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10 October 26, 2012

crafty costumes

Hassle-Free Halloween

Quick homemade costume ideas for the procrastinating trick-or-treater. By Jillian Andrada 


Hawaiian Punch Party ‘Foul’ For this punny interpretation of a common party-goer’s slang, dress yourself in the fluffiest feathers you can find. Wear yellow boots and a chicken beak, if possible. Carry around a plastic party cup, and act as obnoxious as a college aged frat boy.

Gingerbread Person This one is exclusively for red haired trick-or-treaters out there. Simply tape or otherwise attach bread to yourself, and presto, ironic costume complete.

Bring a tropical feel to your Halloween shenanigans by wearing your most outrageous floral Hawaiian shirt and boxing gloves.

Facebook All you will need for this clever play on the social networking sensation, Facebook, is a marker or an eyeliner pencil. As junior Sean O’Connor demonstrates, just write “BOOK” across your face and suddenly you are have over 800 million friends.

Monica BRADBURN | photographer

ALEXIS KELLY | photographer

Spooky Tales

A day in the life of an employee of the terror industry proves rewarding, embarrassing and challenging. By Alex Hamilton WRITER

Many of us have had the experience of scaring someone- hiding in the closet until our little brother or sister walks by, then jumping out and screaming at them. Watching them jump and shriek with fear is funny and exhilarating. Afterwards, the event leaves you and your victim with a smile. Working at Spooky Trails provides you and the customers with same feeling. My job at Spooky Trails has both positive and negative aspects, from having a great time while scaring people and sitting at a fire talking to my friend I am doing the scaring with to getting kicked in the face and having stuff thrown at me. An average work day at Spooky Trails consists of sitting by a warm fire waiting for a wagon to drive by, then getting into my position, jumping out and scaring the people in the wagon. Every wagon is unique with its riders. Sometimes I will get people who are really scared with tears running down their face other times I can get a group that laughs at me and will swear and throw fists. Seeing the young and the old people shriek with fright and laugh hysterically makes me smile every time I do it.

On the job, I have to be prepared for anything. Once on a dreary, damp night it had rained for hours before the hayride. As I was sprinting alongside the wagon and I took my eyes off the trail and tripped over a stump and fell hard into the mud. I felt embarrassed at first, but then I realized that everyone was laughing so I was able to laugh with them at myself. The lesson learned on that night was to be more careful and watch where I walk. While on the job, I enjoy sitting at the fire with my friend telling him about unique wagons that have unusual stories. Some of these stories include people throwing their phone when they were scared, cocky men trying to impress their girlfriends but then suddenly become terrified, or people jumping into stranger’s laps. My work experience at Spooky Trails has taught me that people who seem to be tough are not always as strong and fearless as they appear. Overall, I have realized that while I don’t enjoy being scared, I do love scaring other people.

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