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Assignment 1 We are going to share our ideas here about sustainability and how that is can make changes in our lives. Climate change is the most important issue in each and every sphere nowadays: in each field whatever we do we need to have basic understanding about our environment. So, we need to learn and teach how to understand and how to feel responsible in this global situation which we used to call climate change. Therefore BTH I can say make a bridge between environment and human. We do believe that a socially sustainable system must achieve distributional equity, adequate provision of social services including health and education, gender equity, and political accountability and participation. In September 2008 BTH became the first climate neutral university in Sweden may be in the world as well. BTH is trying now to reduce climate collision by using only renewable, climateneutral energy for heating, electricity and so on. The main goal we are following to have sustainable society by learning, teaching and making it like part of life. If we want to stay realistic, we must do everything in our power to support our daily operations with the goal of sustainability. The climate issue is a crucial sustainability issue and climate neutrality is a concrete means of doing what we learn and can teach. Social sustainability requires that abusive use of authoritative (political) power, economical power and”Environmental power” (societal/working/housing/living) are removed. As climate neutral university BTH is considering all its operations into climate problem and not contributing to the climate problem. This will primarily be achieved through proactive action of BTH’s household and the actors’ role gradually reduces our own contribution to climate problem. We will also use our unique education, research, collaboration and communication skills in our profile to generate climate-smart innovation and to remove, long-term, structural barriers to a climate BTH-neutral, and a climate neutral society. Of course concrete changes will be implemented as quickly as possible with respect to the overall quality and development of BTH.

BTH has already increased its awareness of climate change among staff and students and the public, gradually energy efficiency, give priority to environmentally friendly communication and travel options, prioritize climate-smart products in its purchasing policy and so on. BTH will also use the unique skills as it was mansion above that are part of our profile to generate climate-smart innovations and eventually eliminate structural barriers to climate neutrality. The goal is to become climate neutral within our own business as soon as possible, thereby phasing out the need for allowances.

Climate Neutral University  

The BTH, Sweden tries to be a role model institution for sustainability.

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