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Volume V

People who belittle are... little Most people believe that bullying is more oſten a matter that involves only boys, because they are usually more aggressive than girls. But, they don’t really know what’s happening at schools. Boys have the habit to express their anger publicly, offensively and mostly by gesturing. In a few words, boys don’t care if the others know that they bully other kids. On the other hand, girls are used to using their mouth as a weapon to make others feel inferior and intimidated. This mainly happens because in most cases, if not all, they lack in strength. These girls must be underestimated at their home environment and may have low selfesteem. When someone listens to that, they think of fat, a bit tall girls with angry and ugly faces, but it’s not like that. They can also be smaller girls, but so strong, angry and ready to lash out at you. They choose to “attack” kids, whose flaws cannot easily be hidden, or have really low selfesteem and sometimes they even try to lower their self-esteem, because they are better than the bully in a specific field. They hurt these kids for their different beliefs or even their preferences, the way they look, the way they walk or they behave and maybe even about their origin. For instance, a girl who is very thin and has great marks at school, but has a weird accent could easily be called a geek and many other adjectives. No matter what, we all have to admit that everything mentioned above only represents a small amount of what really happens at schools. If we look deeper through it, we will realize that girls can as well be bullies. Emmanuela Katzouraki Α’


Girl Bullies

Teenage Drinking Nowadays, it is a fact that more and more teenagers under the age of 15 are consuming alcohol. The most shocking thing about it, is that their parents do not even realize it until it’s too late. There are many reasons why teenagers drink. Firstly, teenage drinking can be a result of peer pressure. Teenagers usually do what their friends do, so that they are considered “cool”. In addition, some teenagers think of alcohol as a way of escaping reality. For instance, when they have a problem, they usually turn to alcohol, in order not to feel alone. Last but not least, children, whose parents have issues with drinking, usually grow up to have issues with alcohol themselves. As for the consequences of alcohol, there are many, and some of them can prove to be critical. For example, adolescents who drink systematically usually adopt aggressive and rude behaviors and


MAY 2014

We asked C class and here are their answers

A major problem that seems to concern mostly teenagers nowadays is school bullying. Many people think that this is not a fact here in Greece, but the truth is that in Greece there are as many incidents of school bullying as there are abroad. The most common reason why school bullying exists is that some kids refuse to accept that there are other people who are not like them and have different beliefs, or abilities, or come from other countries and have another religion. Kids who exercise bullying don’t understand that we are equal no matter what. Also, sometimes a child bullies others and lowers their self-esteem in order to boost his own. However, people that were bullied during their childhood, or adolescence grow up to feel worthless and inferior. When you bully someone, they are always going to remember what you bullied them for and this will haunt them for their entire life.

The problem of bullying How a boy sees it (Interview with a boy from our school) • How oſten do you notice incidents of bullying in our school? • Rarely, almost never. • How do you feel about them? • Most of the times I don’t feel sad about it because I believe that the person that is being bullied deserves it. • What have you done to help the kids that are being bullied? • I’ve done nothing to help them because I think that they should learn to be independent and deal with their problems on their own. However, when I see that someone physically abuses a weaker kid, only then do I help this kid. • Thank you.

cause problems at school at home. They tend to drive their friends or family away and don’t do well at school. Along with that, in Greece there is a huge number of car accidents, many of which involve teenagers. It is a fact that many teenagers drink and drive, since they believe they have everything under control. Lastly, something that few people know. It has been proven, that girls who drink during adolescence have increased by 30% the probability of getting breast cancer. Below are the results of a survey, that was carried out in our school. The participants were only students of the third class (c’ class).

1) Do you believe that bullying is a problem that concerns kids of your age? Yes → 81% No →19% 2) Do you believe that the bully is always a boy? Yes→39% No→61% 3) Do you believe that the bully is always the most physically powerful? Yes →48% No→52% 4) Are there any incidents of bullying in our school? Yes →79% No→ 21% 5) If so, are you the bully, the person who is being bullied or just an observer? Bullies→0% Victims→11% Observers→89% 6) What do you believe that people who are being bullied should do? Talk to someone→70% Defend themselves→19% Nothing→11% 7) What do you believe that observers should do? Talk to someone →49% Intervene→41% Talk to the bully→10% -----------------------------------------------------------How a girl sees it (Interview with a girl from our school) • How oſten do you notice incidents of bullying in our school? • In our school rarely, but out of the school very oſten. • How do you feel about them? • I feel really sad, because I believe that we are all equal and we should all be treated the same way. Discriminations should not exist. • What have you done to help the kids that are being bullied? • To help them, I hang out with them and give them advice. I want them to know that they are not alone and they have a friend, that they can count on and talk to. • Thank you. Maria Badouraki

1) Do you believe that addiction to alcohol during adolescence is a common problem in Greece? Yes →66% No →34% 2) Have you ever tried alcohol? Yes →87% No →13% 3) Do your parents let you try alcohol at weddings etc.? Yes→ 81% No→19% 4) Are you aware of any incidents of teenage addiction to alcohol? Yes →55% No→45% 5) Why do you believe teenagers turn to alcohol? To act cool →49% Family issues→16% Anxiety/Heartbreak→16% Because they feel lonely →19% Maria Badouraki Γ’3

Teachers call it cheating we call it cooperation Cheating is an increasing problem that infects schools and generally education. Students should broaden their knowledge through their school life and avoid cheating fellow students. Young people should understand that cheating is an unethical action as it is a way not only to take advantage of their co-partners or friends but is also an important drawback to mature personally. Many times students are dealing with the pressure to write well in a test and they cheat in order to succeed in this. However, a student who writes well using cheating instead of reading hard feels guilty without getting any satisfaction. Young people should focus on reading and not

cheating as this will lead them to a disaster in their future career. Also, tutors should help students and advise them that cheating is an offence and whoever commits this crime should be punished. Every student should learn to be responsible for himself and be ready to deal with the consequences in case he gets caught cheating or gets a low grade. Moreover, young people should focus on studying hard in order to succeed at their school and future career. So, students should keep in their mind that cheating is a crime and they will get only disregard from the school community and no satisfaction.

1. Have you ever cheated? 93% Yes 7% No

9% I couldn’t remember the answer 3% Other

If yes, in which subject? 42% All subjects 22% Maths, Ancient Greek 22% Physics, Chemistry, Biology 9% Foreign languages 5% Greek

3. Have you ever helped someone cheat? 87% Yes 13% No

2. Why? 74% I hadn’t studied 13% I wasn’t sure for my sure

Do you think this helps the others? 58% Yes 42% No

Maria Mousouraki Γ3

If yes, how? 62% I helped him take a better grade 22% To help him pass the class 16% Other 4. How do you feel aſter cheating? 32% Fine 29% Bad 19% I get mixed feelings 10% Relief 6% Nothing 4% Other

5. The most clever ways to cheat 37% Cheat Sheet 16% Through mobile phone 21% Cheating from your classmates 21% By writing important things on parts of my body 5% Other Mousouraki Maria Badouraki Maria Saridaki Aggelikh C’3

Teen Acne It’s a skin disease that affects most people during their puberty. It begins between the ages of 10-13. 85% of the cases are people in their teens, while sometimes ache continues to exist until aſter adulthood. Acne is caused by high amounts of hormones, called and estrogens which are produced by both boys and girls. Scientists also believe that bacteria cosmetics or certain medicines can worsen it. It usually affects your face and your neck but in some cases it even appears on your chest and your back.

