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one sweet girl Welcome to the e-catalogue of “Melbourne’s Mary Poppins of Desserts”, One Sweet Girl. Within these pages you will find projects I have worked on, plus a selection of the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts that I am now sought after for. I created the business that is now known as One Sweet Girl from nothing more than my love of baking; since I first stepped into the kitchen in Form 1 at High School, I knew that baking was my Happy Place, and I am so thrilled that it has taken me on such a wonderful journey to where I am now. I draw a lot of inspiration from the 1950's, where masculine and feminine were truly defined and perhaps at their best. Classic sherbet colours of pink, green, aqua and yellow. Soft ruffled edges, buttons and bows, and beautiful tailoring are all reflected in pieces I create. I create all my flowers myself, cutting petals by hand if necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome. Cookies are iced with royal icing - no shortcuts using rolled fondant here - and of course, as you would expect, I source only superbly fresh ingredients. When you engage One Sweet Girl for your next special celebration, you can be sure that your guests will indeed make room for dessert. Best wishes

juli stertern-gill one sweet girl

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Flowers - The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie



Holly loves Fred The ‘Holly’ cake was created for a studio shoot where I first met Virginia of The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie. Virginia was desperately ill at the time with pneumonia, but still soldiered on and put on an amazing display of flowers just for this cake. The idea for ‘Holly’ came to me when I stumbled upon the closing scene from the iconic ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ movie starring Audrey Hepburn... that final scene where she finally realises in the cab just who it is that loves her, and just what she stands to lose if she ignores her heart’s desire. Iconic colours of white and black are the main feature, with a touch of bling to echo the diamonds that every girl loves. The top and 3rd tiers feature quilt embossing, and is decorated with a swag of sugar blooms. Everything is grounded on a black presentation board, and some polka dot ribbons added for just a touch of whimsy. Cake serves 45 as shown. flowers - The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie - Ambiance Image Photography -

Matching cupcakes were created in black cases, and feature white fondant over butter cream. Each cupcake is topped with a double ruffled blossom with black piped centres to echo the main cake.

Cake flavours: Vanilla Bean, Rich and dense, chock full of real vanilla beans. Chocolate Fudge, A cross between chocolate cake and mud cake, this is intensely chocolately, but not heavy on the palette Caramel Dream, A white chocolate cake base with the addition of pure dulce de leche into the batter Lemon Delicious, Lemon curd, lemon rind and lemon juice make this a sensory delight for lemon lovers Mango Royale, Real mango pieces mixed through a velvety smooth vanilla cake White Truffle, Lashings of white chocolate in this cake make is smooth and morish without being cloyingly sweet White Truffle & Raspberry, White truffle cake with the addition of real raspberries to the batter Wild Berry Fudge, Chocolate fudge cake with the addition of mixed wild berries Dark Chocolate Almond, Rich dark chocolate cake with almond meal for a flavour to delight the palate Classic Carrot (with nuts and fruit), Voted by clients as the “best carrot cake ever�, this custom recipe includes pecans and bourbon-soaked sultanas, along with plenty of spice.. Java Fudge Rich dark chocolate cake with the addition of espresso for a caffeine jolt and taste sensation Coconut Ice Smooth and heady, this cake is made with coconut milk as well as shredded sweet coconut for the ultimate tropical experience.

Cake fillings: White, dark and milk chocolate ganache Flavoured ganache Buttercream - vanilla bean, chocolate, espresso, orange, caramel, lemon, almond, coconut

order of the garter

‘Garter’ cake consists of 4, 3/4 height tiers, and serves 140 as shown. The cake features a sugar peony {plus optional real feather} topper, a sugar garter ruffle and sugar pearl buttons


Stewart Leishman Photography



a step back in time The ‘Vintage Lustre’ cake was created to celebrate a timeless approach to marriage. Brides have opted for classic designs that are timeless and beautiful for decades, and I think that this cake echoes that sentiment perfectly. A classic stacked arrangement of round tiers is updated by separating the bottom tiers by a riser, into which a ring of sugar blooms has been inserted. The centre tier is then highlighted with edible ivory lustre, and finish the cake is topped with a circlet of the same sugar blooms. Cake serves 95 as shown. - Matching cupcakes also available. Stewart Leishman photography -



