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October 12, 2013

“in pursuit of PIA’s commitment to provide a national mechanism for the free flow of timely, accurate and relevant information… “


Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

DA implements interventions to develop high value crops production in East Visayas


he Department of Agriculture is currently gearing up for an intensive implementation of various interventions for high value crops development in Eastern Visayas. DA Region 8 High Value Crops Development Program Regional Coordinator Mr. Larry U. Sultan said that the implementation of the interventions is set for the month of October. On October 1-15, 2013, the program is set to install twenty units of greenhouses to different municipalities in the provinces of Samar, Leyte, Biliran, and Eastern Samar, Mr. Sultan said. Briefings and training on vegetable production

were recently conducted in the said LGUs, Mr. Sultan added. Moreover, on October 16- 30, 2013, several units of greenhouses in Samar, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, Leyte, Biliran and Southern Leyte are scheduled for rehabilitation, the program coordinator disclosed. Meanwhile, by the second and third week of October, there will be a simultaneous delivery of processing equipment, knapsack sprayer and mango inducer to selected LGUs, and Farmers Associations in the region, Mr. Sultan continued. continued on page 7

PIA 8 Regional Director Erlinda Olivia P. Tiu speaks in front of other delegates during the second day of the Seminar on Social Networking in Cebu City. The seminar was attended by information officers Eastern Visayas as well as other regions. (PIA 8)

October 12, 2013

Visayas Cluster PIA info officers train on social networking BY: RODRIGO S. VICTORIA


nformation officers from the three regional offices of Western, Central and Eastern Visayas of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) converged today, here in this city called the “Queen city of the south” to train on social networking. The PIA information officers listen to topics on introduction to online journalism, print media versus online media, tips on creating infographics and maximizing use of social media for disseminating information on Thursday, October 10 which is the first day of the three-day training. The second day activities include a Hataw Exercise early in the morning and followed by lectures on use of online tools in present messages more effectively, cyber laws and ethics. Half of the second day includes more interesting topics on lecture and workshop where sharing via social media workshop will be held, and discussion on social networking policies. Highlight of the second day activities is the presence of Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) and PIA Director General Jose Mari Oquinena. In her welcome message, Atty. Janet Mesa, regional director of PIA-6 who is also the cluster director of PIA regions 6, 7, and 8 emphasized that

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October 12, 2013



September 28, 2013 - November 12, 2013 Election Period for the 2013 Barangay Elections as per COMELEC Resolution No. 9715 October 11 - 17, 2013 (Except October 13) Filing of COCs for the 2013 Barangay Elections as per COMELEC Resolution No. 9761 October 18 - 26, 2013 Campaign Period for the 2013 Barangay Elections as per COMELEC Resolution No. 9749 October 28, 2013 2013 Barangay Elections pursuant to Sec. 1 of Republic Act No. 9340 September 28 - October 28, 2013 Period of Prohibition on issuance of Appointment, creation of new positions, promotions or giving salary increases As per COMELEC Resolution No. 9769

DILG spells out qualities of barangay officials worth voting for BY: MARIVIC ALCOBER


elative to the observance of the Local Government Month this October, and the celebration of the 22nd Local Government Code Anniversary on October 10, the Department of Interior of Local Government (DILG) Regional Office VIII Regional Director Pedro A. Noval Jr. guested at the “Harampang ha PIA” on October 9. During the said Harampang, which was moderated by Regional Director Erlinda Olivia P. Tiu of the Philippine Information Agency, Director Noval spelled out the good qualities of a barangay officials chairman whom one should vote for. According to him, the barangay chairman should schedule a Barangay Assembly every last Saturday of March and third Saturday of October every year to present programs having been conducted, projects, activities, and financial status plus problems being encountered by the barangay.

He said that itemized monthly collections and disbursements should be should be posted at a specific place plus the Annual Summary of Income and Expenditures. The barangay chairman must be very approachable and responds to the needs of the barangay residents through its Public Information Desk and must spearhead in the organization of a Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee. Likewise, a Manual of Operations/Barangay Citizen’s Charter should also be enforced. The Barangay Chairman should properly spend the 20% of the IRA according to the rules of law, and post Bonds for its designated Collection and Disbursing Officers. The Chairman should organize a Bids and Awards Committee who will conduct the pre and post qualification of the bidders, evaluation continued on page 3