These are parts that get sweaty. It usually appears in four different types: • We have the whiteheads, which are white dots. • Blackheads, which are black. • Nodules, which are red, swollen and might create pain. • Cysts, which are deep puss filled pimples Several acne, usually leaves permanent scars on your



ritating Most Ir ents Mom g Alarm - Mornin ifficult D t s Mo Task Socks - To find eadful r Most D Journey ss Cla - Way to ime ovely T L t s o M ends ri F g - Meetin gic ra Most T ts n e m o M t est in 1s T e s - Supri Period l News orderfu ENT S Most W B A ER IS -TEACH

face. Very oſten, it affects our psychology in a negative way and may result in low self-esteem, depression or even suicidal tendencies. Acne is treated with oral antibiotics that are pills that you swallow if it’s very serious. For milder forms of acne, a dermatologist will subscribe you a topical medication, such as cream, a lotion or a soap that you will apply on the infected area.

Thank yous! 1) We would like to thank all of our school staff for supporting our effort. 2) The mothers of the students who baked the cupcakes for our cupcake sale. 3) All the students who bought our cupcake to support us. 4) The students who actively participated in selling the cupcakes to raise money for our paper. 5) Mr. Bithava for intervening so that we could have access to Platanias and Mr. Anastopoulos. 6. Mr. Anastopoulos former coach of Platanias for accepting to give us an interview. Also the player Mr. Goundoulakis for his interview. 7. Special thanks to Mr. Spyridakis, Mrs Tsismenaki and all the team of Kydon tv

What a teenager can do to prevent ache or to stop it from get any worse is to emphasize on basic cleaning. They should use a mild antiseptic soap and plenty of water. Also, it’s very important that they should never pop or pick the pimples because it might cause scarring. Your dermatologist will also advise you to eat healthy food. Pinelopi Vasilaki B1 * medical term source internet.

for having us on their show. We especially thank Mr. Spyridakis for giving us an interview. 8. Mr. Bousaha for coming to our school to give an interview and Mrs Bousaha for the recipe. 9. To Mr. Fotis Raikos, Top chef 10. To Mr Petrakis, director of splantzia soup kitchen 11. Mrs Kardamaki, dietician. 12. Luna Danzer and the junior high school in Austria who accepted to carry out a survey for us. 13. Eleni Mathioudaki our A’ student who helped us carry out a survey in Mondreal. 14. Maria Vouraki for drawing our newspaper poster 15. A special thank you and gratitude to Mrs Xifantaraki poster of chaniotika nea for setting up our newspaper. 16. Kostas Thomadakis for posing for us. 17. To everyone who participatored in anyway so that our newspaper is published.


As our front page says we “reach for the stars”. And as Kavafi suggests it’s the journey that counts. Yet another “journey” with new voyagers. New students who came on board our newspaper. And what a ride it was! This year was unique in many ways. We were touched by what goes on in our educational system and the financial crisis. But unique are each of our newspaper staff. There were times of joy and easy riding, and times we had to give it all we got to stay on board. In the end, we made it!!! We “bonded” to add one more edition to our list. We are all proud to present to you the 5th edition of our newspaper. Keep walking school! Mrs. Koulizou English teacher- Coordinator

MAY 2014


If children could say something to the government and their teachers We asked children of the age of 13-14 if they could say something to the government and something to their teachers what would that be. These are their answers:

If I could say something to the government I would say that every person must have food, water and a house to live and no one has to be homeless and poor! If I could say something to my teachers I would say that they must be calmer when they teach and happier when they enter the classroom! -Stella ● If I could say something to the government, I would say that they should repair the roads. If I could say something to my teachers it would be not to give us so much homework. -Anonymous

If I could say something to the government I would tell them to enhance education. If I could say something to my teachers I would tell them to help the children that can't learn the lessons easily, more. -Anonymous If I could say something to the government I would tell them to provide free health care to everyone. If I could say something to my teachers I would ask them to give us less homework and not that many tests, in order to have free time. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government it would be to make our world better with solutions such as protecting the environment, recycling, planting trees and not polluting the fresh air. And something that the government doesn't include in their to do list: Not reduce people's salaries and make their lives worse because they work hard so many hours and some of them lose their jobs! If I could say something to my teachers I would say not to give us so much homework and not to get angry with us. Also, I would tell them to reduce the tests. -Anna Aggelaki B'1 ● If I could say something to the government I would say to care more about people and their lives and have lower taxes. If I could say something to my teachers it would be to put higher marks and not give us so much homework. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government I would say to put more recycling bins to protect the environment and to organise some volunteer teams to clean the beaches. If I could say something to my teachers I would suggest them to play more games in the class and do more school activities together, so the lessons will be fun and enjoyable. I would, also, tell them to be more patient with us. -Anonymous

● If I could say something to the government I would say to protect stray animals and to find homes for them. If I could say something to my teachers I would say to be more friendly with us. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government I would say to not take people's money. If I could say something to my teachers I would say that they should help the student that don't understand. -Anonymous If I could say something to the government I would say "Where is democracy?". If I could say something to my teachers I would tell them that we need education not entertainment. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government I would say that what they do nowadays is ridiculous! I don't think they understand what they do to young people. If I could say something to my teachers I would say that sometimes the children aren't what teachers believe they are. Sometimes you don't know if the kids try or want to be better. -Argiro If I could say something to the government I would say to make more sport facilities so we can exercise. If I could say something to my teachers it would be to be funnier and not give us homework because we need free time. -Anonymous

● If I could say something to the government I would say to build more hospitals. If I could say something to my teachers it would be to give us less tests and give us easier homework. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government I would say that I want free wi-fi all over Greece. If I could say something to my teachers it would be to stop shouting to us and stop giving us tests. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government it would be that I am very disappointed because everyone, including me, expected more from them. If I could say something to my teachers I would say to put less and easier homework. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government I would say that the police must protect. The forests and seas must, also, be protected. If I could say something to my teachers that would be to be kinder to us and not give us that many tests. -Anonymous ● If I could say something to the government I would say to plant trees, therefore Greece will be a green country. If I could say something to my teachers, I would say that they should ask the local council to built a small park next to the school so that students will have a place to hang out with their friends. -Anonymous ● Dina Fitraki

Last years chief edito rs now high school stu dent remember us.

It’s the first day of school. Everyo New scenery, ne ne’s excited. w people, new ex periences. It’ s fun and scary at the same time. Bu t as the time passes, we all ge t used to it. Before we know it, school has beco once again. Can’t me a routine do with it, can’t do without it. And it keeps us so busy that we don’t the school year is realise that over. But what happen s when the last ye High is over? Ev erything we were ar of Junior familiar with is gone. Now, if we ‘re lucky, we ‘ll go to a High School where we know the rest of the students. But if we ‘re no t, we ‘ll have to start all over


MAY 2014

again. And the school ye before we reali ar starts. And we se it, another sc other scenery we ha hool year has have to get famili ve yet an- come to an end. W e people we have ar wi th , ne w to get to know. friends we ‘ve ma look back and see how many de So we go to the ne friendly to us. Ho and how everyone was so w school and it’s w nice the teach first year of Juni or High. We don’t just like the were, and how ho ers actually mework, though know anyone, and no one kn annoying wasn’t nearly as bad as ows us, neither we thought. We teachers nor students. As we can’t help but compare this ye wa ar with our year see unfamiliar, ye lk across the schoolyard we s in Junior High and think that if t happy and frind these three year we start to wond ly faces, and s are half as good as them, ev er “What if they erything will tu don’t like me? What if i find no rn out just fine! on e to sit ne xt to in class? What if, what if.. .”. Aggeliki and An The months pa tigonh Kakour ss in a blink of i an eye, and

