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EAUTIFUL brunette Julie Rickett had stars in her eyes during Christmas Eve dinner in 1990. A resident of a small town in Ontario, she and her parents had been invited over to dine by their neighbor, Joan Thicke, the mom of Growing Pains icon Alan Thicke — and he had come home from Hollywood for the holidays. “I was having a wonderful time, and Alan was a warm and attentive host,” recalls Julie, who had never met the actor before. “It didn’t take long to realize that he was flirting with me! I was 23 at the time and he was 43, and I wasn’t expecting that kind of attention from him.” As she and Alan (who was divorced from his first wife, actress Gloria Loring) talked during the evening, “He told me about his plans for the future. He was very open about intimate areas of his life, including his desire to have a wife again,” Julie tells Star. “Later that night as I was getting ready to leave, Alan began to try to lure me to his room. I very sweetly told him I was not the kind of girl who stayed with a man the same day I met him, but that I did hope to see him again.” Julie got her wish soon after — though she soon wished that she hadn’t, as she was exposed to a side of Alan that his fans never knew existed. CLOSE QUARTERS A week later, Alan invited Julie and her parents to spend the New Year’s weekend with him, his mom and his 13-year-old son, Robin, at the Omni Hotel in Detroit. As soon as they arrived, says Julie, Alan’s arrangement of the rooms got her attention. “He had booked our parents’ rooms about 10 floors


below us — and Alan, Robin and I were re sharing one suite! Alan’s bedroom was on one side of mine; the living room, where Robin was sleeping, was on the other.” Julie says she had a “great time” watching Alan play in a charity celebrity hockey game that first day in Detroit. But that evening, when they were supposed to go to a black-tie dinner at the Whitney, one of the city’s finest restaurants, “Alan told me he was tired and wanted to skip the dinner to ‘relax’ in our suite. I was disappointed, but he was my host, and I said that was OK. When we got to the room, he suddenly seemed excited and assured me out of the blue, ‘I’m not going to sleep with you and disappear!’ He told me he had it worked out so that he could fly me in to wherever he was working at the time so I could stay with him.” Julie told Alan she “needed more time to get to know him before I could make those kind of plans. He started getting angry and lectured me, ‘Julie, sometimes you can’t take the time you want; sometimes you just have to jump and see what

Two-Timer? Alan reportedly didn’t split from his girlfriend of three years, actress Kristy Swanson (above), until March 1991 — three months after he put the moves on Julie.

happens!!’ Then he shifted gears and happens!’ cooed, ‘Just come lay in bed, nothing will happen!’ I was tired of fending him off all day, like a teenager at a prom, so I told him it would be best if I went to my room. He left me in the hall — slamming doors as he went. It was total Jekyll and Hyde behavior; Alan clearly wasn’t used to being told no by a woman!” STORM FRONT After Alan stomped off, says Julie, she said goodnight to Robin — whom she calls “charming, funny and the most mature 13-year-old I’ve ever met” — and locked herself in her room. But her host’s bizarre outbursts were just beginning. “The next morning, while I was talking to Robin, Alan came out of his room, pulled me aside and barked, ‘So I see you spent the night with my son instead of me!’ ” Julie claims. “I was very upset that he would say that, and I assured him I was alone all night!” Alan’s “charming behavior” was clearly gone for good, as became obvious when they went downstairs to meet the families for coffee. “Robin wanted some breakfast, but Alan yelled at him that he couldn’t get anything,” says Julie. “Then the poor waitress asked us to move to another table because we had sat down in a closed section. Alan, red-faced, stood up and yelled, ‘I can’t believe this!’ — then flipped the whole table over! Everyone was horrified!” Later, just as Alan and Robin were boarding a bus they were taking to California — “He wasn’t even talking to me by then,” Julie recalls — Alan shouted, “You never know where you might end up, Julie!” She tells Star, “That’s the last time he ever spoke to me. I never saw him or heard from him again.” H

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