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1st EPAL Ierapetras

Our School

through the eyes of the A class students


Our school is perfect

It is near the sea and it has a great view

It’s a special school

The nicest school in Ierapetra

Our school is a nice habit. We can be educated and then we can be independent and we can work

The school is a boring every day routine which loads us with knowledge

It’s a place of education. We have fun during the day with our friends and luckily there are breaks!

The school gives us qualifications for the future and helps us fulfill our goals

Our school is special for us because of the many specializations it has

A very beautiful place for us

There are different workshops in our school that help us in the professions we choose for our future

It helps us with many professions

We have good teachers and our school is really nice but it isn’t well organized

We have the best canteen in Ierapetra The canteen has good baguettes and good juice I like the canteen of my school

This school has a nice canteen with everything in it

The good thing about this school is that it has about 5 or 6 computer rooms

I like the computer room of my school

EPAL is the best!!

A school which contributes to tomorrow

Beautiful high school with a view

A very good school with few problems

My school hasn’t got the best appearance, and some teachers’ behavior isn’t so good.

The good thing is that all children are friendly

For the P.E. lesson there are areas for playing football, basketball and volleyball

There are large classrooms and a big schoolyard

There’s a teachers’ room with comfortable chairs where they sit during the breaks

Nice spaces, but not taken care of ‌

The school has serious problems

My school is dirty

My school has a smoking area in the toilets


The school looks good. Usually it’s boring, but it is all right

When we finish school we get a diploma for our specialization

Our school is different from the other schools because we have many class rooms and different buildings

Our school is the best

Our school is built of the best materials

It’s one of the most modern schools in Ierapetra

It has the greatest teachers!!!

And the best headmaster

Our school is wonderful because it has US !!!!!

It has the best schoolyard

The school yard is good for different activities

EPAL is a good school although it has a bad reputation

EPAL is an artistic school

presentation of our school  

in the frames of "express yourself freely" activity for the students of A class