Connections at Bayview Hill

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This pocket guide shares a vision for providing multidimensional connections for Bayview Hill at Candlestick Point. The 44-acre Bayview hill is a beautiful, yet isolated, Natural Park tucked away in the Southeast corner of San Francisco. The park is located just west of Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. Highway 101 abuts the hill’s westerns edge and the Bayview-Hunters neighborhood is just to the northeast. Over the years, Bayview Hill and surrounding areas have seen a long history of dramatic and often destructive transformations in the both to the physical shape of the hill and its land uses. While encompassing rich ecological and cultural aspects, current access to this hill and to its trails are limited. In addition, major transformations are on the horizon for the areas surrounding Bayview Hill. With the mega-residential communities proposed post-demolition of Candlestick Stadium, the time to address the potentials of this hill is long overdue.

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