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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

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KAGAME SHINES IN BOSTON, USA Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


Dignity Education Congo

TOOK THE Face-to-face with the devil:

DARING: The nation’s celebrated media mogul, Albert Rudatsimburwa dared his guts and faced No.1 Public Enemy, REDCOM’s Rudasingwa in Boston protesting alone in streets and told him “Shame upon you.”


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Kigali City comes back to haunt Papyrus IT SEEMS the ghosts that made the old papyrus shut down have come back to haunt him. But this time, if the ghosts win, it will really be devastation to the swanky outing spot proprietor, Nsanawe serge. The Kigali Sun landed on news that soon after the new larger than life premises opened, the city authorities and police started receiving noise pollution complaints tempting the lord major and the head of metropolitan cops in the city of Kigali to visit the area. Details of the meeting between the tree parties are not yet public but by the look of things, Serge isn’t having a field day to celebrate his investment success.


Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


By our reporter

Well, join us a standing ovation as we applaud those that put together the magnificent library what by any looks has come to change the lives of many. Just a few days from its official opening slated for 5th October 20912, the Kigali Public Library stands tall among the academic icons of the city. With over 50,000 collections of books, Mr. Matovu Josiah, the systems administrator at the Kigali Public Library says the public

is so far showing hunger for more collections. Among the people using the facility, most of them come to use the adult collection, which includes academic collections from different displines “ We never expected to get such response. It shoes a culture that has been dying to read but had no opportunity to access any materials to use” Matovu said who at the same time decried the reading culture that is still very low in the country compared to the statistical

figures of the number of people that can read and wrote in the country. And what is being done to revert this? The Kigali public library has adopted bold steps of taking the reading library to primary and secondary schools. The officials on a weekly basis make field visits to different schools where they engage students in reading season and invite them to visit the library. “We have already visited

more than 1o primary and nursery schools in Kigali, including Green Hills Academy, Imena primary schools, among them four have visited the library and spent half day with us,” said Kayitesi Devota, the library’s Children librarian, a rare professional in Rwanda that engages children in a reading sessions. She is also among the top filed officials visiting schools creating awareness for schools to use the library facilities “ We have decided to engage the youth, because at the end of they are the tomorrow of Rwanda. Among the services we interest schools to take advantage of, is to borrow books which their students can use” Kayitesi added. But not all schools are responsive, she said there cases where they go for filed visits and only receive deaf ears from school administration. As part of the future plans to improve on the reading culture in schools, the process to order more books is underway with the aim of decentralizing the library down into schools. Brilliant. Kigali lottery club Vurunga in collaboration with the government funded the 3.5 million dollar Kigali Library complex. The US Embassy donates most books.

Man wins HIV diagnosis compensation case against Government

IN A country known to have almost zero percentage of reading culture, has never had a public library till 2012, less than two years after switching from French to English, wouldn’t the news that, the newly finished Kigali Pubic library even before its official launch receives over 200 visitors per day make you animated?

A MAN who was wrongly diagnosed to be HIV positive has won the compensation case against the government after he was found to be negative after 10 years on ARVS.

Gatsata residents in murder panic

The resident of Gasabo, names we held, is considering to go public to tell the nation his story how he was declared to be HIV positive in a government hospital and started taking ARVS for ten years until he was found to be HIV negative. Claiming that the news of his status made him quit his job, the man took to the courts and sued the government for compensation. The bad story is that his case spent another 8 years in courts being tossed here and there before he won the case and was given only 8million francs in compensation. The Kigali Sun will bring you an exclusive one on one interview with this luck living human once he agrees to go public.

By our reporter

Gatsata Sector head quarters

CONDUCT A random sampling among the city residents on how best they describe Gastata sector and you are likely to get matching descriptions. Type Gatsata in Google search engine and what you are likely to see are headlines like, Gatsata, Kigali’s most crowded suburb, a roof came down on children and things like that. This time, this Gasabo suburb, a home to the famous highway

road, Gatuna Road that connects the region to other East Africa countries is back in news and not for good at least. Following the recent infamous murder reports in the area not only has police been left working around the clock trying to figure out the motive behind the killings, the residents are today living in panic. In a spate of only three weeks, more than four murders were recently reported in this Gasabo sector that shares the common frontier with Nyarugenge district

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


MIDMAR Sounds Disaster Alarm as heavens open up

By Our reporter CAUTIOUS. AS torrential rainy season sets in, Rwanda’s disaster management and refugee affairs ministry has sounded an alarm in a cautious message to all city residents and beyond. Rwanda Meteo Services, which works hand in hand with MIDMAR in disaster forecasts, forecast that this year’s serious rainy season might start late September till December with the city expected to be pounded by above the normal rainfall. In a bid to avoid being caught

of guard by the nature’s wrath, the disaster management ministry has launched vigorous awareness campaign around the country calling for public conscious during this season of heavy rainfall. However city residents have of recent criticized MIDMAR of neglecting the capital and living the residents ignorant of what they expect during this season of dark and cloudy heaven. Spelling out what the public residing in disaster prone areas should do to prevent disasters, Mr, Kayitare Justin, Director of Disaster Management Unit said that as part of long term solution the

government is looking to final studies of how they can relocate those settled on steep slopes of mount Jari and Mount Kigali “ These two hills are the city’s most disaster prone areas yet home to thousands of people to safer places” he said. For now as part of short-term prevention measures, in collaboration with the local authorities, MIDAMR engages these communities living in these areas; • To do not build near drainage ways or natural erosion valleys. • People should put down sand bags in front of the houses to prevent the water from outside to come in,

as military intervenes at Nyabugogo Bridge. Four homicide cases are said to have taken place in the area three weeks ago while the other two are contested as murders that took place in other areas and the killer dumped the in the area. The Kigali Sun paid a visit and managed to talk to a few residents who protested and scorned the authorities as to why they have neglected the sector “Nothing has improved in this area for the last 15 years. Same chaos. Same slums. It’s a hub of every illegal resident of this town. It’s as if its not part

of Kigali. Have you ever heard of what takes place here in any other sector of Kigali?” protested one mother, who preferred to remain anonymous. Gatsata sector Executive Secretary Mr. Kabanda Joseph, the local government top care take shares a different perspective from the residents. To him, residents need not to worry since everything is under control. He also refutes the residents claims that nothing has changed in the area” That’s not true, we even cleaned the garage area and

pushed it further up” he said. But according to most of the residents, moving garages a few metres up never solved anything as far as limiting loudness and rug use in the is concerd. The problem still persists and this time, some said it’s even worse because the garages were moved near shanty neighborhood. But police in the area who spoke on condition on anonymity because they are not supposed to speak to the press said that they are doing whatever it takes to ensure safety of peoples lives and

• To plant trees on steep slopes. • To dig holes and pipelines to collect water from rain • To fix regularly the roofs of all the houses. Last year, Nyabugogo valley was cut from the rest of the city for several days till when the soldiers were brought in to give a hand in darning the floods. According to MIDAMAR the dyke, that holds Muhazi lake waters together, burst forcing waters to overflow into nyabarongo swamp. So far reports indicated that the dyke has been fixed, not completely but the works are over 70% to completion.

property. “We have beefed up security with more police patrols, we have also engaged more community police patrols and even the military has beefed up the numbers of foot patrol presence” the police officer said adding that they are now trying to engage communities through awareness to be vigilant and report any suspicious person in the area.” We can assure the residents that we are on top of the surety and everybody should be safe anywhere in the country” he added. Police authorities on the other hand are still tight leaped on the progress of the past murders and but inside sources said some arrests have so far been made. However according to reports reaching The Kigali Sun , the police has made some progess in apprehenting the suspects. So far five have been arrested and being questioned by the CID. Among them three have been sent to 1930 for temporary residence as investigations are going on.



Petrol station owners in a standoff

REPORTS REACHING The Kigali Sun indicated that the city petrol stations owners have petitioned the government to drop the proposal of shutting down all petrol stations along city main roads. Sources who spoke to The Kigali Sun on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the mater said that earlier, the Law markers had decide to enact a directive in instructing city authorities to close all petrol stations that are located near main roads. The MPs cited the danger the petrol stations pose to the public safety incase of an accident. However the petrol station owners are challenging the law makers to show any example of any country that does not have petrol stations near the roads “ How do they expect cars to access petrol station if they are located far from the roads” one kobil petrol station owner wondered.


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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

POLL: Rwandans proud and ecstatic about their President

By our reporter Millions of Rwandans, stayed up all night Saturday to watching and listening to President Kagame’s speech on Rwanda Television. While their iconic president was delivering what many political commentators rushed to call “one of the best speeches” delivered by a sitting African president on

the American soil that will go down in history, many more joined the rest of the world in the blogosphere, especially the social network in a comment and post party. “Watching President Kagame speech in Boston. Amazing hero” one Kigali based blogger, Murenzi, posted on Facebook at 2am. “Guys, guys, you need to listen to our president,” Jackie, in Kentucky joined the conversation. “Africa’s

pride. Thank you President Kagame,” Mike, in Coventry UK, watching the speech live on line, posted on Facebook. The President delivered the celebrated speech while meeting thousands of Rwandan Diaspora in Boston over the weekend, who had travelled thousands of miles from different parts of North America to attend the two day annual event, Rwanda day 2012.

