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Name : Tirsit Genye Stockholm University

Managing Climate Change Impacts to Enhance the Resilience and Sustainability of Fennoscandian Forests Human activities that affect the climate as well as the atmosphere had a major impact on the forests on the world. The author s who focused on Fennoscandian forestry raised this issue suggested some points that can be used for sustainable forest management and expected changes. According to the authors sustainability is defined as the use of environmental and resources to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. They also said sustainability is a human-oriented concept focused on the linkages between ecological and social processes in an integrated social-ecological system where as resilience is the capacity of forestry systems to deal with unexpected as well as expected changes in conditions without degrading the foundation for long-term sustainability. The authors also mentioned about studies that focused on points the Fennoscanidian might experience due to the climate change. These expected changes include In the next 50 -100 years there will be change in the Fennoscandia like temperature is expected to increase by 0.5 c per decade. In response to temperature increase there might be migration of species There will be greater risks of extension events such as wet snow or strong winds that break tree crowns, increased likelihood of fire etc. Management decisions especially those that change land cover and will affect the way in which Fennoscandian forests respond to climate change and social and economic changes might have effect too. As a sustainability plan the authors suggested goals that are important to sustainable forestry. These are maintaining the productive potential of the land, restoring species like facilitaiting those processes that naturally generate and maintain ecosystem and and landscape diversity to provide multiple ecosystem services and contributing to economic and cultural diversity of local communities.