‘Martha’ is a birthday cake with a difference - it’s all at once beautiful, pretty, girly - yet not overly fussy nor age-specific. This cake was created originally for an Octogenarian whose favourite colour is pink, but this style of cake would (and has) work perfectly as a wedding cake. Featuring my signature ruffled blooms, with a black sparkly centre, in a swathed cascade down the face of the cake, and a polka-dot ribbon around the presentation board for just a touch of whimsy. Cake serves 95 as shown. - Matching cupcakes also available. Stewart Leishman photography -

This dessert table was featured in the October 2011 ‘Entertaining’ edition of Paper Runway magazine {pages 8 - 15}. It is the work of the esteemed stylist Penny Adams of P. S. I Love You, and I was honoured to be asked to create the desserts for this table. The desserts prepared included: Ruffle Cake in lolly pink - serves 20 as pictured Mini cupcakes with butter cream pearls and chocolate-dipped swirls Chocolate brownies with nuts Sugar cookies with royal icing Rosewater meringues Eton Mess Flowers - The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie - Images and styling - P. S. I Love You - Penny Adams

little red riding hood

Stepping straight out of the fairy tale comes this dessert table project created by Thetis of Little Sooti. I was asked to create deserts that were unexpected, a bit left of centre, vintage, and definitely not what people would expect. The table was brought to life in the woods of Mt Macedon, on a bitterly cold and wet day in July, and the entire project was featured in the launch issue of Tickle The Imagination magazine. For the main cake, I wanted to tell the tale of the fable, and drew inspiration from Japanese ink drawings - their perspective runs vertically up the page, rather than into, the way most Western art is created... so the base of the cake is marked by wolf prints that vanish into the centre tiers of forest, with the fabled red apple atop the cake as a crowing piece. Using a combination of 2D and 3D effects, the cake is unlike any other LRRH cake I have seen before or since! The other desserts prepared included: Apple pies in mini mason jars Red velvet cakes in small mason jars with vanilla butter cream and red sprinkles Red velvet cupcakes topped with glittery sugar mushrooms and apples Sugar cookies with royal icing Chocolate brownies {Cake serves 60 as shown} Flowers, moss, tree stumps - The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie -

For as long as I can remember, I have loved and adored peonies. White peonies, pale pink, dark pink, doesn’t matter, just give me peonies! One day I was dreaming of peonies, and cake, and was looking at a picture a friend of mine had snapped of his clients on their wedding day at the Williamstown Botanic Gardens, and suddenly I could see this table in my head complete with cake and swathes and swathes of peonies, positioned at the end of an avenue of very green trees. Of course, there could be no-one else but Virginia of The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie to create the florals I had in my imagination - and as soon as Gin heard what I had in mind, she was as excited as me to see it come to life. Having been inspired so greatly by that wedding photograph in the gardens, there was also no-one else to ask to shoot this creation but Steve of Steve Koukoulas Photography... and he stepped straight into my imagination, and brought my visions to life. The table itself was completely covered in 30 bunches of peonies in varying shades of pink; they were draped down the table legs, and also suspended above. Anchoring all this floral beauty is an ombre ruffle cake - but not just any ombre ruffle cake - no, this cake has ruffled petals in shades of peony pink, topped with some ruffled blossoms in the same colours. I also created some signature ruffled blossom cupcakes to match, peony sugar cookies, cake pops, raspberry marshmallows and some rosewater meringues. When it came to the desserts for this table, it was less a case of ‘where to start’ and more a case of ‘where to stop’! Our Perfectly Peony table was featured on Polka Dot Bride in Jan 2012. Flowers - The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie - Images - Steve Koukoulas Photography -