The Kigali Sun conducted a survey and asked several people who watched the speech, what they thought were the strongest points of the speech where President Kagame shined as measured against the audience’s applause-meter. Of the twenty people interviewed, 80% said President Kagame attracted more standing ovations and applause from the audience

in his clever and well-crafted presentation on “what to be a Rwandan” means. With reference to where Rwandans were soon after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, and the progress they have made today, is what it means to be a Rwandan. He fell short of saying that a Rwandan is an African who enjoys equal world privileges with anybody in Seattle, a person with sheer determination striving to be a better person, a person who will always look for answers within self, and a person who cannot be distracted by anyone by any means. He challenged some in the international community who criticize his leadership and the progress the country has made, to interpret the world rankings and awards that Rwanda receives now and then “ In 2011, Rwanda ranks number one, in the world economic forum global competitiveness index, and number one in Africa and moved 7 places up globally, Rwanda was ranked among the top world’s corrupt free country in Africa, and the world, did you know that our citizens are among the most contented in the world,

CITY NEWS lifted 1 million people out of poverty in just 5 years? These are not local rankings, these are international rankings, these are rankings you yourselves give Rwanda” Does this means something to you? President Kagame wondered On which question the president answered precisely and with a complete summation of answers, 80% said education took the lead. On education, an American based Rwandan Doctor in the audience, who seemed to be detached from the impressive progress our education sector has made, asked the president about the government’s strategy in graduating quality students. The Doctor shoot himself in the foot by forgetting that he might be tasked and asked where he went to school before he settled to America told the president he is an old boy of Byimana, mind you not Green hills “If you went to school in Byimana, back in the days and managed to acquire education and now you are a doctor in America! Did your country give you poor education?” President Kagame answered the doctor with a question, and the doctor seemed contented by the reality. On the issue of foreign policy, 90% agreed that Kagame nailed the DR Congo problem, where he detailed the origin of the problems in Congo, as not being Rwandan born but rather wondered why the world continued to want to believe problems of Congo are Rwandan made. The president reminded the world that Rwanda will never allow to be used as a punching bag and a scapegoat of failings in the DR Congo country whose leaders have failed to lead, whose leaders have failed its own people whose international community has erred in trying to solve its problems. President Kagame also called on the youth to take the center stage and grow into feature leaders of Rwanda.

Public transport companies sanctioned By our reporter THE NATION’S traffic cops are still proving to be the best when it comes to public awareness campaigns. As the most dangerous season on the roads commonly known among commuters as “ carnage season” arrives, traffic police have issued a stern warning to all public transport companies, especially those that ply long distances. Previous reports indicate that between October and

December, fetal road accidents increase by 20%, however, Rwanda has managed to cab the carnage to minuet single digits. Speaking to The Kigali Sun, the Commanding Officer, Traffic Police Unit, Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP Sano Vincent warned the transport companies to take extra caution and ferry commuters to safety “ Festive season does not mean carnage on the road. The public should not always attribute end of year Christmas festive season to accidents. They should be aware

that this is a season with heavy rains, lightening, hill slides that cause accidents” CSP Sano said adding that when the accidents causing factors are not taken into consideration by drivers, terrible accidents occur. The festival period is considered a peak season on public commuter companies calendar where they make a lot of profits by ferrying many people travelling for Christmas and end of year celebrations. Many passengers mean more competition among the rival transport companies competing for passengers. “ We

have reports that some companies, especially pay divers per mileage. This means the more routes the driver makes, the better pay. Because they are competing for passengers, they even ignore safety measures like mechanical checks, because they don’t have time. At the end of the day, you have a fatigued driver, who is over speeding a vehicle that is in poor mechanical condition. Its basically like ferrying people in a coffin” the traffic CO lamented Among the transport companies The Kigali Sun managed to talk to,

assured the public of their safety since all the safety measures as required by the law were implemented. “ We are going to increase buses during the season. We have a track record of passenger safety. Our primary traffic officers are our passengers, because we argue them to report any misbehaving drivers ” said Ruhinda, the chief driver with Yahoo car, that ply Kigali-Bujumbura route. Traffic cops will increase in highway traffic patrol chase cars fitted with speed governors and more visibility of traffic officers on the road.

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GOV’T TO LAUNCH Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012



RWANDA IS not referred to as the regional ICT hub for no reason. Deliberate policies and projects put Rwanda ahead of the pack because when it comes to ICT ambitions, Rwandan government takes the lead. In a bid to create a central interactive platform to host scattered government information, The Kigali Sun can reveal that preparations are in advanced stages to create a central online information pool after a consensus was reached that all the scattered information be brought together in a proposed initiative named RWANDAPEDIA. Initiated by The Strategy and

Policy Unit (SPU) in the Office of the President, RWANDAPEDIA project received financial support from the African Development Bank (AfDB) through the Strategy and Policy Development Project which is coordinated by the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS). According to sources, RWANDAPEDIA project is being supervised by officials from the newly established Office of the Government Spokesperson, who are now assessing expressions of interest by bidders. According to the tender announcement calling for the

“expression for interest” issued by the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat, the interactive policy database will contain comprehensive and updatable records of policy and political achievements towards the Vision 2020. The initiative is looked at as a Knowledge Management System solution meant to ease access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information for knowledge based policies and initiatives. Once complete, RWANDAPEDIA will act as a user-friendly interface for presenting information on government achievements, projects, programs, related laws and standards,

statistical data, best practices as well as information on key policies through the KMS. Among its (RWANDAPEDIA) functionalities, will include android interface built applications to explore and support data exchange (mobile applications) and Geographical Information Systems technologies for data visualization in the form of maps. The interactive database will be built incorporating the already available applications on the market and existing frameworks to make its usability easier. Relevant government officials will be trained on the functionalities of the database.


Rwanda’s parliamentary building

JUST A few days to the official ending of the summer recess, senators have been summoned for an extra ordinary session this Tuesday. High on agenda, the senators will discuss the phone-tapping bill,

whose suggested amendments were passed by the chamber of deputies. According to the bill, if enacted into law, the army, police and intelligence services will be able to tap into private communications upon authorization from a

prosecutor through an interception warrant. The law will also give the prosecutor powers to issue a verbal warrant but the written one must be completed in a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) hours. All communication service providers will

be required to update their systems to be able to support interceptions. According to Mr. Augustine Habimana, Director General of Communication and Outreach said the senators will also look into other reports that are pending.


MPS in appraisal retreat THIS TUESDAY the parliamentarians are in a one-day intense retreat to appraise what has been achieved so far and also look at the pressing issues to be tackled as the recess comes to the end. However, sources said that high on agenda during the retreat is to assess what the parliamentarians have achieved during their tenure as their term is ending next year “ I think they are likely to look at the work that has been done and also strategize on the way forward for what has not been done yet,” a source said. According to the constitution, parliamentarians are supposed to serve five-year term in the house with an option of being voted back for the second term. There are currently 80 MPS in the Rwandan parliament and their five-year mandate will expire next year in October.

Supreme Court starts assessing new senators AS REQUIRED by the constitution, sources at the nation’s highest court, the Supreme Court has received the CVs of the two recently appointed senators. Charles Uyisenga of Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Jeanne d’Arc Mukakalisa of the Centrist Democratic Party (PDC) were nominated during the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations (NFPO) conference that gathered recently. Mr. Charles Uyisenga has been a commissioner in the national Electoral commission and at the same time the chairman of the National Volleyball Association while Madame Jeanne d’Arc Mukakalisa, is a member of Lawyers of Hope and an active advocate of anti injustice. The two, will soon be joined by the other four, who are yet to be appointed by His Excellency President Kagame.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN STRENGTHEN COOPERATION The Inspector General of Police of South Sudan, Lt. Gen Acuil Tito Madut on September 19 arrived in Rwanda for a three-day visit aimed at enhancing security cooperation between the two nations, in an attempt to combat crossborder crimes and promote bilateral economic cooperation. On September 20, Madut paid a courtesy call to the Inspector General of Rwanda National Police, Emmanuel K. Gasana at the General Headquarters in Kacyiru. The visit follows a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two

heads of Police institutions on May 23rd and 29th this year. General Madut said it is a great opportunity to partner with Rwanda National Police (RNP) because of their vast experience that normally manifests in the way they professionally respond in maintaining peace not only in Rwanda but also in other countries in the world. “The visit is important because it is meant to enhance and fast-track the implementation of the bilateral agreement,” Madut stated. “The aspects which were not accomplished have been ironed out. The

agreement needs to be blessed by our political leadership and implementation will start immediately,” he added. IGP Gasana lauded his South Sudan counterpart for honouring Rwanda National Police (RNP) invitation which he said is aimed at making a follow up of the implementation of recommendations signed previously by the two law enforcement institutions. “This is more less a diplomatic security; I look at this situation as a winwin situation because both nations have come far and are trying to build their security institutions,” noted IGP Gasana.