You are a fool if you think smoking is cool…

A serious problem faced by children today from ages 14 and up is the issue of smoking. A lot of discussion has been made, on how to deal with this never ending problem. Teenagers, take up smoking during their high school years. The reasons which lead to this trend are many. The most common, is wanting to be accepted by their peers. By smoking they feel that they are important, grown up and cool. This is something which can only be changed if awareness is raised earlier in a child’s life more specifically during primary school. They should be taught about the danger of smoking and peer pressure. A pressing issue is smoking at school. Those who smoke continue to smoke at school during the breaks. As a result, as soon as the bell rings smokers go running to their smoking areas, which are of course school yards, restrooms and other school premises. Consequently, students who don’t smoke either start this bad habit or are turned into passive smokers. Due to this phenomenon, schools should consider hardening punishments for getting caught smoking at school. Furthermore, there should be more information provided about the consequences of smoking. Smoking can cause tremendous problems on someone’s health. Hearts, lungs, and other organs suffer from the inhalation of nicotine. Heart attacks and cancer are the most common diseases. Even if you don’t get sick shortness of breath is always certain. Nevertheless, if one doesn’t care about his own health, they should always keep in mind that when he smokes so do the rest aro-

und him. Family plays also a vital role in how teenagers behave. As far as smoking is concerned being brought up in a family of smokers will possibly lead teenagers to smoking also. Parents should have discussions with their kids in order to prevent them from taking up this nasty habit. Of course, they should set an example, by quitting also. What they do not understand is that smoking has a negative impact not only on their children’s health but on theirs too. All things considered, teenagers and adolescents have to keep in mind the dangers which are hidden behind the pleasure of a smoke. Smoking doesn’t make you look cool and it certainly doesn’t keep you healthy! Saridaki Aggeliki Γ’3

We asked C class (150 students) and have is what they answers 1. Have you ever smoked? 34% → Yes 66% → no If yes, why? 55% → Out of curiosity 19% → Because my friends did so 14% → Because of family issues 12% → Other 2. Have you ever smoked in school? 23% → Yes 77% → No 3. Have you ever seen anyone smoke in school? 58% → Yes 42% → No Saridaki Aggeliki Γ3, Badouraki Maria Γ3

Teens and diet Dietician: Asimenia Kardamaki • What factors prompted you to choose this profession? Initially I chose as one of the newest emerging jobs in Greece. Later as a student I loved the subject. • In your career so far have you encountered any

serious problems? Can you share one of them with us? Yes, a significant incident was a teenage girl who nearly reached anorexia nervosa due to stress over her weight. Little by little and with cooperation between us she

overcame her problem and now eats normally without obsession over food. • Which method do you think is most effective for treating obesity? The secret to tackle obesity is a balanced diet ,exercise and lifestyle changes . • In which ages do you have a bigger number of patients regarding obesity? In all the age groups I encounter obesity.

Unfortunately the rate in obese children has increased considerably the last few years. • How do you characterize the adolescents eating habits? Their eating habits depend on their family, their friends and on advertising. • What do you think should be changed in school canteens? They should not be permitted to sell plastic food

with loads of calories. If they sell tasty but health food children will consume it. • Do you believe that the traditional eating habits and diet of people in Greece influence what we eat today? The purpose of the dietician is to explain the value of the food of our ancestors and its contribution to our health. The goal is to return in the better older habits because at the moment the Greek diet is mostly influenced by western patterns. • In the end could you give us some advice about our diet? Eat everything in moderation. Remember that there isn’t good or bad food but good and bad eating habits. Alexandra Tsavolaki

Selling cupcakes to raise money for our paper

APRIL 2013


Is man a dog’ s best friend?

Are pets really our friends? Do you think that the vast majority of people are facing their pets like real friends or they just call them «best friends»? Let’s talk about people ‘s racist attitude to pets. Have you ever considered that we buy a pet by its color, size, fur, breed, etc.? For instance we buy a dog by its color and then we call it « Our best friend», but we don’t buy our friends. Aſter some years, we get bored of that dog and we want another pet. We sell him or exchange him, but we don’t sell or exchange our «best friend». That’s absolutely cruel to pets as all pets have feelings and personality, therefore we must not treat them as items. When we see a defenceless pet on the pavement do we just ignore it instead of helping it? Many people

make the excuse that they are busy and they can’t help the pet .I believe if that they can’t take it to the vet, they can just call on a Animal Welfare Company and they will come and take it. Aſter a research among the students of our junior high school asking them if they think that people are cruel or indifferent to animals, the results are that 91% of students say they have been cruel or indifferent whereas the other 9% said they are not. 29% said they have witnessed a maltreatment of a pet while 63% haven’t. 68% when they see a stray pet on the road, they try to help it whereas 25% doesn’t do anything. The overwhelming majority of people doesnt’t treat pets as they should. Unfortunately, the minority of people

take care of pets, help them and are sympathetic and friendly to them. Finally, there is no justification whatsoever for such people’s incomprehensible behavior to pets. All peo-

ple should bear in mind that pets are inspirit creatures and we can’t treat them like objects. Let’s see the allocation of pets… Miranda Georgiakaki B’1

Interview of Mrs.Melinda Lazaratou, president of the Animals Welfare Organization of Chania

1.Which are the actions that you take as a sanctuary for animal so that stray animals are not in the streets getting abused? The animal welfare organization of Chania as well as all other similar organizations, are a team of people who try to help , mainly dogs and cats of their area, and for this reason they combine forces. There are numerous things organizations can do, as can anyone else who wishes to help, either with providing information or sentisizing people, and changing the conditions in which the animals live. Also with their treatment when necessary. This does not mean that each team has an animal shelter, nor that it an support their existence necessarily. What is best is for some areas to exist where animals can be treated before they are adopted or let free. 2. What is the percentage of animal abuse in Chania? In Chania there are recorded daily cases of abuse, such as in any other area of the country, where there are teams who keep records. Let each of us think how oſten he/she


MAY 2014

comes across with cases of abuse, which either lead to death or degrade the animal's quality of life, such as in cases of animals' being bondaged permanately, or are closed up in isolated places, or too small for them. 3. What's the percentage of stray animals in Chania? Today there are about 2500 stray dogs and cats in Chania. 4. Are the citizens of Chania interested in animals? I believe that if you asked people, most would say they are interested more or less. What makes a difference

is how much one cares, for which animals, and what he is willing to do about it. 5. How oſten do they bring you a stray animal picked up from the streets? The phone calls are daily. We mostly urge those who call to take care of the animal themselves or with the help of a vet. It depends of course on the case. 6. What action do you take about the owners of animal who lack the financial ability to take care of their pet? The animal welfare organizations as far as pets are concerned has the right to intervene only for stray animals and not for those who have an owner. The owners are solely responsible for the sheltering, sterilization and wellbeing of their animal. Nevertheless, there are vets who oſten cooperate with the organizations, and who adjust their prices accordingly. Also the organizations, through programs of information and sentisizing of civilians provide information about how to prevent and avoid possible illnesses of the animals who live

with us. 7. Where can someone turn to if they find a stray animal? The Municipalities are responsible for the vaccination, sterilization and the treatment of stray animals. All of us are responsible for their wellbeing. The welfare organizations can provide guidance and to aid someone who has found a stray animal which needs help. However the organizations do not have the ability, nor does it make sense, for a small group of people to take care of all strays. 8. Thank you very much for the helpful information. We appreciate your time and effort. Melita’s Lazaratou cell phone number is: 6944476214

