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Erik NDAYISHIMIYE, WSES 2010 participant, First assignment: Sustainability Project

WORLD STUDENT ENVIRONMENTAL SUMMIT 2010 FIRST ASSIGNMENT: A SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT At the National University of Rwanda there are many projects on sustainability that have been implemented, particularly under the university’s Center for Environment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Hereby I want to share with my fellow World Student Environmental Summit 2010 participants a project of a newspaper called the “GEOSATELLITE NEWSPAPER”. I chose it because it’s a simple but effective project, which is playing a non negligible role in raising people’s awareness on the environmental issues by targeting particularly the youth. Also it was founded and led by students. INTRODUCING THE GEOSATELLITE NEWSPAPER Geosatellite is a monthly non sold newspaper, written in both Kinya-rwanda and English languages, founded in January 2010 by a student. It is presently published and distributed in 4 different Rwandan universities and in other institutions concerned like Center for Geographic Information Science (CGIS). It offers views on environmental issues in urban and rural areas and proposes solutions regarding protected areas, wastes, wetlands and water management. Because Geosatellite newspaper targets young readers, it consecrates its last page on sports and entertainment. GOAL Geosatellite aims to increase awareness, sensitivity and initiative of future decision makers and practitioners, about environmental issues and the impacts on their community life. OBJECTIVES  

Improving capacity building of reporters through trainings and field researches. Encouraging 8 environmental clubs and 6 students associations working in environmental field in 22 universities and colleges of our country, by recognizing and marketing (publishing) their activities.

Efficient collaboration with concerned institutions in order to get real information and data.

Approaching the known and skilled lecturers and other celebrities in order to make our newspaper more interesting and faithful to many people.

Participate in different activities and programs concerning environmental sound.

Erik NDAYISHIMIYE, WSES 2010 participant, First assignment: Sustainability Project



All staff and reporters are volunteers. All financial means come initiatively from staff contribution.


Training of 20 volunteer reporters about information collecting and article writing.

Participation in 2010 National University of Rwanda Student Expo (exhibition).

Publishing Geosatellite in 4 universities

A visit of different environmental features like Kigali wastes disposal, etc.

A website under construction (


Managing director: in charge of all about management, collaboration and newspaper representative. Secretary: in charge of archives and data recording, etc Treasurer: recording all financial expenditures and management of members’ contributions or funds if ever owned. Chief Editor: analyzing, correcting, and editing articles. Paper designer: designing and esthetic pages layout of the newspaper. Representatives: person in each university and college in charge of distributing and publishing of newspaper within his/her institution. Reporters: articles writers and information collectors.


The National University of Rwanda Biology and Geography departments RUCCB (Rwanda University Club for Conservation of Biodiversity) Environmental clubs of 4 higher education institutes; namely: KIST (Kigali Institute of Science and Technology), UCK (Université Catholique de Kabgayi, and KIE (Kigali Institute of Education) UPEMSA(Urban Planning and Environmental Management Students’ Association)

CONTACTS Tel: +250 783044707 +250 722044707 E-mail: Website: (under construction).

Geosatellite Newspaper  

At the university or Ruwanda a free of charge newspaper is distributed monthly which provides views on current environmentall issues such as...

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