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NAME: KODUA MICHAEL COUNTRY: GHANA INSTITUTION: UNIVERSITY OF GHANA TOPIC: RECYCLING SUSTAINABILITY ON CAMPUS Recycling is to reclaim waste materials such as used glass bottles, paper, plastic, and used aluminum by using them in the manufacturing of new products. . It has been proven that recycling our waste products has improved our world to be cleaner and more sanitary. Not only do we recycle used products to keep our environment clean but is also a relatively cheap source of making new products. Throw away materials became a growing mass in our university community and were causing landfills to reach their capacity. Because of this, a group of students came together and proposed a recycling project, this educated the students and the city on why and how recycling can help the University Community and city also. They made the university community understood that One way they can Help is by sorting their trash into separate categories like glass, paper, and plastics, also the process of recycling starts when you drop obsolete materials into the recycle bin. The disposing of solid waste materials such as glass has steadily increased. This solid waste is being dumped into landfill areas. The space taken up by these overflowing landfills is now too valuable to be used as a dumping ground. Because landfills are reaching their capacity, many towns, schools, and entire cities are looking to recycling as an alternative to landfill disposal. These days there are many opportunities for young people to help in recycling so we should do our part which they believe could be of great improvement to the university. Not only do we recycle used products to keep our environment clean but is also a cheap source of making new products . With the Positive success of the education the university authorities started to work hand in hand with the environmental club in the school to achieve a positive aim. Almost hundred new recycle bins were shared to the traditional hall of the School, department’s, faculties and all the various corners on campus by the school authorities.

recycle bins located on some part of campus.

Through this education the students understood the importance of recycling. The two types of recycling options were all carried out. The internal recycling and external recycling eg, reclaiming of materials from a product that has been rendered obsolete or completely worn out and used. With help of the school authorities the club went into agreement with recycling companies to help in recycling the waste products which were collected from the campus and will be beneficial to the school, like aluminium,waste papers glass cullet’s, and etc as they couldn’t recycle themselves and sold some of them . E.g. The manufacturing of newsprint or other paper products by the collection of old newspapers and magazines. Anew category of award to the neatest surrounding on campus was setup for the end semester awards to boost the morale of the students, staff and non staff in the university. Money gained from the recycling project were pushed into environmental and water projects on the campus. This project has become very beneficial to the school since it was introduced 4 years ago. Hopefully this report has brought to your attention the importance of recycling. Doing a little bit each day can make a difference in the environment around you. Garbage and waste will not disappear by itself according to the law of conservation of matter but we can find ways to reuse that matter in efficient earth friendly ways. It all starts with you.

The transformation of the surrounding on campus since the introduction of the project recycling.



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