Love makes the world go round I interviewed Mr. Manolis Kalligeris, the president of the community kitchens of Agios Nikolaos of Splangia in Chania, to get information about the charity centre. Me (Interviewer): So, Mr. Kalligeris, tell me, when did the “Agios Nikolaos” soup kitchens start offering food to poor people? Well, it was first started by Mr. Manolis Petrakis, the priest Ko/nos Kotronakis and some other citizens -I would like to thank them all-. The time passed and we started offering more and more food to the poor. Apart from food, do you offer any other services? I should have mentioned the fact that in many places we also provide clothing, medicine and we have some volunteer doctors. We also have a library, where people can either read a book or have access to our computers, and play games or surf the Internet. So, it must have cost you a lot of money, am I right? Yes, I have to say it is a very

expensive deed. The money that was needed and is needed for all these volunteer work I just mentioned, is donated by individuals, the local society and people who are sensitized from our behavior. That’s impressive. How many people can you facilitate? Since 1-1-2010 full-packed rations are delivered to more than 60 families and 200 individuals, who have been given special cards by the State, which declare their need for food and clothing. This card is renewed each month, in case someone finds a job. We also look for other people that have not heard about us. How actually do you search for these people? First of all, we don’t care about the religion or the nationality of the people. They are all welcome. We are an in-

dependent, open community and we would like to offer help to even more people. Now, there are many people that have gone to other charities, but they couldn’t get helped. So, that charity calls us, and we take care of them. We also put posters on churches’ billboards. Can you express the way you feel about your work

there? I am very proud of my participation in the community kitchens and I am going to keep doing what I do. I love seeing all the people I work with being happy and active. It’s wonderful. Lastly, would you like to add something about the soup kitchen?

Morocco:Sand dunes and palm trees

Morocco is a country with a rich culture and civilization. Throughout Moroccan history, Morocco has hosted many people. All of these had an impact on the social structure of Morocco. It has also hosted many forms of beliefs, such as Paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Morocco has set among its top priorities, the protection of its diversity and the preservation of its cultural heritage. Morocco is referred as an African state by the political world. The majority of Morocco's population is Arab by identity and muslim by religion. We interviewed a Moroccan immigrant who has been in our country since his first years in university and his son attends our school.

-Has your life improved since you came to our country compared to Morocco? -My life has gotten better, yes. Especially the financial issues. It was a little bit hard at the beggining, but things

In fact, I do. I would like to say that it’s been remarkable that “Agios Nikolaos” was awarded, back in 2005, by Karolos Papoulias. At the same time, we joined the National that offers social services for people with special needs, but also in the non-profit Registry Bodies of Private Character. Thank you very much. It was a pleasant conversation Thanks for your time! Emmanouela Katzouraki

Mr. Bussaha gave us this authentic Moroccan recipe Lamb with dried plums Ingredients Oil Water 2kg lamp Salt Garlic Black pepper Sugar Onion Cinnamon 500g dry plums

have improved a lot. -Did you, or your son, have any difficulties in Greece? -I leſt Morocco when I was in my first years in university, so due to the fact that I didn't know how to speak Greek, I couldn't continue my classes. -Are there any immigrants from Morocco or other countries that you have met since you came here? -I met a few but not that many. Especially from Morocco, there are not a lot people. -Was it easy for you to adjust in our country? -As I've said before, it was hard since I didn't know the language but people were nice here and from the moment I started learning the language it wasn't that hard to adjust. -Was there anything you didn't like here? -I don't like the fact that there is a lot of bureaucracy. Just that, everything else is alright.

-Do you think your son's life would have been better back in Morocco? -Some things would have been better, because people judge here, there's racism. -Do the traditions of Greece remind you of the traditions in Morocco? -No, not at all. The traditions are completely different. Moroccans have a different religion from Greek, so as a result the traditions are different. The music reminds me of Morocco, though, traditional music has similarities. -Do Moroccans have different ways of entertainment than Greeks do? -No, they are similar. Greeks and Moroccans have a lot of things in common. -Are you thinking of going back to Morocco anytime in the future? -I've been thinking of going back since the moment I leſt. That's where I grew up, that's my country. My son wants it too.

Preparation method Put the meat in a pressure cooker pot with chopped onion and oil and leave it for 5 minutes to cook. Aſterwards, add garlic, water and black pepper. Put the lid on the pressure cooker and wait until it’s done. Put the plums in another pot with water for a few minutes. Check if it's ready and add cinnamon and 60g sugar. Wait for 5 minutes and turn the fire off, open the pressure cooker and take out the meat. Put the meat on a plate and put the plums on top of it. Good appetite! Dina Fitraki

MAY 2014


f e h C Top



nd alnuts a w h t i w so s espres Brownie


ls… , Materia rk chocolate a d g • 300 , butter • 160g s, • 4 egg gar, su g 0 0 3 • our fl g 0 • 20 sso, e r p ge • 1 es ¼ oran mbled f o cru • Z e st ts u ln a w • 100g

Interview of Mr. Raikos - top chef

Cooking has been an art since antiquity in Greece. The summer season of 2014 starts and among the most popular tourist attractions, are the Greek hospitality and Greek cuisine. So we approached a professional connoisseur of cooking to tell us his view on the profession that is most popular in the summer months in Greece and not only. There are many young people both boys and girls who are interested in pursuing a career as chefs. Cooking shows on TV have had a lot to do with it. *** 1) How did you choose your profession? Did you like it and since when have you been involved in cooking? 1. From the age of 12 I started experimenting in the kitchen. I liked the idea of making myself my food because I wanted to eat something different. Of course, the result was disappointing and it usually ended up in the trash . It took some effort to manage aſter several years to be able to cook a chicken pasta or an omelet .Cooking as a profession emerged much later. I worked as a waiter when I was 15 years in old restaurants, so I could observe and be in contact with the kitchen . So at 22 I decided that this as is the profession I would like to follow and I enrolled in a culinary school.

2) Have you been affected by the crisis as a professional? Do you consider that your profession has a future for young children ?

2. Clearly, the crisis has affected our profession too not only in the financial sector but also in working conditions. The fact that tourism is highly developed in our country, creates seasonal jobs in our industry and increased demand during the summer months. As for the young children, we are sure that they have a future. The art of cooking is a very demanding profession and quite painful for our bodies , too stressful and the free time in professional cooking is never on celebrations, holidays and vacation periods. Namely, forget celebrations with family and Saturday nights with friends. Of course weekdays is the days off and in the autumn and spring months we don’t work that much. But if you really love this profession the only limit is yourselves, and there are unlimited combinations of materials, styles and cooking methods to express our creativity and to be compensated for the effort and sacrifices in action and in spirit. 3) What is your favorite recipe; Can you tell us one that children of our age can perform; 3. Basically there is not only one favorite recipe; there are favorite materials in cooking. I love working with fish and seafood because of the fine taste and limitless possibilities they have in recipes. A quick and easy recipe that you could execute and enjoy is <<brownies espresso with walnuts and orange>>. 4) Do you consider that one boy and one girl who want to have a career in cooking have got the same chances? Are there differences between men and women chefs? 4.We have examples of very successful chefs of both sexes, of course men chefs are more than women and this is, I believe, due to the nature of our work. It requires , I could say,” military discipline” in the field of kitchen, something, from my experience, I see that women find it difficult to follow. Another factor is that when you cook professionally, quantities and weight handling with our hands are much larger than those of a home kitchen and this is yet another difficulty for women cooks. Personally when I choose my partners , I focus on knowledge and willingness for work. It doesn’t affect my judgment whether they are men or women. Nektaria Christodoulaki, B’


