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September 14, 2013

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8


September 14, 2013

DPWH-8 UPGRADES STAFF COMPETENCY thru field engineers’ training


n line with the agency’s thrust to improve service through enhancement of staff competency, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Regional Office 8 recently conducted a 21-day comprehensive training for DPWH field engineers. DPWH Regional Director Rolando Asis said the training which started on August 13, 2013 and ended on September 6, was conducted with the DPWH key officials who are experts on project design, construction methods, materials quality control, construction supervision and management, as resource speakers. With the licensed civil engineers and architects all throughout Region VIII as participants, the training was intended to educate all field engineers,

project engineers and resident engineers, possessing limited knowledge in technical project management governing the standards and specifications set by the department. The training was divided into four modules with module 1 focused on designs; module 2 on the construction methods, module 3 concentrated on Materials Quality Control, and module 4 on construction supervision and management. All the modules are important in order to ensure that projects which are being implemented in the region will meet the quality standards. Module 1 covered surveys and investigations in the design of roads and buildings, the standard implementation

and processes on bridge design, and the rules and standards in designing flood control and drainage structures. Module 2 discussed extensively the road construction and maintenance methods, equipment requirements, proper supervision, and problems and safety measures. Also covered are bridges, buildings, flood control and drainage structures construction methods, site layout, earthworks/foundation, form works, concrete and masonry works, steel works, carpentry and tinsmith works, plumbing works, and finishing works were also discussed along with the commonly encountered problems and proper measures applied thereof. On the other hand, Module 3 focused further on Materials Quality Control, and module 4 dealt on construction supervision and management intended for the Materials Engineers (MEs), Project Inspectors (PIs) and Project Engineers (PEs). Those who attended the training will re-echo in their respective district engineering offices. Moreover, a technical conference to be facilitated by the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, has been scheduled on September 19-20 by the DPWH Regional Office. (PIA 8) DOST-ICTO deputy executive director Monchito Ibrahim (4th from left) together with IT executives from the different ICTs industry faced the media during the press conference held at the Palo Municipal Hall, Palo, Leyte, September 11. (Vino R. Cuayzon)

2 Gender Codes should likewise involve men – UNFPA


en should likewise be involved in formulating Gender and Development (GAD) Codes. So said Mr. Roy Dimayuga, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Area Programme Officer said in a brief interview during the two-day Workshop at the Dona Vicenta Hotel, this city, which mainly aimed to review and update the 2008 Provincial GAD Code. Dimayuga said, that the workshop dubbed Convergence of Voices and Efforts in Enhancing Gender and Development Code of Eastern Samar, was suppose to have reviewed only certain provisions which did not include male participation, but they found out some gaps, which need to be enhanced, thus the workshop. UNFPA is involved in the “promotion of the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity”. Dimayuga’s contention was affirmed by the remarks, Mr. Toti Uysingco, TriDev Executive Director, who said that in the past, councils for women and children’s protection did not give men the task to provide health care, or assign them to prevent violence against women and children nor asked them to help control sex industry even as some of them are the markets. “Society should be fair and balance in giving equal opportunities, to all regardless of religion, sex, education, social and economic status”, Uysingco said. TriDev is UNFPA’s partner agency which likewise promotes for the fulfilment of women’s human rights to enable women and men to equally contribute to and benefit from development through mainstreaming gender-responsive government plans, policies and programs. Meanwhile, former Board Member Edith Sepulveda who was the main author and endorser of the GAD Code in 2008, received the workshop positively. continued on page 8

September 14, 2013

Southern Leyte ranks



he local government unit of Southern Leyte ranks the lowest malnutrition incidence in the region with the rate of 7.11% of the total population of preschool children weighed while the Department of Education – Southern Leyte Schools Division got 4.6% malnutrition rate of all the schoolchildren in the province. According to Assistant Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (APNAO) Nilda Rich in a meeting conducted by the Provincial Nutrition Committee at Maasin City today, “ the malnutrition rate got by the province from among the 41,298 preschool children with ages ranging from 0-71 months old weighed in 18 municipalities of Southern Leyte got an average rate of 7.11% in 2012.” “Out of mentioned total preschool children, 450 of them were severely underweight while the 2,490 were underweight, “ she reported. Rich further reported that Southern Leyte got the lowest malnutrition rate for the provincial

