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Editor-In-Chief Creative Director, Founder, CEO Angel Neal Publisher Angel Neal Exclusively available at Magcloud.com

Cover Quiz


Fashion Interns Brittany Bradley Joelle Loleta Amber Ashli Alicia Adewumi Dominic Hill Bry Jones Public Relations DisrupshionMag@gmail.com

On The Cover Pg. 12 ; Cover Designer: Maya Clanton Photographer: Rob Brodie Stylist/Fashion Editor: Angel Neal Stylist Assistant: Precious Neal Photogrpher Assistant: Cory Hamilton 2 Interview: Angel Neal

*Nickname: Deuce *Celebrity Crush? Ashanti *Favorite feature? Pretty teeth and nice smile. *Three traits of a great team player? Confidence, coach-able and physical fitness. *Where are you most competitive off the field? I’m competitive everywhere it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. *After game meal cravings? Chicken wings with some mambo sauce and you can never go wrong with cookies. *What professional athlete in the NFL closet would you like to raid? Odell Beckham Jr. What is one thing you feel every man should know? How to be a man! *Are their any current athletes in your current position that inspire you? Patrick Peterson. *Guilty Pleasure? I don’t have one. *If you’re singing and dancing in the shower after the game. Whats on your playlist after a win? It depends, it could be R&B, trap or GOGO! If its GOGO it will be New Impressionz! *What are you dying to splurge on at this very moment? Definitely a Lamborghini or just some dope clothes. *People are most likely to come to you for advice about? The steps they need to take to get to where I’m at now. *For fall are you a pea coat men or leather jacket? Pea Coat. *Any Given Sunday or Remember The Titians? Any Given Sunday.

Keep Disrupting!

Editor’s Letter Hello, Fall!

When it came to introducing our first menswear cover, my goal was to make it sexy and clean. I felt it would be cool to shoot it on a beach. We ended up shooting at Honeymoon Island in Palm Harbor , Florida. I was told I needed to be strategic and find someone with a huge following. But I had to remind myself a huge following on social media is not a reflection of your potential an or your talent. So with this issue I’m introducing Ryan Smith, our fall cover star, he’s currently a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We choose Ryan because even though he still may be creating a name for himself, we spot the potential on and off the field. Also in this issue we answer the question, “Are athletes the new style influencers?” This past September New York fashion week I noticed more professional athletes front row and on guest-lists. If we’re being honest, its a smart move for athletes to brand themselves in fashion because it to can open a lot of doors I personally love seeing what Cam Newton & Odell Beckham Jr., are gonna pull off next.. Over all I hope you enjoy this issue! As always make sure you’re following our social media outlets.



Angel Neal Editor-in-Chief @Angel_Stylistbehavior @DisrupshionMag


6 36


Fashion ...........



PG.6 Glam Happenings PG. 24 Caught Up In Fall PG 36. Venus Beach

Sports & Fashion Collide PG.20 Are Professional Athletes The New Style Influencer’s? They just might be. Take a look at the emerging best dressed athletes we think you should follow for inspiration.

Interviews ......... Get It Right PG.34 Floresca Isme Pg.22

Q&A with fashion designer of ETANA NY. She gives us the details on her latest accessories and clothing drop. In addition to the scoop on VNF production company’s first New York Fashion week presentation.


Copyright 2019 No part of Disrupshion Magazine by Angel Neal may be reproduced in any form without written consent from the publisher. Disrupshion Magazine liability in the event of an error is limited to a printed correction. DisrupshionMag.com

The key colors for fall for menswear and womenswear. Add these colors to your fall wardrobe for an instant double tap on Instagram.

#DisruptingTheStreets Pg.50

Some of our favorite looks spotted at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 20 presentations, September 2019.

