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November 3, 2013

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

November 3, 2013

PDC Leyte approves P4.8 Billion AIP for 2014 BY: CONSUELO ALARCON


Leyte Governor Leopoldo Dominico L. Petilla (with mic) stresses a point during the Provincial Development Council Meeting Thursday at the Governor’s Hall. The PDC approved the Annual Investment Plan for Calendar Year 2014 amounting to P4,843,902,324.53 billion. (CBA/PIa-8)

PAMANA road projects in Samar Island are funded by DAP


he construction of roads in the various towns of Samar Island under the Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA) is funded by the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). This was disclosed by Emy Bonifacio, the program coordinator for Samar of the PAMANA project which is being implemented by the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Peace Process and the Department of Interior and Local Government, who sees nothing wrong about DAP. Ms. Bonifacio said that the road projects funded by the PAMANA are located in the three Samar Island provinces namely, Samar, Eastern Samar and Northern Samar where the considerable presence of NPA still exists. Provincial-level planning and road-mapping workshops separately done for Samar and Northern Samar underscored the importance of

importance of road networks that would connect the three provinces of Samar Island not just for economic growth but also in improving the security situation in the island. NPAs thrive in remote areas where there is no road networks and where people could hardly be reached by the government’s basic services, thus the road projects are vital in the attainment of peace and in improving people’s access to basic services and development, Ms. Bonifacio said. The biggest DAP-funded projects among the Samar provinces are found in Northern Samar with a project cost of about P184 million, Ms. Bonifacio said. The projects include the construction of a 50-linear meter bridge located in Barangay Cagpanit-an, Mondragon town and the concreting of a 34 kilometer section road stretch from continued on page 5

he Provincial Development Council (PDC) of the province of Leyte has approved the Annual Investment Plan for Calendar Year 2014 in a meeting held Thursday at the Governor’s Hall Provincial Capitol this city. This after the Provincial Development Office (PDO) through Provincial Development Officer III Ms. Agnes Rafon presented and endorsed the total AIP budget amounting to P4,843,902,324.53 billion. The Province’s AIP for the year 2014 shall be taken from the following fund sources, namely: the Province’s General Fund, the 20% of the annual Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), the annual Special Education Fund (SEF), the Trust fund and from other sources such as fund inflows from national government agencies and foreign development institutions and other development partners. The Economic Services Sector has the biggest allocation which is 33.70% amounting to P1.631,853,081.00 billion while Social Services Sector has 26.53% share of the funds which has an estimated amount of P1,284,935,546.68 billion. The Special Education Fund has the least allocation which has 1.77% share or an estimated amount of P85,800,000.00. Leyte Governor Leopoldo Dominico L. Petilla said also included in the AIP is the Philippine Rural

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November 3, 2013

Stop catching, eating female crabs, BFAR bids the public saturated fat compared to their female he Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Director Perez disclosed.


esources called on the public to not to catch and eat female crabs, instead set them free so that they could reproduce unceasingly. The pronouncement was made by BFAR National Director Asis Perez during the interaction with the regional media aboard MV-DA BFAR research vessel in connection with the implementation of National Payao Program for Samar Seas. “An adult female crab in its full reproductive cycle can produce at least three million crablets which in turn could produce millions more when they mature,” Director Perez said. This is dubbed as the ‘Huwag Kainin Ang Babae’ campaign, one of Agency’s many programs geared to revive the once lively fisheries resources,

“An adult female crab in its full reproductive cycle can produce at least three million crablets which in turn could produce millions more when they mature,” Perez said. Data from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) reveal a slight decline in the production of mud crabs (Syclla serrata) in terms of volume with figures from the last three quarters registering at 6,357.08 MT (4th Q 2012), 3,839.69 MT (1st Q 2013) and 3,462.60 MT (2nd Q 2013) respectively. The numbers are still comparatively higher than the previous years, Director Perez said, but this has prompted the BFAR to encourage consumers to buy male crabs instead whose meat is much tastier and lower in

