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2014 Campus Recruitment


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Recruit Express

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Ivy Tham Yi Ru Manager

As the leading recruitment consultancy in Singapore, Recruit Express has a longstanding track record for bridging talented job seekers with employers across a diverse range of industries and positions. With extensive databases, vast resources and dedicated consultants, candidates and clients will be assured excellent service at Recruit Express. Two employees reveal what it’s like to be part of such a dynamic and fast-growing organisation. by Julailah Wahid

Angela Teh Ling Wei Team Manager

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fter graduating from Nanyang Technological University, Angela Teh Ling Wei was ready to kick-start her career with a dynamic company. Brimming with energy and ambition, Angela wanted a career that would allow her to work with people from various backgrounds. The vibrant and team-oriented culture at Recruit Express naturally drew the then 22-year-old in, and she hasn’t looked back since. For Ivy Tham Yi Ru, joining Recruit Express felt like a natural step. After all, the company had helped her find her first temp job when she was 18, and the affable individual became an avid supporter ever since. As the company was always efficient in finding her assignments, Ivy returned repeatedly during her university term breaks in search of temporary positions. When she approached Recruit Express about fresh graduate openings after graduating from NUS, the then 22-year-old was introduced to the role of Recruitment Consultant. Having experienced first-hand the excellent services offered by Recruit Express, Ivy knew that a career with the company would be both meaningful and challenging. Angela and Ivy, who have been with Recruit Express for six and seven years respectively, share more about their enriching journey thus far. In your opinion, what makes a career at Recruit Express so unique? Angela Teh: I believe it is the open yet close-knit culture at Recruit Express that sets us apart from other agencies, which is why many of our employees have a strong sense of belonging to the company. Despite joining the company straight out of university, I was given the opportunity to handle contract and permanent placements, and eventually managed my own portfolio of clients. It was exhilarating to be able to recruit the right people for my clients and meet decision-makers and senior management from various organisations. I have also been given the opportunity to hire and lead a team, which has certainly groomed me into a capable mentor and Team Manager today. Ivy Tham: The dynamic and fast-paced environment definitely makes work exciting in Recruit Express. In fact, new challenges are constantly being thrown my way! Additionally, supportive colleagues with strong teamwork ethics make work not only efficient but fun. When I joined Recruit Express, I performed a simpler role of candidate management, which

involved pairing candidates with positions needed by our clients. As I progressed, I was given the opportunity to prospect for new businesses, interact with clients one-onone and develop good working relationships with them. My job has also allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and forge valuable friendships. Personally, I find that successfully matching a jobseeker to a suitable job position is extremely fulfilling for me. The recognition and acknowledgement given to employees here are also a great source of motivation for us to strive harder at work.


only with assumptions and academic theories. It was only through hands-on experiences and the mentorship provided by my seniors that I learned how to handle tough situations and real-life issues. Interacting with people on a regular basis has taught me to be more flexible, adaptable and mature when dealing with specific audiences. The opportunity to lead various projects and an outstanding team has also moulded me into an efficient leader – one who is capable of making sound decisions. When it comes to the job-matching of candidates and clients, there is no greater feeling than knowing that I am making a

Interacting with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries has honed my interpersonal skills and given me valuable insight into the current job market. The ability to provide comprehensive advice to our clients is critical as they require our expertise in recruiting the right talents for them, which would ultimately spur success in their businesses.

Tell us more about your role as a Team Manager and Manager respectively. Angela: My responsibility as a Team Manager is to groom new consultants and develop the team. In addition, I manage the team’s clientele and ensure that everyone is working together effectively towards a common goal. It gives me great satisfaction to see new consultants grow and become competent and successful in their job. Ivy: A typical day at work involves reviewing resumes, conducting preliminary interviews, profiling suitable candidates and coordinating candidate interviews with clients. As a Manager, I mentor and guide my team members. Being a leader means that apart from improving myself, it is also my responsibility to ensure continual progress within my team. How have your experiences in Recruit Express shaped you? Angela: Interacting with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries has honed my interpersonal skills and given me valuable insight into the current job market. The ability to provide comprehensive advice to our clients is critical as they require our expertise in recruiting the right talents, which would ultimately spur success in their businesses. Managing a capable team has also honed my maturity and confidence, and I look forward to grooming future leaders in the organisation. Ivy: When I began my journey with Recruit Express, I was rather inexperienced, armed

positive difference to their lives. The gratitude they show never fails to motivate and inspire me to work at my best. What advice do you have for those looking to join Recruit Express, especially as Recruitment Consultants? Angela: Recruit Express provides a holistic training ground for fresh graduates – you will be attached to a mentor who will provide guidance throughout your career here. Indeed, the company invests a lot in grooming and developing its people. Those looking for a challenging yet enriching career will certainly find their calling as a recruiter here. Ivy: At Recruit Express, we focus on achieving results, which means that you are rewarded based on the amount of effort you put in. What’s fulfilling and meaningful about being a Recruitment Consultant is the sense of achievement you get upon helping people find and secure jobs. Despite being with the company for a good seven years, I have never gotten bored of my job or regretted my decision to work here. If you love interacting with people and want to make a meaningful difference to the lives of others, then a career at Recruit Express is what you need. Recruit Express Pte Ltd (EA Licence No. 99C4599) 391A Orchard Rd #12-08 Ngee Ann City Tower A Singapore 238873