As far as we are concerned, we believe in pursuing to the end; we believe in actions and we hope we will go down into actions; that are the tactical part, he added. IGP Gasana said the visit will enhance and cement the relationship to search for common solutions to the crimes as stipulated in the agreement, without any hindrance. According to Madut, the newly born nation – South Sudan – which became independent last year, needs to train its Police force to deal with security threats.

Cops grill five Three burglars nabbed in Nyarugenge 160 cops for Haiti over murders The Kigali Sun has learnt that cops have arrested five people suspected to be behind the murders involving sex workers. These suspects were arrested in different parts of Kigali following the intensive investigations that almost involved all security organs in the land. It was reported that last month, 20 murder cases involving sex workers were recorded by police around the country and of which 15 of them in Kigali. Inside sources revealed that the five arrested are being questioned by police while the three are detained at 1930 central prison.

I always wonder why some people (burglars) cannot be gestured by the cop’s alertness and steadiness to nab the lawbreakers in the country and possibly switch to other professions. The city ops on Monday, September 17th, 2012 nabbed two men and one woman in Nyarugenge District suspected for stealing different items from Groupe Scolaire de Kigali. The identified suspects are two night watchmen- François Kansanziki and Faustin Nkiranuye and a cleaner Donatha Mukakayumba.

They are currently detained at Mageragere police station as Police carries out further investigations. The trio has denied any involvement in the burglary, claiming they had no idea on how the items were stolen from the school premises because by the time they came to school, everything seemed to be under control with doors closed. However, the cleaner Mukakayumba was the first to realise that the matron’s door was not closed when she came to work on Monday morning. The suspects are reported to have used the Matron’s door

to the school’s director’s office before unlawfully helping themselves with two radios, Rwf. 74, 500 and one desktop computer However, other sources said thieves were in possession of replicated keys to the two entrances of the school. The Cops Spokesperson Superintendent Theos Badege advised the public to opt for income generating activities so as to avoid engaging in crime and the public to continue sharing timely information with security agencies to enhance crime prevention.

Rwanda is sending 160 cops to Haiti on peacekeeping mission. IGP Gasana’s men and women will go under the Formed Protection Unit 3 (FPU3) as a deployment to serve under the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH). They are scheduled to depart for the mission in the Caribbean nation on September 27, a day before their colleagues whose mission ended return. The maiden FPU contingent comprising 160 cops was deployed in Haiti on January 30, 2011 and was replaced by the same number under FPU2 on December 15, 2011. The mission was deployed mainly to oversee relief activities after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the country in 2010, killing over 200,000 people and leaving millions homeless.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


INSOLVENCY Frequently asked questions about

Law n° 12/2009 of 26/05/2009

What is Insolvency?

This is incapacity to pay debts upon the date when they

suppliers), debtors, Directors, board members or the registrar of

However, in a situation where the company’s assets are of too


little value, the court may halt the liquidation or commercial recovery process as it would be a waste of time and not even

become due in the ordinary course of a business. It also means

pay the fees for the administrator.

the condition of a company whose property and assets are


inadequate to discharge the company’s debts.

Any of the parties mentioned above may raise the red flag

Which are the most common factors that lead to insolvency?

There are countless factors that may cause a company to become cash-strapped but the most common ones are:

whenever they have reasonable grounds to believe that the

B. Administrators: When a court finds grounds to proceed with

company’s financial status is actually in a dire state and that the

an insolvency case, a qualified and experienced Administrator

situation needs to be addressed.

is appointed to run the affairs of the company in question

Why is it important to file for insolvency?

through the commercial recovery process. That Administrator takes over the role of the Board of Directors of the company

Just like when a disease is diagnosed in its early stages, and

which is obliged to step aside from the affairs of the company.

discipline. It is common to find a company with no clear

treatment given in time, an insolvent company can be turned

In order to carry out his duties, the Administrator is obliged

financial strategy on spending or investing which results in

around and bankruptcy averted if action is taken quickly. And

by the law to appoint a committee of creditors who organize

bad use of the company funds hence insolvency.

even if the company has to close down, doing it formally still

themselves into a committee to make decisions concerning

holds advantages.

the company’s state of affairs. Therefore, the Administrator

❉ Poor general management, especially lack of financial

❉ Stiff competition may also spell trouble for company since it may find itself forced to set very small profit margins or invest a lot in advertising, resulting in insufficient cash flow to deal

A. Advantages for the insolvent company:

❉ The company will be stopped from accumulating more debts

doesn’t operate in isolation as any decision he takes is weighed and approved by the committee of the creditors.

with overhead costs such as paying staff, rent and utility bills.

through interests on loans and from revenue authorities.

❉ Changes in the business environment can also be disruptive.

When a firm is declared insolvent in court, it is temporarily

C. The Creditors Committee: A body representing a class of

For example, if banks increased the interest rate on old loans,

relieved of most financial obligations as the business won’t be

creditors established by a Court or by a General Assembly

and the central bank doesn’t intervene, such a policy would

in position to make payments.

of creditors; the creditors’ committee represents all creditors.

mean that firms or business persons who had borrowed at

❉ The law can help create a situation where the stressed

lower rates will be suddenly forced to find alternatives to meet

company can reorganize itself and resume commercial

their repayment obligations, meaning some already struggling

activities with the help of an administrator.

firms getting forced into insolvency. What is the objective of insolvency law?

❉ Filing for bankruptcy is not a crime, so a company director cannot be prosecuted on those grounds.

The committee also includes a representative of the debtor’s employees. D. The Registrar General: According to Article 5 of the insolvency law, the powers of the Registrar General in

❉ The law helps one to close a business formally so that any

insolvency proceedings shall include (but are not limited

The principal objectives are explained as below:

current files of financial obligations held by organs like financial

to) being the Chief Administrator responsible for insolvency

❉ To promote and maintain timely collective mechanisms and

institutions or revenue collectors are closed. In contrast, if a

proceedings with powers to set up instructions, license

procedures for dealing with problems arising from low levels

company is closed informally and the owner disappears in

for exercising the role of being an administrator in case of

of paying debts by businesses.

thin air, the status of the company will remain recorded as

insolvency, supervise the conduct of insolvency proceedings

❉ To carry out activities related to liquidation of the debtor’s

active in creditors’ files which would be mean further jeopardy

assets and distribution of the proceeds among the creditors

and risk to be branded as a ‘tax evader’ or ‘a defaulter’ by a

1. Receiving and keeping an insolvency administration

where liquidation means the process of selling the assets of

revenue authority or financial institution. That will in turn lead

document with regard to the services he/she is going to

the bankrupt business in order to raise money to pay off its

to heavy fines or even graduating a civil case into a criminal


one, with potential heavier punishments.

❉ To design contracts and plan of action relating to corporate restructuring (this applies in a situation where the business might be financially stressed but economically redeemable) ❉ To maximize value of the debtor’s assets and also ensure equitable treatment of creditors of the same category. ❉ To preserve and maintain the insolvent estates and facilitate honest debtors in procedures of being discharged from residual debt. Who files for insolvency and when? Who?

Filing for insolvency actually refers to a person raising a concern

B. Advantages for other parties:

❉ The process saves creditors from signing further deals with a company which would have no capacity to pay ❉ Suppliers are also saved the burden of providing more services to a stressed company ❉ In case of liquidation, creditors are helped to recover their money, or at least part of it, through the sale of the company’s

and related activities while executing the following roles:

perform in insolvency proceedings; 2. Carrying out or setting up, if considered necessary, control procedures or investigations on insolvency works and all other related matters, 3. Intervening in court at any given time and be considered as one of the parties; 4. Establishing requirements in determining what the debtor should be given for subsistence; 5. Informing the prosecution of the offence committed against the property of the debtor

assets. Who are the key parties in solving insolvency?

A. Creditors: These include employees, suppliers, shareholders

about the company’s financial state. However, such a person

and other parties that had operations with the affected

should have an ‘interest’ or ‘claim.’ To put it simply, the person

company The end objective of the insolvency law is to have

who files for a company’s insolvency must be one of the stake

debts owed to creditors settled. This is normally through

holders/concerned parties such as creditors (e.g. banks,

selling off the insolvent company’s assets to raise cash.

E. Commercial Courts: These are Courts competent to conduct insolvency proceedings. The Commercial Court with jurisdiction in which the debtor is domiciled shall have exclusive jurisdiction. F. Directors: Charged with managing the daily affairs of the company.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


Dear readers, Welcome to this week’s issue of your favourite newspaper, The Kigali Sun! Yes, we would never have made it this far without your unwavering support. It is because of you that we are now boasting of nine editions under our belt. Like we promised you last week, we went all the way to Boston, USA, and we now bring you what transpired there as our own President, H. E. Paul Kagame joined Rwandans in the Diaspora to celebrate this year’s Rwanda Day. The event was action packed, as you will soon find out – or have already found out – from our extensive coverage of the event. At the event that was held in Massachusetts, hundreds of people gathered for two separate but related reasons. On one side were several supporters of President Paul Kagame and his government, while across the street, there were just nine sworn enemies of Rwanda who chose to protest what the rest of the world was celebrating. But the winners of the day were Team Rwanda, who sang and danced with banners that read “Rwanda Day 2012” and “Agaciro, the journey continues”. Away from that, we were out and about back home, and we fill you in on what is making news in and around Kigali. All this and more in your 9th issue of The Kigali Sun. Enjoy!

