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Another great offering from the pen of Nigel Pitt

“One of the best short stories I’ve read” Financial Director

“The short story every Print Buyer and Financial Director needs to read� Managing Director

Dedicated to my wife

Chapter one

Once upon a time there was a man called Nigel Pitt. Nigel was the Managing Director of 20-20 Print Consultancy who specialised in the management of print. One day Nigel was talking about conducting print audits with companies who buy lots of stationery and forms and folders and everything, all for their offices up and down the country! Then Nigel was heard to say - that in some cases he could save up to 25% on printing costs and up to 90% on administration costs. The end Now wasn’t that a nice little story? To see if you could benefit from a free print audit by 20-20 ‘phone 01902 425300

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Suite 211, Sunbeam Studios, Sunbeam Street, Wolverhampton WV2 4PF 01902 425300

Free Print Audit  

Phone 20-20 to see if you could benefit from a free print audit - there may be savings to be made in printing costs and administration costs...

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