True Love A Getting Married Melbourne Event

FAQ' s 1. I like the pictures in the gallery, but can I have my own design? Certainly! The pictures in our gallery are examples of my previous work - they are not an exhaustive display, merely a showcase for you to look at. All my designs are created in consultation with clients, and while you are welcome to select any cake from our gallery, I do expect to create a custom piece just for you as part of my service. Helpful things to consider when planning your cake design are: * The theme of the day, for example, casual and laid back, or formal and elegant? * The colours of the invitations, flowers and outfits chosen * Any favourite design motifs that have already been selected for your event, such as butterflies, stars or the like. I understand that the cake is the focal point of the evening, and work closely with you to ensure that your ideas are brought to life. 2. Can I have more than one flavour for my cake? Yes, certainly. You are welcome to have a different flavour for each tier, which does not affect the cost. 3 Do you deliver and setset-up? As I consider our cakes to be edible works of art, I do deliver and set-up your order as a standard service. The fee for this is based upon the location of your event. 4. Can you supply glutengluten- free and/or vegan cupcakes? Although I attempt to accommodate all flavour choices, at this time I am not able to offer these options, as my recipes are only based upon genuine wheat, egg, and dairy products, and therefore cannot provide any guarantees of a quality cake result. 4a. What about nutnut -free products? At this time it is not possible for me to offer any nut-free products, as some recipes do contain nuts, and therefore I cannot be certain that no cross-contamination may occur. 5. When should I book my event? For weddings and engagements, I prefer at least 2 months notice. For birthdays and other occasions, I prefer a minimum of 2 weeks, but preferably 4 weeks notice. During some periods of the year (Feb - April, and Sept - Nov), I book up very quickly, so if your event date is within these periods, the sooner you book your date, the more likely it is that I can accommodate your order. Often I can accommodate last minute requests, but acceptance of these is entirely dependent upon availability, and I do not recommend at all that you chance a last minute booking, and be disappointed.

FAQ' s 6. I want a cupcake wedding cake, but can I get a cutting cake as well? Yes, certainly! I offer a cutting cake service in sizes up to 6" diameter, in round or square shapes. Cutting cakes are approximately 4" in height, and are baked in either the same flavour as your cupcakes, or a complimentary flavour. It is quite popular for cutting cakes to be served to the bridal party, or the parents of the bride and groom, as a ceremonial part of the cake cutting. All cutting cakes are decorated to match our cupcakes. 7. How long before my event is my order prepared? If you have ordered a Traditional Bourbon Fruit Cake, then it is baked as far in advance as possible in order for the cake to mature and fully develop its flavour. All other cakes and baked goods are prepared as close to your event as possible. 8. Can I taste your cakes? Yes. When you call to arrange a consult, please tell us which flavours you are interested in trying (max 4) 9. My Mum/Nana/Significant Person has baked my cake - will you cover it? At this time, I am not able to accommodate any request to cover a third party cake. 10.

I've booked you for my cake, when will I need to pay?

A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date in my diary. The balance is then due 14 days prior to your event. If your event date falls within the 14 day prior time period, then full payment is required at the time of booking. 11. Why is my deposit nonnon -refundable? All bookings are date specific, so if you change your mind about your function date, your deposit is forfeit against other orders I have declined in order to take your booking. 12. I want to order cookies, but I don't live in Melbourne! That's fine - I ship your cookies to you via Australia Post Express Post Parcel service. I also ship some dessert table items upon request too. Please contact me for information on postage rates for your requirements. Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Let us know by sending an enquiry to

















Dessert Menu Gourmet Marshmallows Made the old fashioned way (no eggs) and available in Rosewater, Latte, Candy Cane, Orange Blossom, Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. Macaroons Two cheeks of almond meringue sandwiched with flavoured ganache. Available in Chocolate only with flavoured ganache or butter cream centres - raspberry, white, milk, dark chocolate, lemon, and vanilla, mint and coffee. Meringue Kisses Two meringues, joined together with white ganache. The most popular flavour combination is rosewater meringues with a white chocolate ganache. Coffee Clouds An old fashioned coffee meringue with a soft centre, and a dusting of coffee crystals for crunch. Vintage Mallows Wafers Vanilla Bean or Rosewater gourmet marshmallow sandwiched between tow layers of vanilla wafers and edged with old-style pastel sprinkles. Whoopee Pies (petits whoopee) Two chocolate sponge cookies sandwiched together with butter cream filling in the flavour of your choice. Chocolate OO- Yo's A meltingly smooth chocolate butter cookie with a dark, milk or white chocolate-dipped bottom. Perfect with coffee! PBPB-C's Peanut butter cookies that melt in the mouth, combined with dark chocolate chips for a decadent hit. Cake Pops Chocolate fudge cake and ganache centre, coated in your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate. Brownies (with or without nuts) Deep, rich fudge brownies are dense and chocolaty, with your choice of walnuts or pecans..

