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Sustainable Project at the University of Tokyo

Note PC Reuse Project ä•” INTRODUCTION

䞉This Ë&#x;˥˞˙˔˒ˣˢˣË?˥ˣ˔˓Ë›Ë?ˢˣ˨˔Ë?ËĄË?Ë?Ë“Ë˜Ë˘Ë?Ë&#x;Ë?ËĄËŁ˞˕ËŁË—Ë”ˉË?Ë˜ËĽË”ËĄË˘Ë˜ËŁË¨˞˕ˈ˞˚˨˞0ˢ˔˕˕˞˥ˣˢËŁËžËœË?˚˔ effective use of resources, to reduce the environmental impact of our activities at the university, and to provide support for university students for studying. 䞉Before this project was launched, one suggestion by a student was sent to univ. office,,,

³Will you recycle the PCs as waste products in the campus?´ Then, this project started.

used laptop computers from the laboratories and individuals at the university and lends them to our students for free.

䞉The project office collects the

䞉Now, we finished the third application period and have supplied about

100 computers to students.

Process of Note PC Reuse Project Pick out used ones at labs by project office

Clean of data and restore by reuse company..

One year later, back Í? to reuse cycleÍ?

Ⅎ Recollection

â„ł Reparation

â„ľ Supplying

â„´ Screening of users

Student can use it for one year

Students submit an application

Installed OS & basic application software

Univ. mascot

䕔 DATA 䞉1 reuse note PC will save 80 kg of CO2. 䞉 the number of recollected PCs is 409 (3 application periods )

*˄ʡˢËŚË—Ë˜Ë’Ë—Ë’Ë?Ë?0ËŁË‘Ë”˥˔ˤˢ˔˓Ë?ËĄË”decomposed and the available parts are picked out . 䞉 Applicants (demands) 232

> Supplies 37 (at the first periods in 2009)


䞉We need to get this project across to whole our university, leading the rise of recollection rate as well as reparation rate. 䕔 FUTURE WORK

Reuse PC user: ³I have a better life with a reuse PC´

䞉we hope to extend this project to other resources as a next step. This project is supported by not only technology and funds but also various people (univ. staff, Reuse Company, student).

Reuse Note PC Project

= Used PC + Technology + Fund + Human = Sustainable !

reference Note PC Reuse :

Written by Misako Matsuba

The Reuse of University Laptops as Student Laptops at Tokyo University  

A project to use old university laptops to rent them to students for a year at Tokyo University

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