Synchronized Barangay Assembly nakatalaan han Oktubre 13, sering han DILG


n synchronized barangay assembly para han ika-duha nga semestre han tuig en nakatalaan pagdumaraon han Domingo, Oktubre 13, 2013. Eni en eginpahamtang ni Department of Interior and Local Government Rehiyon 8 Director Pedro Noval Jr., dida han panmaki-ana han mga peryodista han gindumara nga Harampang ha PIA han Oktubre 9. Sering ni Director Noval nga dida han Presidential Proclamation No. 260 nga ginpagawas ni Pangulo Benigno S. Aquino III dida han September 30, 2011, en nagdeklara han katapusan nga

Sabado han Marso ngan ika-duha nga Domingo han Oktubre 2011 ngan ha kada tuig kasunod hini bali Barangay Assembly Days, nga nag-aamendar han Proclamation No. 342 series of 2003 nga nagdedeklara han katapusan nga Sabado han Marso 2003 ngan han ikatulo nga Sabado han Oktubre 2003 ngan han kada masunod nga tuig bali Barangay Assembly Days. Sering han Regional Director nga mahitungod hin ano man nga rason, kun an barangay en waray makagdumara han Barangay Assembly dida han padayon ha page 3


October 12, 2013 DILG spells out...from page 2

Synchronized Barangay...tikang ha page 2 Oktubre 13, pwede eni magdumara ha maski ano nga adlaw antis han pagtikang han panahon han kampanya nga nakatalaan ha Oktubre 18. Nakapahamtang ha Proklamasyon Numero 290 nga kinahanglan nga seguruon nga an adalw para han barangay assembly para han ikaduha nga semestre han kada tuig en kinahanglan nga diri matutuman dida ha panahon han kampanya para han Barangay Elections ha ilarum han Omnibus Election Code han Pilipinas, pag-esplikar ni Director Noval. Sering han Regional Director ngan an mga opisyal han barangay en gintagan han mga kaangayan pagsundon ha era pagdumara han Barangay Assembly, salit waray kabarak-an nga gagamiton

han yana nga mga opisyal han barangay an Assembly bali lugar para hin pangampanya. Sering niya nga samtang an mga opisyal han barangay en waray pa magpasa han era mga Sertipiko de Kandedatura hera en diri pa matatawag nga mga kandidato. Ha pagdumara han mga paripa dida han Barangay Assembly, sering han Regional Director nga eni en usa nga pamaagi pag-aghat han partisipasyon han mas damo nga mga residente han barangay ngada han aktibidad. Dugang pa hini, nagpasabot hi Director Noval nga ginmanduhan an City ngan Municipal Local Operations Officers nga magbantay dida han pagdumara han Barangay Assembly dida han era tagsatagsa nga lugar. (Trans. by MAA/PIA-8)

of the awards of contracts to the winning bidders for a certain project. It is also a must that an inventory on the facilities and supplies of the barangay be conducted regularly to make sure that everything are in order and documented. Lastly, barangay residents should be invited to include representatives from various sectors during public hearings. The Registry of Barangay Inhabitants should always be updated. The barangay chairman should also prepare a Barangay Development Plan through a participatory apoproach and should set up a suggestion box or organize small gatherings. (PIA-8)

Barangay merger, abolition requires legislation, says DILG Regional Director BY: MARCELO M. PEDALINO


egional Director Pedro Noval of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) said a barangay is created by legislation through the local council, thus being merged or abolished also has to pass a similar process. At the Harampang (Kapihan) ha PIA hosted by PIA Region 8 Director Olive Tiu at the regional office of the Philippine Information Agency, Wednesday, Noval uttered the statement in response to a query on the status of barangay Guinsaugon, Saint Bernard, in Southern Leyte province. A deadly mudslide virtually wiped out barangay Guinsaugon, the territory and its people, in 2006, and survivors had since been living in a relocation site belonging to barangay Magbagacay. The new location posed identity questions lately for the Guinsaugon residents, including concerns on management and governance by its barangay officials, an issue that gained timeliness with the October 28 barangay

elections. Noval said he met with the municipal officials of Saint Bernard in 2012 telling them to conduct a referendum or a plebiscite on the subject that would become part in crafting a measure to settle the matter. “But the municipal officials are not in favour (of having a referendum or plebiscite),” Noval remarked. Noval’s guesting at the Harampang was intended to highlight the 22nd Local Government Month anniversary October 10 with the theme, “Kilos Progreso, Makilahok sa Pag-asenso”. The month-long celebration, which mandated several activities for the various local government units to undertake, hailed the passage of Republic Act 7160, or the Local Government Code of 1991, a law that expanded taxing powers of LGUs and increased their shares of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). The provision on the holding of referendum or plebiscite to decide whether to join or not one barangay

from the other is also found in RA 7160, Noval said, although he did not say those who would not do so would be guilty of violating such a provision, or may face sanctions. “DILG’s supervisory function is assistory in nature, not control,” Noval said. (PIA8-Southern Leyte)