Photographer: Andrew Sandord @AndrewSandfordPhotography Stylist: Angel Neal @Angel_Stylistbehavior Model: Thersea Cann @itsjusttessaa Hair & Make-Up: Che’Von Ti Headley @Chevonti Interview By: Angel Neal See more of this editorial on www.DisrupshionMag.com

G Look: Sakko by Prarena Grover Earrings: Saint Laurent

Ga l m


Photographer: Andrew Sanford @andrewsandford Stylist: Angel Neal @Angel_Stylistbehavior Model: Valeria Uscanga @isaraa ; Garbo Model Agency Make-Up: Che’Von Ti Headley @Chevonti Hair: Mideyah Parker @mideyahparkerhair Stylist Assistants: Amber Ashli & Kenyatta Morris


This Page Dress: WarDog Fur Jacket: Khoman Room Shoes: Public Desire Earrings: Topshop Opposite Page: Suit: Gwen Salakaia Earring: Jill Herlands



This Page Blazer: Sakko by Prarena Grover Pants: Hisaura Earrings: Topshop Necklace: Topshop




S Ryan Smith

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He’s gOT gAME! he’s Got Style! He’s Got Charisma!

Photographer: Rob Brodie Wardrobe Stylist & interview: Angel Neal Assistant Stylist: Precious Neal Photographer Assistant: Cory Hamilton Retoucher: Maya Clanton



This Page Top: Asos Bottom: Saint Laurent Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Football season is upon us ! As you’re preparing for the new season what are your goals? My main goal is to be one of the top 5 corners in the league but thats an individual goal. As a team goal, the ultimate goal is Superbowl of course. I set my goals very high I need all the accolades I can get to get that next contract. Teamwork is really big in such a intense sport. But sometimes you have to just step up. How would you describe your leadership philosophy? I’m not really a vocal person. I wouldn’t possibly start off the conversation with my teammates but I’d fill in. I’m more of lead by example type of dude. You’re coming up on your contract year. What have you enjoyed most about playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Playing the game period. On top of that I’m playing for a team in Florida, I love the weather. Its hard to describe the emotion and feeling I get on game days or even just walking into the facility. Its a blessing to be in this position and its a great feeling. I enjoy everything, because coming from where I came from the school I came from. Its a handful of people who can say they’ve done what I’ve done or they’ve been where I been. I’m still trying to go higher you know. When did you realize football was wanted you wanted to do? I realized it my senior year of high school. I use to hate football and love basketball. My mom let me choose between the two. Senior year I realized I had a better chance at playing football and getting a scholarship that could 15

This Page Suit: Asos


potentially lead me to opportunities where I can help my family out. I got that scholarship to North Carolina Central University. Some people feel that attending HBCU’s is not the path one should take if they want to play proball. But being a Eagle worked out for you. What would you say to people who think like that? That statement and that question that people have made up in their heads is somewhat true. But at the same time if you’re a baller and you have talent their gonna find you. Its harder to nook it going to a smaller school but as long as you do your thing, the potential is endless. I always stayed positive, when I was in school. I would always say I’m going to the league and when I said it people would say what makes you different. I never let the doubt stop me, I’m still being doubted but I let it fuel me. I always knew I had the talent I just gotta keep pushing. God blessed me with this dream, so here I am. In times of social media, do you think more about what you wear off the field? Yeah and no. I have swag regardless. Do you talk about fashion with other

players or your teammates? Not really, but when someone comes with drip we talk about it. I’m just now really getting into fashion myself. Whose style do you admire in the NFL? A lot of people. Von Miller can dress. The well dressed athletes also can afford that type of attire right now, I gotta wait. Do you think its important for athletes to market themselves off the field when it comes to personal style and look? Yeah in a way, you always want to look presentable and show your personality outside of the football field. Off the field everyone has their own swag. What would you say is the most expensive

accessory or clothing item you’ve purchased so far? I brought a chain that says “Showtime” it was $15,000. Speaking of chains, you’re often seen wearing the number two chain. Whats the significance? The chain was one of the first jewelery pieces I ever got. My best friend from high school wore number 2, and he died in a car accident my junior year of high school and it was a very bad time for me. Ever since he died I’ve been repping the #2, I wore it in college and also its referenced in my Instagram. That was my brother. What do you stand for? Why are you exceptional? I don’t follow the crowd,

I call myself weird. Normal is boring. Theres a little boy at home that wants to play professional ball one day. What advice would you give him? First of all don’t let nobody tell you what you can’t do. All my life people was counting me out. Whatever you want to do in life, go do it. Go get it. Don’t let your father, mother, brother, teacher tell you otherwise. Stay prayed up and put God first. I believe thats why I’m here now. Put God first then everything will just fall into place. 17

