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March 30, 2014

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

March 30, 2014

Leyte guv introduces MIC Rice program for Yolandaaffected farmers


he Provincial Government of Leyte continues a tradition it has always been known about in Eastern Visayas – that of setting innovative programs and projects which may be replicated by other provincial government units. One such innovation i s L e y t e’s M o r e I n c o m e i n t h e Countr yside thru Rice program or MIC Rice Program for shor t. This writer came to k n o w a b o u t t h i s w h e n r e c e n t l y, t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a - a f f e c t e d r i c e f a r m e r s i n B a r a n g a y E . J a r o, Babatngon, Leyte got the much

needed help as the provincial government distributed cash l o a n s u n d e r L e y t e p r o v i n c e’s More Income in the Countr yside thru Rice (MIC-Rice) Program. It was learned that the MIC-Rice Program is a c o n t i n u a t i o n o f t h e I COT- R i c e Program implemented during the leadership of then governor and now Energy Czar Carlos Jericho Pe t i l l a , b r o t h e r o f t h e i n c u m b e n t g o v e r n o r. G o v. L e o p o l d o D o m i n i c o Pe t i l l a d e e m e d i t n e c e s s a r y t o continue the project as it helps ensure the farmers’ productivity

Leyte Governor LeopoldoDominic Petilla (PIA FILE PHOTO)

for their livelihood and at the same time help the province in attaining rice sufficiency especially after the onslaught of s u p e r t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a . The same mechanism u n d e r t h e p r e v i o u s I COT- P R i c e Program is being employed by the MIC-Rice Program. continued on page 5

Simple rites mark

493rd Anniversary of historic First Mass in Limasawa


simple commemorative program will be staged on March 31 this year to mark the 493rd anniversary of the First Mass in the historic island-town of Limawasa, Southern Leyte. Every year, the people of Limasawa and Southern Leyte celebrate the first Christian Mass in the country. This year, the activities revolve on the theme “Unang Misa sa Pilipinas ug Asia ug ang Sto. Niño: Maoy Naglig-on sa pagtuo ug paglaum sa katawhan taliwala sa katalagman ug kalisdanan.” The official program for the event shows that a fluvial parade which will start from Maasin City to Limawasa will serve as the highlight of the celebration. continued on page 7


March 30, 2014

Mega Jobs Fair up for “Yolanda” survivors in Guiuan


n its aim to alleviate the living conditions of “ Yolanda” sur vivors, the D epar tment of Labor and Employment(DOLE), R egional O ffice 8, has been conduc ting jobs fair in S amar and Leyte provinces. DOLE R egional Direc tor, O fficer-in- Charge, Exequiel S arcauga infor med PIA here, that last D ecember 14, 2013, the first Jobs Fair was conduc ted in Or moc Cit y, one of the hardest hit areas by “ Yolanda” and on Januar y 22 and Februar y 20, DOLE opened

jobs to some displaced wor kers in Tacloban. Come Apr il 2, the team will be in Guiuan this province to offer job openings to local job seekers. “ Yolanda” first landfall here on November 8 where close to a hundred individuals per ished and several others were wounded. Direc tor S arcauga fur ther infor med that a Press Conference will be conduc ted in this Cit y pr ior to the Jobs Fair. Ms. Cynthia Q uitor io, PESO O fficer and M edia Bureau

Chief of the Provincial Local G over nment Unit infor med that they are in receipt of more than a thousand Job Orders both for foreign and local employment. Among the wanted applicants are nurses, welders, heav y equipment operators, dr ivers, accountants, engineers and many more. Q uitor io thus invites job seekers in the province, including other jobless sk illed health to proceed to Guiuan on Wednesday, Apr il 2 for any possible application and hir ing. (PIA-Easter n S amar)