Dessert Menu Coconut Ice Traditional recipe with a shot of vanilla bean for decadence. Each piece is approx 1" x 1" x 1". Vanilla Bean Yo -Yo's Time-honoured recipe made better with the additional of real vanilla beans. Each cookie is sandwiched with your choice of Raspberry Crème, Chocolate Crème, or for more vanilla goodness, traditional Vanilla Crème. Chocolate Biscotti Dark chocolate and roasted almond biscotti, dipped in more dark chocolate for additional indulgence. Butter Shortbread Shortbread the way Nanna made it! Each shortbread nugget is two bites of buttery goodness, and rolled in caster sugar while it's hot from the oven for an additional treat. Chocolate Chip Cookies Butter, chocolate chips and brown sugar make these the ultimate chewy cookie. Each cookie is approx 2" in diameter, and is a perfect 2 bite-size. White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies Butter, white chocolate, rolled oats and Australian macadamias make these a yummy anytime treat. Each cookie is approx 2-1/2” diameter. Rocky Road Milk, dark or white chocolate with a filling of rosewater marshmallow, Turkish delight, and peanuts Jammy Hearts Two butter cookies with a raspberry jam centre and a hint of caster sugar dusting for a hint of yesteryear. Cookie Stacks 4 vanilla bean or chocolate cookies, sandwiched with butter cream, edged with sparkly sugar. The top cookie is iced with royal icing and topped with a sugar flower. A perfect ending.

Cookie C



Candice DeVille

One day I was searching for inspiration, and stumbled upon a website - Cookie Couture. Long after that day was over, the name stuck with me and struck a chord. “Cookie Couture”... wearable cookies. But, I thought to myself, you can’t wear cookies! At least not in the traditional sense of dresses and pants etc... but that thought kept turning around in my imagination... wearable cookies. Wear. Cookies. Of course! You don’t just wear clothes, you wear jewellery too! Cookies could be made into jewellery - Cookie Couture! But these cookies couldn’t just be cut out cookies to look like jewellery - you know what I mean, a wedding ring cookie cutter shape, or a purse shape, much like you can buy a tea cup or a flower cutter... no, no, no,. these had to be wearable cookies! A necklace, and a ring, and earrings too - plus a belt, and what about a bracelet - a charm bracelet too? And to cap it off, a couture handbag, one-of-a-kind, just like the meaning of the French word “made to measure” - well, every piece of this collection was made especially for its purpose, so it fit perfectly! When I mentioned my idea to my friend Penny Adams of P. S. I Love You, she knew instantly who to ask to model my creations - none other than the amazing Candice DeVille, who is renowned for her impeccable vintage style. And here we are, everything I could imagine, brought to life and immortalised in perfect Vintage Cookie Splendour. Idea, concept and designs - One Sweet Girl Image Styling - P. S. I Love You - Model - Candice DeVille - Images - Ambiance Image Photography

A Modern


Thank You Thank you for taking time out of your day to read the new e-catalogue for One Sweet Girl. If you have an enquiry about any product you have seen, would like to know more about any of my products for your own special celebration, or you’d like to place an order for something sweet, please send an email to and I will be glad to help you any way I can. If you would like to contact any of the other Vendors I have credited in these pages, you can do so just by clicking on their link, and you will be taken straight to their website. Flowers The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie - Images Stewart Leishman - Steve Koukoulas - Ambiance Image - Styling P. S. I Love You - Candice DeVille -

One Sweet Girl Catalogue 2012  

Hailed as Melbourne's "Mary Poppins of Desserts", this catalogue is a showcase of the dessert tables I have created and been a part of, as w...

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