Samar Sea abounds with high value species of fish, BFAR says


amar Sea is teeming with high value species of fish thus, the need to ensure the present resources for a sustainable harvest in the future. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources National Director Asis Perez said this is the preliminary result of the Demersal (trawl) Fisheries Survey of Visayan Sea and Samar Sea conducted on April 16-30, 2013 as part of the agency’s National Stock Assessment Program. Director Asis said the NSAP which is being implemented by BFAR through its research arm, the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, assesses the country’s fishing grounds to provide specific and timeseries information on marine capture fisheries for management purposes. The NSAP aims to create standardized, specific and time-series information on marine capture fisheries around the country for management purposes and to develop and institutionalize the capability of the 16 BFAR regional offices in fishery stock assessment. M/V DA-BFAR, the government

research vessel, is presently deployed in the area to conduct scientific studies which will determine the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) of the new and promising fishing ground for Filipino

counterparts. Consumers need not worry about picking the wrong crab, the bureau director added, as crab genders are easily identified by their “apron” or flap on the underbelly. Males have narrower, pointed flaps while mature females have broader, rounder aprons. Moreover, Director Perez cautioned crab buyers from buying what the local vendors call “gay” or “bakla” whose flaps are often narrower than adult females but bigger than males. These are, in fact, juvenile female crabs, Director Perez said, and are, therefore, covered by the campaign. (PIA 8)

fishermen. “The NSAP has been instrumental to our previous successes like the implementation of Sardine closed season in the Visayan and Zamboanga waters because it has provided us scientific findings which became the basis of our management plans,” Director Perez said. continued on page 3

An Waray Partylist Representative Neil Montejo welcome guests and participants to the 5th Oktubafest held at the Leyte Park Convention Center A, Tacloban City, October 30. Raul S. Tiozon/PIA-8)

November 3, 2013


Eastern Samar to mark 48th Founding Anniversary BY: ALICIA NICART


he Provincial Tourism Office (PTO) has announced today the big event that the provincial local government unit (LGU) is set to observe. Mrs. Sentay Quitorio informed that the province is celebrating its 48th Founding Anniversary, this time highlighting on job generation and food sufficiency projects, the two top priority agenda of Governor Conrado B. Nicart, Jr. The week-long celebration will start on Monday, November 4, with an early morning parade which will be followed by a light breakfast at the finish line at the provincial capitol lobby. A “Tiangge ha Kapitol” is expected on the same day, where local products will be sold, including fruits and vegetables that are generated from the Demo-Farm of the LGU through the Office of the Provincial Agricultural Services (OPAS). Ms. Quitorio added that an AgriFishery Congress will also be held on Nov. 6-7 where food production initiatives are set to be put-in. She informed that the National Food Authority(NFA) has recently recognized the marked increase in rice production in the province. This was made possible through the assistance of Gov. Nicart, which included farm equipment, post harvest facilities and certified seeds. “The province used to procure 60% of its rice supply while only 40% was supplied locally”, she said. “Today, however, it is the other way around

because, recent local rice production was able to meet the 60% requirement while 40% are now procured”, she added. Meanwhile, some officials from the regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) are scheduled to re-launch the Employment Kiosk at the Capitol. Here, she said, job seekers can again check on their projected employers, including their status. They can also apply on-line with their skills indicated in their resumes. On June 19, 1965, by virtue of RA 4221, the three Samar provinces were established namely: Eastern, Northern, and Western Samar. Then, on November 9, 1965, a plebiscite was held that revealed an overwhelming result, in favor of the separation and independence of Eastern Samar from the other Samar provinces. (PIA-Eastern Samar)

Samar sea...from page 2 There were eight sampling stations at Samar Sea while 19 sampling stations were created at the Visayan Sea. Still abundant at Samar Sea are fish species

such as sapsap, matambaka, Fistularia, espada, kalaso, burao, barracuda, mayamaya, pusit, tanigue, bisugo and ti-ao. BFAR is very vocal in its position to safeguard its resources as key to sustainable fishery production in order to enjoy the abundance of these resources in the coming years, Director Perez said. (PIA 8)