category throughout the Eastern Visayas region in 2012. She noted that the National Nutrition Council has set that the 10% malnutrition rate of the total weighed preschool children as benchmark for not alarming malnutrition incidence while the same indicator was also observed by the DepEd SoLeyte Schools Division as they gathered the nutritional status of the elementary children from Kindergarten to Grade VI according to DepEd Nurse In Charge Teresita Marquez said. While, the DepEd- Southern Leyte Division also reported that out of 53,892 schoolchildren weighed, it was found out that 316 schoolchildren were severely wasted and 2,118 of them were wasted with the overall malnutrition rate pegged at 4.6% in the SY 2013- 2014 as of July 2013, Schools Medical Officer IV Dr. Consolacion Ruflo of DepEd Southern Leyte Schools Divison reported in the same meeting. (PIA8 SoLeyte)

Palo mayor Remedios Petilla (center) received a plaque of appreciation from DILG 8 regional director Pedro Noval (2nd from left) as guest of honor and speaker during the 2013 National Crime Prevention Week culmination program held at Matapat Hall, Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte, September 11. Also in photo are PCSupt. Elmer Soria, NAPOLCOM assistant regional director Danilo Rosillo and PCSupt. Edgar Basbas. (Vino R. Cuayzon)


September 14, 2013

LMWD informs its Tacloban concessionaires of scheduled water disconnection BY: MARIVIC ALCOBER


Internet marketing specialist Fae Cheska Marie Esperas, (l-r) Business founder & editor Victorino Abrugar and internet marketing specialists Dennis & Girly Palma gave their testimonials during the opening ceremony of the ICT Roadshow in the Next Wave Cities at the Tacloban City Convention Center, September 12. At left is PIA 8 regional director Olive Tiu, moderator. (Vino R. Cuayzon)

Unemployed healthcare providers may find job in the BPO BY: JONNIE H. BUENAVENTURA


usiness process outsourcing, one of the leading sources of employment opportunities that provide job generation to a specific field of endeavor is gaining another momentum that would change Tacloban City and nearby municipalities into a more viable center of Information Technology. According to Ms. Jeanette S. Carillo, Executive Director, Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (HIMOAP) that Tacloban City and other nearby municipalities are their next wave cities that ICT sector will generate employment oppurtunities. Ms. Carillo informed that the healthcare sector in the business process outsourcing is always in the trend to provide job generation to healthcare providers who remain unemployed temporarily to consider the option to become a call center agent. Ms. Carillo specifically encourages the physician, nurses and other healthcare providers to become medical transcriptionist which do mostly medical reports, discharge summaries,

operative reports, theraphy/rehabilitation notes, chart notes and hospital and clinic reports using software and equipment . In 2003, there were only 9 companies registered doing medical transcription in the Philippines. In 2008 there were 43 companies registered. The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006. In 2012, IT-BPO in the Philippines generated more than $13 billion in revenues, an increase of $2 billion from the $11 billion in 2011. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) now projects that revenues of the IT-BPO industry will hit $16 billion in 2013 and have 926,000 full-time employees. To achieve and sustain this growth, the Philippine government offered fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to attract foreign direct investment in these industries as part of its 2007 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP). The IPP was prepared by the Board of Investments (BOI), as the lead

he Leyte Metropolitan Water District (LMWD) would like to inform its water concessionaires in Tacloban City of the scheduled water service disconnection on September 16-19, 2013. On September 16-17, areas covered, which are under Zones 021 to 058 are: Tacloban City proper, Brgy. Diit, Tigbao, Lower and Upper Nulatula, PHHC, Naga-Naga, Abucay, Anibong, Sabang, Reclamation Area, Siren District, and Utap. Areas for disconnection on September 18-19, covers Zones 061 to 098 of the Tacloban City proper to include Magallanes, Arellano, Lucban, Esperas Avenue, Pericohon, Dadison, El Reposo, Youngfield, Utap, Sampaguita and Apitong. In Sagkahan, barangays covered are 59-B, 60-A and B, and 63, Km. 4, Mangga, Bliss, Interior, PagIbig, Aslum, Old Road, and Kalipayan. In Calanipawan, Brgy. 96, Lumbang I & II; Diversion Road; Caibaan, Fatima Village, and the V&G Subdivision. To avoid the inconvenience of a disconnected water service, the Leyte Metropolitan Water District is requesting its water concessionaires to immediately pay their back accounts. (PIA-8) agency in promoting investments, focused on the sectors identified in the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP). The majority of the BPO facilities are located in “first-tier� cities in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Second- and third-tier sites are located in regional economic zones such as Bacolod City, Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro, Clark, Angeles City, Dagupa City, Davao City, Tacloban City, Dumaguete City, Lipa City, Iloilo City, Legazpi City, Iligan City, Olongapo City and Urdaneta City. (PIA-8)


