idea for a song then ill jot down points that I want to include and develop the song along the lines of that. I’ll cross out the things I want to say. Now Hunger Pains, that’s your 2nd album? Well its my second official release, before that I had a solo album that came out in 98/99 called who I am, that was independently


released, almost demo style. Do you think that you and Plutonic will collaborate in the future? Yeah, well work on some more stuff I’m pretty sure. Umm theres a lot of Hip Hop coming out of your neck of the woods, what’s in the water? Why do you think so many people coming out of that way? I guess as we were talking before boredom. There’s been a big Graff culture on that line (Hurstbridge) I guess growing up in Eltham you do kinda get bored the best thing to do is get creative and well Hip Hop infiltrated that area people really appreciate it out there, dudes get active and record tracks on four-tracks in their bedroom, comes down to boredom I guess. How do you reckon the Melbourne Hip Hop Scene compares to other states? Melbourne, personally I’m pretty impressed how well the crowd participate at shows but as with all scenes around Australia there’s always a beef between some people but in general its pretty cool, Its got a grittier edge I reckon. But I think its pretty healthy and theres a lot of up and coming kids getting into it flourishing and heading in the right direction. Got any overseas plans? Not at the moment trying to concentrate on

here, tour throughout Australia ill focus on home first. Umm and one for the ladies are you single? I am now yeah... What’s your favorite colour? my favorite colour (pause) probably blue... My girlfriends little brother wants to know who’d win in a fight, Eminem or Scribe? Id probably say Eminem mate. How’s your family taken it now that your getting played on the radio and all that? I think in the last year they realized how serious I take it and become quite supportive of it. Whereas before hand they were like you’ve gotta find something else to do. You’ve gotta be doing it for the love of it, you cant expect to be surviving on it. But they’ve become really supportive and helped me out in any way they can so its been a big turn around. Outside of Hip Hop what else is in you life At the moment not a lot. Its all Hip Hop. Cos I work in the shop (Obese Records), I don’t have my girl anymore that was another focus. Apart from Hip Hop, its hanging out with my mates, having a few beers catching up and that.

Seventies Number Ten Stowaway Distribution

With sections from Caleb Kilby, Amos Burke, Mark Tanner, Robin Fenlon, Dan Price, Nick Vale and Sebastian Keep plus many extras, this DVD gives you a really good look at the level of riding in the UK right now. The music is a good mix of different styles and I like the artsy bits at the beginning, I guess it has a good feel about it. Its mostly street with a bit of trails and ramp. The street riding is really good, heaps of rails, banks, ledges and weird street spots and these guys aint afraid to crash. There’s some really gnarly lines and gaps, including a huge ledge / rail gap that Caleb Hilby does. Definitely one of the best DVD’s I’ve watched recently. MikeD

Odyssey’s Odyssey


Canadian hardcore band, Comeback Kid travelled down under to embark on their first Aussie tour. Supported by Miles Away who rightly travelled from miles away to every venue except their own isolated home of Perth. The Sydney gig at the Annandale hotel, conveniently down the road from my house was awesome from start to finish. Opening with Newcastle act The Dead Walk, Sydney band Taking Sides took to their familiar stage once again met by dedicated fans and played an always amazing set of mic-shared screaming. I don’t think I can see those guys often enough! If you get the chance to check them out, do it. Miles Away played a solid set of hard, fast, straight up hardcore, before Comeback Kid took

us off guard and started playing while most were waiting at the bar. Getting started with no hesitation, fans packed into a tangle of sweat drenched limbs, screaming along to choruses entwined in punchtight musicianship that showcased of some of the finest hardcore out of Canada. If you haven’t heard Comeback Kid, check them out online at, or get their new album Wake the Dead out now thru Resist Records in Newtown, Sydney A much anticipated return from one of the worlds most brutal hardcore bands, Hatebreed, took place this January. I was fortunate enough to see them play twice. The first was Big Day Out where I jumped the fence solo to see them and Rise Against and of course to wander around with a shirtless Tom Payne waving a bottle of Jim to every sucker waiting in line for overpriced beer. Their sold out headline show was at the Gaelic club, with support sets by 2 amazing bands off Resist Records, Byron Bays Parkway Drive and Sydneys own Last Nerve, both playing to familiar craving fans. You may remember Parkway Drive from Cooper Brownlees section in Box Hill Pride - Meet Your Enemies. You will also hear more of them in the upcoming Emancipate DVD. Hatebreed took the stage with brutal presence and punishing riffs. The crowd went mad in one of the craziest pits I’ve seen, that photo of a random fan jumping from the second story balcony into the pit just shows what words cant describe about the aura of one of the hardest most brutal bands out there. No photo or words can accurately give justice to their set. Hardcore doesnt come much better than Hatebreed... John Young