This Page Top: Zara Suit: Givenchy Opposite Page Top: Asos Bottom: Saint Laurent Shoes: Christian Louboutin



Sports & Fashion Collide

Are professional Athletes The New Style Influencers? By. Angel Neal Its one thing to kill it on the field and court but killer style also keeps you remembered. Take a look around during fashion week, city streets, red carpets and your Instagram feed. You’ll see some of the worlds favorite athletes sporting not the hottest trends but the hottest looks. Could it be that athletes are the new style influencers? We’d agree so. With the rise of streetwear came the obsession with seeing what they players would wear pregame arrival and post game interviews. Although athletes embracing fashion isn’t necessarily a new concept, today its just as a part of their brand as their professional stats. Its almost as it for the first time ever professional athletes are driving the market for whats the hottest trend to come next. Athletes are simply breaking barriers and gaining access to brands and heating up social media as they influence their supporters to go 20

out and purchase. Take for instance when Odell Beckham Jr., rocked an unconventional short set look at the 2019 Espy’s Award redcarpet. Some deemed his look as sartorial but others were inspired by the Prada khaki look. Shortly after that we’ve seen young men replicating the look and we have social media to thank for that. Social media provides professional athletes the opportunity to showcase their style beyond the redcarpet in ways we never thought possible before. We also have their stylists to thank for that. Power stylists like Rachel Johnson for example, has been a force in the industry pushing the fashion envelope with professional athletes before it was a thing. Not to mention her former client, Victor Cruz maybe retired on the field we’d like to crown him in the forefront of the fashion conversation. Haven’t elevated his style to building up a sneaker line and continuously finding ways to grow his brand. He’s often spotted front row at NYFW.

Our Starting Fashion Line Up: 1. Russell Westbrook 2. Cam Newton 3. Odell Beckham Jr. 4. Lebron James 5. Kelly Oubre Jr. 6.Von Miller 7. Antonio Brown 10. Dwayne Wade 11. PJ Tucker 12.James Harden \


Jessica Chang Studio Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

Catching up with fashion designer and Co-founder of VNF productions, Floresca Isme.

ETANA NYC Photo by: Andrey Nik


Tashiann Yasmine NY Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

Tashiann Yasmine NY Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

Simone Sullivan Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

What sparked your interest in fashion? From a very young age, I have always had a desire to be a part of the fashion industry. I remember watching America’s Next Top model and telling myself “You can Model, just try.” What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work? I am fascinated by the way energy carries itself. Truly, the energy you give is what you receive in return. It feeds into my work like a propeller. I genuinely enjoy giving out positive energy it feeds my drive for success with my companies and encourages me to continue even when I am going through a rough patch in my life. Tell us about your line. What was your inspiration for this collection? My Fashion brand is called ETANA New York. It’s a fashion house that has an array of creations. From fashionable clothing to durable authentic handbags. The concept stems from the premise of the dedication to an ever changing lifestyle and the strength to live up to highest expectations of oneself. This past New York Fashion week we debuted with our handbags from the Bloom Collection. This collection was inspired by the flowers in nature and the process they go through to grow; specifically the process of the Lotus flower. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company? Coffee is your friend. In all seriousness I am serious. However, the biggest lesson I have learned is that you should trust the process its not about being first but about finishing what you started with integrity. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today? There are two things in my opinion that you need in fashion today that could make or break your brand, That is a website and a Instagram account.

What made you want to expand your business from just designing accessories to clothing? Every great shoe needs a bag, every great bag needs a killer outfit. Also as a model I was able to wear and bring to life different pieces from various designers and I fell in love with the process of design and the feeling you get when have and see your finished product. How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes and accessories? I want women to feel empowered, I want them to know whatever they are aspiring to is achievable. Tell us about the production company VNF and its mission. I am Co-Founder of VNF Productions. My partners are Noah Love and DeVena Smith. VNF represents the original goal of NYFW; Providing designers a space to share their passion, build relationships, and further their brands through intentional exposure. You guys produced your first fashion week presentations this September how did that go? It was amazing! We produced 5 runway shows and 1 presentation with emerging designers; Simone Sullivan, Tashiann Yasmine NY, Jessica Chang Studio, Anya Haber, Intro by Damian Joel and ETANA NYC. How do you guys go about deciding which designers to feature during fashion week? We go through submissions and we also reach out to designers that we believe would be great to work with. We produce a production that will curate longevity for their brands. A show that will bring about a ROI (return on investment). Whether it be sales or placement in magazines What can we expect from the production company in the future? The world can expect to see more of us. We are here not just to start the conversation but to apply change in the fashion industry.