November 3, 2013

Chito Advincula (in red) of Tolosa, Leyte winner of tuba drinking contest (men’s category) during the An Waray 5th OKTUBAFEST held at the Leyte Park Convention Center A, Tacloban City, October 30. Raul S. Tiozon/PIA-8)

Prosekusyon han mga personalidad nga nahidadabi dida han ‘pork’ scam, iginpatapod ni Aquino


ginpatapod ni Pangulo Benigno Aquino III nga iya paglalanaton an nag-abusar ha paggamit han kontrobersyal nga Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). Dida hin usa nga telebisado nga diskurso Miyerkules han gab-i, nagsering hi Aquino: “Kung sa tingin ninyo, titigil ako sa pag-usig; kung sa tingin ninyo, maililihis ninyo ang atensyon ng publiko; kung sa tingin ninyo, makakatakas kayo sa pagnanakaw; nagkakamali kayo ng tantya sa akin, at sa taumbayang Pilipino.” Segun han Pangulo, ginpruybahan han mga nahilalambing han “pork barrel” scam hin pagwarong han atensyon han publiko tipahirayo hini nga isyu pinaagi hin pagtagi hin malisya dida han paggamit han Disbursement Accelaration Program (DAP). Mapapakyas an iya mga kritiko ha ira panalinguha nga mamantsahan iton iya administrasyon, pahimatngon han Pangulo. Segun han Pangulo, hi kita na daw an ginkawatan, gin-uwat, katapos hi kita pa daw yana iton ginpapa-eksplikar. Hi kita, sering niya, an padayon nga nagbibiling han kamatuoran, hi kita an nag-iniban han mga mekanismo nga mahimo magamit ha pagpasulabi ha poder – katapos hi kita pa yana an ginaakusar nga ‘Pork Barrel King.’ Bangin may nahibibilin pa hini ha ira nga tultol nga panmurobuot, unta maghimo na ini hira hin kaupayan para

han ira igkasi-tawo ngan diri para la hiton ira kalugaringon nga mga kapulsanan, sering han Pangulo. Kataliwan mahidiskobrehan nga iginpaagi hin pira nga mga magbabalaud en kaparte han ira pork barrel nga pondo ngadto hin palsipikado nga non-government organizations o NGO, gilayon nga ipinanawagan han Pangulo an pagwagtang han pork barrel han mga magbabalaud. Dida hin usa nga privilege speech ni Senador Jinggoy Estrada nga iya iginpamulong kataliwan niya mahilambing han mao nga scam, iginbuyagyag niya an gin-aaligar nga paggamitan han DAP han administrasyon Aquino agud premyohan an mga senador nga magkokombiktar kan anay Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. (Ginbinisaya ni DUM-PIA8, Eastern Samar)

DOTC-LTO gintikangan an Oplan Ligtas Undas ha Sinirangan Bisayas


n Oplan Ligtas Undas han Department of Transportation and Communications en gintikangan na ha Sinirangan Bisayas dida han alas’8 han aga han Oktubre 25, sering ni Regional Director Edgar A. Catarongan han Land Transportation Office han Rehiyon.

Sering ni Director Catarongan nga an kanan DOTC Ligtas Oplan Undas 2013 en kaparti han kanan Departamento nagpapadayon nga programa paghatag ngadto han mga nanbibiyahe hin kaangayan, maarakus, matatapuran, organisado ngan talwas nga eksperyensya ha pagbyahe yana nga All Saints Day nga pyesta opisyal nga mga adlaw. Sugad han nakalabay nga tuig, an DOTC ha kuoperasyon han iya kasugbong nga mga ahensya en nagseseguro nga an publiko en magkakaada hin talwas ngan kaangayan nga pagbyahe ha kalalawdan, ha tuna ngan ha kahanginan hini yana nga panahon, dugang pa ni Director Catarongan. An ngatanan nga LTO District ngan Extension nga mga opisina ha bugos nga rehiyon en nagbutang hin mga DOTC-LTO Help Desks ha iba-iba nga mga terminal han sarakyan ha era tagsa-tagsa nga mga ginsakupan nga lugar ha bugos nga Rehiyon kun diin nakikita nira nga nagtikadamo an mga manarakay ngan trapiko han sarakyan. Nagsering hi Director Catarongan nga an mga DOTC-LTO Help Desks ha siyudad han Tacloban en nakabutang didto han Tacloban City Airport ngan Tacloban City Bus Terminal. Mayda gihapon hera tawo nga makapot hini ngan grupo nga maglilibot-libot ha siyudad. Ha siyudad han Tacloban, an LTO8 en nagbutang hin Field Enforcement Team tikang ha LTO Regional, Tacloban District ngan Tacloban Extension Offices padayon ha page 5


