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World Summit on the Environment in Lausanne ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lausanne, 07/09/12 – The University of Lausanne (UNIL) will host the fifth annual Summit International student on the environment (World Student Environmental Summit - WSES), from 5 to 8 September 2012. On this occasion, nearly 80 delegates from around the world will be present to define a course of action together face the challenges posed today by the universal degradation of the environment. Since 2008, students from around the world gather to discuss environmental issues. After stops in Dodhisha (Japan), Victoria (Canada), Tßbingen (Germany) and Karlskrona (Sweden), is the University of Lausanne will host the 2012 edition of WSES. The primary purpose of this event is to discuss various strategies, tools and development models carrying transition and change. It also allows students from very different countries to exchange ideas for the eventual establishment of sustainable societies. This year, the Summit’s theme is Let's change. Based on the observation that economic, environmental and societal systems, that constitute our living, are not sustainable, the organizers aim to define change as it should be operated by our societies. "The resources are not inexhaustible. It is therefore urgent to reflect a change multiscalar, which must pass through the state, civil society and businesses", said Julie Perrenoud, president of the organizing committee. The theme of change and its stakeholders will be analysed at three levels: international, societal and personal level or a level of analysis by day of the Summit. For the first time in the history of the Summit, students from five continents will join Lausanne. So that be represented north and south countries, the committee has raised funds to pay part of the transportation costs for students whose universities do not have the means. Thus, students from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Bolivia and Vietnam will be present through this process. In total, nearly 80 delegates from 35 universities around the world will join Lausanne from 5 to 8 September. To fit with the themes discussed during the Summit, the organizers have focused special attention, for example, that food served to the delegates comes from local agriculture or that paper consumption for promotional purposes is as minimal as possible. A carbon footprint of the entire event will also be calculated and will reduce the environmental footprint of future editions. During the four-day summit, delegations will be invited to participate in famous environmental researchers conferences: the American philosopher and professor of political science Kerry Whiteside, or economists who are working on a transition to market economy towards a "green" and sustainable economy, as the Spanish Arnsperger or German Joan Martinez-Alier, one of the greatest thinkers of ecological economics. All these conferences will be public. Camille Bierens de Haan, founder and president of the Association EcoAttitude in Geneva, will open the Summit with the movement of Cities in Transition, which provides solutions to reduce communities' dependency on fossil fuels and increase their ability to adapt the many changes to come. Day of September 6 will be devoted to societal change, whether caused by movements of citizens, businesses, government or academia.

Friday, September 7 at 10:30 am, Kerry Whiteside will consider whether environmental issues do not suffer from a lack of participatory democracy, in a conference entitled "Democracy and the Environment: failure of representation? ". The conference will be part of a day dedicated to reflections on change internationally. Local and individual change will be honoured Saturday, September 8, with initials, a conference Karine Weiss, professor at the University of NĂŽmes (F), which will expose the brakes and motivations to change behaviour on environmental issues, eg in the case of carpooling, energy savings or agricultural strategies. The program of all conferences of the Summit is to be found on the website of the Summit: In addition to conferences, delegates will participate in multilateral discussions in thematic workshops. These sessions lead to the drafting, closing the Summit, a charter setting out the guidelines change, according to three scales analysed, which will be co-signed and returned by delegates in their respective universities. This report will also be awarded to Swiss universities and the federal authorities. Best regards, Julie Perrenoud, chairwoman Pietro Bugnon, head of Communications


Informations : Julie Perrenoud, chairwoman, +41 76 360 97 75 Pietro Bugnon, head of Communications, +41 79 366 04 41

2012 WSES Press Release (english)  

2012 WSES Press Release (english)