Anya Haber Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

Anya Haber Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

Damian Joel 23 Photo by: Edwin Alvarado

Model: Michael Cortina @captaincortina Photographer: Andrew Sanford @andrewsandford Stylist: Angel Neal @Angel_Stylistbehavior Make-Up: Che’Von Ti Headley @Chevonti Hair: Mideyah Parker @mideyahparkerhair Stylist Assistants: Amber Ashli & Kenyatta Morris


Caught Up In



Fall takes a mature turn mixing sportswear and suiting. As seen on the runway for fall menswear shows, sportswear-inspired collections are making their mark on wardrobes across the world not just the runway. Its the perfect fall duo, blending cool and classic with fresh stripes. Tailored suiting and youthful sportswear goes modern, taking staple tailoring like the double-breasted vest with hints of velvet and silk.

l 25

This Page Blazer: Dreu Beckemberg Top: Dreu Beckemberg Pants: Dreu Beckemberg Opposite Page Blazer: Dreu Beckemberg Top: Dreu Beckemberg



This Page Blazer: Dreu Beckemberg Top: Balenciaga Pants: Zara Opposite Page Blazer: Dreu Beckemberg Scarf: Dreu Beckemberg



This Page Vest: Dreu Beckemberg Top: Vince Pants: Dreu Beckemberg Opposite Page Blazer: Dreu Beckemberg Scarf: Dreu Beckemberg Pant: Dreu Beckemberg Boots: Belstaff



This Page Blazer: Dreu Beckemberg Top: Dreu Beckemberg Pants: Dreu Beckemberg


Merlot Burgundy

How To Wear It ________ By. Dominic Hill

Michael Kors $300

Jimmy Choo, $650

Hermes, $5,000

Fall/Winter 2019 Color Report: “Red Wine, but Make it Fashion”

*Opt for a tailored It’s almost time to grab your over the knee look. boots, leather gloves, and wool coats because *Pair a silk skirt or the autumn/winter season is vastly approaching. As we usher in the season where leaves fall pant with a boxy from trees and the temperature decreases, the blazer hottest upcoming color trend may be the same .*Add allure with as your favorite glass of wine. Merlot, a rich hue gold accent containing elements of depth, has been seen on jewelry the runways recently from designers and brands *Add a pop of print like Coach, Fenty, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and or pattern to a silk more. Celebrities, like Ellen Pompeo and Freida based silhouette Pinto, have graced red carpets in looks from the coming color to wear. The color has been *For a minimalist seen in numerous silhouettes and styles ranging take on a standout from leather dresses to ruched skirts. Add a hint bag with subtle of merlot to your closet this upcoming season logo mania like a and let the richness of the color add spice and sophistication to your wardrobe. Celine.


How To Wear It ________

Versace $430

Step into the Blue Hues...

The Blues

Refreshed looks with minimal accents just readily aligning with the calmness of the apBy. Amber Ashli proaching Fall/Winter season; blue color ways on men will give heartthrobs like Idris Elba and Zayn Malik mere sophistication with *Compliment your denim their looks. Designers like Officine GĂŠnĂŠrale with polished hues of blue and Lanvin. blazers and lightweight jackets. Playing on the hues of blue and neutrality of *Utilize the versatility of gray, the hits of vibrant colors sets the tone for separates and layer. the Earth tone season. Bundle up in your pea *Invest in a timeless trench in coats, corduroy jackets and insulated khaki an unexpected material for pants for date night, meetings or chill vibes instant edge. within your own comfort zone while still turning heads.