September 14, 2013

“Sustansya Kini” program to address food shortage, improve nutrition in SoLeyte BY: MA. REBECCA G. CADAVOS


he province of Southern Leyte will be implementing the “Sustansya Kini” program to address food shortage and improve nutrition among Southern Leytenos, especially those belonging to the poverty line. Based on the presentation of Provincial Planning and Development Office staff Catalina Samaco, the “Sustansya Kini” program will target households who experienced food shortage, those families with income below poverty line and those families who have malnourished children, to name a few. “ The program will focus on the 4P-beneficiaries to uplift their livelihood income and the wasted children, among others, “ she disclosed. “The targeting system for the

program’s beneficiaries is also based on the Community-based Management System (CBMS) survey at the barangay level,” Samaco informed during the meeting held with the Provincial Nutrition Action Team September 12, 2013 at Supercha Restaurant composed of different government agencies in the locality. She disclosed further that the program design of “Sustansya Kini” are solid waste segregation, making compost pits to produce organic fertilizer and building of nurseries and seed banks while each household-beneficiaries will make vegetable garden. “The Implementation of the project will be LGU-based,” she added. Mechanism of implementation at the LGU level will be mandating all barangays with target households to adopt the solid waste segregation, establish and m a i n t a i n compost pits and seed banks and communicate the “sustansya kini” project to all families with target beneficiaries and ensure p r o g r a m compliance of target households, Samaco said. The provincial government through the concerned agencies of the

locality will provide technical assistance through training and inputs assistance and monitoring, awareness building on monitoring and evaluation, among other assistance. It is expected that the impact of the “sustansya kini” program will be wide reach, better health and nutrition and environmental protection basing on the program’s design. While the effect of the program at the household level will be food security, more savings and an additional income for the target families, Samaco added. The whole day activity also discussed the 2011 Upgrading of Nutritional Status of Filipino Children and other Population Group , the 8th National Nutrition Survey 2013, Feeback on the 3rd Quarter Provincial and City Action Officers’ meeting and presentation of the Provincial Nutrition Council Annual Investment Plan 2014. (PIA8-SoLeyte)

ESamar Provincial GAD passes through scrutiny


number of stakeholders capped today the two-day workshop which focused in reviewing, editing and revising certain provisions of the Provincial Gender and Development (PGAD) Code. Spearheaded by the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) in collaboration with triDev and the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA), the workshop dubbed “Convergence of Voices and Efforts in Enhancing Gender and Development(GAD) Code of Eastern Samar” likewise regarded on the significant involvement of men in GAD, as partners for development and not only as mere perpetrators of crimes against women and girls. The review mainly revealed further, that the PGAD which was passed continued on page 8


September 14, 2013

Rosales Bridge can now withstand flooding, Rep Sarmiento


ep. Mel Senen Sarmiento said that Rosales Bridge is now better, stronger and can withstand flooding. “Due to frequent calamities and disasters, construction of long span bridges has been recommended. They can withstand flooding and strong current of waters during rainy season. The construction of piers on bridges creates a “damming effect” when the debris are stuck on its piers,” Sarmiento said during the re-opening of Rosales Bridge recently. After seven months of rehabilitation and strengthening, Rosales Bridge in Calbayog City was re-opened to the travelling public. Rosales Bridge is found along Daang Maharlika which serves as a major passageway to and from Luzon and other parts of Visayas and Mindanao. The Rehabilitation/ Strengthening of Rosales Bridge along Daang Maharlika (SM), (San IsidroSan Juanico Bridge) Project has an appropriation of Php 25.767 M undertaken by ACME Builders Corporation and funded under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Regular Infrastructure Program. The bridge is 65.35 linear meters. The contract covers the construction of four piers, five spans bridge deck slab, four lines of Reinforced Concrete Deck Girders (RCDG), concrete railings, and grouted riprap. Rosales Bridge was temporarily closed to traffic on January 15, 2013. Traffic then was re routed which inconvenienced motorists. “Rosales Bridge was built in the 1950’s. During inspection, it was found out by the Technical Inspectors that it was in critical condition and so the immediate repair.” said Eng.Virgilio C. Eduarte, DPWH Samar First District Engineer. “I would like to congratulate the DPWH Family for a job well-done. The repair of this bridge is very timely. As our city is now gearing towards becoming a developed city, malls will be constructed and consequently, it will attract more people that will make this bridge even more busy.” Said Calbayog Mayor Ronaldo P. Aquino during his short talk.