Ambassador bares Australia’s additional assistance for recovery, reconstruction of Haiyan-hit areas


he Government of Australia will provide additional assistance for the recovery and reconstruction activities in areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda. This was disclosed by Australian Ambassador Bill Tweddle who was recently in town accompanied by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman to be updated on the ongoing recovery and rehabilitation efforts. According to Ambassador Tweddell, the additional package of assistance includes P162 million to provide livelihood to approximately 450,000 individuals, and P121 million for the construction of 75 classrooms and day care centers. The amount of P40 million will be allotted for the multi-hazard mapping, improved land use planning and building codes, and establishment of early warning systems and emergency

response teams in 336 communities in Leyte and Eastern Samar. Meanwhile, another P 40 million will be used to bring in Australian technical experts to assist in the planning, implementation, and coordination of recovery and reconstruction activities. Australia will also provide Php 808 million for the construction of 500 classrooms in Yolanda-affected areas as part of the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) program. “This assistance demonstrates the depth of the friendship between our two countries,” Ambassador Tweddell said. “We will continue to coordinate our assistance with the Philippine Government and other actors to ensure that it is reaching those who need it most,” he added. Moreover, another P 40 million will be provided to UN agencies

to restock prepositioned supplies disbursed during 2013 disasters, including dignity kits given to pregnant and breastfeeding women which contain additional items such as bath towel, malong, undergarments, alcohol, slippers and potty. These will provide pregnant and breastfeeding mothers a higher level of protection against diseases and infection due to their and their babies’ delicate condition. Other supplies include rice and high energy biscuits. During his visit, the Australian Ambassador and his party visited the DSWD hub, conducted an ocular inspection of the Motocross Bunkhouses in Brgy. Caibaan, Tacloban City housing 516 families, and the permanent shelter site at Barangay Pago, Tanauan, Leyte. (PIA 8)


March 30, 2014

IOM brings home Yolanda survivors from Cebu via boats, planes


he International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the Philippines helped 34 displaced families to return to Tacloban City when a Cebu tent city closed last week. IOM teamed up with the Philippine Air Force and Navy to help families displaced by Typhoon Haiyan to return to their home provinces after months of living in tent cities. To recall, the typhoon Yolanda, which claimed over 6,000 lives and displaced over four million people, forced many families to leave the worst-hit islands of Leyte and Samar in search of protection and shelter in the neighboring Cebu island. Cebu’s tent city, managed by IOM, the Philippine Red Cross and the local government, was one of several which were established in typhoonaffected areas as temporary housing solutions for displaced populations. It opened at the end of December, initially providing shelter, food and other necessities for 70 families who had previously been living in evacuation centers. The city’s Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS) set a deadline of 23rd March for its closure in order to encourage inhabitants to become independent and to move to more durable accommodation. The former residents of tent cities in other areas have been returned to their homes or relatives’ homes if possible, or transferred to bunkhouses. Another tent city managed

by IOM in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, remains open and currently houses 112 families. While some people have already made their own way back home, some34 families needed assistance when a Cebu tent city closed last week. IOM in Cebu arranged for them free transportation on Philippine Air Force planes and Navy boats. On Sunday morning, Air Force flights began to take groups back to Tacloban City from where they were then transported onward overland to their homes. The flights were interrupted by severe weather due to a tropical storm. Consequently six families had

to instead be taken back by ferry. Once back in their home provinces, the returnees receive financial assistance from local government. It was learned that about 17 families decided to stay in Cebu. Most have already found employment, with the support of the local chamber of commerce. Marco Boasso, IOM’s Chief of Mission in the Philippines, said, “After months away from home, families are going back to their provinces to be with relatives and work on rebuilding their houses and their lives. IOM is committed to supporting the Philippine Government in ensuring their safe return.” (PIA 8)


March 30, 2014

SoLeyte solon wants SOLSED to step up endeavors with feed stuff production BY: ERNA GORNE


mong the pr ime movers of The S outher n Leyte S ocio -Economic D evelopment I nc (SOLSED), a M ar ketled I ntegrated Agr ibusiness Net wor k ing (MIAN) program, Cong. Damian M ercado wants to step up SOLSED endeavors with feed stuff produc tion component of the program. Af ter its first taste of bountiful har vest of an initial 52 fattened hogs, weighing an average of 85 k ilos each, SOLSED were able to sell in the mar ket thru a M aasin Cit y- based meat dealer yesterday at a ver y good pr ice, so far. S ome 21 SOLSED par tner - far mers based in H inundayan ear lier raised 100 hogs in three months and nine days until yesterday, it was lear ned. While another group based in H inunangan have just star ted raising their hogs last month Februar y, 2014 According to Congressman M ercado, “I desire that SOLSED will also produce their own organic feeds for their hog fattening and swine breeding ac tivities now under taken by SOLSED par tners, as well.” “ Wherein some SOLSED par tners- far mers who not are inclined to raising hogs, may choose to plant crops such as cor n, cassava, banana, among others, that will be utilized as ingredients of an organic feed stuff needed by those raising the hogs.” he said. M ercado fur ther envisioned that as the group will grow, more projec ts such as hollow block mak ing, among others could be assisted

