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UMA’S “TOXIC” CUSTODY BATTLE Ex Arpad Busson claims the actress is seriously mentally ill.


MA Thurman and French financier Arpad Busson fought like cats and dogs during the first day of their contentious custody battle over daughter Luna, 4, in Manhattan Supreme Court. “I don’t think that these people should be in the same room together with Luna,” court-appointed psychologist Sara Weiss testified on Jan. 10, describing their relationship as “toxic” at best. “Reasonable people work these things out,” scolded Justice

Matthew Cooper. However, Uma, 46, and her ex, 53, have no intention of playing nice! On Friday, Arpad’s lawyer, Peter Bronstein, accused the actress of having a “serious” mental illness and mixing meds with alcohol. “Uma was furious,” says a longtime pal, adding that the mother of three was self-medicating to treat depression, insomnia and anxiety. “Uma is the first person to admit that she’s not perfect, but the way she’s being painted is devastating. It’s just not right.”

Another matter at hand: visitation. Arpad is requesting to have Luna for 10 days a month, plus school vacations, but Uma claims the high-rolling billionaire saddled ex Elle Macpherson with their child to catch a soccer match in London in the past and left their daughter with nannies to see a Rolling Stones concert in Cuba. “It’s sad that it’s come to this,” says the source. “Uma and Arpad once loved each other just as much as they hate each other today.” H

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6, 2017

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