Representative Mel Senen S. Sarmiento of Samar First District acknowledged the accomplishment of DPWH Samar I. “For how many years, DPWH is one of the government agencies that has a lowest rating in terms of trust and satisfaction rating. But now, DPWH under the leadership of Sec. Singson, regained trust and confidence from the people,” said

Cong. Sarmiento. Presently, the DPWH has proposed seven bridge project for the year 2014 DPWH Infrastructure; replacement of Cagmanipis Bridge, Malajog Bridge, and Tinambacan Bridge and rehabilitation Oquendo Bridge, Sinidman Bridge, Cabacungan Bridge and Tangao Bridge. (PIA 8-Samar)

ICT-related jobs offered during the 2nd day of the Eastern Visayas ICT Roadshow held at the Tacloban City Convention Center, September 12-13, 2013. (PIA-8)

Insurgency solution needs sectors help, says new Army chief BY: AURORA J. CASIMPAN


n the turn-over of command of the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army (8th ID, PA), Eastern Visayas, new Army top official, Brig. Gen. Jet Velarmino vowed to accomplish the mission to end the insurgency problem in the region in line with national government’s plan to end the problem by 2016. The change of command held Thursday at the 8th ID headquarters ground in Catbalogan City, was witnessed by Maj. Gen. Samuel Norbuado, inspector general of the Philippine Army. The new commanding general said that while he still needs to study the plan of the division on the best solution to the insurgency problem in the region, he

has called on the soldiers of the division to help in the accomplishment of the mission and has urged other sectors like the local government units (LGUs), the church and the public to help in the drive. He also vowed “to do our best with the help of stakeholders to end the insurgency in the region since there is a target and we will try to accomplish the target. ”The insurgency problem is not just a military problem and needs the help of other sectors, Velarmino added. The three provinces of Samar, Eastern Samar and Northern Samar are the focus of the military’s insurgency campaign in the region. (PIA-8)


September 14, 2013

Gindeklarar han Pangulo an Septiembre 26 komo piesta-opisyal ha Naval, Biliran


Contestant Bon Andrei Carson (center) of Naval State University was cheered as he was proclaimed winner of the mobot contest during the Robotics & Web Programming festival held at Robinsons Place, Tacloban City, September 11. (Vino R. Cuayzon)

CEBUANO NEWS Presidente Aquino naghingalan sa Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines sa ilang na-amot ngadto sa kampanya alang sa komprehensibo nga programa sa panglawas


residente Benigno S. Aquino III naghingalan sa Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc. (OHNAP) alang sa ilang amot diha sa pagkampanya sa nagkadaiyang bahin sa medical care og pag-ugmad sa kampanya sa nasud alang sa komprehensibo nga programa sa panglawas. “Our nation now forges ahead in its momentum of progress. The reforms we have aspired for are in full swing; the future we envisioned is now within our reach,” matud sa Chief Executive mipahayag diha sa iyang mensahe ngadto sa OHNAP atol sa okasyon sa iyang ika-63 nga Founding Anniversary og sa ika-44 nga Annual Convention. Namugna kaniadtong 1950, ang OHNP usa ka non-stock, non-profit professional organization sa mga nurses nga nagtrabaho diha sa industriya, agrikultura, komersyal, edukasyon, serbisyo (hotel & restaurant), gobierno og non -government institutions.

“May this gathering help us sustain our trajectory of growth, as it renews our professionals’ commitment to integrity, excellence, and capacitybuilding. Your members appreciate our industries from distinct vantages; let this occasion galvanize them to unite as one organization, advancing the diverse components of medical care and bolstering our campaign for inclusive health programs,” ang President mipahayag. Ang Presidente naglaum nga ang asosasyon makahimo aron sa paghatag og dugang inisyatibo nga nagpalihok sa atong nasud paingon sa pagkalig-on og kaayohan. “In this time of resurgence, our country needs the continued dedication and resolve of its people; let us remain persistent in driving our empowerment as agents of revitalization,” matud niya. (Gibinisaya ni esg/PIA8 SoLeyte)

