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Right to “Get an Education� I think that everyone should get an education because school teaches you basic learning that can help you through the future. Also, you would not get a career if you did not do go to school because you would not know how to do basic math such as add or subtract. Even though going to school costs a lot of money, your parents will think it was worth it because you have engaged a great career so you will pay them back in the future. School is one way to get out of the house instead of watching television and not learning and you can even make friends. People usually cannot afford school because they may be short on money or the child would have to work in order to help their family make a living. It is really horrible when kids or teenagers in other countries such as Ethiopia cannot go to school and instead they have to take care of their families. Even if a person starts school, they might get made fun of and not get a good learning experience because they do not know how to read or write. If you stay focused and try really hard, you can achieve great things in the future and have an excellent year. In my opinion, I think that it is wrong that in some countries, women cannot go to school because the government thinks men can achieve more things than women. I am really glad that this matter has improved or else there is going to be a big percentage of kids that want to learn but cannot have the chance to. What can you do to help kids go to school?


Right to “Get an Education”

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