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October 12, 2013

DBM calls NGAs, SUCs to have their procurement officers trained on latest procurement policies


he Department of Budget and Management in Eastern Visayas exhorts the National Government Agencies and State Universities and Colleges and other government entities to have their procurement officers trained on the latest procurement policies. DBM Region 8 Director Imelda Laceras said that this is in the interest of a continuing effort to professionalize procurement in government. She added that with the recent issuance of the Sixth Edition (2012) Handbook on Philippine Government Procurement, the DBM Government

Procurement Policy Board established a composite team from the DBM, COA and SUC primarily tasked to train procurement officers and employees of government agencies in the region. Director Laceras said that so, far, the Regional Composite Team has already conducted two batches of the said training. Two more training batches are set to be conducted in November and in December of this year. Thus, Director Laceras is calling on the concerned agencies to submit the names of their prospective officers and

employees yet to be trained. This will help the Team identify the participants for the next training batches. DBM Regional Director Imelda Laceras said that the conduct of training on RA 9184 has been effective as government is able to save much from its procurement budget. She added that all government offices should be able to save in the procurement of office supplies and services through the purchase of the best products at the least price. (PIA 8)

Eastern Visayas strengthens RSCWC through a workshop BY: MARIVIC ALCOBER


or the support and cooperation for the welfare of children in the region, the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Regional Office VIII will be spearheading the conduct of a Strengthening Workshop for the Regional Sub-Committee for the Welfare of Children (RSCWC) on October 14-18, 2013 in Ormoc City. The conduct of the said Workshop is part of CWC’s commitment

to provide capacity building in pursuit of a child friendly Philippines and a caring and protective society for, by and with the children. Likewise, the activity attempts to realign the roles and functions of the RSCWC with the new directions and organizational transformation which are being instituted by the Council towards its long term goal that by 2016, the CWC will be the recognized lead advocate and monitoring body for child rights.

Relative to this, DSWD Regional Director Remia T. Tapispisan, who is the RSCWC Chairperson, has invited participants from government institutions and various sectors to be a part of the RSCWC Workshop wherein the CWC will be responsible for the board and lodging of the participant while the transportation and allowable per diem will be shouldered by the participating agency. (PIA-8)


October 12, 2013

Borongan City’s senior citizens do a light mental and physical exercise before a lecture on Alzheimer’s disease as part of the Elderly Week celebration. (AEN/PIA8Eastern Samar)

Senior Citizens get lecture on Alzheimer’s Disease BY: ALICIA NICART


lose to 400 senior citizens had the rare chance to listen recently to a lecture on the nature of Alzheimer’s disease from an expert, in the person of registered Psychiatric Nurse and Educator, Dr. Gaudencio Aljibe, Jr. This was part of the celebration of the Elderly Week, October 7-12, which annually gives honor and recognition to the contribution of the lolos and lolas coming from the different senior citizens organization of the city. At the start, Dr. Aljibe advised the elderly not be sad about their age instead to be thankful because it is a rare opportunity he said to be lengthily thankful to the Heavens for the very precious gift of life given them. “Let us admit if that special change in our body comes, because it is a normal process,” Dr. Aljibe told the lolos and lolas. Alzheimer’s happens to most people aging 40 and beyond, who are observed to be forgetful with poor or even lack

of decision-making. In some cases, forgetfulness occurs to some people of 30 years old and above and it is a progressive sickness which worsens over time. He added that the disease is the number six cause of death in the U.S. but many however survive, because of the good support system of families and other support groups. The sad part he stressed is that, there is no treatment so far to this particular disease that is also manifested in the difficulty to recall. Other common symptoms of Alzheimer’s include putting on a pair of slippers which are not the same. “It is because some cells in the brain change or deteriorate and when it progresses, confusion sets in in the life of the elderly which also results in reduced drive for his daily activities, even for his or her personal hygiene”, the Psychiatric Nurse said. He appealed to children with very old lolas and lolas to take the challenge of

taking care of the elderly because if they will not look at them with loving care, who else will, he said. Besides, the same is likely to happen to any member in the family. However, some physical activities can help reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s, e.g. exercise, brisk walking, proper diet, including bananas that is rich in Potassium and avoiding salty and fatty foods. Open communication among family members is certainly a big help also, he said. Dr. Aljibe is serving as Education Program Administrator of the Division Office of DepEd. Some 16 years earlier he served as a Psychiatric Nurse of the National Mental Hospital. The Forum was organized by the Office of the City Social Welfare and Development Office and the Office of Senior Citizens Association, Borongan Chapter.(PIA-Eastern Samar)