MAY 2014

tter. on… with bu get fluffy and Executi e flour. n mari y e e b th th in e l v colate 1. Sie er unti o the cho r in mix espress 2. Melt gs and suga g tter and with a e u t. s t b e a e z e B th e 3. rang ently with d the o ed chocolate gs, stirring g then ad e eg e melt th th to ix in 4. M ixture by d the m tir. ake 10 and ad r and s rm of c ake in u fo o . fl a n o r e o a b th g sp slowly re and with su 5. Add, and sprinkle ur the mixtu utes. o r in e p m tt , m u 0 6. B ately the for s for 2 pproxim t 180 degree take it out of a 27cm a n nd ted ove ol slightly a ream. t again prehea la ice c next day hea w to co o il n ll a A v . h 7 e it ving … h r w T e s … m e ſt war ains so e again befor m e . Serve r r rio sid The inte to melt the in ven o e th in

Work experience (a small part of Mr. Raikos experience) • ‘Villa Mercedes’ Club-restaurant Chania Καλοκαιρινή σεζόν 2013. Executive chef • Λιμάνι Χανίων- club-restaurant ‘Μικρό Αρσενάλι’ (09/2012- 04/2013) Chef Ελληνική-Διεθνής κουζίνα. • Πλατανιάς Χανίων-Εστιατόριο ‘Platanias Palace’ (04/2012-09/2012) Chef Ελληνική-Διεθνής κουζίνα. • Αράχοβα-Ξενοδοχείο ‘Santa Marina Resort &Spa’ & Ξενοδοχείο ‘Santa Marina’ (πρώην «Ξενία») • Μύκονος-Ξενοδοχείο Santa Marina Mykonos Starwood Luxury Collection (5/2010-10/2010) Chef - Διεθνής κουζίνα. • Μύκονος-Ξενοδοχείο Santa Marina Mykonos Starwood Luxury Collection (5/2009-10/2009 & 05/2008-10/2008) Sous Chef - Διεθνής κουζίνα. • Αράχοβα-Ξενοδοχείο ‘Santa Marina Resort &Spa’ & Ξενοδοχείο ‘Santa Marina’ (πρώην «Ξενία») (10/2007-5/2008 & 10/2008-05/2009) Sous Chef (και στα δυο Ξενοδοχεία)Διεθνής κουζίνα. • Μύκονος-Ξενοδοχείο Santa Marina Mykonos Starwood Luxury Collection (5/2007-10/2007) Chef De Partie-Κρύα κουζίνα. • Μύκονος-Ξενοδοχείο Santa Marina Mykonos Starwood Luxury Collection (5/2006-10/2006) Ά Μάγειρας-Ζεστή κουζίνα. • Καρπενήσι Ευρυτανίας-Εστιατόριο «ΕΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΙ» (10/2005-5/2006) Ά Μάγειρας-Ζεστή κουζίνα. • Μύκονος-Ξενοδοχείο ‘Saint John’ (5/2005-8/2005) Ά Μάγειρας-Zεστή κουζίνα.


OUR NEWSPAPER STAFF’S APPEARANCE AT THE TV SHOW: “MERA MESHIMERI’’ Our newspaper had scheduled to interview Mr. Spyridakis and was pleasantly surprised when he and Mrs. Tsismenaki, hosts of “Mera Mesimeri” invited us as guests on their TV show. Below are photos of us at the scene with the hosts and the cameramen and control panel staff.

-Has the financial crisis affected you? If so, what are the problems that you face? -Yes, a lot. But this hasn’t affected our feelings and ideas about our job. In any case, this is something that we don’t like to show the people. -Are there any differences between the setup of a local TV show and a TV show from Athens? -To me, no. We get as tired and stressed as they do. The topics and the whole show are usually similar. All in all, in my opinion, we all do the same job.

-Thank you for the interview. -It’s my pleasure. -Why did you choose this profession and what do you like the most about it? -First of all, I believe I was meant to be a journalist. When I was at your age, I used to watch many entertaining TV shows and I really loved them. So, I think being a reporter was my fate. What I most like about my job, is the fact that you never get bored. Every day is Our newspaper staff something different and that’s behind the cameras what makes it exciting. I also like the sensitivity and the thrill that I feel everyday. -Your show is one of the most popular ones, and you are one of the most popular journalists in Chania. Do you feel people’s love? -I do feel it. Every day. I didn’t actually expect that, as 11 years are too many and people’s correspondence is shocking. If I didn’t feel it, I would have stopped with this show. That’s what I love about it.

The new generation of journalists.

-Would you like to work in a TV show in Athens someday? -Like I mentioned before, to me there is no difference between a TV show in Chania and one in Athens. So, no. I like the job that I already have. -How do you choose the topics for your show? -In many ways. Firstly, my partners always help me and tell me their ideas about what will make people interested. Along with that, via Facebook a lot of our fans give us advice on what is going on and this is really helpful to us. Last but not least, what I like to do is wander around the city

We would lik e to thank M r Spyridakis an d Mrs. Tsismenaki the ca meramen, th e floor manag er and th e sound director of Kydon for making our visit to thei r studion unfo rgetable even t.

and see various interesting things. -How did you feel during your first live appearance on a TV show? -I’m not really sure. I have forgotten. I was definitely a little stressed about the progress of the show. Apart from that, though, I was absolutely excited and thrilled, since that could be the beginning of my career. -Have you ever have to deal with any unexpected incidents? -That is with out the question. A live show has to have unexpected incidents. As years go by, you learn to face them. One of them that I will never forget, is when we were doing a philanthropic marathon with Mega and Roula Koromila. I couldn’t hear her and I was constantly and rudely interrupting her. It was a technical misunderstanding. The next day, I called her in order to apologize. She said that she had understood that there was a technical problem and that I didn’t even have to apologise. -Thank you. -You are welcome. Aggeliki Saridaki Γ’3 Maria Badouraki Γ’3 Despina Piperaki Γ’3 Penelope Vassilaki Β’1 Nektaria Christodoulaki Β΄4

MAY 2014


Interview of Nickos Anastopoulos, former coach of Platanias

Platanias F.C. was founded in 1931 by Antonis Varouxakis, as a formal member of Hellenic Football Federation and took part in the local championship with the rest of the teams (Talos, Atlantida, Ionia, Asteras, Omilos etc.) During 2009-2010 the team took part for the first time in the third League and aſter a lot of effort, Platanias manager stay in this League. Next year (2010-2011), Platanias brilliant appearances and finished in to the fiſth place. Yet, a number of coincidences helped the team make it to Football League for the first time in its history. The season from 2011 to 2012 begins with the best perspectives for Platanias, who achieves to stand out from the beginning and takes over the title of the << Champion of Winter >>. The last season finds Platanias in the fiſth place, scoring 60 points, while in the playoffs the team manages to get to Super League, for the first time in its history, but also in general in the history of the local football in Chania, taking, indeed, the ninth place !!! Interview with the former coach of Platanias F.C., Nikos Anastopoulos: -Thank you for your time.