November 3, 2013 PAMANA road projects...from page 1 Brgy. San Antonio, also in Mondragon to Barangay Sulong in Silvino Lobos. The two projects have total cost of P100 million. Another project involving a project cost of P84 million is the 12- km road project connecting the towns of Silvino Lobos and Lope de Vega. In Samar province, the road projects funded by the DAP includes the 34.8 kilometers covering Barangay Lokilokon in Paranas town to San Jose de Buan town with a project cost of P115 million; the 2.2 kilometers road project in Matuguinao town with a project cost of P4.5 million. In Eastern Samar, DAP funded projects includes the 20 kms. JipapadMaslog road project with a funding of P88 million. Some of these projects are expected to be finished before 2016. PAMANA is the Aquino government’s program and framework for peace and development. It is implemented in areas affected by conflict and communities covered by existing peace agreements. A complementary track to peace negotiations, the Program’s main strategy is to bring back government to PAMANA Areas, ensuring that the communities benefit from improved delivery of basic social services and are served by responsive, transparent and accountable government units. For the period of 2011-2016, PAMANA will be implemented in 48 provinces where each area will receive development programs according to the specific needs of the people residing in that region. The PAMANA program aims to reduce poverty and vulnerability in conflict-affected areas through sustainable rural development, community infrastructure and focused delivery of social services; improve governance through partnerships with national and local institutions, building capacities for governance, and enhancement of transparency and accountability mechanisms; and, empower communities and strengthen their capacity to address issues of conflict and peace through activities that

PDC Leyte...from page 1 promote social cohesion. The PAMANA framework is anchored on three complementary strategic pillars that define core interventions to achieve lasting peace. Pillar I is laying the foundation for peace through policy reform and legislative action. Pillar II entails facilitating delivery of basic services at the community level through community driven development and community livelihood interventions. Meanwhile, Pillar III calls for addressing sub-regional challenges, including constraints to regional economic development and economic integration of developing areas with the more progressive areas, and inter-regional connectivity improvements. (PIA 8)

DOTC-LTO gintikangan...tikang ha page 4 para humatag hin bulig ngan serbisyo ngadto han mga manarakay nga publiko para maseguro an era seguridad ngan benepisyo. An grupo en ginmanduhan gihapon paglista ngan pagbaton han mga igpapadangat nga mga reklamo nga ginpapadangat ngan paghatag hin kaangayan nga aksyon ngadto han mga nagsasayop nga mga nagmamaneho, mga kundoktor ngan inspector han iba-iba nga mga pampubliko nga mga sarakyan tikang han Oktubre 25 ngadto ha Nobyembre 4, 2013. (Trans. by MAA/ PIA-8)

Pangulo Aquino pinangundahan paglunsad han PhilHealth benefit package para han katawhan nga may deperensya ha panlawas


inangundahan ni Pangulo Benigno Aquino III an paglunsad han kanan PhilHealth benefit package para han katawhan nga may mga deperensya