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East Africa’s most innovative business By Jean Pierre Karekezi IN THIS region of ours, there have been reports of a high level of mortality rate of SMEs and with the recent financial crisis even the multinationals survived by a whisker. But there is a business whose resilience I admire: prostitution. It has weathered every storm and emerged stronger and with new resolve after every daunting challenge! Last month fear had gripped Kigali prostitutes following a mysterious death that claimed many of them which bad souls argued that was going to succeed where our indefatigable blue uniformed men hard failed, chasing these ‘impish nurses’ off the streets. But here they are. Not long ago in one of the regional capitals, a vengeful dark hearted fellow killed 56 of them in systematic fashion after one of them had allegedly infected him with HIV! In another capital, tired of harassment by security,

these young women – and I loud them for this audacious move – they gave police real shock. Police had made it a habit to round them up on Friday evening and produce them in court on Monday not be charged for ‘being idle and disorderly’, sounds ridiculous! One morning as police were about do the tradition they were shocked; these women had a drawn out list of names of the powerful people in the echelons of power, business… which they threatened to produce in court if police dared to take them there. Police chickened out and set them free. Brave move! In another country in the greater north east Africa which ranks high on being endowed with gorgeous women, these women are contracted by secret service who secure them visas and first class air travel to international conferences for espionage. The rumour mill has it that they have been in cohorts with some enterprising Pentecostal pastors in money for miracle syndicate.

A prostitute is hired to claim that she had an appalling sickness that no other human would dare say and that she got cured when the man of God in that church laid hands on her; increased numbers of worshippers, increased offerings. A prostitute and the pastor make a killing – simple math! But our cup of excellence goes to chips funga novelty! Funga is a Swahili word loosely translated to mean ‘pack.’ In chips funga no money is involved; you just get attracted to each other. If the prey is female i.e. chips, if it’s male i.e. sosiso. The patron is fungarar. Get vocabulary correct before we proceed. Rules: A person will be attracted to you within the first few minutes of encounter so you try to be slightly dull. When you notice your chips wandering away; you say something humorous to get their attention back. As a man, make sure your chips is incurring no

expenditure. They want to feel attended to. Remember you have an early business meeting. Bring that up early in the conversation so when you bring it up again later, it doesn’t sound like a lie (though it is). Don’t reveal too much about yourself. When you start to act vulnerable, your chips can see that as a sign of potential and begin to fall for you. And we don’t want that. Have a cab guy you can call for the morning after. Keep in mind you have an early morning meeting even if it means getting into the shower and faking a dress up party. No exchange of phone numbers or names. As the chips, don’t leave any evidence in their place like lipstick or a bra. Your a chips, they probably are already seeing someone and no point in ruining that, you already had your fun. I advise our ladies of the night to turn into chips and patrons into fungarars (packers); how will Gasana’s boys run after edibles?

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012








The only option for a lasting solution in Eastern DRC

DRC army soldiers stand guard during a military operation to strike M23 positions close to Rutshuru in eastern North Kivu province. Photo: IRIN/Siegfried Modola

By Allosson Kojwang THE CONFLICT in the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone far too long without any resolution. It is obvious when people have no answers; they tend to blame other people but the truth of the matter is that the conflict in Congo did not begin yesterday. To say that Rwanda is sponsoring M23 is foolhardy because Rwanda was not there when Nzombe fell out with flamboyant Prime Minister Patrick Lumumba, and who sponsored Mobutu Ssese Seko, a young Colonel to topple Lumumba and finally hand him over to Nzombe who tied his body to a land rover and pulled him on tarmac till his flesh peeled off his bones? Who sponsored the killing of Nzombe in a plane crash to pave way for Mobutu, ‘The Leopard of Zaire’ to rule with an iron fist unabated? Who then sponsored Laurent Kabila to wage a war against ‘The Leopard of Congo?’ Before anybody could raise a finger to an eighteen year old liberated Rwanda, let them answer these questions. When I say them I mean the British, Belgium, and France. America

might not have anything to do with this history because they did not colonize any country but because of the alliance by virtue of history and the diminishing super powers dependent on America, they share the blame. On the other hand Kabila is the weakest leader on earth today; the insurgents are filling the space left by the government of Joseph Kabila. The northern Kivu and the Congo Forest have never known any existing government and that’s why these areas are ruled by every Tom, Dick and Harry who wields the power of the gun over the population and are able to control mining fields. Does he care as long as he is sleeping in a Golden bed which his father inherited from ‘The Leopard of Congo’? Every state needs a governor and therefore North Kivu is suffering from leadership vacuum. We must remember that before M23 there was the Mai Mai, the Hehe (named after their war cry) and finally there were CNDP led by Laurent Nkunda who almost took Goma and eventually Kinshasa. The theory that Rwanda is sponsoring a group of Rwandese in the Diaspora

is null and void. Instead, these people should answer, why did these people find themselves there and why? Now that they are there and the fact that there is no government there, let all the armed groups form a joint government that will oversee the “Greater Northern Kivu State”. Let Kabila rule in comfort over Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. But again, two generals have pulled out of Kabila’s Military and have left with thousands of soldiers and are camped in Kaisai which is very far from Rwanda’s border – and who is sponsoring these? Let these people have their state, they badly need it; Only then will there be peace and stability. If this happens, neighbours like Rwanda who want to concentrate on the future will be able to do so without being slowed by unfair accusations, just because they don’t possess the immense resources like their giant neighbor. Thank you for your understanding. Balkanization is the only option left for securing a permanent solution. Grant the Greater Northern Kivu State and like magic, everything will fall in place.

EAC airport authorities ill prepared for growth WHILE POSITIVE growth is being recorded within East Africa’s aviation industry, most of our airports remain buried in the catacombs of inefficiency. Issues range from erratic power supply, poor planning, unreliable IT systems just to mention a few. Recently, East Africa’s busiest airport in terms of passenger flows Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), has been dogged by incidents of power failure. As airlines bayed for blood and cried foul, the airport management authorities grappled with feeble excuses like “blame it on the power generating company”, next came “blown up water boilers”, and most recently they blamed the power failures on vandalized electric cables. Not far off at Entebbe International Airport issues arising are more of policy in nature. The airport management authorities have decided to increase airport taxes. Rather than lower taxes and encourage air travel, the airport management authorities have taken a move that has left many industry players concerned about the rationale of such a decision. Coming closer home, our own Kigali International Airport has its fair share of inadequacies. While it is clear

that the airport management authorities should have anticipated the phenomenal growth in passenger numbers handled at the airport, it is good to hear that expansion plans are finalized and work should be underway any time now. This expansion is long overdue. Swift and professional handling by migration authorities, inconspicuous airport police and efficient passenger and baggage handling are just but some of the quick wins for KIA. However, the airport has some of the most unreliable air transport management IT tool in the region. Perennial failures of the Departure Control Systems, unreliable passenger visual information displays and failing communication links are the order of the day at KIA. A quick sweep through most airports in the region reveals that most air transport communications systems are handled by various solutions from Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA). While SITA solutions remain popular with most airlines and airport on the continent due to their “affordability” , cheap is beginning to take a toll on KIA because passenger numbers through the airport have more than quadrupled in the past three years. Sources within the airport’s

management authority, Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) reveal that SITA has totally failed to ensure reliable uptime for the communications link and are constantly struggling with maintaining IT systems reliability at the airport. On the other hand is it not uncommon to reach RwandAir’s sales outlet and fail to get a reservation done on time because “the system link is down”. Amidst all the chaos, SITA seems to have taken the “bury your head in the sand approach” and let the storm blow over as no meaningful solution has been tabled. Curiously though, its other airport customers in the region face little or none of the kind of woes KIA is battling with. Makes one wonder whether KIA is an insignificant customer. Rwanda cannot claim to be at the forefront of IT in the region while its gateway; the airport is stuck in Jurassic era systems that cannot cope with increasing air travel needs. KIA must modernize its IT systems at all costs and align its self to the vision of the country. “Modern aerodrome infrastructure key for sustained aviation growth in terms of airlines and passenger traffic ”. The Author is a Consultant is Airline marketing

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012






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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

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Are men simply scared of Faith Mbabazi? It is said that men fear successful, beautiful women and that is why most of these women stay single for long until the driver of the office clerk proposes. But we don’t believe such western rhetoric and that is why we believe this piece will inspire all single men out there to make sure Faith Mbabazi does not move into another year waking up in bed alone. As head of Radio Rwanda, Mbabazi is not only blessed with one of the best media jobs in the country, but has the looks and boldness to make some men fear revealing how they feel about her. It is never good to reveal a woman’s age but all we can say is that she is a few years past the ‘usual’ marriage age in the country. We believe behind that boldness is a shy girl eagerly awaiting her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet.