October 12, 2013


DILG pinangunahan selebrasyon han ika-22 nga anibersaryo han Local Government Code


n Department of Interior and Local Government an nangungundahan han selebrasyon han ika-22 nga anibersaryo han Local Government Code han Oktubre 10 ngan han selebrasyon han Local Government Month yana nga Oktubre 2013 nga may tema nga “Kilos Progreso, Makilahok sa Pag-Asenso.” Sering ni Director Pedro Noval, Jr., ngan an tema en nagpapakita hin panawagan para hin pagka-urosa ngan

buroblig nga paggius para han progreso han nasaud. “United action entails transparency which advocates accountability and open governance; vigilance which intensifies citizens’ engagement; and volunteerism which strengthens people’s participation in governance,” sering ni Director Noval. Paghatag hin duon han Local Government Code Anniversary, an DILG 8

en nagdumara hin usa nga Media Forum parti Lokal nga Pangobyernohan pinaagi han Harampang ha PIA didto ha PIA-8 Regional Office ha kulop han Oktubre 9. Dida han media forum, naghisgot hi Director Noval parti pipira nga mga himangrawon lab-i na gud an parti han ika-22 nga anibersaryo han Local Government Code, an barangay ngan han Barangay Elections. Gin-aghat ni Director Noval an mga Local Chief Executives ha Rehiyon nga magselebrar han Local Government Month ngan han 22nd Anniversary han Local Government Code han Oktubre 10 sugad han gintutuyo han Presidential Proclamation No. 63, series of 1992 nga ginpirmahan dida han Oktubre 2, 1992. Ha selebrasyon han 22nd Anniversary of the Local Government Code, an ngatanan nga mga LGUs en gin-aghat mga magdumara hin mga aktibidad ha era tagsa-tagsa nga mga LGU para magselebrar han mga nahimo ngan hitaas nga punto han lokal nga pangobyernohan, awtonomeya ngan pag-uswag, sering ni Director Noval. Pwede gihapon hera magpartisipar dida han usa ka-bulan nga mga aktibidad han DILG didto ha Central, Rehiyon ngan kanan Lalawigan nga mga opisina; ngan padayon nga suportahan an mga prinsipyo han palisiya para hin patas, kumprehensibo, ngan environmentfriendly nga lokal nga pangobyernohan ngan pag-uswag han ekonomeya han sosyedad. Sering ni Director Noval nga an Local Government Code en nagdara hin kabag-ohan dida han lokal nga pangobyernohan kun diin gintatagan hin gahum an mga local government units nga magin kasugbong ha pag-uswag han nasud ngan magin instrumento para han kanan mga kablas demokrasiya nga partisipasyon dida han kumunidad, magin mabinantayon ngan bumulig nga makab-utan an mga lokal nga mga ginhihingyap. padayon ha page 8

October 12, 2013


DA implements... from page 1 The program, he said, will also conduct three Farmers Field Schools (FFS) in Cabucgayan, Biliran, and training on coffee and cacao production in Leyte and Northern Samar. Furthermore, in preparation for next year’s projects and activities, a Consultative Meeting is set to be held on the third week October. This will be participated in by Provincial HVCDP Coordinators, report officers, personnel from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics- 8 (BAS- 8) as well as the HVCDP Coordinator and his staff. The Department under the regional director Antonio Gerundio is really bent on developing the production of high value crops in the Region, Mr. Sultan said. (PIA 8)

DSWD8 clarifies ...from page 1 the training on social network is a very good opportunity to learn since every instance is a very good learning process. She added that aside from the moments of bonding and exchange of ideas from the participants, they will also learn the misconceptions on certain terms; how to do social networking and infographics where she hopes that the information officers in the Visayas region will learn and be enriched. Likewise, PIA regional directors Minerva Newman of region 7 and Erlinda Olivia P. Tiu of region 8 also stressed some positive thoughts about the seminar on social networking to the participants. (PIA 8-Biliran)

