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September 16, 2013

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September 16, 2013

East Visayas nominee one of



astern Visayas nominee, Mr. Pablo U. Amascual III, admin chief of the Leyte Normal University, has been chosen as one of this year’s national awardees for the Dangal ng Bayan Award. CSC Region 8 Director Rowin Riños said that Mr. Amascual, who is physically challenged, will join other national awardees in the awarding ceremonies to be led by President Benigno S. Aquino III in Malacañang sometime this month of September. Despite losing his eyesight in 2006, Amascual has continued to serve the entire Leyte Normal University (LNU) community where he works as the chief administrative officer, professor, resident ombudsman and a resident historian for 30 years to date. Amascual, who is a father of three children, believes that being differentlyabled has nothing to do with the positive service he has started to render to the community that includes producing several publications in a national journal in history, proposing to the City Council of Tacloban the name for the street along the way to the New Bus Terminal as “Pres. Sergio Osmeña Avenue,” working on the official lot donation of more than seven hectares to LNU from the provincial government of Leyte and some others responsive to community development needs. Mr. Amascual believes that “I don’t have to change because of my physical disability. I just have to continue what I’ve been doing and that is quality service. It takes more than just determination and courage to serve. If I

can do it, they also can. If I can serve even without the full use of my senses, then how much more those who are more blessed with physical capabilities.” The Outstanding Public Officials and Employees Award or the Dangal ng Bayan Award recognizes the government officials and employees who have shown extraordinary act of public service and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior. Dangal ng Bayan is just one

of the three grants under the Honor Awards Program (HAP) of the Civil Service Commission. The other two are the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award and the Civil Service Commission Pagasa Award. The HAP is an annual undertaking which aims to motivate or inspire government employees to improve the quality of their performance and in still deeper involvement in public service. Dangal ng Bayan Awardees will receive continued on page 6

Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources national director Atty. Asis Perez (center) urged the local media to encourage fishermen to avail of the municipal fisherfolk registration during the Harampang ha PIA. The regional Municipal Fisherfolk registration (FishR) which was launched in Tacloban City on July 25 will be used as a national database in making programs to help the local government units (LGUs) in protecting the fishery resources and in establishing a comprehensive fishery information system. Also in photo are PIA 8 regional director Olive Tiu and BFAR 8 regional director Juan Albaladejo. (Raul S. Tiozon/PIA8)


September 16, 2013

Peace forum slated in Tacloban on September 25


Information Officers Paul Cinco (top-right), National Police Commission information officer and Myles Colasito (bottom-right) of the Department of the Interior and Local Government guested at the Suruswerte ha PIA during its recent episodes discussing on crime prevention and Oplan Broadcastreeing activity with hosts Jimmy Angay-angay and Manny Maano. (PIA-8)

Palo village sets up CCTV


arangay Luntad in the town of Palo has become the first Barangay in Leyte if not in the entire region, to install its own closed circuit television (CCTV) to deter occurrence of any crimes. Luntad barangay chairman Andres Ian Sevilla said the first four units

of CCTV were installed by the barangay sometime in August of this year. The procurement of which were taken from their own barangay funds, the barangay chairman said. The Barangay chairman said that Luntad is a peaceful barangay but decided to set up CCTV to prevent the occurrence of crime incident in the area.

n line with the celebration of Peace Month this September, the Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD), Inc., University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) Tacloban Chapter and Y-Peer Pilipinas in close partnership with the 19th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army will be hosting a Multi-Sectoral Peace Forum on September 25, 2013 at the Multi-Purpose Building of University of the Philippines Tacloban College. The forum primarily aims to gather different sectors in the society such as youth, women, urban poor, religious, persons with disabilities, nongovernment organizations, military, government and cultural minorities to tackle each sector’s idea in terms of peace building. In addition, each sector can impart the practices that they have been doing for the advocacy of peace. Moreover, speakers coming from the region will be invited to share their experiences about the promotion of harmonious relationship and peace in Eastern Visayas. This year’s peace month celebration centers on the theme, “Lahat ay peace-sible!” which is a play on the Filipino proverb, “Walang imposible sa taong naniniwala na lahat ay possible (Nothing is impossible to a person who believes that everything is possible).” “The theme is a hopeful reminder that lasting peace is possible, especially if we all contribute towards it.”