A prayer for gospel singer Gabby Kamanzi Like most of our readers, we keep wondering why there are so many eligible young women but very few suitors, though this paper has done a wonderful job of reducing that number because this page is the number ‘hunting’ ground for single men and women. The number is still big, take the example of Gabby Kamanzi, a beautiful gospel artiste still waiting for a man to share the word of God with. We are certainly hoping that God answers Kamanzi’s prayers and provides her a God fearing man before the year ends. Amen.

With all his talents and charm, Samputu has failed to find love! In a country blessed with beautiful curvaceous women, we wonder why it has taken singer Jean Paul Samputu five decades and counting to find himself his missing rib. Samputu is arguably the most successful Rwandan musician, having won local,

continental and global music awards, but as he would probably confess, success alone is not enough to win you a nice, pretty lady. We wonder how he will set an example to young upcoming artists like King James, Tom Close, Jay Polly and others if

he does not get hitched this year. It is never too late to find a soul mate and we are encouraging Samputu to look at our page six girls that we feature every week; most of them are single and would surely melt to the 50-year-old’s vocals and charm.

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katie knows Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


Hellooooooo, Kigali!! Katie Knows here, your brand new friendly advice columnist for all things related to love, sex and relationships. Who am I? Just a regular girl who happens to have a lot of knowledge and experience under her belt about all matters of the heart. Many of my friends and colleagues over the years have told me that I am great at giving very honest and thoughtful advice, because I take the time to educate myself about relationships and healthy sexuality, and I share that knowledge with friends.



So who is this column for? YOU! Katie Knows is all about local people in the local context here in Rwanda, living their lives and going through the things we all go through with the opposite sex. This is a safe space for you to ask me anything you ever wanted or needed to know about love, sex and relationships, while remaining 100% anonymous! You can write to me about experiences you’re going through yourself, or just general questions you have about love and sex. Katie Knows is here for you! Got a question for Katie

Knows? Write to her at!

Avoid dating ‘red flags’ and Blue Band Hello, dear readers! This week’s column is going to address some common issues that I hear about from a lot of my readers, both men and women. Today, we’re going to talk about vocabulary! No, it won’t be boring, don’t worry. This is just a little lesson about the kinds of terms and definitions that are helpful for understanding the people around us sometimes – especially when it comes to love!

This week I want to introduce you to the concept of “red flags” and “Blue Band”. These two ideas are often closely connected, so it makes sense to explain them at the same time. Let’s start with red flags. This is probably not a new concept for you, as this term is more common than Blue Band, but let’s just clarify here. Red flags refer to any kind of signal or information about someone you’re interested in that should come as a warning to you, and hopefully make you think twice about trying to date this person. A red flag is something about a person that highlights an important facet of their character that can be really negative and make it difficult to have a healthy relationship with that person. So for example, say you’re a woman who meets a man who has been divorced 3 times and has 17 children from maybe 4 or 5 different women, aside from the ones he was actually married to! THAT, my friend, is a HUGE RED FLAG! You should definitely think twice about seriously investing in an emotional

Blue Band is a term I came up with to describe men who appear to be something they are not, and only after some time do you find out who they really are.

relationship with that person. Another example could be something that comes up after you’ve already started dating the person. Say you’re a guy and you’ve been dating this girl that you really like for a few weeks, and you start to notice that every time you go out, she gets really crazy drunk, tries to start fist fights with other people and ends up “disappearing” at the end of the night, probably with


some other guy. THAT, my dear readers, is a RED FLAG! Spotting red flags can be a life saver early on, because these little details help us to understand something about the way a person is that could really cause us harm in the long run. The purpose of noticing red flags early on in the game is so that we can avoid getting too deeply involved with people that are bad for us.

Red flags often come along with people that exhibit “Blue Band” behaviour. Blue Band is a term I came up with to describe people, in my case men, who appear to be something they are not, and only after some time do you find out who they really are. Usually for women, “Blue Band” guys are dudes that, at first, seem like they are the real thing (like real butter, get it?) – they act genuine

and sweet and down to earth, and you think they are the real deal. In the end, though, they seem to surprise everyone when they start to show how inconsiderate, selfish, and insincere they really are. So, at first they seem like butter, but really they’re Blue Band. Blue Band looks like butter, smells like butter and maybe even wants to be butter – and yes, it’s basically a food staple in Rwanda and it’s delicious on bread… But do you want to date it?? No. I didn’t think so. YOU WANT AND DESERVE REAL BUTTER!! So, dear readers, watch out for red flags and Blue Band! Because most of the time, Blue Band people are covered in red flags, and y’all know we can certainly do without those in our lives!!

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


O h f s F n

i R f B

m b D

Alpha taking over Kampala

Star Singer Alpha Rwirangira’s African Swag video is taking Kampala airwaves by storm. Featuring Rah P, the video clip for his most recent release is already a fans’ favourite in most Kampala nightspots and other Ugandan towns like Mbarara. It’s not a secret that the former Tusker Project Fame icon has a huge following in the Pearl of Africa especially among the Rwandan community

and young corporate socialites but the level of the popularity of the song is raising eyebrows in the Ugandan music industry. A research carried out by our moles in Kampala indicates that this popularity emanates from the US-based music star’s shrewd marketing. In what looks like a new marketing dimension, Alpha has taken full advantage of the ever increasing popularity of social media to market his video. He is

always all over Twitter and Facebook, busy marketing his product as other artists are scratching their heads for advertising ideas. His Facebook page (ALPHA RWIRANGIRA) has over 50,000 likes. He also uses his Twitter page to drum support for his music. “@ AngeKagame African Swagger..send it to 30 frds and plz let them do the same. watch?v=8yR8OIBJYiY”, a recent tweet by Alpha to a pal read.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012



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t’s Rwanda VS Burundi!

Our very own Uwihanganye Selemani, who has been traversing Western Europe in search for greener pastures since last year, is set for a showdown with Burundian music sensation, Big Fizzo, in a concert touted to be the battle of the nations. Slated for October 12, 2012 at Scenario nightclub in Brussels’ 1081 borough, which is dominated by Rwandan and Burundian Diaspora, the gig has so far attracted the interest of many Rwandans and Burundians from as far as Paris and Denmark. However, our sources revealed that the show has more attached to it than just a talent competition between Selemini and Big Fizzo. Rwandan Diaspora, who have beef with the Burundian community, are promising to attend the gig in large numbers to support their heavyweight star with a motive of shutting up big mouth Big Fizzo and his kins who have constantly labeled Rwandans as dormant and ignorant as far as ambience and style are conceded. We hear that the two cohorts usually lock horns, with Rwandans claiming to be the kings of intellect and Burundians the queens of swag!

Jay Polly planning to bribe scribes with booze Following a series of negative reports about Jay Polly, the rapper is now planning to host Rwandan scribes for a drinking spree just to shut their mandibles. The Kigali Sun has learnt that Polly is currently busy compiling a list of journalists he considers “haters” to buy them Premus all night in a bid to attract good publicity. As usual The Kigali Sun will let you know which scribes whose integrity is worth just a few bottles of Primus!

Paccy to hit back at Lik Lik in new song You can never have enough of the news when it comes to celebrity beefing. After the American-based Rwandan R&B star Lik Lik released a hit single which has taken Kigali by storm, Paccy is now rushing to the studio to record a single, which close friends say will be a Tsunami of words ranting at Lik Lik. The songstress’ beef with Lik Lik is a result of Lik Lik’s Ntabwombyicuza lyrics, which many in the Rwandan music industry claim belittle Paccy after she carried along their daughter for a late night concert. The couple’s feud is said to have been ignited after the image of their daughter carried by her grandmother on a late night gig circulated on the Internet.

Sources close to the celebrities say that both have been beefing for a long time with Lik Lik wanting Paccy to quit showbiz and get busy parenting his daughter. However, Paccy told The Kigali Sun that she has no beef with Lik Lik’s song and that she just listens to it just like any other music fan would listen to a new song. “I think it’s a nice song… but I having beef… nara. He is a musician… he has the right to sing about anything,” Paccy said, adding that not even her Ladies Night single is a reply to Lik Lik but simply a nice song about ladies having fun and doing whatever they want to do.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


