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If saving time and money sounds good to you, it’s time for Watco. Since 1970, we’ve helped save hotels, motels and apartments huge amounts of time, money and headaches. Choose your bath waste system wisely, and you ensure years and years of trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance. Choose poorly, and you can end up with a plumbing nightmare that drains labor and financial resources faster than water. Take a moment to look at all the solutions Watco offers. It will be time well spent.

Watco Innovator® Overflow: Unprecedented speed. WatcoFlex®: High-volume installations in minutes.

• Installs in seconds without tools • A perfect fit on almost any tub • Eliminates leaks • Installs the same way every time • Say goodbye to maintenance and labor worries

• Designed to fit a specific tub • Installs in minutes—no cutting, measuring or fitting • Warranted for five years • PVC or ABS, IAPMO approved

When brass is best: Watco eliminates access problems. • Slip ‘N Solder joints eliminate need for access panels • Also available with slip nut joint

Flex900®: Perfect alignment. • Eliminates bath waste misalignment problems • No offset fittings required • Cuts time and labor costs • Perfect for tight locations, even around joists or concrete floors

Patented/Patent Pending

Specify Watco today, save thousands of dollars tomorrow. Specify Watco at the start, and you’re specifying decades of trouble-free performance, quick, hasslefree maintenance, and savings that can easily run into thousands of dollars. Isn’t it time to put your next project on Watco time? • Lower total installed cost and fewer callbacks • All Watco components are precisely machined and cast, carefully monitored for quality, and consistent in tolerances. • If you need a replacement part years from now, we’ll be here…and our components will fit perfectly. • Installation instructions are simple, concise, and clearly understood. • Ideal for high-rise, multi-family and any commercial construction or remodeling.

• Specify Watco up front, then it takes just minutes to replace a worn or damaged drain, stopper and overflow plate with QuickTrim® • No plumbing, no need to remove strainer body • Ideal for new construction and remodeling • Uses O-rings for tight fit

What’s behind door number two? When repairs are necessary, if you don’t know what components are used in that tub, or what’s behind the wall, it could take hours—and a lot of money—to deal with the problem. Specify Watco from the start, and there’s no expensive mystery to solve.

Watco QuickTrim®: No pain, a new Watco drain.

NuFit® Tub Trim Kits: Replace any drain in less than five minutes. • Replaces virtually any brand drain and stopper • No tools, no need to remove strainer body • Silicone adhesive provides long-lasting, dependable repairs

Watco Manufacturing Company A step ahead in bath waste systems. 1220 South Powell Road Independence, MO 64057-2724 tel 816.796.3900 fax 816.796.0875 TIME-3-2010-10M © Watco Manufacturing Company 2010 Printed in U.S.A.

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If saving time and money sounds good to you, it’s time for Watco. Since 1970, we’ve helped save hotels, motels and apartments huge amounts o...

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