indeklarar ni Pangulo Benigno S. Aquino III an Septiembre 26 komo espesyal nga adlaw (non-working day) ha bungto han Naval ha Biliran ha pagselebrar han ira ika-153 nga Foundation Day. Ginpagawas han Pangulo an mao nga deklarasyon agud matagan an molupyo han Naval hin hul-os nga higayon ha pagsalin-urog ngan pakig-api han okasyon pinaagi hin kaangayan nga mga seremonya. Hadton 1860, an Naval nga anay Bagasumbol an ngaran, en nagin independente nga parokya. Ha kaurhi-an, gin-ngaranan nga Naval an Bagasumbol. Ha lakat han panahon, ginrekognisar an parokya han Naval komo independente nga bungto. An Naval amo an kabisera han Biliran. (Ginbinisaya ni DUM-PIA8, Eastern Samar)

Retrato han Pangulo kaupod an pamilya Napoles, iginpagawas han Malacañang


ginpagawas han Malacañang ngada han mga peryodista kakulop en mga retrato ni Pangulo Benigno Aquino III kaupod en pira han pamilya Napoles, lakip hi Janet, sugad man han iya bana ngan anak nga hi Jeanne, nga kuha tikang hin usa nga panpubliko nga aktibidad ha Cebu hadton Nobiembre 2012. Beinte-kuwatro (24) ngatanan nga mga retrato an iginpagawas kondi han mao nga kadamuon, waray magnapulo an mga retrato nga nagpapakita han Pangulo kaupod en miembro han pamilya Napoles. Nagkalat ha internet en retrato han Pangulo kaupod hi Jeanne Napoles padayon ha page 8


September 14, 2013

TESDA to ensure quality delivery of services BY: AURORA J. CASIMPAN


he Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is conducting a series of competency assessment and certification activity in the country starting in August until December, this year. Cleta Omega, TESDA regional director informed that the agency wants to ensure better delivery of training services through the upgrade of qualification of workers, trainers, and assessors. She said the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and National Competency Assessment and

Certification Program organizers targets trainers of public and private technical vocational institutions, public utility drivers, and other industry practitioners who want to undergo competency assessment, returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and Filipino expatriates with relevant TVET experience, and industry practitioners who are prospective competency assessors. TESDA declared that application form and self-assessment guides for the various qualifications can be downloaded at TESDA website, (PIA-8)

Peace month ushers peace and development caravan to conflict areas in Samar


s the whole nation marks peace month this September, provincial and national government offices in Samar ushered peace and development caravan to conflict areas in Samar. Five hundred individuals from the seven barangays in the far communities of the towns of Paranas, Motiong and San Jose de Buan benefitted from the caravan also known as Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA) Caravan in Barangay Jose Rono, Paranas, Samar on September 19, Tuesday. The PAMANA Caravan aims to give information and services package coming from the PAMANA projects that brings government services to these far barangays. Barangay Paco Councilor Floresca Dacles said that they feel closer to the government, this is what she felt with this caravan according to her. “Sobrang kalipay namun han pagkanhi han mga magka-durudilain nga opisina han gobyerno para la maghatag ha amon hin serbisyo. Yana la nagkamayada hin sugad hini nga programa didi ha amon lugar (We are happy that these government offices cared to come and offer their services, it is only now that we have something like this),” she expressed in her native language.

The Pamana projects come from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) which includes infrastructure, water systems, road networks, and other needs that would address the issues in conflict areas. The caravan offered medical and dental services, eye check up with free eye glasses, circumcision and free hair cut. They also have the opportunity to raise their concerns in a forum, while their children were fed with fortified rice porridge by the provincial social welfare office. OPAPP Representative Emy Bonifacio said that this will also serve as a social preparation for the incoming road project of Pamana. The people of barangays Jose Rono (Canliguez), Cantato, Loki-lokon, Paco, Concepcion, Lawaan, and Casandig are the communities that benefited from this caravan. These communities will also benefit from the Loki-lokon San Jose de Buan road. Member agencies like DILG, DENR, DOH, Philippine Coconut Authority, Agriculture, Department of Trade and Industry, Tesda, Agrarian Reform, and other agencies presented their different services. (PIA 8-Samar Avha H. Ebalde)