Is iPhone 5 worth buying? After months of speculation and leaks, Apple finally lifted the veils off the iPhone 5 at a press event held at the Buena Center of the Arts, San Francisco California, on September 12th. The new iPhone is thinner, lighter, faster and sexier than its predecessor the iPhone 4 S. With the iPhone 5, Apple swallowed its words by bumping up the screen size to 4 inches. If you may recall, the late Steve Jobs once proclaimed that no one wanted a big screen on a phone. He said these words at an earlier iPhone launch event. I guess, Steve must be turning in his grave, seeing as his people decided to go against his wish by introducing a bigger iPhone. The competition has been

churning out bigger and bigger phones with sizes going all the way to 5.4 inches in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The reception of the iPhone 5 has been mixed, with pundits declaring the new phone as ‘reactionary’ rather than ‘revolutionary’. The iPhone 5 has not broken any new ground in the smart phone space. None of the new features/ functions, save for IOS, are new and groundbreaking. All the new features and technologies already exist in rival devices from Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and HTC. Design/aesthetics Apple played it safe with the new iPhone. Rather than create something totally new,

they modified the design of the iPhone 4 slightly. Looking at the iPhone 5 from the sides, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference from its older sibling. Apart from the bigger 4-inch screen, the new iPhone is slightly taller than its predecessor but maintains the same width and thickness. I am glad Apple dropped the glass back opting for an all-metal frame. I would never feel comfortable knowing that my device had 2 glass surfaces. So what has changed? For starters, the iPhone 5 is powered by Apple’s new A6 processor, which Apple claims is twice as fast as the iPhone 4GS. Apple was not very forthcoming with the actual processor speed. Apple has finally placed a 4G LTE chip I the iPhone. This should call for celebration as most rival smartphones have had this feature for over a year. iPhone will now enjoy the

superfast internet speeds. Other new features include IOS 6, a 4-inch screen, a new charging port, which Apple cleverly named ‘Lightening’. As fancy as that sounds, the new port will set you back by $30 for an adopter. The competition The iPhone 5 comes hot on the heels of Samsung’s new offerings namely the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S 3, Motorola’s Droid Razor M and HTC’s One-X, Nokia’s Lumia 920, all of which represent the strongest offerings from the rival Android and Windows Phone 8 camps respectively. These are very strong contenders in terms of performance and value. We shall wait to see how the new iPhone fares in the face of this formidable competition. Only time and sales figures will give a clear picture of how well the iPhone 5 will be received.

Looking at it from the sides, you would be hardpressed to tell the difference from its older sibling

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

USENZA Rwanda’s only female fitness instructor

Being a fitness instructor is not the most common sports endeavors for most women (especially Rwandan women), but spend a day with Sandrine Murangwa Usenza and you will be hard-pressed to refer to her as “the weaker sex.” Usenza is the fitness instructor at Umubano Hotel’s Wellbeing Gym – and is the only female fitness instructor in the whole country. Or at least the only one we know, or know of. As a fitness instructor, Usenza’s main responsibilities include leading, instructing and motivating groups or individuals in aerobics exercises. But how did this diminutive girl end up in a career that is considered a man’s domain? Well, as a young girl, Usenza admits she was more of a tomboy who loved sports in general. “But I enjoyed mostly swimming and aerobics,” the 24-year-old says. “But because we use music in aerobics, I find it more interesting than swimming.” And it was this love for sports that drove her to pursue a career in sports instead of conventional ones like medicine, engineering, law, education, etc. After her secondary education, Usenza’s parents wanted her to pursue medical studies at the university but Usenza chose to rebel against them and instead opted for a bachelors degree in physical sports and education at Kigali Institute of Education. Upon graduation, she started her career as a fitness instructor at Alpha Palace before moving to Umubano Hotel about five months ago. But even at 24, as a fitness instructor, Usenza knows pretty well that she has to walk the talk, instead of just talk about it. So, to lead healthy and fit lifestyle in order to gain and maintain client relationships (and also keep her job), Usenza’s typical day starts as early as 6:30am because “I have to be at work by 7:00am.” But

because of a busy schedule, she doesn’t workout until later in the evening. But this she has to do every day. Usenza is also aware that no one is going to take health or fitness advice from someone who is obese or who leads an unhealthy lifestyle. So, “I usually have one slice of bread and a cup of tea for breakfast.” Besides, she only eats because, according to her, eating is a norm. She continues: “After lunch, I always make sure I rest for some minutes to allow the food to digest before getting back to work.” And the challenges she faces? “Some clients don’t want me to train them because of my age. But they get to love slowly me as I take them through the drills,” she says proudly, adding that she derives satisfaction from seeing her clients as healthy and fit as herself.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012

I may be a poor speaker of my language, Kinyarwanda, but I love this language. I love it because the old men, our forefathers who created it must have done it were geniuses. I would like to use one very wise saying that befits my current situation which brings forth a message using the example of the behaviour of water. I know of a good friend of mine Tonto K who of recent has been insisting that he should be referred to as Tonto Blackberry, who is always excited whenever a subject related to H2o comes up, but I am sorry to disappoint him today because I will use this subject only to refer to my current situation.

The old men asserted that “water may attain great temperatures of heat but it will eventually go back to its original statecoldness.” Amazi arashyuha ariko ntiyibagirwa iwabo wambeho. This saying should provide, in my opinion, a very big lesson to all mankind. How true this is, but people decide to ignore these facts. I want to actually make sure that all chics are aware of this saying and get to know what it means so that it can be their guiding philosophy. I am sure that only then will they cease to always go with the wind. Actually I suggest that this saying be incorporated in the national curriculum and it should be taught to chics and chicss only. If this is done, I will be proud to have made a contribution to national building. I am saying all this, ladies and gentlemen from an experience view-point because of what happened to me recently, as most of you must have read on this third rate. I told you about how fishing had hit the lowest low for a couple of weeks one time owing to no significant reason other


Sometimes it’s pertinent to lean back and watch

The old men asserted that “water may attain great temperatures of heat but it will eventually go back to its original state- coldness.” Amazi

arashyuha ariko ntiyibagirwa iwabo wambeho.

than the fact that a guy went some beer competition and used his vocal prowess to beat a couple of fellow contestants and was awarded lots of

cash in Rwandan currency. I could not help wondering what would have happened if the cash prize had been in US Dollars.

All chicks were thrown into frenzy ever since it dawned on them that the guy actually had a chance of winning the competition. All systems went during the voting process and chics turned themselves into voting agents. Whenever you tried to get jiggy with any of them, they would almost force you to send an SMS in support of that guy. As if that wasn’t painful enough, they would ask you to provide money so they can buy airtime to do the same. And this would happen to you every time you went out to fish. This turned chic fishing into an impoverishing experience for some

time. When finally the guy was declared winner I thought that my misery was finally over. But how I was mistaken! The misery had actually begun. When I inquired where the chics had disappeared to I was told that while some had gone to different saloons to enhance their looks in preparation to give King James a huge welcome back, others had actually travelled with him on a victory tour around the country. I hahad! Some of these chics have real guts. In the meantime, I started wondering how all the chicss would be able to share one guy. I decided to sit back and enjoy the fray that was about to unfold. This actually made me look like a fan of this guy in a way. That is because I went to Gisenyi at the scheduled arrival time to witness the grand reception. I had never in my chic fishing life life seen so many chics in one place. All of them had jammed the TamTam Beach all dressed in the best way they thought could grab the guy’s attention. To be able to choose a single chic out of those assembled at the beach, the poor guy should have had to employ the services of a computer system because if he had used a none computer voting system, the process would have surely slid into anarchy because none of the chics would have accepted the results. But things still continued to be unfavourable after that because chics continued to hope that they still had chances of arousing the interest of the new ‘millionaire’ in town. But their hopes slowly dwindled as reality slowly crept in. Finally I am back in business and I have assumed my rightful place in this city as the only tree where chics can like to land.

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Agasusuruko: 9am -11am

The MTN sponsored live show is no doubt the best music video show on Rwanda Television. Fused with local Afro beats and MTV selection, live shout out messages, The Beat is the favorite wind down show for those who love to cool down on music after a hard day’s work.


GOOD EVENING RWANDA :8PM– 9PM Moderated by Mutabaruka angeli, Good evening Rwanda is a new authority on the evening radio. The show brings you news and debate on all current affairs from what’s happening in politics to an inside view on the economy

THE BEAT 21: 30

Kigali best feel good show on radio helps you settle at work in right mood. At work or home, tune is and let satirical Dixon brighten you day.

Evening news (English)

ONLY ON RTV, 17.30


Africa soccer show

21:00 Ubuzima


Cirque du Soleil


Amakuru y’umugoroba


Live in Laws




Amakuru magufi


Amakuru magufi

09:00 Film

15:00 Film


Comedy club live in Nigeria


Curious Culture


News- rebroadcast


Umutegarugori mu Iterambere


Le journal-rediffusion


Initiative Africa

06:30 Amakuru

Sandrine Isheja SUNDAY NIGHT: 8PM-11PM

It’s a different setting and the nation loves it. Don’t miss the people’s love, Sunday night, brought you by one and only radio darling, Sandrine Isheja in the company of Kabengera Jean and Ali Sudi.

Kim Kizito


OVER DRIVE : 1600-1800hrs

Drive home with Kim Kizito’s charismatic and inimitable stylish daily show on Rwanda’s oldest FM radio. Experience the best entertaining radio show in Rwanda playing the latest east African hits

Arsenal vs Chelsea SATURDAY 29TH, 2012 - 18:30

Man. U vs Tottenham

Saturday 29th, 2012 - 21:00

Missing Ribs

A decent young man sets out to search of a good wife. After several obstacles, he believes he has finally met her. But cam he trust her? Ramsey Nouah, Tonto Dikeh. (2008)

BUY ME! To buy this space, please call us on:


Ziggy double five 6:00am- 9:00 UMUNSI UKEYE Papa Kibizou & Oswald Mutuyeyezu. 12:00-3:00 The lunch hour jams 6:00-9:00 Thousand hills show by Ziggy double five

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012



Rwandan companies for UMA Expo MORE THAN 20 local companies will next week take part in one of East Africa’s most attended trade shows. The Kigali Sun has learnt that Inyange Industries, and its close competitor, Sina Gerald, will be among the Rwandan companies that will take part in the six-day Uganda International Trade Fair, which is oraganised by the Uganda Manufactures Association (UMA) in Kampala. The trade fair begins on October 4. Reports from Rwanda’s private sector advocacy body, PSF, indicate that most companies have already finished working on their stands while others are being facilitated logistically to beat the deadline. Rwanda’s beverage drinks giants Inyange Industries will attend this year’s Uganda International Trade Fair with plans in the pipelines of making a fully-fledged entrance into the Ugandan market.



