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Do You Go Where Traffic Is? This is something we don't often think about, but are all our marketing activities directed to online places where the real traffic is? Or in other words, do you know where your targeted traffic is? Something to think about... Marketers, especially newcomers, often lose their time, money and effort on things like blogging and get surprised when after 6 to 12 months they have no revenue to show. The reason for that is simple: too much effort put in something that can't generate any revenue without traffic, while forgetting to concentrate on using online places and methods that already have traffic, or can generate traffic more easily. Blogging is probably the worst money making method you can choose because new blogs, especially when you're just starting out, are not places where traffic already exists. So, instead of losing your time on things that are not so effective, like blogging, you should concentrate on methods, things and places where traffic already exists. Or come up with methods on how to effectively use online places where traffic exists. Like forums, for example. Spending an hour per day on popular forum in your niche can generate you more traffic than any blog post. Or social media. If you put the same amount of effort in getting active on social media like you do for writing a single new blog post, you will end up with more

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fans/followers/subscribers from your social media efforts than visitors to your blog from your new blog post. Or blog commenting. Instead of losing your time on publish new blog posts to your own blog, spend that time commenting on already popular blogs in your niche. It will bring you more traffic and revenue. Or document sharing sites. If you already have that urge to constantly create new content, instead of posting it to your blog transform it to PDF and submit to document sharing sites. It will generate you more traffic than any blog post on your own blog. Or video and audio. Every piece of content you have written convert in audio and video format, and submit to appropriate sharing sites. Even if you submit your video only to Youtube, it will generate you nice traffic. Or simply images. Just think about Pinterest or Flickr. Images could be the easiest way to generate traffic. But the final question remains... Where to send all that traffic? It's simple... To your squeeze page in order to build up your mailing list! After all, your mailing list can generate you more profit than any blog. Take care, Tommy Miller P.S. If you want to get my 5 premium money making reports for FREE, feel free to visit my website – NET Money Zine – link is below, or check out some of our other websites:

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Do You Go Where Traffic Is?  

If you're running an online business, your efforts should be directed to methods, places and action which can give you more benefits for the...