-You are welcome. -Do you believe that the coach’s role is harder that the footballer’s role? -This is without question because a coach depends on his players If the players play well and the team wins, then the coach will be praised, however when the team loses a game, then everyone is going to blame the coach. When you are a player, you count on yourself and that’s the reason why I believe being a football player is easier than being a coach. -Have you ever come up against unexpected behaviors from the football players and if so, how did you deal with them? -There are always, especially in football, unexpected behaviors but a coach has to be able to handle these situations, as there are too many different people with different characters and beliefs and I have to understand each player’s individuality so that I can help him be a good player. -How do you deal with failure and how with success and to what degree does it affect your personal life? -Well, I’m that kind of person that has identified their life with football. Unfortunately though, since there are


other things that matter in life, apart from football. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven’t decided yet, if I do well at my job, my personal life is just fine. If not, something goes wrong. As for the first question, there is such a thin line between success and failure. -Do you believe that the presence of Platanias FC in Super League will motivate teenagers from the city of Chania to get involved with football professionally? -This is doubtless. Seeing that a local team can go that far will definitely encourage adolescents to take football more seriously. -Do you believe that the new players will help the team to remain in this league? -If I didn’t believe in these players, they wouldn’t be a part of this team right now. I think that it is really good that they are Greek, since it will be easier for them to incorporate in the team than it would be for players from

other countries, especially now when we are having this difficult time. -What are your personal ambitions? -To fulfill the expectations of Platanias FC. That is my only goal at this moment. -Finally, we would like to ask you a personal question about your coaching career: Do you wish that one day you will become the coach of the team that made you famous, which is Olympiakos FC? -There are always dreams. We can’t live without them. This is a distant dream of mine. Goals and dreams are the ones that keep you alive. -Thank you very much. -It’s my pleasure. Aggeliki Saridaki Γ’3 Maria Badouraki Γ’3 Despina Piperaki Γ’3 Dimitris Ksenakis Γ’3 Sofia Bithava Β’3

Interviewing Mr. Charalampakis, principal of 1st Junior High School of El. Venizelos.

-How do you feel that aſter so many years as a teacher at this school, you are at the position of the school director? -I have been serving the public secondary education since 1993. This position occurred as a natural continuity of my position as a vice-principal at this school, but also as my own desire. I don’t feel though that I have in any way stopped thinking and acting as a teacher. Now of course the anxiety is stronger, the feeling of responsibility is higher, since my reference is not the classroom, but the whole school unit of 300 students, their parents and 33 teachers. At the same time though each time a small or big goal I have set is accomplished, there are feelings of joy and satisfaction which I gain from the positive response of both teachers and students. -Which of the two jobs is more demanding and which of the two do


MAY 2014

you prefer? -The job of an educator no matter which position you serve it from has many, multivaried and unique demands, which are not easy distinguishable to the public, since it deals with the breeding and educating of children coming from different socioeconomic origins and with different expectations from their education at the Junior High School. However, my work as a principal demands more hours at school and at the same time I am called to make decisions for emergency or daily issues. Which of the two positions I prefer, you will allow me to answer aſter the end of my term as school director, in the summer of 2015. -Could you tell us about an incident which you found difficult to deal with or you found awkward? -In these eight months I am serving as a school director I have come across issues, whose solution in one way or an-

other served in the smooth operation of our school. Issues that occurred due to the changes in the educational system in Greece-along with the changes in the society- and unfortunately lead to the shrinkage of public school with consequences both on students and on teachers, were those which concerned me most. In any case as a person and as a school’s director I will not stand on the the process-easy or difficult- of dealing with the problem but on the capability of finding a solution which is the most beneficial for the students, the teachers and the smooth running of the school unit. 4. We know that your wife is a teacher of German in our school . How do you feel about being her superior? -The question should have been addressed to my wife about how she feels about her husband being her direct superior. I’m joking

of course. I and my wife came to this school in 1999. We first met here so as you can understand our school is a milestone in our later relationship up to now. All the previous years we worked at the same place, our priority was our professional conscientiousness and the satisfaction we derive from the faces of the children who were our students. We each work separately _anyway, we teach a different subject- leaving for home issues which concern our common family life and the raising of our kids. Our relationship remains that of colleagues as is with any other member of our staff . At the same time though is a relationship of a superior to a subordinate thus it is ruled by responsibility and duties but also the rights that every teacher has. Maria Badouraki Aggeliki Saridaki

Interview of Fanouris Goundoulakis, Platanias player -In the first place, we would like to thank you for accepting to do this interview. -It’s my pleasure. -What is your goal as a football player and how far do you think this team can get? -Every football player’s goal at this moment is to go along with his team’s goals. Every team has a goal to remain on its league and that’s what’s on my mind right now.

-How is the atmosphere between the players of the team and do you think that the new coach has helped the team? -Imagine, a classroom with 30 different characters is like the atmosphere in the locker rooms, maybe even harder considering our players are from various countries. So, we try to adjust to their lifestyles and so do they. Of course the coach plays a very significant role in the existence of a good atmosphere in the locker rooms, but I believe that we and our mood play the most important role. -How did you feel during the first game of your professional career? -I don’t really remember. It was 13 years ago with a great team, Panathinaikos FC .I didn’t have any specific feelings. I was definitely feeling happy, but my goal was to play like a professional player, I did it and that’s what counts. -Which do you con-

sider to be the most important moment of your professional career as a footballer and what were your feelings? -It wasn’t just one. I can’t choose. It was the European games in which I took part with my previous team and I hope I will get the same feelings with my new team. -We are aware that you have a family. How difficult is it to combine your professional career with your family?

-Well, when we do what we love, it is pretty easy. I chose a life like that, I like it and I’m happy with that. -Thank you very much. -You’re welcome.

Maria Badouraki Γ’3 Despina Piperaki Γ’3 Aggeliki Saridaki Γ’3 Dimitris Xenakis Γ’3 Sofia Bithava Β’3

Teen issues around the globe Vienna, Austria.50 students from Schule Nenzgasse’s A’ class were asked about their school and teenage issues.(The results are in %).

1. What is one thing you like most about your school? There are many projects → 25% The subjects on handcraſts → 25% The new gym → 20% Good lessons → 5% Painting and music classes twice a week → 25% 2. What is one thing you don’t like at all about your school? Too much homework → 42% Teachers → 8% Small breaks → 25% Sometimes there’s in the aſternoon → 20% School starts early → 5% 3. Is bullying a problem in your school? Yes → 55% No → 10% Yes (but very small on) → 35% 4. If yes, what are students bullied about? (choose as many apply) Appearance → 45% Personality → 15% Race/ Color → 5% Country of origin 25% Nothing → 10% 5. Do teenagers in your country drink alcohol? Some teenagers → 70% Yes → 12% Not many → 18% 6. If yes, do they drink..? At home→ 2% At school → 5% Alone → 13% At parties → 70% Don’t drink → 10% 7. Do any students in your class smoke?

Yes → 12% No → 78% I don’t know → 10% 8. If yes, do they smoke..? At school premises → 15 % Out of school → 65% Both → 5% Other → 15% 9. If students are caught bullying, drinking or smoking, what is the punishment? Expelled from school (for a day or some hours) → 10% Call home → 64% Punished at school → 16% Other → 10% 10. What do the people in your country think about Greece and the crisis? What is your opinion? Here are some answers : • Some people think and say bad things about Greece but I say only good things because I think Greece is a beautiful and very good country • I think some people don’t say good things about Greece and I don’t know what to say. It’s not right. • Most people say only good things about Greece and I have the same opinion. I love Greece. They are very beautiful, funny, happy people and a good country but in crisis. *We thank Kalian Danzer for her help in conducting the survey and our student Luna Danzer for making this possible.

