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Junbo Qu Student No: 595617 Semester 2/2013

Measured Drawing

Subject: Triangular Nylon Kite Dimensions: 800mm wide 385mm tall triangular main body with three 400mm long tails Manufacturer: Daiso Industrities Co., LTD Materials: Nylon, plastic, wooden rods, thread Evaluation:This kite has a simple skeleton and bone frame. Three wooden rods are concealed in the nylon and the fourth one was placed later on by the consumer to make the surface in tension. This kite is almost two-dimensional and is consisted of simple geometric shapes. Therefore it is easy to measure and draw.

ANALYTICAL SKETCHES The distance between these two plastic holders is slightly smaller than the length of the wooden rod, to make the rod in compression when put in and to make the kite surface in tension.

The tail is useful for distinguishing the wind direction. They also make the kite more easily to see in the sky.


ELEVATION Measuring Process: I used a long ruler and tape measure to obtain every necessary lengtha and distance of the kite. Datas are stated in next page. Its simple geometric form is easy to measure and draw.


The surface tension and compression in the rod make the kite more three-dimensional.

This diagram shows the distribution of wind load. The rod in the middle was placed on the other side of which the wind applied. In this way, the wind load can be more effectively applied on the kite to make it fly higher. The precompressioned rod make the kite resist more wind load.



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