The four units of CCTV were installed at the entry and exit points of the village of 680 people which is located within the town proper. The four units of CCTV cost P35,000 taken from the barangay’s economic and development funds, Sevilla said. Luntad has an income of continued on page 6


September 16, 2013


DBM introduces performance-informed budgeting to government officials


he Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is currently raising the awareness of government officials on the performance-informed budgeting, a new system where each peso is presented alongside the results that the government wants to achieve. DBM Region 8 Director Imelda Laceras said that with the performance informed budgeting, “there is kwento in every kwenta.” The budget was organized to reflect non-financial performance information alongside the budgetary allocations, she said. Per formance -information typically include the purpose for the funds required, outputs that would be produced or the services that would be rendered, outcomes that would be achieved by the outputs and services

and cost of the programs and activities proposed to achieve the objective. Director Laceras explained that performance-informed budgeting differs from the traditional line itembased budgeting as it focuses more on outputs and outcomes and places less emphasis on the inputs. It links funding to results, and provides a framework for more informed resource allocation and management. The new national budget will no longer contain an excessively detailed line item document, but a budget that presents performance information aligned to planned resources that promises to be understandable and accessible to the people. Through the new system, ordinary citizen would understand

what government agencies are doing, thus enhancing citizen engagement in financial management,” Director Laceras added. The Lady director said that the budget department has been introducing public expenditure management mechanisms to enhance transparency and accountability. Among these are organizational performance indicator framework, medium-term expenditure framework, zero-based budgeting, program budgeting and bottom-up budgeting. Laceras pointed out that public expenditure management should mean spending within government’s means, spending on the right priorities and spending with maximum impact. (PIA 8)

Health assistant secretary Enrique Tayag (right) energizes the affair with his signature dance as guests and participants joined him during the ceremonial kick-off launching of schistosomiasis mass drug administration in Dagami, Leyte, July 25. (Vino R. Cuayzon)


September 16, 2013

DA-8 to conduct Abaca Handicrafts Training for women


n connection with its thrust to intensify women empowerment in the ?Region, the Department of Agriculture-8 (DA-8) through its Gender and Development (GAD) Program and in coordination with the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is set to conduct a three-day Abaca Handicrafts Training for women. Ms. Eva T. Adora , DA-8 GAD forcal person said that the training will be conducted in order to give women a chance to improve their skills in making handicrafts such as bags, floor mats and other abaca products that are currently in demand in the market. The GAD program also envisions the production of globally competitive abaca handicrafts to further boost abaca industry in the region. Set to be conducted on September 23-25, 2013 at the ATI –

Visayas State University (VSU) Baybay City, the activity will be participated in by 30 women from the different provinces in the region who are members of Rural Improvement Clubs (RIC) in abacaproducing areas in the Region such as Baybay City, Abuyog, Leyte and the province of Northern Samar. Ms. Adora is encouraging more participants to this training so that more women will benefit from the program. So far, Ms Adora added, women from Northern Samar have already confirmed their attendance. Those who are interested may contact Ms. Adora through through cellphone numbers 0927-719-0818 and 0919-923-9754 or landline number 3259618. (PIA8)

Corn and cassava farmers get a big boost from agriculture department


he corn and cassava farmers from all over Eastern Visayas got a big boost through the implementation of various interventions by the Department of Agriculture Region 8 in coordination with Local Government Units (LGUs) and different local farmer organizations Mr. Francis Rosaroso, DA-8 Information officer said that through the DA-8’s Corn Program, three (3) tractors were recently distributed to the LGUs of Pambujan and Laoang in Northern Samar and Paranas in Samar. The said facilities were availed of through an 85-15 counterparting scheme where DA shouldered 85% of its total cost and the LGU-recipient paid for the remaining 15%, Mr. Rosaroso said. Through the DA-8 Corn Program’s Post Harvest Development Services component, a warehouse and Village-Type Dryer is presently being constructed in Merida, Leyte through the 85-15 counter-parting scheme. Aside from the aforementioned assistance, the DA-8 Corn Program will be conducting a series of training intended for all the provinces in the region. According to Ms. Brenda Pepito, DA-8 Corn Program Coordinator, said training is focused on Corn Husk Utilization and Corn and Cassava Production Technologies, Mr. Rosaroso said. Under the 2012-2017 corn industry roadmap, the farm department is eyeing to provide 10 mobile village-type corn mills, one to two dryers, six mechanical corn shellers, four tractors, and four corn planters in the region every year. Meanwhile, for the cassava production, five (5) units of cassava granulators were distributed to the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) of Biliran; Dagami, Leyte; Maasin City, Southern Leyte; and OPA, Eastern Samar. The distribution of cassava presser is also on-going, Mr. Rosaroso said. The importance of cassava as a crop cannot be disputed. It is an important raw material for various commercial and industrial products and a staple food for many marginalized communities worldwide, Mr. Rosaroso said. (PIA-8)


September 16, 2013

Biri, Northern Samar (Photo by Gerry Ruiz)

