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1st Cavalry Division Band 1CD HHBN 1CD BAND TF MAVERICK APO, AE 09354

Lead The charge

OEF XII issue # 1 DSN: 481-6598 Commander: CW4 Hammond Band Sergeant Major: SGM Lopez

Gen Petraeus & CSM Hill with the ceremonial MPT at ISAF change of command rehearsal.

The 1st Cavalry Division Band continues to provide “First class” music throughout the RC-East area of operations. The Music Performance Teams (MPTs) performed for audiences ranging from Troops ad Civilians at small COPs to high level international events such as the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the United States Forces - Afghanistan (USFOR-A) change of command. Mother of All Bands (MOAB) spent many days of the month accompanying DCSM Vimoto on Battlefield Circulation Trips while the ceremonial MPTs provided music for a number of Transfer of Authority and Change of Command ceremonies. Of particular note, the band had the honor of performing for the ISAF change of command between General Petraeus and Marine Gen Allen. This was an extreme honor given the significant contributions of General Petraeus to our military as he prepares to retire prior to assuming the director of the CIA position later this year. Other key events include the International Joint Command (IJC) change of command between LTG Rodriguez and LTG Scaparotti at Kabul International Airport which also enabled Chow Relief (Jazz MPT) and MOAB to showcase their vast talents and repertoire at the international N2 Club on the IJC compound in addition to the Monster Brass doing its thing in a “monster” way at the I Corps uncasing ceremony and a number of the other ISAF level ceremonies in Kabul.

We participated in the U.S. Embassy-Kabul Independence day event which included a joint performance featuring the Afghan National Army Band and the 1st Cavalry Division Band (1CD band). The event was attended by a number of local Afghan citizens as a way of showing them how as Americans we celebrate our independence. Ambassador Eieknberry and his wife join the 1st CD band for a post event picture. The 1st Cavalry Division Band continues to receive accolades in all that we do whether it be manning the access point at the Joint Operations Center (JOC) or providing “ a small period of respite with music”, the band does it extremely well!

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Two Soldiers, Two Nations unified by a cigar and good music

SFC Lange, SGT Page, SGT Beach and SGT Westbrook, bring the sounds of Legend to another Cavtastic ceremony.

SPC Rettig sings melodies of relaxation in the DFAC for multinational forces.



SGT Campbell drives Ms. Daisy

SPC Henton keeps the heart beat pumping for TF MED.

SGT Murray playing Jazz for TF Lafayette.



SPC Gorman sings from his soul.

SGT Morgan shows his American Pride.

SPC Murphy and his toy.

SPC Stoner plays guitar.

SGT Fairley serenades the crowd.

SPC Shepherd sings to the sounds of Rock-n-Roll.

America's first team band’s spotlight 1st Cavalry Division Band Spotlight: Congratulations to SPC Robert Manning for being selected as the TF Maverick Soldier of the month for July. SGTs Jason Morgan and Ryan Westbrook are SGT(P) after a successful appearance before the July promotion board. Kudos to SGT Mario D. Murray who was presented the CJTF-1 coin after designing the official CJTF-1 Regional Command East Certificate of Achievement. Birthdays for August 2011: SPC Murphy - August 2 SFC Lange - August 15 SPC Manning - August 17 SGT Escalante - August 21

“Live The Legend” as we “Lead The Charge.” The 1st Cavalry Division Band has a rich history and continues to “Live The Legend.” For more information about Your Band please follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Flickr. Next month will have more little known Cavtastic history facts about Americaʼs First Team Band; The 1st Cavalry Division Band.


SSG Purinton cleans his weapon.

SPC Eiler Jams out .

SPC Emswiler plays his with passion and joy.

SFC Taylor aka “Mr. Magic”.

“Chow Relief” breaks for a photo with their fans from TF MED.

SGT Purcell hand drumming.

SGT Smelser on Acoustic Guitar.

SPC Stoner jamming.

1st Cavalry Division Band’s Ceremonial MPT B performs for the Bagram Airfield Re-enlistment with Gen Petraeus as the Re-enlisting officer.

1st Cavalry Division Band’s Expresso 57 posing for a group photo after performing for Task Force Lafayette and other multination forces





1st Cavalry Division Band July OEF Newsletter  

Newsletter of the 1st Cavalry Division Band OEF XII

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