BMX International

Stowawa Distribution

The new Odyssey DVD follows their team on their 2004 Euro road trip. Mike Aitken, Adam Banton, Matt Beringer, Ben Foakes, Scott Foster, James Hitchcok, Jimmy Levan, Fraser Peek and Gary Young tour France, Belgium and Germany squashed into a couple of very small cars. They visit some spots you will know like Marseille and the Düsseldorf university, and a bunch you probably wont know. The riding is pretty good and I liked the music choices, they also seemed to film a whole bunch of chicks, just walking, the Odyssey team obviously likes walking chicks. There’s a good mix of concrete parks, dirt, street and indoor parks throughout the DVD with heaps of scenic shots and Euro stuff thrown in too. We also have 10 copies of Odyssey to give away, see the subs page for more info. MikeD

The concept was take 4 friends and spend 6 months travelling the world riding, filming and hanging out, how fuckin cool would that be. Anyway the DVD shows footage from all the spots they went to, Hawaii, NZ, Australia, South Africa, Europe and Iceland, plus sections for their other team rides that didn’t make the tour. There’s a heap of non riding footage from all the crazy spots they visited and a wide variety of different riding spots and crazy street locations. Over all the DVD is a must watch but I think that it could have been even better if they had stuck to the world tour format and really given it a travel documentary style, the inclusion of the sections that don’t come from the tour seem to mix up the format and make it hard to really get into the movie. You should watch it anyway for the spots and awesome riding. MikeD


The Redux DVD

Pltypus distribution Twenty Inch Productions have not done anything for a long while, but they were one of the first BMX video magazines out there and competed with Props for a couple of years. After a long hiatus their first DVD showed up with footage from riding over the last couple of years. That makes the footage partially old and the quality is not all DV or 16mm. When 20” started collecting footage for this DVD they were probably still on the VHS-tip. If you’re into Rick Thorne you’re lucky. He’s got an interview in Redux but aside that it covers everything from flat, park, street, vert to dirt. Dave Dillewaard, Dave Mirra, Morgan Wade, Troy MacMurray, Ryan Nyquist and some fully padded dudes launching make for 50 minutes + of action. Holmes


MAIN//Hatebreed TOP RIGHT//The big drop BOTTOM//Comeback Kid//YounG

Pltypus distribution A year and a half in the making, Drama is a big DVD! Not only is it 110 mins long, it’s all in 16mm. It’s a no-hype, no special effects feature full of some of the worlds best riders in their element, on their bike. With names like Mirra, Cooke, Winkleman, Darden and Harrington (+more) you’d think it was another US flick full of riding/places unattainable by us. But on sitting down and watching, theres a stack of Aus locations and Mackay, Bohan and Dillewaard take the film to a new level.Brian Purdy and Allan Cooke have done some serious miles and the 16mm reels have captured BMX with a real personal feel. With an opening sequence that has more big moves than most DVD’s in their entirety it then moves to rider sections. Some great music backs the action and the rich 16mm vision does more justice to slow motion than digital ever will, meaning more than a few big tricks are slowed down. Drama is a big release for 05 and one to definitely check out. Holmes



Twenty 9 butted bars


The Shadow conspiracy be getting more diverse by the day. And by a look at their ads, more creative. Super soft grips for that extra sticky feeling without gloves. Just don’t expect em to stay this nice colour...

These bars use 100% cromo heat treated tubing that is internally butted in 9 places. Thats 9 places! Its thick where you need it and thin where you don’t. Specs are 635grams, 635mm wide with a 190mm rise and a backsweep of 12°.



Coalition is a rapidly growing parts company owned, backed and run by a group of like minded riders. Their new stem is under 11oz, comes with a gyro plate, headset spacers, and instructions. The grips are Taj signature and come complete with zip ties for the lock on deal.



Emancipate is a Sydney based clothing company founded by 5 riders, committed to the local scene and covering local talent. A DVD release is due for early May with a Jam at Dulwich Hill skatepark followed by a premiere. More shirt designs and stickers on the way. All products will be on sale soon. Jam and premiere date details on the website below.


The new Team issue frame is a reincarnation of the former Ruben frame. Simple, strong and light, just like the original. Seamless Japanese tubing, 20.75 top tube and 74.5° head angle keep it tight, while a Euro or US bottom bracket option make it ready for your riding pleasure the way you want it.



RNC Ti PARTS The Ti Lite sprocket is made from aerospace titanium and is a little beefier than before so will take one hell of a beating, available in 25, 28, 30, 33 and 36. While the BB axle is compatible with 22mm size cranks like Primo or Tuff Neck, this axle is made from 6al-4v aerospace titanium and weighs just 7.7 ounces, it also uses stock Primo size bolts.

xmag for a year Subscribe to 2020abm ance to win one and you’re in with roch r DVD’s! tou of 10 Odyssey Eu eck the best ch to t Not only do you gebu l get to see u’l yo t X, BM in Australian rope apart Eu e the Odyssey Team tak ... ge ledge by led estion when you Answer the easy qu running! the in go subscribe to

tion: Odyssey has a crazy new stem thats cription! All I gotta do is answer this easy ques bmxmagazine yo! Bring on the new Odyssey DVD with my subs I’m in for a subscription for a years worth of 2020 And ____* _____ _____ _____ _____ a d calle g super light and super stron win one of 10 Odyssey DVD’s!