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Growing Organisations with the Right Talents SearchAsia

Two Executive Search Consultants share about the exciting opportunities that SearchAsia offers to those looking to scale greater heights.

by Png Han Yong


career with SearchAsia isn’t simply about the management of talent recruitment; it’s also by helping businesses and organisations grow and thrive by assisting them in finding the right personnel to take the company forward. As a human capital consulting company, SearchAsia’s employees enjoy a structured and supportive team environment in their mission in aiding a multitude of organisations fill important positions. SearchAsia also offers graduates a chance at a career with a comprehensive remuneration package while learning invaluable life lessons from helping higher management executives, managers and CEOs take their careers to the skies. Executive Search Consultants Lionel Leow and Jace Wang share with us how they’ve channelled their energy and skills into an enriching career with SearchAsia.

Jace Wang Executive Search Consultant Bachelor of Science, Major in Operations & Facilities Management, National University of Singapore

What was behind your decision to join SearchAsia? Lionel Leow: The core business of SearchAsia is serving people, which fits well with my preference of a job that is client-focused and yet not too operational. At SearchAsia, I am given considerable autonomy in my work and I know I will be adequately rewarded and recognised for my hard work and diligent performance. Jace Wang: SearchAsia is an executive search firm that gives me the opportunity to interact with and engage middle to senior management professionals, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally. I

am also very much a team player, which is an important value at SearchAsia. In fact, teamwork is the best word to describe the work culture in SearchAsia. Walk us through your job as an Executive Search Consultant. Lionel: I meet up with my clients frequently to assist them in their recruitment for middle and senior management positions so as to have a better understanding of their requirements and the kind of talents they are looking for. My clients include multinationals, government agencies, government-linked companies and SMEs. I also try as much as possible to familiarise myself with their work environment and culture so as to provide an accurate and holistic representation of the organisation to the candidates. Jace: My job responsibilities encompass both business development and candidate management. I prospect new clients and conduct business visits to potential clients to better understand their businesses requirements and expectations. On the candidate management front, I also meet up with potential candidates to discuss their expectations of the job they are looking for and their career aspirations, allowing me to bridge the gap between employer and jobseeker. What are some challenges you face at work and how do you overcome them? Lionel: Empathy is required to overcome the challenge of dealing with various

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unpredictable factors that come with the job. Another challenge comes from facing rejections from both clients and candidates. I have learnt to see the positive in every situation, and not to take things too personally while striving to maintain my work attitude and ethos. Jace: My job requires me to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment. In addition, I have to deal with many different personalities and working styles. I cope by drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep so that I can be more focused and efficient at work. What do you find rewarding about your job at SearchAsia? Lionel: I find it very rewarding when I manage to help my client secure qualified candidates for the job, and at the same help candidates secure opportunities that are aligned with their career plans. The appreciation and satisfaction derived may be intangible, but they are worth much more than any material gains. I have also seen myself maturing significantly over my three years in SearchAsia. I have learnt a lot from the senior consultants as well as clients and candidates who have been successful and walked the path ahead. Jace: Being led by a very experienced manager who is able to give advice and guidance and having colleagues whom you can click well with is always a big plus. SearchAsia encourages teamwork and practises a ‘co-broke system’ whereby colleagues are encouraged to help one another. My job at SearchAsia has also boosted my confidence tremendously as I am required to talk to strangers on a regular basis, and picking up ‘soft’ skills such as understanding a client’s needs is paramount. This exposure has also taught me the invaluable skill of thinking objectively by putting myself in the shoes of the people whom I work with.

them outside work, and some of them have even become my friends whom I can share a joke and a dinner conversation with. Jace: The most significant achievement I have experienced thus far is achieving my first $100,000 sales breakthrough in the second quarter in my first year, and clinching eight new clients in the last six months! It is immensely rewarding and memorable! What kind of work environment can graduates look forward to experiencing at SearchAsia? Lionel: SearchAsia has a fantastic environment for people who are driven and have a high level of initiative. My co-workers are young but mentally mature. In addition, there is a good coaching culture and the senior consultants are always ready to share their experiences.

Share with us a memorable achievement or highlight from working at SearchAsia so far. Lionel: Besides the appreciation that I get from my clients and candidates, I have established many strong relationships with

Jace: SearchAsia has a dynamic work environment with young and enthusiastic individuals. It also provides a very good training ground for 360-degree recruitment where you get to walk through the entire recruitment process from client servicing to candidate placement. You will understand how hiring works across different industries and be able to learn and grow together with many other graduates. Furthermore, the meritocratic environment makes it a good place to build a long-lasting career. At SearchAsia, it is more than a workplace. Here, we develop strong and lasting friendships. If you want a place that allows you to work hard and play hard, this is it!

Lionel Liew Executive Search Consultant Bachelor of Business Administration, Honours (Major: Finance & Management), National University of Singapore

At SearchAsia, it is more than a workplace. Here, we develop strong and lasting friendships. If you want a place that allows you to work hard and play hard, this is it!

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