Aquatalia Jeffrey Suede Chukka Boots $120 35

s u n e V h c a e B

Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz / @polkurucz Models: Pierrah / @pierrahh Destiney Williams / @galaxy_wide Alim Yai / @alimkyai SouKeyna / @anyekuos_ Tina J / @imightbeher00 Aweng Chuol / @awengchuol Femi / @feminirising Alim Yai / @alimkyai Kyiona / @go__goldie Liliane kalima / @lilianek18 Irawo / @queenonyemaechi Stylists: Jamil Moreno / @jamilmoreno Jivomir Domoustchiev / @jivomir.domoustchiev Artifice / @artificeclothing Jeffre Scott /@jeffrescott SSIK / @ssikdesigns Hair Stylist: Solange Dias / @personalhairsolangedias , assistant Eliana Knoblauch / @muanyc89 Make-Up: Patrice Pugh / @pattielepugh , assistant Jiamin Zhou / @jiamin_zhou



Previous Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Pierrah Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Hair: Solange Dias Assistant Eliana Knoblauch This Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Kyiona Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Hair: Solange Dias Assistant Eliana Knoblauch



This Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Aweng Chuol Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Hair: Solange Dias Assistant Eliana Knoblauch Dress: Jivomir Domoustchiev Opposite Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Model: SouKeyna Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou




This Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Model: Destiney Williams Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Nipples (spfx): Sarah Rose @inawhilecrocodile Opposite Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott ASsistant Ajala Gold Model: Liliane kalima Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Dress: Jivomir Domoustchiev @jivomir.domoustchiev


This Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Tina J / Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Asistant Jiamin Zhou Hair: Solange Dias Assistant Eliana Knoblauch Dress: SSIK / @ssikdesigns Opposite Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold / Model: Liliane kalima Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Aassistant Jiamin Zhou Shoulder piece: Artifice / @artificeclothing



This Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Irawo Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Hair: Solange Dias Assistant Eliana Knoblauch / @muanyc89 Dress: SSIK / @ssikdesigns Opposite Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Destiney Williams Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Outfit: Jamil Moreno / @jamilmoreno



Venus Beach is an Afrofemale planet dreamed by French photographer Pol Kurucz. On Venus Beach synthetic is organic, male is female and color is light. Galaxies away from racism, misogyny and terrestrial inequalities the inhabitants of Venus beach live a free, eccentric and glamorous life. Through visual allegories and pop aesthetics each Venusian uses their singularities to provoke us and challenge gender and aesthetic norms. Venus Beach was shot in Brooklyn with African and Afro American models only. The series mixes fine art and fashion elements and features creations from fresh local brands.


This Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Femi Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Hair: Solange Dias Assistant Eliana Knoblauch Dress: Jamil Moreno / @jamilmoreno Opposite Page Photo and Art Dir.: Pol Kurucz Styling: Jeffrey Scott Assistant Ajala Gold Model: Alim Yai Spfx + Makeup: Patrice Pugh Assistant Jiamin Zhou Outfit: Jamil Moreno


The Streets

#StreetStyle from New York Fashion Week September 2019.