ce to es) $A33 delivered to your door! Plus the chan cription (4 issu year subs One Twenty ultimate tensioner

This chain tensioner has a pin that slots into a hole in your drop out and means you can runSUR it NAME: E: NAM S tensionerFIRS ISS/M facingRS/M forward, no more hookTups when you grind! If you don’t have a Twenty frame MR/M POSTCODE: STATE: you can probably just drill a hole yourself. SUBURB: ADDRESS: KickassBMX E-MAIL: DAYTIME PHONE: NSW 2042 Snafu Armstrong Light KickassBMX e (No cash please!) PO BOX 498 NEWTOWN ER FOR $33 PAYABLE TO 2020bmxmagazin ONEY UE/M CHEQ OSE A with billet aluminum a 55mm reach, oneORD big hollow chromoly bolt to hold your forks and 4 ] I ENCL [ CNC

Australia only. 3. Entry is open to people

is open to residents of smaller ones to hold your bars. Comes in green, red, gold, and black with a removable gyro plate.with these terms and conditions are ineligible.is2.aEntry All entries in accordance game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining winners. form part of these conditions of entry. Entries not completed

and prizes offices. 5. This competition e for cash. 7. The winners will competition will be judged at the 2020bmxmagazine Euro DVD as shown, not transferable nor redeemabl 1st June 05, and answer the attached question. 4. The into. 6. The first 10 correct answers will receive a Odyssey who subscribe between the 19th of March 2005 and the decision is final and no correspondence will be entered judges’ The in the meantime... staff. agazine 2020DVD the 2020bmxm Watch of panel a agazine! by will be judged date. 9. The promoter is 2020bmxm this on received mail last all with 2005 June 1st be notified by mail. 8. The competition closes *answer is in the new products section....

and Conditions 1. Information on how to enter Terms Weight 315grams / 11.1 oz.

BMX International

Twenty ultimate tensioner

Advance Traders

This chain tensioner has a pin that slots into a hole in your drop out and means you can run it facing forward, no more tensioner hook ups when you grind! If you don’t have a Twenty frame you can probably just drill a hole yourself.

Odyssey Elementary Stem


Snafu Armstrong Light CNC billet aluminum with a 55mm reach, one big hollow chromoly bolt to hold your forks and 4 smaller ones to hold your bars. Comes in green, red, gold, and black with a removable gyro plate. Weight 315grams / 11.1 oz.

BMX International

DK Random Wrench This thing rocks, its got everything you need to fix your bike, 5mm, 6mm, 7/32 and 1/4 allen key, 14mm and 15mm sockets with a 3/8 driver, 15mm pedal spanner and a 19mm peg socket. All in a handy tool that could also help you out if you get stuck after dark at the sketchy skate park.


Two years in the works the elementary stem is half the weight of an ordinary stem and uses one bolt to clamp both the handlebar and forks, yep it’s a piece of modern art that has function.

BMX International

Federal Hamilton frame So, you want to flow like Steven Hamilton, stick to walls and get mad pop off virtually nothing. Aside the skills, you can score the frame he rides. It goes 19” or 20” TT, 13.75” chainstays, 75° head tube, euro b/b and integrated headset, triple ribbed chainstays, Sanko tubing throughtout, 5mm compact dropouts all weighing in at a measly 5.5 lbs.


STRICTLY BITCH CRANKS Are your bent and twisted cranks getting you down? Check Strictly BMX’s Bitch cranks for size. 4130 cromo and fully

gusseted around the pedal boss, not just a piece to join the pedal thread on like other cranks meaning less chance of snapping the end off. Available in 175mm, matt black, clear, Ltd edish blu, Euro or USA bb, rhd/lhd, sealed, titanium spindle, 19mm-48 spline. All that and rockin stickers. Strictly got more stuff on the way too.

Strictly BMX

FBM Homie Haulers Rider redesigned and rider tested makes for a winning formula. Constructed from 6061 aluminium, they are lightweight and available in either 10 or 14mm configurations.


FiveBMX Fresh into the country are FiveBMX with a few well thought out bits and pieces including the Roman Lite Sprocket, CNC machined 6061 al. 1/4inch thick, cenetered teeth, black finish, available in 25, 28, 30, 36 teeth combos. Also available are the Light Street Bars which use US 4130 cromo .063 tubing with 7.5 inch rise, sweep 2° up 8° back sweep, 32oz.

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Reader shots & art

Just a taste of the what we receive in the mail form 2020bmx readers...


TOP LEFT//Sent in by Griffin Golding TOP MIDDLE//Graham Glennon by John Young TOP RIGHT//Jamo big feeble in Geraldton by Stuart Keenan MIDDLE LEFT//Mik Bayzand by unkown reader MIDDLE//Brad Greenslade MIDDLE RIGHT//Will Gazza launching a wall in NZ by DS BOTTOM RIGHT//Going up by Gorak BOTTOM MIDDLE//Borise turndown at Strath by Hamish Holden BOTTOM RIGHT//Slick illustration by Darryl Kelly


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