Migration to digital TV could delay AS AFRICAN countries work around the clock to beat the analogue-to-digital broadcasting migration deadline, sources have informed The Kigali Sun’s Capital Business that our very own technical task force that is responsible for speeding up the process are spending sleepless nights in a bid to beat the deadline. The team, which is composed of officials from RDB, Prime Minister’s office, Ministry of Education and Ministry of ICT, are closely monitoring the process with the fact that Rwanda was the first African country to embrace the digital migration concept firmly in mind. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) set 2015 as the global deadline for switching from analogue to digital broadcasting. But a source within the task force who preferred anonymity, said there are fears the deadline may not be met, but also revealed that hopes are high since Kalisimbi project is way ready for the shift.


Wrangles hit hotels body RWANDA HOTELS and Restaurants Association, which is attached to the Private Sector Federation’s chamber of tourism, is in a mess. Considered to be among the most powerful associations in the country, sources revealed that the body could soon collapse due to inside wrangles that have prevented many members from paying subscription fees. With over 300 members, only 5 per cent have paid membership fees while the rest are reluctant to pay, citing mistrust in the association. In a recent meeting with the members, the umbrella chamber of tourism Chairman Mr. Sebuhoro cautioned members to sort out their mess because they risk being expelled.

Telecom Giant Tigo head offices in Kigali: Tigo escaped RURA fine with stinging warning

By Our Reporter THE RECENTLY launched East Africa Communications organisation (EACO), which has its permanent seat here in Kigali at RURA head office building, pledged to sort out telecommunication companies operating in the region with immediate effect. The regional body, which brings together Regulatory, Postal, Telecommunications and Broadcasting organisations in the East African Community, is not happy with East Africa’s leading terracom companies due to their poor service delivery and dubious acts of business. Launched coinciding with a 3 million francs-per-day fine, RURA, Rwanda’s utility regulatory body, slapped the fine on MTN following their failure to honour their investment plan implementation and poor

service delivery. The new East Africa Communications organisation has promised to end years of persistent poor services and “as we wish” price fixing impunity within the industry. Sources at Rwanda’s Utility Regulatory body, RURA, said that the decision to fine MTN was reached on following an inside commissioned tactical team to review soaring consumer complaints about the mobile telephone and data companies poor services and hidden charges.

Data and voice usage complaints

According to complaints received by RURA, many were about charges on data usage from consumers who don’t know the limits of their plans or have no idea how much data

they use. Surprisingly, however, there were evidence-documented complaints from consumers who showed how their data plans were manipulated. Such complaints are shared across the East African community. In Uganda, consumers are crying foul over high connectivity charges MTNUganda cuffed on MTNRwanda calls while in Kenya, where the market is even more organized and closely monitored, consumers have complained about hidden charges terracom companies charge consumers. There are also reports of hackers who connect into customers’ accounts, especially those on pre-paid voice data plans, and abuse their accounts. The beef with terracom companies is largely based on investment plan promises that are never honoured according to

their operating license contracts. With EACO, whose primary objective is to harmonize communication sector intended policies within the EAC, all eyes are on their promises as consumers wait anxiously for an end to oppression by telecommunications sector players. Mr. Hodge Semakula, the current executive secretary of the East African Communications Organisation (EACO) Secretariat, was not available for a comment by press time.

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The Mentor’s


ABOVE: Rwanda’s national carrier, Rwandair. It has successful become the face of regional air transport.

THE OFFICIAL East African Legislative opening of the Assembly, Uganda’s headquarters of Margaret Zziwa, CASSOA, the Civil also added her voice Aviation Safety and during the function to Security Oversight bringing the cost of air Agency of the East transport down, when African Community comparing the charges member states in between Nairobi and Entebbe last weekend Mombasa with those provided a platform for between Entebbe and EAC Secretary General Nairobi, almost the to spell out a few same distance. Perhaps truths, which some of unbeknown to her the countries within the though, is the sad community did not like fact that the current to hear. set of airfares in place Dr. Richard Sezibera between the member reminded member states of the EAC is in EAC Secretary General, Dr. Richard Sezibera and EALA countries that their main Speaker, Rt.Hon. Margarette Zziwa fact quite reasonable, competition was not while it is taxes and fees within the East African levied on flights by the The same source also claimed that Community but with regulators and airport fees charged, which should be the countries beyond the EAC, when he managers which often are totaling to same as for domestic airlines in called for the swift removal of non twice of what the base fare is, then Tanzania, still are charged as if we tariff barriers, many of which treat giving the impression that it is the were foreign based airlines and access airlines which profiteer. It is here that EAC registered airlines like foreign to the national parks, where most airlines when it comes to flying the inflated national regulatory set of our clients would want to go, within the EAC. Aviators from for up should also give way to a regional remains impossible. The entire talk instance Uganda claim that in order integrated civil aviation body, to of integrating the region, as far as air to get clearance to fly into Tanzania save on overheads, share human and transport is concerned, is a big farce. it often takes up to 72 hours, other resources in a more efficient defeating the principal purpose of air If one country consistently refuses to way and in the process eliminate live up to treaty obligations, it should the often duplicated or triplicated transport being the fastest means of decide once and for all if it wants to getting from one point to the next, processes of applications, permit and be an EAC member. as swimming across the lake would licensing, currently needed to satisfy If yes, lift the restrictions, if not be faster, well almost as one regular the demands by each regulator should source from the aviation fraternity in get out was the angry feedback to a an airline registered in one member follow up question. Kajjansi put it to this correspondent country seek permission to operate in Meanwhile, the Speaker of the when discussing the situation. another.

WHEN YOU are told you are going to meet someone very important for the first time, you are not sure of what is expected of you. But as you get to meet that person, somehow the right words begin to show up. I am meeting The Kigali Sun readers through this column for the first time and I am very excited. I will be sharing with you my thoughts in the areas of entrepreneurship. I want all of us, readers of this column, to always aspire to get inspired and to inspire others before we retire and expire. Let me launch this column with an inspiration about money. Like many Africans I used claim money disappears through my fingers. I would leave home with a certain amount, only to be surprised that in a few hours nothing is left in my pocket. I would try to figure out how I spent the money to no avail. So I would assume that maybe some of it got lost. One day I met Patrick Bitature, a leading Ugandan businessman who later became my mentor. Part of what I learnt from him was the importance of a good cash flow. I discovered that to have financial freedom, my daily cash inflow (income) must be greater than my daily cash outflow (expenditure), if I am. By then I was the kind of person who would receive big money once a month, yet spending everyday. Thus, I would be rich for a few days, but very poor for the rest of the days in the month. So I made a major decision – to cut down my daily expenditure and increase my daily income. It required a lot of discipline but I had to either do it or do it. I started by taking 2 weeks of recording all my expenditures, making sure to account for every coin. When I glanced at the list of what had been consuming my money, I felt ashamed. Some of the items were outright unnecessary because I could have lived without them, while others could have been postponed. Delaying gratification and investing for better results in the future is timeless wisdom. The next step was to train myself to always make a daily budget and stick to it. Somehow money will always find an excuse to make you spend it; you must be courageous enough to stand on your two legs and say ‘NO’. It beats logic to find young people who are earning very little taking big salary loans to buy cars just to drive to work and park. These cars are not assets but liabilities; they will continue to increase expenditure instead of income. A wiser person gets that loan and invests it in something that brings money, such as constructing rental houses. Dear reader, whether you are employed, self-employed or in business, the question I leave you with this week is: “On a daily basis, are you earning more than you spend?” That’s where we shall start from next week. Bake is the Managing Director of WORLD OF INSPIRATION & Founder of the AUTHORS’ FORUM in Uganda – bakerobert@yahoo. com / 0704666851

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Location: Situated 10 km from the Kigali International Airport along the Kigali-Rwamagana highway, Well landscaped gardens proposed to be developed, 1km from the Kicukiro Referral Hospital, Shopping mall as well as recreational facilities for the entire family to be developed, Free trade zone being built 5 km from the estate, Bambino Recreation Centre 1km from the estate, Excellent road network within the estate

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FLEXIBLE PATH TO OWN YOUR OWN HOME 1) Own funding: For clients that do not intend to get funding from the bank they have to pay 20% down payment for booking, 30% at the superstructure level and then 50% upon handover of the keys of a complete house.

2) Bank Funded: For clients who will get mortgagee from the bank, they will have to pay only 10% of the buying price and then he/she will present documents to the bank and we will assist in follow up to get the 90% from the bank.

