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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | June 24-28 2009

Student leaders in global sustainability will gather in Canada to create solutions to the most pressing environmental issues.

2009 World Student Environmental Summit “We are a network of students that will develop solutions to environmental problems to combat global climate change. We will draw on the strength of diversity and achieve initiatives through cooperation and passion. We are part of a collaboration that embraces the opportunities created by contemporary environmental challenges. We are a network of students who want to help change the world...� ISEN Student Proposal for G8 Leaders, June 2008 The first World Student Environmental Summit (WSES) was held in Kyoto, Japan in June 2008. Student representatives from the G8 countries, China, Korea, and India created a unique student proposal to enter dialogue at the Hokkaido G8 Summit in Toyako, Japan. An International Student Environmental Network (ISEN) was formed to facilitate student information sharing and cooperation towards creating global solutions to climate change. The ISEN will hold annual summits to further expand the network, build on strengths, and create solutions to climate change based on education, student engagement, and research initiatives.

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Our Opportunity: The ISEN and the University of Victoria (UVic) will partner in hosting the 2009 World Student Environmental Summit. The summit will unite student leaders in environmental sustainability with a goal of educating and empowering a new generation of young people. With the world’s attention, this summit will act as a platform for student engagement, innovation, and international relationships. It will be a celebration of achievements in global environmental sustainability. Please see Appendix A and B for summit outcomes and details.

Your Opportunity: The 2008 Summit in Kyoto Japan was well received by students, faculty and the public. We now have the unique potential to build on that success here in Victoria, British Columbia, a jewel in the most pristine natural environment. This proactive, student-driven initiative aims to address sustainability in an innovative way, capturing local, national, and international media. The 2009 WSES Organizing Committee is seeking the support of local, national, and international businesses to help cover the costs associated with the event. This is the perfect opportunity for our top tier sponsors to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility with public recognition of your organization’s environmental achievements and aspirations. This is a great way to support the education of future leaders, who will be seeking active involvement in organizations who value sustainability. In addition, your support will help launch an exciting collaborative website. WikiEarth will serve as an invaluable resource for creating climate solutions. Please read below to see the unique benefits we offer to our sponsors in exchange for their support.

Sponsorship opportunities Partner Sponsor Killer Whale 

Exclusive corporate presence and opportunity to speak during opening and closing ceremonies

VIP corporate presence at welcome event

Primary logo displayed on the WSES homepage with a link to a brief description about your organization and your company’s website; website will act as a communication hub for delegates and will be the major advertising tool (WSES direct link will be linked off ISEN website, key UVic faculty websites, and international NGO sites)

1 page write-up about your organization with logo in delegates’ summit packages and primary logo on all other event merchandise

Signage at major events during summit

Access to summit proposal and final report

Opportunity for you to use 2009 WSES media materials upon request

Mention of organization on all 2009 WSES press releases

All benefits of below sponsors

Your investment: $25,000 or more

Platinum Sponsor Spirit Bear 

VIP invitation and special mention during opening and closing ceremonies

Large logo on summit homepage with link to brief write-up about your organization

½ page write up about your organization with logo in delegates’ summit packages and large logo on other event merchandise

Opportunity to provide company merchandise in delegates’ summit packages

Signage at select events during summit

Resumes of all delegates at the summit

Mention of organization on key 2009 WSES press releases

All benefits of below sponsors

Your investment: $15,000–$24,999

Gold Sponsor Coastal Wolf 

Invitation to opening and closing ceremonies

Opportunity to post jobs with a sustainability focus on our summit job board off the WSES main website

Large logo on summit homepage

¼ page write up about your organization with logo in delegates’ summit packages and on other event merchandise

Signage at select events during summit

All benefits of below sponsors

Your investment: $10,000–$14,999

Silver Sponsor Pacific Salmon 

Logo on summit homepage

Logo on delegates’ summit package

Signage at select events during summit

All benefits of below sponsors

Your investment: $5,000–$9,999

Bronze Sponsors Raven 

Reserved seating and invitation to closing ceremony ($2,500+)

Certificate of recognition for sponsorship and support

Your investment: less than $5,000

Appendix A Outcomes At the 2009 World Student Environmental Summit students will discuss the most pressing contemporary problem the world faces: climate change. Throughout the four day summit students will participate in valuable discussion sessions, develop and finalize a sustainability proposal for universities, and build on an existing student network that was established at the 2008 summit in Kyoto. The Summit’s outcomes are outlined below.