Interview of Nick Platis (13-year-old student from Montreal,Canada) -How would you characterize the educational system in your country? -Very good. -Do students repeat classes? -No. -Are students punished with expulsion from school? If yes, for what reasons? -Very rarely. Expulsion is not common unless there is vandalism or harm done to a student or a teacher. -How many lessons do you have? Which lessons? -We have nine lessons. English, French, Greek, History, Geography, Physical Education, Mathematics, Computers, Art. -Are there any electives (subjects that you get to choose)? -No. -Is there economic crisis in your country? -No. -Do many students drop out of school before they finish it? -No. -Is there a problem with teenagers drinking alcohol in your country? -No. -Is there problem with students smoking in your country? -No. -What do you know about modern Greece? -We talk about Greece in school. Mainly the Geography, Politics, Religion and culture. -Thank you. -You are welcome. * We thank Eleni Mathioudaki for her help in conducting the survey via skype and e-mails.

MAY 2014


LET HER GO - PASSENGER Lyrics: Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her gο

TOP 10 GREEK SONGS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Μόνη επιλογή- Μέλισσες Έχεις τον τρόπο- Μύρωνας Στρατής ſt Vegas Γίνεται- Παντελής Παντελίδης Είχα κάποτε μια αγάπη- Παντελής Παντελίδης Είμαι μια χαρά- Γιώργος Τσαλίκης Μη μιλάς- Γιώργος Σαμπάνης Η επιμονή σου- Ελεονόρα Ζουγανέλη Άνεμος αγάπης- Ελένη Φουρέιρα Δεν θέλω επαφή- Πάνος Κιάμος Αχ καρδιά μου- Ηλίας Βρεττός

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low Only hate the road when you’re missing home Only know you love her when you let her go And you let her go Staring at the bottom of your glass Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last But dreams come slow and they go so fast You see her when you close your eyes Maybe one day you’ll understand why Everything you touch surely dies But you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low Only hate the road when you’re missing home Only know you love her when you let her go Staring at the ceiling in the dark Same old empty feeling in your heart 'Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast Well you see her when you fall asleep But never to touch and never to keep 'Cause you loved her too much and you dived too deep

TOP 10 ENGLISH SONGS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Let her go- Passenger Love me again- John Newman Wrecking ball- Miley Cyrus Wake me up- Avicii Counting stars- One Republic Talk dirty- Jason Derulo Radioactive- Imagine Dragons Live it up- Jennifer Lopez What now- Rihanna Story of my life- One Direction Σολανάκη Δανάη Γ4 Μπαντουράκη Μαρία Γ3

Η ΜΟΝΗ ΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ – MELISSES Στίχοι: Ακόμα ψάχνω το γιατί να ναι οι δρόμοι μας κλειστοί ακόμα ψάχνω γι’ άλλη γη μα είσαι η μόνη επιλογή τόσα βράδια κενά με ποτήρια αδειανά δυνατή μουσική μα στο νου μου σιωπή άλλο ένα πρωί πάλι φως δεν θα βγει στο δωμάτιο αυτό κάθε πόρτα κλειστή για μένα είσαι η μόνη επιλογή ακόμα ψάχνω το γιατί να ναι οι δρόμοι μας κλειστοί ακόμα ψάχνω γι’ άλλη γη μα είσαι η μόνη επιλογή πως τέτοια αγάπη να χαθεί κάποιο βράδυ μου’ χες πει είσαι η μόνη επιλογή πάνε μήνες μα ακόμα είναι η πληγή ανοιχτή όλα γύρω μου αλλάζουν μα εγώ μένω εκεί

Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low Only hate the road when you’re missing home Only know you love her when you let her go And you let her go And you let her go Well you let her go 'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low Only hate the road when you’re missing home Only know you love her when you let her go And you let her go

Greek translation: Χρειάζεσαι το φως μόνο όταν φέγγει λίγο Σου λέιπει ο ήλιος μόνο όταν αρχίζει να χιονίζει Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Ξέρεις πως ήσουν χαρούμενος μόνο όταν νιώθεις άσχημα Μισείς τον δρόμο μόνο όταν σου λείπει το σπίτι σου Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Και την αφήνεις να φύγει.

άλλη μια Κυριακή σα θλιμμένη γιορτή πλημμυρίζουν οι σκέψεις μα είναι άδεια η ψυχή για μένα είσαι η μόνη επιλογή ακόμα ψάχνω το γιατί να ναι οι δρόμοι μας κλειστοί ακόμα ψάχνω γι’ άλλη γη μα είσαι η μόνη επιλογή πως τέτοια αγάπη να χαθεί κάποιο βράδυ μου’ χες πει είσαι η μόνη επιλογή Ήσουν πάντα... Μπαντουράκη Μαρία Γ3, Σαριδάκη Αγγελική Γ3

Κοιτάς στον πάτο του ποτηριού Ελπίζοντας πως κάποια μέρα ένα όνειρο θα διαρκέσει πολύ Αλλά τα όνειρα έρχονται αργά και φεύγουν τόσο γρήγορα Την βλέπεις όταν κλείνεις τα μάτια σου Ίσως κάποια μέρα θα καταλάβεις γιατί Ό,τι αγγίζεις σίγουρα πεθαίνει Όμως χρειάζεσαι το φως μόνο όταν φέγγει λίγο Σου λέιπει ο ήλιος μόνο όταν αρχίζει να χιονίζει Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Ξέρεις πως ήσουν χαρούμενος μόνο όταν νιώθεις άσχημα Μισείς τον δρόμο μόνο όταν σου λείπει το σπίτι σου Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Κοιτάς το ταβάνι στο σκοτάδι Το ίδιο κενό συναίσθημα στην καρδιά σου, Γιατί η αγάπη έρχεται αργά και φεύγει τόσο γρήγορα Λοιπόν την βλέπεις όταν κοιμάσαι, Αλλά ποτέ δεν την αγγίζεις και δεν την κρατάς, Γιατί την αγάπησες τόσο πολύ και έπεσες τόσο χαμηλά Χρειάζεσαι το φως μόνο όταν φέγγει λίγο Σου λέιπει ο ήλιος μόνο όταν αρχίζει να χιονίζει Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Ξέρεις πως ήσουν χαρούμενος μόνο όταν νιώθεις άσχημα Μισείς τον δρόμο μόνο όταν σου λείπει το σπίτι σου Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Και την αφήνεις να φύγει Και την αφήνεις να φύγει Λοιπόν την αφήνεις να φύγει Χρειάζεσαι το φως μόνο όταν φέγγει λίγο Σου λέιπει ο ήλιος μόνο όταν αρχίζει να χιονίζει Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Ξέρεις πως ήσουν χαρούμενος μόνο όταν νιώθεις άσχημα Μισείς τον δρόμο μόνο όταν σου λείπει το σπίτι σου Ξέρεις πως την αγαπάς μόνο όταν την αφήνεις να φύγει Και την αφήνεις να φύγει.


MAY 2014

Dressing up for School

Appropriate but also trendy


Lots of students wonder what they have to wear at school, what is suitable or unsuitable, what is provocative and what is appropriate. Nowadays some students come to school wearing really unsuitable clothes, too sexy and too trendy for their age, which destroy their whole student image. Parents and teachers are really concerned about their children’s appearance at school and they feel they have to do something about it. It’s worth to say that in some private schools there is specific way of dressing. The students have to wear uniforms, which are all the same. In this way the students feel equal, they don’t get criticized for their clothes and they don’t really care about their appearance. But, also, there are disadvantages in wearing uniforms at school. First of all, you aren’t free to choose whatever you want to wear. Secondly, the uniform maybe doesn’t suit you and this is something catastrophic for yourself image especially for girls. There is also no self expression. To conclude, students must take care of their appearance at school but keep it appropriate for their age and the location. Aſter all, school is a place for learning but also building our character. Below we have suggested some appropriate but trendy clothes for both girls and boys our age. In contrast, we are showing some inappropriate clothes for both boys and girls. Sophia Birthava Alexandra Tsavolaki Nektaria Christodoulaki MAY 2014


Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink..

