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Energy Saving Measures in Doshisha University In Doshisha University, there is an environmental preservation department and an organization called ”Doshisha Eco Project(DEP)”, which is consisted of students, and both staffs and students are working together to reduce the amount of CO2. One of the main activities is fixing the temperature of air conditioners. In the summer time, it is fixed to 28 degree and in the winter time, it is fixed to 20 degree. To attract the whole student’s interest toward this activity as much as possible, the students of the DEP members are publicizing about this activity by making signboards or announcing before classes. Last year, more than 100 tons of CO2 was cut down through this air conditioner activity. However, in summer there are some students saying that 28 degree is too hot. Therefore, to relieve the heat, the DEP members and staffs sprinkle water on the concrete ground around the class rooms. The water they use is industrial water that comes from our school’s laboratories and it is undrinkable. By sprinkling it in the morning, temperature fall a little when it evaporates. Doshisha University school store is also engaged in eco activity positively. A plastic bag is handed only if a student requires, and on every plastic bags, there is a design that promotes eco activities which helps to arise student’s awareness towards environmental issues. The store sells various packed lunch, and most of them are packed in a plastic case which is superior in water resistance and oiliness-resistant. However, to reduce resources of waste, they started packing lunch in a paper case which is recyclable. To prevent boxes from being wet and oily, inside of the box is covered with plastic seats. After eating lunch, students take this plastic seat off from the boxes and throw the boxes into a recycling box. By doing this, students can easily contribute to reducing resources of waste. Also, in classrooms we use LED lights. Especially in bathrooms, they include sensors and the lights will be turned off when there are no people using. Also, in some rooms shade sheets are used. What is more, our university has been elected as a model of reducing CO2 and the government has been supporting us since 2009. Therefore, we have aimed to reduce 25% of CO2 by 2020 comparing to 1990, and in this summer, the solar energy panel (400 square meters) will be set up on the roof of buildings. Also the machine to run air conditioners with gas will be replaced with an electric one. (Now we are using one that includes gas turbine. It burns gas to spin the turbine, so it emits much CO2). When these constructions will be completed, 45% of CO2 reduction is expected. Also there’s an effect to reduce the running cost, and more than four million yen of the cost for electricity and gas is expected to be cut off.

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