Josh Rodriguez @Life_withjosh860

Nikki Khanna @nikkoftime

Vanessa Guerrero @alternativelychic

Malake Nappi @malakenappi

Amber Gabriella Alicea @globallglo

Merjem Bajrami Duriqi @memissgirl

Marielle Lesaguis @marielleles_

Toni G. @lytebreeze Karolina Sundqvist @karolinasundqvist 50

Rickey Thompson Photographer @shotbynfl

Isabel Marker Smith @isabelmarkersmith

Soraya Aini @sorayaaini

@dt.carroll @tukidaily

@aguspanzoni Photographer @roiekashi

Claire Shay @missclaireshay Diamond Rollins @diamondalicia_

Mona Salama @bymonasalama

Kathryn Lewis @katmarlew Photographer @cgstreetstyle

Steph Bong @yourgirlsteph Editor at BehindTheChair.com

Shantih Gidron @shantihg

Elys Berroteran @elysmcm


Lingerie Goes Back to Basics By. Alicia Adewumi For the majority of human history the garments worn underneath a woman’s clothing were hidden and became her greatest secret, until now! Today’s 21st century undergarments are out in the open for all to see. Lingerie is commanding attention, becoming self-expressive and empowering women everywhere. The history of lingerie is a story of control and restraint, but also one of shifts and transitions into a new era where women are bossing up and owning their personal power. Lingerie has mounted the thrown of high-fashion and innovation. From its humble beings as merely a means of protection, that allowed the longevity of wardrobe preservation, to now being center stage as a public act of self-acceptance. Through Facebook Ad testimonials, retail displays, the glossed over cover of fashion magazines, in movies and on the mean city streets, lingerie invites women to embrace themselves exactly as they are and make peace with their bodies. Being naked or nearly naked is a very vulnerable experience, especially for women when it comes to eroticism regarding the male gaze and the idea that the nakedness of a woman implies sexual availability. Collectively, consumers in America spend $250 billion a year on clothing, $12 million of that is on purchasing lingerie. In an industry traditional dominated by men, a 6.6 billion dollar company was born, its name? Victoria’s Secret. In 1977 the VS brand was curated by Ray Larson Raymond centering on the male gaze and the aspiration of women becoming the sensual object of that masculine eye. Fast forward to present day, and you will notice an increasing amount of female entrepreneurs taking on the lingerie industry along with feminine sexuality and the female body image. In patriarchal societies, men control and eroticize the female body leaving young girls and women yearning to one day become this ideal image of feminine beauty. Many women work hard and even pay to achieve it. The ultimate goal of women like Gina Rodriquez (NAJA), Ade Hassan (Nubian Skin), Rihanna (Savage X Fenty) and Kim Kardashian (Skims) is to help other women let go of their fear of being judge solely based on their looks alone. Their motto is about owning sexuality without becoming a salve to created illusions surrounding it. It’s about exclusivity by giving young girls the true imagine of a woman with a body that looks similar to their own, one with all its flaws that is still the most beautiful thing known to man. Intimates have now become a form of self-adoration where embracing your femininity is about creating opportunities that will allow all women to be in charge of their own lives and their own bodies. From vintage 1990’s Madonna on her Blond Ambition World Tour in a high-fashion pink coned bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier to Lizzo preforming on stage at the 2019 BET Awards in an all-white teddy belting notes from her flute. The “Truth Hurts!” So go on, keep looking; I hope you stare until you finally see me! Because I am more than just my body. 52

Shopping Guide!

For Love & Lemons $172

1 2

House of CB $209

Spice up your daytime look by incorporating some lingerie pieces while still keeping it classy & chic.

Alexander McQueen $512

Asos $55

House of CB $89





Fall Staples! Team Disrupshion tells us their favorite staple piece for fall. Are these items in your fall wardrobe? They should be!

Farfetch , $169/$106

Fenty, $986

Versace, $925

“I love and edgy and sophisticated look and the Fenty corset boots are all that in one. They give a very slender and sleek look and a touch of comfort with its latch-up corset design. These boots are the ultimate addition to your fall wardrobe.” Brittany Bradley


“For fall weather you can still rock vibrant colors. Whether you’re wearing a pea coat, denim jacket or rubato coat, scarfs are staples to provide extra layering and comfort fir those breezy rights. Most people tend to tone down their color selection with earthtones. But be daring with your fall fashion,” Amber Ashli.

“The denim jacket is essential because its perfect for fall. Its lightweight, very versatile and comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can wear it with a button down and trousers, or with a T-shirt and sweats. You can even get distressed jackets thats are embroidered, or customize your own.” Dominic Hill

Saint Laurent, $1790

ria Victo Beckh 1190

“Faux leather bottoms will upgrade any average outfit in seconds. You can keep the look subtle& wear them with your favorite go-to top. If you’re feeling more daring, take it up a notch by pairing it with another faux leather piece like a blazer & boot for a full on fashion moment. Joelle Loleta

am $

Zara, $50

“Black leather is classic. The punk look always comes in strong through fall and winter. Sometimes women like to rebel. Adding leather to lingerie pieces always looks amazing.” Alicia Adewumi

“Personality hair clips are a trend I just don’t see going out of style. Especially with fall & winter holiday parties around the corner. They are such a fun accessory to add to any look. Style them up or down.” Angel Neal, Editor-in-Chief 55

Profile for Disrupshion Magazine

Fall 2019  

Featuring Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL player Ryan Smith! Purchase in print: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1661424

Fall 2019  

Featuring Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL player Ryan Smith! Purchase in print: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1661424