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1st EPAL Ierapetras

Our school from a different perspective Through the eyes of the teachers Maria Sourgiadaki & Despina Xomblaraki

Welcome to our school library!

That’s where the students come to say “Good morning”

And that’s where we chat with our etwinning partners

It’s obvious that we love eTwinning

Too obvious…

We love the craziness of our students

and their creativity‌

‌their passion for dancing‌

….for singing…

…their traditional values…

‌their social awareness‌

and we love to see them enjoying outdoor teaching‌

…and outdoor activities.

Apart from teaching we like giving them carrier guidance

and opening up their horizons through European Projects.

Now we want to make together with you

our modern Odysseus’s trip to Europe!

presentation of our school  
presentation of our school  

through the eyes of teachers