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1st Assignment: Sustainability Project

Move About! – Green Driving The University of Oslo is unfortunately low on sustainability projects, but it has done an effort when it comes to reducing emissions from vehicles. Today, electrical cars are available to all employees at the University of Oslo for rent – free if you are driving in relation to work, and for a small amount of money in your spare-time.

How does it work? The University of Oslo has five cars available; they belong to the private company “Move About”, but are part of a system specially developed for the university. The most innovative aspect of this project is in fact the technical solutions: -

You register at Move About You order a car Your private car-card is now activated, so you go to the car you have been assigned, and use the card as a key to open the door (Remember to discharge the car!) Drive! If something happens, press the “Assistance”-button in the car, and someone will come to your rescue (just like in an elevator) Return the car, and remember to put the car on charge!

Photo: Universitas, Amund Trellevik and Marthe Amanda Vannebo

What is it good for? Electrical cars are especially good in Norway, where we get almost 100% of our electricity from hydropower and other renewable energy sources. But, electric cars would be suitable in other countries as well – according to Wikipedia, even with the current energy mix, using an electric car would result in a 30% reduction in CO2-emissions in the US, and 19% in China. At the University of Oslo, the el-car-project is mainly a symbolic project, marking the beginning of a new era of the “Green University”. The project should be improved with more

cars, more ambitious strategies for communication and publicity, and the arrangement should be open to students as well as employees. But, it is a start – and maybe also something other universities could consider.

Move about! Green Driving  

Electric Cars of University of Oslo, Norway are made available to staff at the University.

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