(1) A World Student Proposal The proposal will outline the values adopted by the ISEN, accompanied by recommendations for practicing oncampus sustainability, policy-making, integrating environmental education, and engaging the student body. The goal is to make universities influential centers for sustainability in their region.

(1) Campus Projects Students will share and discuss campus-based projects that have been successful in conserving environmental resources. The discussions will deepen into how university actions can indirectly conserve environmental resources through leading via example, and strategic influences. Examples may include policies, projects, and education.

(1) ISEN Enhance the ISEN through collaborative interaction with existing student networks, building online communication systems (WikiEarth), international projects, media and marketing. To build on the vision of this network acting as a hub for student action in lobbying international governance bodies, creating international solutions to climate change, and breaking the cross cultural barriers to campus-based collaboration.

(2) Education The steering committee for the WSES will bring in leading experts on campus-based sustainability, climate science, sustainability education, and alternative energy technology.

(2) The 3 C’s Principle “Create, conserve and collaborate” was the framework for the world student proposal that entered discussion in 2008 G8 Hokkaido Summit, in Japan. The 2009 WSES in Victoria will conserve this principle, as it will frame the discussions and debates.

(2) WikiEarth Wikiearth, a website that is effortless to navigate and easy to understand will be unveiled to the public at the 2009 World Student Environmental Summit. This internet-based tool will allow scientists, academics, graduate researchers and students to share environmental data, citable results and social implications of research findings. Wikiearth strives to be the online destination for people to discover and understand the world around them.

Appendix B Draft 2009 WSES Proposed Program Arrival Day — June 24th 7:00pm Welcome Event Day 1 — June 25th 8:00 am 9:00 am 12:00 pm 1:30 pm 4:30 pm 6:00 pm 7:30 pm

Breakfast Opening Ceremony with Speaker Lunch Discussion Session 1 Local Ecosystem Walk Dinner Writing and Material Preparation Block for Proposal

Day 2 — June 26th 8:00 am Breakfast 9:00 am Plenary Session and Speaker (Leith Sharp — confirmed) 11:00 am Delegate Debate 12:00 pm Lunch and Global Leaders Networking Session 1:30 pm Discussion Session 2 6:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm Student Discussion 8:00 pm Writing Block for Proposal Day 3 — June 27th 8:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

Breakfast Optional Tours Optional Writing Block Lunch and Speaker Depart for Kayaking and Zipline in Sooke/Old Growth Forest Hike 6:00 pm Networking 7:30 pm Dinner and Global Art Show

Day 4 — June 28th 8:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 12:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

Breakfast Plenary Session Discussion Session 3 Optional bus downtown for free time Return to UVic Closing Plenary Session Dinner Closing Ceremony Keynote Public Event (Dr. Pachauri — to be confirmed)

Invited Speakers Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri Chief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his IPCC work. Leith Sharp Chief of the Harvard Green Campus Initiative. Leith has worked with universities for the last 10 years to achieve organizational change in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. Sarah Webb Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability at the University of Victoria. Our own local hero, Sarah is knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to campus sustainability, sustainability education, and radiating change.

World Student Environmental Summit 2009 Victoria, British Columbia CANADA

June 24–28, 2009 University of Victoria Target groups and participation Global student delegates from 20 nations and five continents, student volunteers, international and local researchers Audience demographics for ceremonies students (30%*), business leaders (5%*), academics (15%*), general public (45%*), and media (5%*) *based on last summit’s attendance

Sponsorship funds will be used for: Travel scholarships for students from developing countries, students’ meals and accommodation, guest speakers, conference events, and general conference expenses

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World Student Environmental Summit 2009  

Student leaders in global sustainability will gather in Canada to create solutions to the most pressing environmental issues.

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