Development Program (PRDP) designed to create jobs and poverty reduction. “This is also aligned with the plan of the Province of Leyte to push for economic resurgence through Agriculture,” Petilla added. Meanwhile, the PDC also approved the Calendar Year 2013 Supplemental AIP of the Province which requires a total funding of P571,187, 369.54 or approximately P571.188 million. The said amount shall be sourced from the savings of the Province in its General Fund and Trust Fund as well as fund inflows from the national government, it was learned. (PIA-8) ha panlawas lab-i na gud adton mga nagkauutdan o may mga deperensya an butkon o tiil dida hin usa nga seremonya nga gindumara ha Heroes Hall ha Palasyo Malacañang dida han Huwebes. Dida han iya pagyakan, gindayaw han Pangulo an PhilHealth para ha iya bag-o la nga ginlunsad nga Z-MORPH (Z Benefits Rates for Mobility, Orthosis, Rehabilitation, Prosthesis Help) benefit package nga may panuyo paghatag hin bulig sugad han prosthetic nga tiil ngan iba nga mga serbisyo panlawas para ngadto han mga indibidwal nga waray mga tiil. “Nalilipay ginhapon kita nga ipakilala an Z-MORPH Prosthesis Benefit Package – an pinaka-una nga PhilHealth benefit package na nakasentro para han aton mga katawhan nga nahiuupod ha sektor nga Persons with Disabilities (PWDs),” sering han Pangulo dida han iya pagyakan. An Z-MORPH benefit package en nag-uupod han una nga pagsukol han external ngan ha ubos han tiil nga prosthesis ha package rate nga P15,000 kada tiil o P30,000 para han duha nga tiil para han bug-os nga pre and postprosthetic nga pagbutang han kada tiil, symes ngan tuhod o ha ubos han tiil nga inutdan. An PhilHealth en naglunsad han iya historic nga Z Benefits Packages dida han Hunyo 21, 2012, paghatag hin bulig ngadto han mga myembro nga may padayon ha page 7


November 3, 2013


So. Leyte nagpadala og P 500,000 nga bili sa ayuda para sa biktima sa linog sa Bohol


awhaan og usa (21) ka mga personahe sa probinsiyal nga pangagamhanan dinhi, hasta pipila ka mga opisyal ug heads of offices, milarga paingon sa Bohol land trip agi sa Bato, Leyte sayo sa buntag Oktubre 30 para maghatud og mga pinutos nga pagkaon alang sa mga

biktima sa linog sa unom ka lungsod sa Bohol. Ang grupo naglakip sa tulo ka dumptruck nga puno sa lain-laing makaon nga andam na iapod-apod sa 1,150 ka mga putos, ug duha ka dumptruck gisudlan og 1,000 ka litrong

ginalon nga tubig, matud pa ni Minda Rosete, pangu sa Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO). Sumala pa ni Rosete nga mismo si Gov. Roger Mercado ang mipagikan kanila sa pag-ajo-ajo diha sa hamubo nga send-off ceremony sa provincial DSWD office pipila ka gutlo sa wala pa sila mobiyahe. Sa pakighinabi kaniya sa telepono, si Rosete miingon nga gikan sa Bato, ang team modunggo sa Ubay, ug dayon na ngadto sa mga lungsod sa Trinidad, Carmen, Sagbayan, Catigbian, ug Balilihan, mga dapit nga grabeng naigo sa 7.2 magnitude nga pagtay-og sa yuta pagka Oktubre 15. Ang humanitarian mission sa Bohol aduna kini budget nga P 500,000 nga didto gikuha sa calamity fund sa probinsiya, apil na dinhi ang gastohan sa krudo ug uban pang mga galastuha sa 21 ka mga personnel kinsa maoy mopahigayon sa pag-apod-apod ngadto sa mga biktima, dugang pa ni Rosete. Matag putos may sulod lima ka kilong bugas, duha ka salmon, duha ka corned beef, pipila ka mga noodles, nescafe, ug milo, ug usab usa ka gallon nga may sulod unom ka litro nga mineral water. Ang team gilauman nga mupoyu sa Bohol sulod sa tulo ka adlaw, ug mouli sila Biyernes, Nobyembre 1, si Rosete usab miingon. Sa text message, si Diego Dain Credo, ang provincial Media Relations officer kinsa mikuyog sa biyahe, nmitahu nga lakip sa mga heads of offices kinsa maoy nangulo sa relief assistance mao sila si Danilo Atienza, Disaster Consultant, Nedgar Garvez, Tourism Officer, ug ang opisyal mao si Board Member Aileen Estrera. (mmp,PIA8-Southern Leyte)