by the group even to other municipalities, as well, he added. That SOLSED will soon go organic feed stuff produc tion while eyeing for the establishment of a feed mill in the localit y managed by the same group, he said. SOLSED pr imer movers initiated hog fattening program wherein piglets, feeds, medicines, technicians ser vices were given free to SOLSED par tners, who must have their own pigpens and willingness to raise the hogs as their counter par t in the said program. However, SOLSED pr ime movers will later collec t all the

expenses incur red as soon as the hogs were sold a nd the 10% of the net proceeds goes to the respec tive clusters of the par tners-members’ funds and the remaining 90% net will go to the far mer, according to SOLSED B oard of Direc tor G odofredo Alvares. The program was designed to empower the far mers to raise their own funds and initiate pover t y-alleviation projec ts in their communit y, he said.(PIA8 S oLeyte)

(From left) Former DepEd Calbayog City Supt Editha Paculan (extreme left), DepEd Regional Director Luisa Bautista-Yu, Samar Board Member Alan Diomangay, Samar 1st District Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento and Dante Rosales representing Calbayog Mayor Ronald Aquino grace the opening of the new DepEd Calbayog City Division building. (Photo courtesy of J Allegado PBS Radyo ng Bayan -DYOG)


March 30, 2014

NMP Tacloban bares accomplishments BY: CONSUELO ALARCON


he National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) located at Cabalawan, this city, has bared its accomplishments from the 2010 until the first quar ter of the year 2014. During the 1st Quar terly Media Par tnership Forum held recently at NMP office, this city, Mr. Ricardo L. Mionda, OIC Head, NMP ’s Information and Marketing Section presented the highlights of the accomplishments since 2010 up to the month of March 2014. In terms of conduct of maritime training, 33, 593 seamen and trainees were trained at the National Maritime Polytechnic since 2010 until the 1st quar ter of this year. For two consecutive years from 2010 to 2011, NMP achieved more than the annual target. It was learned that in 2010, the annual target is 7, 700 but it achieved 103.2% or 7, 953 seafarers or trainees who finish maritime training. Similarly, in 2011 it accomplished 103.4%. However,

in 2012 the school has achieved 99.1% but in 2013, the year Yolanda hit the region, the accomplishment slows down to 82.2% only. Fur thermore, 75, 706 cer tificates were issued by NMP to seafarers or trainees who under went trainings since 2010 until the 1st quar ter of this year and this comprises 98.9% of the target. NMP also showed a good per formance in terms of the number of passers assessed and endorsed as well as in the conduct of maritime researches/studies. Meanwhile, of the nine (9) infra projects implemented during the period, three (3) were completed such as drainage system at Maritime Annex Ground, the repair of Officers Dormitor y ( Wing A) and the Improvement of Hydraulic Winch Structure while five (5) were almost near completion when Yolanda destroyed them. Despite the heavy damage it suffered from Yolanda’s fur y, NMP is still determined to achieve their

vision as a world-class maritime center of excellence as it conforms to the international and national maritime education and training (MET ) standards.(PIA-8)

enhancement program. G o v. Pe t i l l a disclosed that because the project needs big budget allotment, recipient towns and rice farmer beneficiaries are being closely evaluated and monitored. The governor disclosed that while many organizations have donated rice seeds to Leyte, there is still a need for more seeds and even for technical assistance on rice farming in order to restore Leyte to its pre Yo l a n d a r i c e p r o d u c t i v i t y. Leyte, the province that suffered the full impact of Yo l a n d a , i s a C a t e g o r y I I r i c e –

producing province. This means that it has more than 100,000 hectares of rice land. Between 2000 and 2009, Leyte posted the third biggest increase in rice production among all provinces, behind only t o N u e v a E c i j a a n d I l o i l o, a n d has the highest average annual growth rate in terms of yield per hectare output. Ty p h o o n Yo l a n d a s t r u c k in the period between planting seasons in Leyte. Most farms have already completed their wet season har vest and were just star ting to prepare for the dr y s e a s o n c r o p. ( P I A 8 )