RDC, REAL holds ‘Joint Assembly’ BY: MARIVIC ALCOBER


ursuant to Proclamation Number 1164 dated 24 February 1998, every 4th week of September is dubbed as Regional Development Council (RDC) Week. Hence, the RDC through its Secretariat, the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Office VIII and the REAL, Inc. agreed to jointly conduct the 2nd Eastern Visayas Regional Development and Region Eight Administrators League (REAL), Inc. Joint Assembly on September 23, 2013. Centered on the theme “Just, Lasting Peace and the Rule of Law,” the assembly will be held at the Matapat Hall, Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetic, Palo, Leyte. The scheduled activity will start at 2:00 p.m. and will last until dinner time to be followed by a fellowship. During the formal program, Regional Director Imelda C. Laceras of the Department of Budget and Management Regional Office VIII will deliver a welcome message. On his part, NEDA Regional Director Bonifacio G. Uy will discuss the rationale and objectives of the joint assembly. PSSupt Reynaldo Almario Magtajas, Chief of the Regional Internal Affairs Service 8, will discuss the topic “Uphold the Rule of Law and Strengthen the Justice System” during the Technical Session, while “Support for the Attainment of Lasting Peace and Development” will be handled by a representative from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. On his part, Regional State Prosecutor Atty. Francisco Q. Aurillo will deliver a keynote message, while Engr. Samuel A. Young, Regional Director of the National Telecommunications Commission will give the closing message. Part II of the Joint Assembly is the dinner and fellowship wherein the new REAL members will be inducted by Palo Mayor Remedios L. Petilla. It was reported that the Joint continued on page 8


September 14, 2013 Retrato han pangulo... tikang ha page 6 kondi nagsering hi PCDSPO Sec. Ricky Carandang nga diri kakilala han Pangulo an pamilya Napoles nga nahidadabi dida hin pork barrel nga kontrobersiya. Segun kan Carandang, an pagkaada hin retrato nga nagpapakita han Pangulo kaupod hi Janet Lim Napoles, an gin-aaligar nga utok ha luyo han P10 bilyon nga pork barrel fund scam, en diri nangangahulogan nga salaan na an Pangulo. (Ginbinisaya ni DUM-PIA8, Eastern Samar)

RDC, REAL holds.. from page 7

ICT-related jobs offered during the 2nd day of the Eastern Visayas ICT Roadshow held at the Tacloban City Convention Center, September 12-13, 2013. (PIA-8)

ESamar Provincial GAD... from page 4 and enacted by the 2008 Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan(SP) was found out to have redundant provisions aside from the outdated provisions and statements. “This is so because many of the existing laws and ordinances were not yet in place when the GAD Code was passed and enacted before”, said Ms. Candice Badillo, DILG Operations Officer IV. “Thus the need for the revision of some of its provisions,” she added. Others were lacking in specific health programs which could address health problems. A wider gap was even revealed in the absence of a Gender Analysis that could possibly help in properly addressing gender issues in the entire province. For her part, former Board Member Edith Sepulveda who was the

main author and endorser of the GAD Code received the workshop positively. According to her, she is happy to note that such an endeavor is transpiring at the provincial government and that, some leaders are now highly aware for the need of a GAD Code. For a Code to be perfected, it is normal to pass through a series of study with and by the stakeholders who keep themselves involved, participative and benefited of a program. Another workshop is set to be held by the group in mid-December. They composed of some medical doctors, educators, social workers, religious, women and child’s rights advocates, soldiers of the Philippine Army, policewomen and media. (PIA8-Eastern Samar)

Assembly is also a part of the Continuing Leadership Seminars being conducted by the Region Eight Administrators League, Incorporated for its members, aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills and sustaining a strong partnership and collaboration among members and other stakeholders to include the Civil Society Organizations thru the Private Sector Representatives in the RDC. This way, each member agency in the RDC and in the REAL, can effectively and efficiently carry out their respective roles and and responsibilities in harmony with each other and eventually pursue at a facter pace the much needed development goals of Eastern Visayas as embodied in the recently approved updated Regional Development Plan. (PIA-8)

Gender codes... from page 2 According to her, she is happy to note that such an endeavour is transpiring at the provincial government and that, some leaders are now highly aware for the need of a GAD Code. Another workshop is set to be held by the group in mid-December and some more perhaps in the future, in order to perfect the PGAD Code. Present during the first workshop were some medical doctors, educators, social workers, religious, women and children’s rights advocates, soldiers of the Philippine Army, policewomen and media. (PIA8Eastern Samar)

September 14  

September 14 Issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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