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PNC Southern Leyte...from page 8 were requested to provide for the listing of families with malnourished children, as well, she added. PPDO Monson also recommended to prioritize the municipalities of Malitbog, Tomas Oppus, San Ricardo and Limasawa in

the “Sustansya Kini” program as the mentioned areas have high prevalence of high level of poverty coupled with shortage of food at household level were reported in the CBMS 2008-2010 survey. (PIA8 SoLeyte)


October 12, 2013

DILG pinangunahan... tikang ha page 6 Hini nga bahin, an mga LGUs en gin-aghat nga mag-organisar ngan magpartisipar ha iba-iba nga mga aktibidad kaupod han iba nga mga lokal governance stakeholders para han pagmarka han ika-22 ka-tuig nga anibersaryo. An mga aktibidad nga pwede pagdumaraon han mga LGUs en pwede mag-upod han paglunsad han LGUspecific o inter-LGU nga mga programa, mga proyekto ngan mga aktibidad; pakig-usa parti negosyo, industriya o civil society para pakigkumpetensya, proteksyon han sosyedad, pagpadalagan han kapaligiran, seguridad han publiko ngan mga gius pag-iban han kakablasan. Iba nga mga ginproponer nga mga aktibidad en nag-uupod han paglunsad han Grassroots Participatory Budget Processes (GPDP) lab-i na gud an implementasyon han para kauswagan nga mga prayoridad nga ginpapanalapian han GPODP; kanan media o adbokasiya nga mga aktibidad ha lalawigan, siyudad ngan bungto nga nag-uupod han mga asembleya pampubliko; kanan barangay asembleya ngan mga dayalogo parti ha pagdumara hin abri, sinsero, ngan himyang nga piniliay ha barangay han Oktubre 28, 2013. An mga LGUs ngan han DILG Regional ngan Field Offices en ginhangyo gihapon nga magbutang han official banner para han kanan anibersaryo selebrasyon dida hin usa nga prominente nga lugar ha era tagsa-tagsa nga mga opisina ngan han mga aktibidad nga nakalinya para han okasyon. Dugang pa hini, an mga LGUs en ginhangyo nga pasabuton an DILG han era nakatalaan nga mga aktibidad para han usa ka-bulan nga selebrasyon han era tagsa-tagsa nga mga lugar. (Trans. by MAA/PIA-8)

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Picture shows the Girls Rights Advocates inside Radyo ng Bayan Studio after their interview with anchorman, Caloy Capito, Oct. 11, 2013. Aside from the high school girls in Tshirts, shown also from right are: Radio Reporters Penpen Pomida, Soc Aberia, PHO Info Officer Concesa Balanga, Plan International Program Unit Manager, Ann Co and DepEd Supervisor, Esther Gura. (Photo courtesy of DYES)

PNC Southern Leyte to adopt “ Sustansya Kini ” kitchen garden food production BY: ERNA GORNE


he Provincial Nutrition Council – Technical Working Group (PNC-TWG) Southern Leyte will officially adopt a kitchen garden “Sustansya Kini” program as pushed by the provincial government in order to provide a mechanism for its constituents to produce safe and nutritious food. Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Dr Noel Lumen in a meeting together with the stakeholders to include the local municipal health officers, municipal agriculture officers and members of the PNC-TWG facilitated for an orientation on “Sustansya Kini” food production program last October 4, 2013 at Southern Leyte Research and Extension Center in Maasin City. As presented by Provincial Planning & Development Officer Eda Monson during the same meeting, the said kitchen-garden food production program shall be owned by the provincial nutrition council prioritizing the 4Ps

households and to those families having malnourished children, among others. Monson said the provincial government thru the fresh leadership of Governor Roger Mercado has allocated funds for the food production program like free distribution of seeds, among others. The program entails planting of vegetables at the backyards hence making it easier for the parents to prepare nutritious and safe food for the children at any given time. With the technical knowledge of the municipal agriculturists on urban gardening, they are expected to assist the targetted households to establish kitchen gardens like transporting soils in plastic bags, bottles, among other improvised materials where they can grow tomatoes, lemon grass, kalamunggay, atsal, gingers, etc , Monson said. While the municipal health officers and the representative of the 4Ps continued on page 7

October 12  

October 12 Issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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