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Amy I think marriage is REALLY important because that's how we make the human race larger and on going. It's great how this statement is protected by the Canadian Law but in some countries it's horrendous how how the law isn't protected and the people stand defenceless. I think it's brutal how some people are forced into marriage by their parents or some sort of leader they must follow or how they are forced into marriage because there they have the same culture. In some cases say you're Japanese and you fell in love with an Italian your parent might not allow that marriage to take place. I believe everybody has the right to marry whom they choose and be happy during the marriage. When I get older and get married I can support my spouse and make sure we're 'in this together'.It is great how now there are fewer cases where unwanted marriage take place, and people now have more freedom. If this right wasn't protected there would be more fights and disagreements in this world than there already is. It affects everyone and it will affect other people or children in the future because it can depress someone and maybe they won't even have parents or anyone to love them, and there would be non-stop fighting and maybe even divorce. If you were included in a forced marriage how do you think you would feel?And what do you think it would be like having to spend the rest of your life with someone you don't love?

The United Nations work together to let children have rights. Getting an education is extremely important. I think that life without education is very boring. Education will also let people get good careers in the future in their lives. Children in some parts of the world do not go to school in a building everyday to learn how to read and write. I hope that in the future, everyone in the world will get an education. I want everyone in the world to work together to let children go to school everyday. What would you do to get children to school everyday?

I think every person should have some time for fun,because life can be hard and stressful especially without a break. I know that some children in the world are forced to work and must act as adults at an early age, therefore lacking happiness in their childhood lives. It makes me confused, frustrated and very stressful that some children younger than me, don't have family or friends that care about this. I always thought that the first part of life is to be happy, laugh and have fun. I also think about this for adults all ages. Without fun or happiness in their life, life can be hard in each and every way. How do you think happiness and fun affect your life? How do you think your life can get hard without happiness or fun?

Every person has to have some time for fun or some time to spend with their family. People can't work all the time. They need some time to go out, hang out with friends and family and the same with kids. Kids can't stay in school all day every day. We as kids needs some time off too. You can't keep us in school every day. We need some time to go out, play with friends and discover the world. Go to new places, see new things, make new friends, learn about other things etc. So if you work all the time take some time off to spend with friends.

I think if people weren't allowed follow their beliefs there would be only sadness in the world. No one could be loyal to God. There would be no Catholic schools. Most people who have beliefs would be thrown in jail. So I think that's rough. It makes me mad that some people in the world get bullied because they are Catholic.

I think parents should have some fun. There are many reasons why they should. But only sometimes because, if they have to much fun they will lose track of their work. Also, it is good for people to have fun because when they play their mind is less stressed. This can affect children too because children also have to do work at the same time. They also need to play. Then if children will have too much fun they will lose track of school work. How can children and adults not lose track of their work?

In Canada, at the age of 18 you can vote. There are laws that are made to protect us. We can practice freedom of religion. You have the right to voice your opinion. You have a right to an education if you are a boy or a girl. You are obligated to pay taxes. You have to respect other people's religion and beliefs. Rights are important to me because if we didn't have rights then we could not have freedom.

I think having some time for fun is not that important but it is still important if we have no time for fun. Then we have no time for fun when we are done everything we have to do first. If we have no time for fun we have nothing to do when we are done everything. When we have fun we get so fired up and get excited. Having fun should mean everyone should be included and having fun means you get to enjoy yourself. Having fun means both people get the equal amount of fun. Do you think in the future should people all have some fun?


I chose education because not everybody gets an education. Most places have children who can't afford an education. All countries sometimes don't care about children so they make themselves useful by being almost like slaves. Sometimes when they try going free and the person finds them they kill them. So the people who can afford school don't happen so I encourage the Government to do their best and as long as they are smart and have shelter and that is still sad but if you controlled the world I would make places for the poor and give everything they want. Give them money and full surgery.

Moving between countries is very important because without immigration all cultures would be immobilized! Nobody could move between countries. If you were born in say China you would be there for your whole life. What would happen if you could not move between countries? Nothing would be traded. The economy would collapse! It would be hard to make money because nobody from other countries could buy stuff from you.

I think it is every child's right in this world to have food,water,clothing,and shelter available to them. It is very important that these needs are met because children will then be able to learn different skills by going to school and getting a better education. Also ,children will have stronger bodies,have lots of energy and enthusiasm, make better choices in life and set goals for themselves. Shelter is important for every child in this world because shelter gives each child a place of warmth and love.

I believe that kids should not be forced to work all the time. I think that kids should have time for fun! Kids should always have time for fun whether it's playing video games or their favourite sport. Having fun is basically part of the nature of being a kid. But all kids have to do some work at some point. In some parts of the world kids don't even get to have fun. To prevent these things from happening what will YOU do about it?

I think people should have some fun. There are many people who don't have times for fun because they have so much work to do and the result is they get stress. I am angry because lots of people who being bossed around and don't have any times for fun. Children also have to do work and some time they get stressed and lose track of work and also adult lose track of work too and sometimes they lose their job. How do you think this is good for life?

I’m happy to belong to a county where human rights are respected. I know that other countries break the laws every day and people suffer and die. If someone in Canada breaks the laws they will go to jail. Our rights give us the opportunity to fight for them and give us a better way of life. The right to choose and say what we think is correct. We teach others their rights and no one can get hurt for it. What would Canada be with out Human rights?

Universal Rights Silver Book  
Universal Rights Silver Book  

Grade 6 students comment on the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights