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March 17, 2014 Medair...from page 1 maps. Af ter the aer ial sur vey and photography, the new 3D maps will already be ready. The same will be ver y useful for the rehabilitation wor k that is ongoing in the Yolanda affec ted areas. M r. K aiser said that the Swiss-based humanitar ian aid agenc y, together with Drone Adventures, a Swiss non-profit organization that promotes the humanitar ian use of drones, will also launch these devices in other par ts of Leyte like D ulag. The ‘eB ee drones’ will take hundreds of aer ia l images of the disaster-affec ted area, which will then be merged to create 2D maps and 3D ter rain models. These will be used to help M edair deter mine where the greatest need is and what the most appropr iate assistance should be to affec ted families as they continue to recover. M edair is cur rently assisting recover y effor ts by

providing mater ials and exper tise to build shelters in D ulag, which was hit by Super-Typhoon Haiyan last November. M ore than 80% of the town’s homes and cropland were destroyed. “R ecover y from a disaster of this magnitude can be complex,” said K aiser. “ The maps produced from the images taken by the drones will give ever yone, including communit y members themselves, an oppor tunit y to better understand not only where the greatest needs are, but also their potential solutions.” “Having accurate images of affec ted areas will allow us to address the needs of individual households and advocate on their behalf when necessar y,” he added. The images will be made public for free online, enabling communit y leaders and humanitar ian organizations to use the infor mation to coordinate reconstruc tion effor ts. M eanwhile, M r. K aiser said that the President of Drone

Adventures Adam K aptocz gave the assurance that drones have great potential to help dur ing humanitar ian cr isis. “Light weight drones such as the eB ee are safe and easy to operate and can provide crucial imager y at a precision and speed unattainable by satellite imager y. Their relatively low cost of deployment make the technology attainable even by small communities throughout the developing wor ld. Not only can drones be deployed immediately following a disaster in order to assess damage and provide detailed infor mation to firstresponders like M edair, but they can also assist communit y leaders in planning recover y effor ts,” the Drone Adventure President said. M edair responded within 24 hours to the Phili ppines cr isis in November 2013, and is cur rently providing emergenc y shelter k its to those most in need. (PIA 8)

Pangulo Aquino makikigkita ha iba-iba nga mga sektor yana nga semana


i Pa n g u l o B e n i g n o S . A q u i n o III en makikigkita han ibaiba nga mga sektor yana nga semana para makig-usa ha era pamiling hin mga pamaagi pagpadarodagmit han paguswag han nasud, sering han Pa n g u l o d i d a h a n L u n e s . Dida hin usa nga pamahayag, hi Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda en nagsering nga pirmi ginkaklaro h a n Pa n g u l o a n p a p e l h a n m g a lokal nga pangobyernohan ha pagpauswag han nasud salit amo eni an rason nga makikigkita hiya hini ha era yana nga semana.

A n Pa n g u l o en magdudumara han oath of office para han oath taking han mga League of Local Government Units ngan han mga Elective Officials, ngan magyayakan didto ha general assembly han League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP). P a n g u n g u n d a h a n g i h a p o n n i Pa n g u l o A q u i n o a n conferment ceremonies han 1 6 t h P h i l i p p i n e Q u a l i t y Aw a r d s nga nagrerekognisar han exemplar y per formance han mga organisasyon ha mga pampubliko ngan mga pribado nga sektor nga nakakuntribwer ngadto han

pagpakurokumpetensya ngan pagigin produktibo han nasud, sering ni Lacierda. A n o p i s y a l h a n Pa l a s y o e n n a g s e r i n g n g a a n Pa n g u l o e n maatinder gihapon han Original Fi l i p i n o M u s i c S u m m i t p a r a makigkita han iba-iba nga mga kapitalista han industriya ngan igduso an pagpauswag hini, sering niya. ( Tr a n s . b y m a a / PIA8)

March 17  

March 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

March 17  

March 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas