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Weatherization Journal

Weatherization (Wx) Journal. The Weatherization Journal is a digital reference source for those looking for information on Building Science and high performance topics, techniques and products for today’s Weatherization program.

The launch date is April 2011, other editions to follow on a quarterly basis. Readily available on the web in a “turning page” format the Wx journal will feature: * Updates on Federal and State Weatherization programs. * Timely features by industry experts * Discussions on new and/or exsting products, including “how to” videos. click image for “turning page” sample

* Departments including Finance, Technology, Industry, Healthy Homes......and more!

The format allows the readers ease of use similar to a conventional magazine with the added features of: * Embedded video and animation * Links to relevant web sites for more information * The ability to print the specific pages they are interested in. * Archived past editions for reference Whether it’s Program Managers, Raters, Inspectors or the Contractors that work with them the Wx Journal is a timely and indepth resource for advertisers to get their product and educational information to the right people who work within Weatherization programs at Federal, State and Local levels. Features & Departments

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Advertising Rates & Technical Specifications Adverstising Specifications:

Advertising Rates:

Ad Size :

    Double Spread     $  2,677.00      Full 


Double Spread       16 3/4”         10 7/8”  Full   Page               8 3/4”         10 7/8”

Page            $  1,575.00


Page            $  1,250.00       1/4  Page            $  1,000.00       1/8 



Page              7 5/8”           4 3/4”

/ Page               3 1/2”           4 3/4”

Page            $     795.00

   1 4 


Page              3 1/2”           2 1/4”

Accepted file formats: All ads must be built to finished size and at 300 dpi minimium. All Illustrator, Quark, InDesign files must contain all images, fonts, logos etc or be a 300 dpi pdf. All .eps files are required to be in vector scale-able format

Please Note: Advertisers may purchase embedded links to their web sites from their ads for $75 per issue. Although camera ready artwork is preferred, 1st Market Communications will create your advertorial (with your input) for an additional fee. Ask about our interactive video options, availible for Full Page and Double Truck Advertorials.





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Thank you for considering advertising in The Weatherization (Wx) Journal.

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