Leyte guv...from page 1 The farmers are offered cash loans amounting to P15, 000 per hectare to cover the expenses f o r l a b o r, s e e d s , f e r t i l i z e r s , insurance and pesticides. After har vest season, the farmers would pay back their loans in terms of good quality palay which the provincial government would itself buy from the farmers computed P1 higher than the prevailing market price. The young Leyte governor said this project has been designed to spur farmers’ par ticipation in the provincial g o v e r n m e n t ’s r i c e p r o d u c t i o n


March 30, 2014

WARAY NEWS Pangulo Aquino nagdadahum pagbakasyon kaupod hi Prime Minister Najib Razak ha Mindanao


a iya pagdahum nga an Mindanao en ha katapos-tapusan magkakaada hin tinuod ngean permanente nga kamurayawan, hi Pangulo Benigno Aquino III en nagpagawas han iya kaandam pagkaada hin bakasyon kaupod hi Prime Minister Najib Razak ha Mindanao. Dida han iya pagyakan dida han makasaysayan nga pirmahay han Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro ha Malacanang dida han

Huwebes, nagsering hi Pangulo Aquino nga nakikita niya an iya kalugaringon kaupod hi Prime Minister Razak nga nag-eenjoy hin mahusay nga sunset kaupod han iba pa nga mga opisyal nga nagkaada hin panguna nga papel dida han pagbutang hin tuldok han ginkasarabutan parti pangkamurayawan ngadto han pinakadako nga Muslim nga rebelde nga grupo ha Pilipinas. “Kun an aton mga

ginhihingyap bali usa nga nasyon en matuman, an akon mga kabugtuan nga hera Al Haj Murad, Mohagher Igbal, ngan ako en magpapamulat nga usa ka-adlaw ha diri maiha nga panahon, samtang mag-upay an amon mga kalingkod ngan nalilipay pagkita han pagtunod han adlaw ha Mindanao – seguro kaupod hin kasangkayan sugad kan Prime Minister Najib Razak,” sering han Pangulo. “Heto nga adlaw, manhihinumdum kami han ika27 han Marso 2014, ngan tatagan namon an amon mga kalugaringon hin gutiay nga kakuntentohan. Ha pagkayana, dako pa nga trabahuon en kinahanglan pagdumaraon, ngan nagdadahum ako hin pagka-ada hin mahimyang, malinampuson, ngan waray diskriminasyo nga Bangsamoro kaupod kamo nga tanan,” dugang pa niya. Dida han merienda cena nga pinanagbalayan han Pangulo para han nabisita nga Prime Minister, His Excellency Najib Razak en naghatag han iya pagbaton han mensahe han Pangulo kun diin sering niya nga: “Dumolot gud ha akon an imo mensahe dida han imo pagsering nga nagdadahum ka nga usa ka adlaw aada kita heto dida nga parti han kalibutan, nagbabantay han pantunod han adlaw, nga pareho kita nagkakaada hin pagdamgo. Hi Prime Minister Razak kadali nga bumisita ha Pilipinas para magin testigo han pirmahay han ginkasarabutan nga kahimyang ha butnga han gobyerno han Pilipinas ngan han Moro Islamic Liberation Front. An Malaysia an nagpapasilidad han hurohimangraw pangkamurayawan ngan amo an namumuno han International Monitoring Team. (Trans. by maa/ PIA8)


March 30, 2014 Simple rites...from page 1 The image of Sr. Sto. Niño will be accompanied in the fluvial parade by Bishop Precioso Cantillas of the diocese of Maasin, Southern Leyte Governor Roger Mercado, Representative Damian Mercado, Maasin City Mayor Maloney Samaco and other guests. The image and delegation is expected to arrive at 7:00 A.M. in the island municipality of LImasawa, according to Nedgar Garvez, Southern Leyte Tourism Officer. Limasawa Mayor Melchor Petracorta and local officials will welcome the guests at Triana pier as “Sinugdan” dancers of Limasawa will offer a dance ritual in welcoming the Holy Image. Foot procession will then follow from Triana port to Magallanes village, a 2-kilometer