Commercial Construction • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering • Real Estate Development  •  Real Estate Management

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Goran Kopunovic Like any Serbian, Kopunovic likes football very much and he has been credited for turning the fortunes of Police football club into a major contender on the local scene. And it looks like Kopunovic draws inspiration from Chelsea football club, a club that insiders have told us he is crazy in love with. When he is not taking his team through training drills or on the bench during matches, be sure that Kopunovic is home watching the blues, no wonder his players apply physique in their matches just like Chelsea. If you bump into the Police football club coach, make sure you say a little compliment about Stamford bridge club.

Flora Kaitesi

Jules Kalisa

Until recently, he was the most common face and most talked about in local football. As chief executive officer of the National Football Federation (Ferwafa) from the early 2000s till recently, Kalisa was the man to go to, for any football related issue. Although he never made it clear as to which team he supported in the local league, Kalisa was never afraid of showing support to Premier League sideLiverpool, despite getting a lot of banter from friends about the club’s never ending trophless seasons. Like many Liverpudians, Jules Kalisa has vowed to stay loyal to the Merseyside side club till they win the league title. Of course there are no prizes for guessing how many years that would take... so far it is +22 and counting.

We all love a news anchor who speaks very good English, not the American type that Nicky Minja raps in, but the one that Kate Middleton speaks, especially when she is serving tea to the future King of England. For those that watch TVR news, Kaitesi sometimes makes boring news sound interesting just because the ascent is pure but enough with her good command of the Queen’s language. What we want you-our loyal readers to know, is that behind that pretty face that lets you know of the latest news in the country is a girl so passionate about football, or to be more precise-Chelsea football club that she knows all of the names of club’s players, coaches and many more even dating back 10 years ago! We are told Kaitesi partied till the early hours when the London club won the Champions league in May and has vowed to name one of her children, when she gets them-Didier Drogba. We know Kaitesi loves reading The Kigali Sun, that is why we are offering a job-as a Barclays Premier league pundit. Don’t bother bringing your C.V Miss Kaitesi, we already know your potential.

Eric Nshimiyimana Regarded as one of the most talented young soccer coaches in the country, Nshimiyimana’s star has been rising ever since he retired from playing football. The 41-year-old who was recently hired as APR coach is a big time fan of Barcelona and its former coach

Pep Guardiola. The Amavubi coach has told scribes that he wants APR to play tiki tika football like the famous Catalan club. That is why we wouldn’t be surprised when Rwanda produces its own versions of Messi, Iniesta or Xavi Hernandez.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


Accidents Rock KCB motor rally By Théophile Harushyamagara ELEFTER MITRAROS was declared winner of this year’s KCB Mt. Gorilla Rally over the weekend after clocking 3:55:14.0 in an event that was marred by a couple of accidents. Hot on Mitraros’ heels was Olivier Costa, who clocked 13:01.0. Friday’s super stage winner Davite Giancarlo – representing Rwanda and currently in position number 2 in the African Rally Championships rankings – suffered a setback on Saturday when his car veered off the road. Among other Rwandan contestants was Fitidis Christakis, whose car suffered a flat tire, and was latter involved in an accident. Rwanda Team’s Eric Nzamwita’s car was also involved in an accident.

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Tuesday, September 25 - October 1, 2012


TOP MOST EXPENSIVE SUMMER SIGNING: WHO WOULD have guessed three years ago that Paris Saint-Germain will have three players in the top 10 most expensive signings of the 2012 summer transfer window? Despite big names like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robin van Persie and Eden Hazard moving,

the most expensive deal was to get Thiago Silva of AC Milan.

Lucas Moura was actually the most expensive deal with $58.5 million changing hands from Sao Paulo to PSG, but the 19 year old will only arrive in January, and the deal will count towards the 2013 winter transfer window.

$44 Million

$41.5 Million

LUKA MODRIC, Real Madrid: After four season and two long summer transfer sagas, Luka Modric got what he wished for, but the 127 minutes he has played so far in four matches for Real Madrid proves it won’t be easy for him to establish himself as a regular starter for Jose Moulihno.

OSCAR DOS SANTOS, CHELSEA: He was deemed one of the big gambles of the summer, but his champions league performance against Juventus suggested he has a everything to make it in the Premier League.

$52 Million Shakira is preggie with Pique’s child

EDEN HAZARD, CHELSEA: Despite being such an expensive purchase, the hottest young talent in Europe is a huge success after only three league matches with Chelsea, scoring one goal and adding six assists JAVI MARTINEZ, Bayern in the new look side under Roberto Munich: Another transfer saga that Di Matteo. went on a bit too long. Bayern were reluctant to pay the $52 million Bilbao demanded, but you can’t expect a team with such a limited THIAGO SILVA – PSG: A talent pool center back? The highest transfer to choose fee this summer for a center from to back? They needed one of the best happily let in the position to join the team, their best player with their aspirations going way get away. behind winning the Ligue 1 title.

$52 Million

$54.5 Million

SHAKIRA has confirmed she is pregnant and expecting her first baby with the Spain and FC Barcelona center half Gerard Pique. The 35-year-old singer told fans she is expecting her first baby with Spanish soccer star, Gerard Pique, 10 years her junior. Taking on her blog, the 35-year-old singer revealed she was cancelling engagements over the next week, including a set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE (STANDINGS)


Pos. Team


1 Chelsea

5 4 1 0 7 13

1 Barcelona 5 5 0 0 11 15



2 Malaga

4 3 1 0 4 10 4


















Man. United




GD Pts 6


Pos. Team

3 Everton

5 3 1 1 4 10


Real Betis




Real Mallorca



West Brom.

5 Arsenal

FIXTURES SAT. 29TH SEPTEMBER *13:45 16:00 *16:00 16:00 16:00






5 2 3 0 7 9

Arsenal vs Chelsea Everton vs Southampton Fulham vs Man City Norwich vs Liverpool Reading vs Newcastle


16:00 Stoke City vs Swansea 16:00 Sunderland vs Wigan *18:30 Man Utd vs Tottenham SUNDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 17:00 A Villa vs West Brom



21:00 Real Betis vs A. Madrid

SAT. 29TH SEPTEMBER *16:00 18:00 20:00 *22:00

Valencia vs Zaragoza Malaga vs Real Betis Sociedad vs Ath Bilbao Sevilla vs Barcelona

GD Pts

SUNDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 12:00 16:00 18:00 *19:50 21:30

Granada vs Celta Vigo Valladolid vs R. Vallecano Osasuna vs Levante R. Madrid vs Deportivo Espanyol vs A. Madrid


PSG pay $1.2M for Ibra fees: ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIĆ, costing PSG $4000 a day. The star has not yet found a house he wishes in the French capital and 7sur7 magazine quots him to have said he want to purchase the hotel building.


DID YOU KNOW STOKE CITY won every match where they held a halftime lead, as Stoke are very much a second half team. BOLTON WANDERERS lost every match where they trailed at half-time. All thirteen matches. MAN. CITY scored 19 goals after the 80 minute mark. NEITHER MANCHESTER club conceded a goal in the opening 15 minutes of a match. MANCHESTER CITY conceded just one goal in the first 30 minutes of a match. 22.3% OF goals in the EPL came after 75 minutes. ONLY FOUR home teams, losing at half-time, came back to win: Fulham(2), Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea and Sunderland. FIVE AWAY teams, losing at half-time, came back to win: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Norwich City, Stoke City and Wolverhampton Wanderers. MAN. CITY never went into half-time trailing when playing away, and only once at home. MAN. UNITED were ahead at half-time in 24 matches, and went on to win all but one of those, against Fulham. MORE MATCHES in the EPL have finished 1-2 than 2-1. MAN. UNITED scored the most penalties - 9. MAN. CITY lost five matches, but not one was by more than a single goal. FULHAM OPENED the scoring in just 14 matches, and conceded the first goal in 21. 116 AWAY WINS (30.5%) is the most in the 20 years of the Premier League. WIGAN ATHLETIC remain the only team to have played in the English top division and not been relegated from it.

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FERWAFA, BRALIRWA IN A ONE-YEAR DEAL By Theophile Harushyamagara THE NATIONAL soccer league will continue to be named after main sponsors, Primus, at least for the next one year. Bralirwa – the beer company that produces Primus beer – and local soccer governing body

FERWAFA hammered out a deal last Friday that maintained Bralirwa as the main sponsors of Rwanda’s topflight football league. Sources privy to the agreement that was reached between the two parties told The Kigali Sun that Bralirwa is this time around injecting more than the usual Rwf110m-a-

year into the Primus National Football League. At a recent press conference, FERWAFA boss Celestin Ntagungira told journalists: “We have agreed with Premus in principle and we expect to finalize the deal in the near future. We are inviting other sponsors to invest their money in Rwandan football. Bralirwa

have 60 per cent of the rights and the other 40 per cent is still up for grabs.” However, Ntagungira noted that Bralirwa’s direct competitors “are not welcome.” Bralirwa’s Commercial Director Jan van Velzen said: “This sponsorship is a link between the most preferred beer and the most followed sport.”

KCB Mount Gorilla Rally


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