C’ Class voted and the results are: Κορίτσια - Girls: 1. Πιο δημοφιλή - Most popular Κατζουράκη Χρύσα, Τζουγανάκη Ιωσηφίνα 2. Καλύτερη στα πάντα - Best all around Σαριδάκη Αγγελική, Κρητικάκη Εμμανουέλα 3. Καλύτερη μαθήτρια - Best Student Μαριδάκη Γιάννα, Μπαντουράκη Μαρία 4. Πιο πιθανόν να πετύχει Most likely to succeed Μουσουράκη Μαρία, Πιπεράκη Δέσποινα 5. Καλύτερη αίσθηση του χιούμορ Best sense of humour Σαριδάκη Αγγελική, Τζιριτάκη Εύα 6. Πιο ταλαντούχα - Most talented Βουράκη Μαρία, Βολουδάκη Νατάσα 7. Καλύτερη προσωπικότητα - Best personallity Πιπεράκη Δέσποινα, Ζερβουδάκη Ειρήνη 8. Καλύτερη αθλήτρια - Best athlete Καραμπουρνιώτη Μαρία, Μουσουράκη Μαρία 9. Πιο δραστήρια - Most active Μαζανάκη Εύα, Τζιριτάκη Εύα Αγόρια - Boys: 1. Πιο δημοφιλής - Most popular Αικατερίνης Γιάννης, Τάνταρος Κώστας 2. Καλύτερος στα πάντα - Best all around Ξενάκης Δημήτρης, Τζεγιαννάκης Ιωσήφ 3. Καλύτερος μαθητής - Best Student Μαρκογιαννάκης Γιάννης, Σταματάκης Μιχάλης 4. Πιο πιθανόν να πετύχει Most likely to succeed Κόψης Δημήτρης, Μαρκογιαννάκης Γιάννης 5. Καλύτερη αίσθηση του χιούμορ Best sense of humour Μανιουδάκης Νίκος, Περουλάκης Σταμάτης 6. Πιο ταλαντούχος - Most talented Αικατερίνης Γιάννης, Τζεγιαννάκης Ιωσήφ 7. Καλύτερη προσωπικότητα - Best personallity Τάνταρος Κώστας, Μανιουδάκης Νίκος 8. Καλύτερος αθλητής - Best athlete Κουντουράκης Χάρης, Ξενάκης Δημήτρης 9. Πιο δραστήριος - Most active Καμπάκος Σπύρος, Λιοδάκης Άρης

Despina Piperaki Γ3


MAY 2014

The environment is very important for humans because we live in it and it helps us survive. But some with our actions destroy it. Water pollution is a problem created by humans. Pollution can be chemical, biological etc. The pollution is divided into two categories: direct, namely that we can see and immediately kills species that live in water and indirect that it is not visible and slowly causes changes in species living in the water. Factors leading to the pollution of surface water and groundwater are: 1.the oil, 2. acid rain which is a result of air pollution 3.The industrial, livestock and agricultural liquid waste that may contain fertilizer or pesticides, 4. gaseous pollutants which are transported over long distances and end up in the air, water and soil, 5.The seawater from residences and other human activities. All the above should be addressed in the following ways: you must take steps to prevent fuel thrown into the sea, not to pollute the air with fumes and there must be environmental testing in industries and factories, so only in organic farming and agriculture should be used. And finally to have biological treatment of municipal wastewater. If these are not done the environment will deteriorate. Most consumers (69,2%) that were asked, believe that there are no problems with the water in Chania. The rest of them (30,8%) who think that there are problems, refer to the unpleasant smell and taste Also, some others protested about the quantity

Water issues in Chania

and the quality. All these problems are created by the water pollution from the extensive use of chemicals, the air pollution from the fuels of ships and airplanes and the pollution from liquid waste. That’s why the sea sends an SOS message to the residents of this planet because in the future it won’t be able to clean itself. As for USA’s and Russia’s decision to dispose Syria’s waste in the Mediterranean Sea in the West Crete, it will destroy the residents’ health and the marine ecosystem. The residents of Crete are in turmoil and there are protests. But is it enough? Something must be done and done quickly. Our beautiful seas must remain clean and safe for the generations to come. Despina Piperaki Γ3

Our staff on the move Ballet can be a solution to keep fit ..... Because of this I started ballet at the age of 4. I was excited. I had seen many Disney movies where Barbie was a famous ballerina and I wanted to be like her. Maybe it's funny but that was my dream. After 6 years I saw ballet as a possible profession so I wanted to learn more. I read many things about it but the most impressive was the story of a prima ballerina. She was 6 years old when she started being interested in dancing. Her mum took her to learn traditional dances. After an audition when Svetlana Zakharova was 10 she was accepted in the dance academy of Kievo. Unfortunately after 4 months her dad was tranfered to the eastern camp of Germany so she left the academy. But when the Zakharova family went back, she got accepted again. Some years later and after a lot of performances she got a proposal from Bolshoi. She accepted the proposal of the Bolshoi Ballet to join there as a dancer and now she is one of the most famous ballerinas in the world. I am a ballerina and I think that ballet is a kind of art which teaches us to stand properly and have another sense of

Alexandra has been doing ballet for 11 years

rhythm. Moreover ballet can be a way to express yourself and find your own style of dance. I do ballet for 11 years and now I am at a level that I wear pouent and I can do solo performances. I am happy and maybe I will continue ballet for ever because this dance keeps me happy when I am sad and disciplines me when I am not my self!

-Alexandra Tsavolaki Β’4

Dance fever… Latin Latin is a variety of sensual, energetic dances with unique steps. It always uses a rhythm. Latin has a long history. It was originally brought to Cuba and Puerto Rico by African slaves who used this dance as a means of entertainment when they finished their chores. The rhythm of this music was created by drums or with their feet. Of course Latin has developed through the years into what it is today.

Latin dances are close to Greek people’s heart, because we love rhythm. Popular dance TV shows have increased the interest of Greek people in Latin Dances. In Chania there are a few dancing schools where one can learn to dance and aſter 2 years training can receive a diploma which enables them to teach. There are not many men or boys who are interested in Latin dances in Chania. It’s considered mainly a girls sport. My favourite dance is Cha-cha –cha. I love putting on my dance costume and dance away!

Salsa Salsa is a blend of Cuban and jazz music. It’s the oldest music as it was danced by the salves in the streets. At first, the drummer had to follow the dancers’ moves but nowadays the dancer has to follow the drummer. These days it’s very popular all over the world and is oſten danced at parties.

Mambo Mambo was first introduced in a night club in Havana, in 1943. It was danced by Italians in Cuba. It’s a very energetic dance that demands a very flexible body.

Tango Tango is a very erotic dance. It is believed to have originated in Argentina in 1800s and created by African slaves. When it first came out it hadn’t been very popular with men because it was consider wrong to sway like a woman. It was also inspired by the upper echelon of society. Since the 1980s it has become very popular.

Brazilian Samba

Chacha-cha Cha-cha-cha was first introduced in 1954 as a new form of the Mambo dance.

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Brazilian Samba was brought to Brazil by the African slaves. Originally it was a mixture of dancing and praying but later it blended with Latin beats that turned it to what it is today. Pinelopi Vasilaki B1 * Latin dance history • source: internet

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