distance. Signaling the start of the Holy Mass which will be officiated by Bishop Cantillas, is a 6-gun salute. Another important activity for the anniversary celebration is the Declaration of the opening of the TAOID Heritage Program in Limasawa by the officers of the National Commission of Culture and the Arts. To recall, the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan planted the Holy Cross at the Magallanes village where the Friar Pedro Valderrama officiated the First Catholic Mass that saw the birth of Christianity in the Philippines and in the Far East. Historical accounts have it that the indigenous natives of the island welcomed their guests and showed them their hospitality. The natives were never

converted to Catholicism, which may account that until 493 years after the First Mass, the Limasawa island residents of 6,000 remained a mixed of different religions. After the anniversary Mass, a dance that recreates the beginning of the Christianity in the country will be showcased in the Sinugdan Festival ( The Beginning) followed by the ceremonial tree planting. The Holy Image of Sr. Sto. Niño is expected to arrive in Maasin City around 5:00 P.M. A foot procession of the faithful around the city follows upon arrival and a welcome Mass will be officiated by Rev. Fr. Jonas M. Mejares, OSA, Rector of the Basilica Del Sto. Niño, Cebu City. (PIA 8)

SOLSED-backed hog growers sell first harvest of fattened swine BY: MARCELO M. PEDALINO


wenty-one (21) families here who were the initial beneficiaries of a privately-funded piggery project that was launched on December 19, 2013, or just three months ago, were all smiles Wednesday, March 26, as their fattened pigs were weighed. The partial harvest of 52 pigs weighing mostly 80 kilos and above per pig was witnessed by Cong. Damian Mercado, the man behind the livelihood initiative, and Mayor Evelyn Lee, who lent her full support to the undertaking. The project was founded by a recently-formed local non-government organization (NGO), the Southern Leyte Socio-Economic Development (SOLSED), Inc. under its Market-led Integrated Agri-business Networking (MIAN) program. As agreed, SOLSED provided the piglets -- five each per recipient -- and the feeds, while the beneficiary families were the ones to take care so the animals will always be healthy as they grow. After three months as

expected, the grown pigs will be bought by SOLSED at a competitive fair market price of P 100.00 per kilo, then the cost of pigs and piglets subtracted; ten percent of the balance will go to SOLSED as retention fund, the rest will go to the farmer. Celso Gana, village leader of barangay Cat-Ewing and one of the pioneer hog raisers of the project, had 328 kilos for his 4 pigs weighed, the fifth, along with other beneficiaries, would have to wait two more weeks at least, to gain more weight. Minus the cost of inputs, Cana stands to gain at the very least P 1,000.00 per pig as the fruit of his labor, according to computed estimates. Most of the pigs were raised in organic pigpens, their housing made mostly of stitched nipa and bamboo, the flooring consisting mainly of waste by-products from ricefields, hence the pens were mostly odorless, unlike in purely commercial growing. The piggery project had spread to Hinunangan, then soon the

rest of the pacific towns, and later to the municipalities in Panaon Island, the Sogod Bay down until it reaches Maasin City, it was learned. An assessment of Hinundayan recipients will follow after the first harvest for the second cycle, said Jason Calva, a staff at the Congressman’s Office. In a casual chat with local media over dinner, Cong. Mian intimated his passionate desire to really flood the entire province of organicallygrown hogs as a means to augment income of farmers and to gradually wean dependence of meat coming from Mindanao and other areas. (PIA8Southern Leyte)


March 30, 2014

DG Jose Mari Oquinena and DDG Virgilio Galvez with the Visayas C l u s t e r Regional Directors Janet Mesa (Region 6), M i n e r v a N e w m a n (Region 7) and Erlinda Olivia P. Tiu (Region 8). President A q u i n o conferred the Philippine Quality Award to the PIA thru DG Jose Mari Oquinena with the staff and regional directors. (Michael Rey Baniquet)

Mga Pama agi sa Pagtindog sa Malig-on nga Balay PAG-ATOP (Roofing)

BINTANA UG (Doors and Windows)

2ft. 1ft. 1

PAGSUMPAY (Connections)



30 cm max.

PAG TUKOD (Bracing)

PAG-PALIG-ON (Bracing) aspalto



March 30  

March 30 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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