Sustainable coral reef program now ongoing in Biri, Northern Samar


he implementation of the Sustainable Coral Reef Ecosystem Management Program (SCREMP) is currently ongoing in Biri, Northern Samar. This, after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) through its Coastal and Marine Management Division (CMMD) launched the project sometime in August of 2013. DENR Executive Director Manolito Ragub said that SCREMP is a national program of the DENR (20122020) that will conduct a strategic, sustainable, and ecosystem-based approach in protecting and rehabilitating the coral reef ecosystem. In Region 8, SCREMP shall be implemented in three (3) proclaimed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) namely: Biri LAROSA Protected Landscape and Seascape (BLPLS) in Northern Samar; Guiuan Marine Reserve Protected Landscape and Seascape in Guiuan, Eastern Samar; and Cuatro Islas Protected Landscape and Seascape in Hindang and Inopacan, Leyte, RED Ragub said. The components of SCREMP program include habitat and vulnerability assessments, coral reef rehabilitation and protection, social mobilization and

development, MPA strengthening and networking and sustainable livelihood interventions. RED Ragub said that in the implementation of the SCREMP, the DENR shall coordinate with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of the Department of Agriculture, other concerned national government agencies, local government units, research and

academic institutions, duly organized non-government organizations and the private sectors. The Biri LAROSA Protected Landscape and Seascape (BLPLS) in Northern Samar is a priority site for the implementation of SCREMP in Region 8 for 2013. It is a proclaimed protected area under the National Integrated Protected Area System (NIPAS) Act of 1992 by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 291 dated April 23, 2000. As a protected area, BLPLS is famous for its geological wonders known as “Biri Rock Formation�, tropical mangrove forests both natural and manmade and diverse marine life forms. The BLPLS spans over 5,281 hectares terrestrial and 29,718 marine waters within the municipalities of Biri, Lavesarez, Rosario and San Jose, hence its acronym Biri-LAROSA. Like the other programs of the DENR, the implementation of SCREMP in the region and the country as well is hoped to contribute to food security and improve human wellbeing of the coastal communities, implement sustainable management of coastal and marine resources through resource and habitat conservation, protection and rehabilitation among other objectives, RED Ragub said. (PIA 8)

Pearl Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar (Photo by Jaren Loyola)


September 16, 2013

THE NATIONAL MARITIME WEEK celebration The Philippine Ports Authority is spearheading this year’s National Maritime Week celebration from September 23-29 with the theme “Sustainable Development: IMO’s Contribution Beyond R10 + 20.” Tacloban Port Manager Dominador Licayan the celebration of National Maritime Week is pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 556 that mandates the promotion of the maritime sector and the welfare of seafarers. In line with this celebration, the Philippine Ports Authority has hosted a meeting on September 9 at the PPA Tacloban Conference Room at Port Area, Tacloban City in order to organize and plan for the

suitable ceremonies and programs that would be undertaken during the said event. Among the activities which will be conducted is advocacy and promotions of the celebration through the tri-media. It was agreed that the agencies concerned with the maritime sector will guest at the Harampang Ha PIA media forum on September 24. Aside from the Philippine Ports Authority, MARINA such as the National Maritime Polytechnic, Maritime Department of EVSU, OWWA, POEA, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, and the other coordinating agencies, will join the activity. (PIA 8)

Palo Metropolitan Cathedral went through a renovation in 2012. Aside from the cathedral, Our Lord’s Transfiguration Parish and the University of the Philippines School of Health Sciences could also be found in Barangay Luntad. (Photo by Gerry Ruiz)

Palo village... from page 2

about P780,000 mainly from its share on internal revenue allotment. Sevilla narrated that what actually encouraged him to install the CCTV in their village was due to an incident on November last year wherein the barangay-owned two mountain bike units were stolen in December. The mountain bikes were being used by the three village watchmen (tanod members) during their night duties. According to him, he proposed for the barangay to buy the CCTV during their barangay assembly which immediately generated positive response from the barangay residents. “The CCTV really helps in our campaign against criminality not only here in our village but even those from other barangays because Luntad has become a sort of a short cut in going to other points in Palo,” the Barangay chairman said. Barangay Luntad which has an area of 3.92 hectares, is where the metropolitan cathedral of Palo is located, the Our Lord’s Transfiguration Parish, as well as the University of the Philippines of Health Sciences are located. It is also the site of the famed Saboren Christmas House, Leyte’s top attraction during Christmas time, among others.

East Visayas nominee... from page 1 a cash prize of PHP200,000 and a trophy designed by National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon Abueva. They are also entitled to incentives such as bonuses, citations, directorships in government-owned or controlled corporations, local and foreign scholarship grants, paid vacations, and automatic promotion to the next higher position with commensurate salary suitable to their qualifications. (PIA 8)

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