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Sustainable project •Doshisha Eco Project(DEP) In Doshisha University, there is an environmental preservation department and an organization called ”Doshisha Eco Project(DEP)”, which is consisted of students, and both staffs and students are working together to reduce the amount of CO2.

• Fixing the air conditioner 's temperature 28degrees celsius in summer

20 degrees celsius in winter

100tons of CO2 is cut a year •Eco Lunch Box The paper box is covered with plastic seats. After eating lunch, students take this plastic seat off from the boxes and throw the boxes into a recycling box.

•Sprinkling Water

The DEP members and staffs sprinkle water on the concrete ground around the class rooms. The water they use is industrial water that comes from our school’s laboratories and it is undrinkable. By sprinkling it in the morning, temperature fall a little when it evaporates.

•Elected by government as model university of reducing CO2

•Plastic Bag Plastic bags are handed only if a student requires, and on every plastic bags, there is a design that promotes eco activities which helps to arise student’s awareness towards environmental issues.

solar pannels

LED lights

hoping to reduce 45 percent of previous CO2 emission

By Shiori Takano&Tomoyo Doi

Energy Saving Projects  

The Doshisha University, Japan is enormously reducing CO2 emissions by fixing air conditioners' temperarure, implementing solar panels and L...

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