November 3, 2013 Presidente Aquino...tikang ha page 5

mga sakit sugad han prostate cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia, breast cancer, kidney transplant, coronary artery bypass, total correction han Tetralogy of Fallot ngan pagsera han ventricular septal defect. Gindayaw gihapon ni Pangulo Aquino an kanan PhilHealth kumpleto nga pagbalyo tikang han tradisyonal nga Feefor-Service (FFS) ngadto ha case-based payment system para han ngatanan nga compensable medical ngan surgical nga mga kaso. “Mahitungod nga mas madagmit ngan mas segurado nga masasabutan han mga miyembro an babatunon nga gastos han PhilHealth, maiiwasan na an posibilidad han sobra nga pagsukot ha mga pasyente, ngan masusulit an era benepisyo nga medical,” sering ni Pangulo Aquino. An case-based payment system en ginkakarawat ha langyaw ngan magbabayad na yana hin pre-determined nga kantidad para han ngatanan nga compensable nga panambal ngan mga pamaagi. Pinaagi hini an mga meyembro en dayon nga mahihibaro kun pira an era makukuha nga benepisyo para hin usa nga klase hin sakit maha pangobyernhan man o pribado nga mga ospital. Nakadto gihapon dida han okasyon amo hera Health Secretary Enrique Ona, ngan PhilHealth President ngan CEO Alexander Padilla. (Trans. by MAA/PIA-8)

Southern Leyte naggahin og P1 Milyon alang sa pagpreserba sa Mt. Nacolod


ng probinsyal nga pangagamhanan sa Southern Leyte naggahin og P1 Milyones alang sa preserbasyon nga mga lakang alang sa Mt. Nacolod, usa ka importante nga biodiversity nga dapit, nga naglingkod diha sa lima ka lungsod sa probinsya. Si Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Management Officer Eva Abad nagtahu, “ang probinsyal nga pangagamhanan sa Southern Leyte nakahimo sa pagsuk-suk diha sa giaprobahan nga Annual Investment Plan (AIP) diha sa kantidad nga P1 milyon alang sa mga paningkamot sa pagpreserba sa Mt. Nacolod, usa ka importante nga biodiversity nga dapit,” atol sa pagtapos sa pagmugna sa Conservation Management Framework (CMF3) for the Mt. Nacolod Landscape didto sa Syshore Beachfront, Ocktobre 24-25. Dugang niyang pahayag nga ang mosunod nga pundo mahimo nga magamit sa 2014 pa. Si Abad dugang nagpahayag nga ang maong pundo pagagamiton agig tubag ngadto sa mga panginahanglan nga mahimo nga mosumaw ilabina diha

sulod sa conservation management framework nga nagkinahanglan sa probinsyal nga pangagamhanan nga interbensyon. Ang Mt. Nacolod landscape milabang diha sa pito sa lungsod sa mosunod: Sogod, Libagon, St. Bernard, Hinunangan, Abuyog og Mahaplag og duha ka probinsyal nga pangagamhanan sa Leyte og Southern Leyte nga mga probinsya, matud pa. “ Ang Southern Leyte usa ka abundansya diha sa biodiversity,” samtang ang Fauna and Flora International (FFI) project officer Mime Ledesma nagtahu human sa duha sa survey ang gipahigayon diha sa 2011 og 2013 diha sa Mt. Nacolod. Sa 2011, ang FFI nakadiskobre alang sa duha ka klase sa genus platymantis nga sama sa gidakon sa kumagko nga mga baki og ang Cinnamunon A nga talagsaong tanom kaniadtong 2013, ang duha ka klase pulos makita lamang dinhi sa Southern Leyte sa tibook Pilipinas, matud niya. (Gibinisaya ni esg/PIA8 SoLeyte)

Government and private groups extended free medical services to cemetery-goers during this year’s observance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day in one of the biggest cemetery in Tacloban City. (PIA-8)

November 3  

November 3 Issue of 1 Eastern Visayas