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Internal Medicine - "The Way Ahead" By Jan Stettner The United States spends a considerable high portion of GDP on Healthcare compared to other countries. Moreover both public and private players contribute immensely to the Internal Medicine. Another interesting fact is that more than half the share of health spending is done through private support. A good amount of money is also spent on educating the health professionals, research as well as providing quality care to the patients. However, despite all these efforts the uninsured citizens are only increasing. The medical errors are also on the rise. A lot of initiatives have been started like the creation of organizations that evaluate performance. Children and ethnic minority groups are the majority in this uninsured category. Let us discuss a few of the new emerging trends in the internal medicine sector. A lot of health care plans are under consideration for reforming the current health care sector so that the benefits reach out to a larger population. However there are many other areas which have to be taken into consideration.If the insurance scheme is implemented successfully, the physician to patient ratio is also bound to increase. So an effective method has to be found out to cater to the needs of the large number of patients. With the increasing number of patients, the hospitals will have to hire more physicians to meet the demand. High quality treatment can be provided to the patients at a lower cost only if the hospitals and the physicians work closely. Though physicians who work with the hospitals have a stabilized income, there is a chance of losing the professional autonomy. This makes it necessary to maintain a balance so that there is no conflict between the hospitals and the physician. Though the Electronic health records make the documentation of the needs of the patients, easy, the chances of fraud are also high. This is a very alarming trend and has to be addressed immediately. A positive trend is the launch of multi society which identifies overused or questionable tests and practices. This will benefit the internal medicine sector. Obesity will be a major hurdle to the overcome in the coming years. The steps taken like the ban of supersized sugary drinks, research on Bariatric surgery, and approval of weight-loss medicines are some of the effective measures taken so far. It is believed that more States will legalize medical marijuana which will subsequently reduce the use of medical marijuana. If the routine screening for cancer detection is covered under the insurance, it will be a major achievement. Infectious diseases must also be controlled to avoid casualties. All of these issues must be addressed to make a breakthrough in the internal medicine sector. If you are looking for a perfect Internal Medicine clinic in Las Vegas. Visit Primary Care Physician Services in Las Vegas NV. Professional who coordinates your health care a member of your team who should be your most trusted information resource and partner in your health care.

Internal Medicine - "The Way Ahead"  

Despite all the efforts by the authorities to enhance the quality of health care sector, problems are still prevalent. A lot of issues must...

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