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Task design TBL – Task Based Learning scheme Dominika Skowrońska Marta Kalwarczyk Joanna Baran Edyta Falińska Justyna Erbel


Level: elementary/pre-intermediate Theme: description of a house Final task: individual work: student describes his/her dream house on the basis of the picture/photo/poster (estimated time - 1 minute) Content: 1. Vocabulary -


types of houses (bedsit, block of flats, bungalow, cottage, detached house, flat, semi-detached house, terraced house, tower block/skyscraper, castle, villa, palace /'pælıs/) places and things at home (attic, bathroom, bedroom, cellar, chimney, dining-room, garage, garden, kitchen, living room/sitting room, study, staircase, wall, window) things around the house (balcony, doorbell, fence, garden, gate, path, pond, steps) location (downstairs, far from the city centre, in a quiet street/area, in the attic, in the city centre, in the country, in the residential area, in the suburbs, on the ground/first/second floor, on the outskirts, upstairs) things we can find in: living room (armchair, blinds, carpet, coffee table, curtains, cushion, fireplace, lamp, picture, rug, sofa, speaker, stereo/sound system, vase /v z/) dining room (table, chair) bedroom (alarm clock, bedside table, blanket, bed, bunk bed, chest of drawers, cover, double bed, dressing table, pillow, rug, sheet, wardrobe) study (bookcase, desk, poster, shelf) kitchen (cooker, cookware, cupboard, cutlery, dish, dishwasher, freezer, fridge, fryer, frying pan, hob, kettle, kitchen table, kitchenware, microwave, oven /' vn/, sink, saucepan, tap) bathroom (bath, mirror, shower, shower curtain, soap, soap dish, toilet, toilet paper, towel, washbasin /'w ∫beısn/, washing machine) useful adjectives (cheap, comfortable, cosy, dark, expensive, leather /'leð (r)/, light, modern, pleasant, spacious, with a wonderful view) useful phrases (be at home, come/get home, do (the) housework, do some ironing, do some washing, do the washing-up, go home, go out, make bed, mop the floor, move home/house, move in, move out, paint, pay the rent, redecorate, rent a flat, repair, share a flat with sb, stay at home/stay in, tidy up, vacuum, wallpaper)


2. Grammar -

Present Simple Tense (revision)



Prepositions of place (revision)



There is/are (revision)



The general order of adjectives

3. Activities -

fill in the gaps



choose the correct answer


complete the sentences with the correct word




jumbled letters



write the words in the suitable column



match the words and the pictures.





3 in a row

- Tower Block


- Type

- True or False


- Trainer

The Process: -

tasks for day 1, 2, 3‌ leading to the final task discussion of plans for the unit, eliciting in L1, aspects of descriptions of houses; special attention on the final task ss are familiarized with the vocabulary and grammar (doing the activities)



a sample text with description of a house is presented and discussed



ss are asked to write about their houses in 120 words presentations (just reading) in front of the classmates audio/audiovisual/real sample presentation of the final task

ss are asked to revise vocabulary and grammar connected with the theme and prepare a picture, a photo or a poster of their dream house (homework) - final performance Instruments: -


HotPotatoes 6 TaskMagic3 VoiceThread Microsoft Office Word blackboard or IWB (if possible) photocopies with the vocabulary and activities type/video/CD/DVD recording type/video/CD/DVD player picture/photo/poster (necessary for real sample presentation)

Evaluation: ss, teacher


description of a house  

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