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March 17, 2014

City Fire Marshall aims nearzone fire incidence in Maasin City this year BY: ERNA S. GORNE


s the year 2014 rolls in, there has been no reported fire incidence that the Maasin City Fire Depar tment has responded t o , s o f a r. According to Maasin Cit y Fire Marshall I nspec tor Kenith N. Casas of the Bureau of Fire and Protec tion (BFP), the city fire department aims to attain near zero-fire incidence i n M a a s i n C i t y t h i s y e a r, i n a n interview at Action Center K a p i h a n s a P I A , We d n e s d a y, a t t h e S e n i o r C i t i z e n ’s O f f i c e i n Maasin City in time with the national celebration of Fire Prevention Month in March 2014. Fire Marshall Casas noted that since he assummed leadership at city fire department, “there was only one fire incidence that they responded immediately and isolated a business establishment on fire in Sitio Tu b u r a n i n B a r a n g a y Tu n g a t u n g a l a t e l a s t y e a r.” “ H o w e v e r, a t o t a l o f 2 6 fire incidences in the city were r e p o r t e d i n 2 0 1 3 ,” h e s a i d . Casas said their department will work hard in order to attain to a much lesser

fire incidence that they might e n c o u n t e r t h i s y e a r. The non- occurrence of fire incidence in a community would indicate that the fire department is doing its assignments and isolating fire incidence of an affected building structure also signals a quick response by their end. That Maasin Cit y Fire Department will intensify the information dissemination and arm the community on the fire prevention tips and identification of fire hazards, organizing fire volunteer brigades in all the 70 barangays o f t h e c i t y, a m o n g o t h e r activities, he said. The city department now regularly maintained its 5 units of fire trucks and 26-trained personnel though the standard number of staff should have been 60 personnel, he added. He also noted that the earlier the fire victims get help from them would spell out quick response since they are re a d y 2 4 h o u r s e ve r yd a y. “ The city fire department hotline number is easy to r e m e m b e r, j u s t d i a l 3 3 3 ,” h e said. (PIA8 SoLeyte)

Washing hands properly prevent 400 kinds of diseases, says Dr. Fabregas BY: CONSUELO B. ALARCON


n line with the celebration of t h e Wo r l d Wa t e r D a y f r o m M a r c h 18-22, 2014, the City Government o f Ta c l o b a n i n c o o r d i n a t i o n w i t h some International Humanitarian Organizations have intensified their advocacies on the importance of practicing good hygiene to prevent hundreds of diseases. During Harampang ha PIA held recently at Leyte Spor ts Development Center (LSDC), in t h i s c i t y, D r a . G l o r i a Fa b r e g a s , Consultant for the Special Health Programs of the City Government o f Ta c l o b a n h a s r e i t e r a t e d t h a t washing hands properly can help prevent the spread of organisms or bacteria that may cause 400 kinds of diseases. The statement of Fa b r e g a s w a s s u p p o r t e d b y K a t e Nolan of the Save the Children, an International Humanitarian Organization who has been here s i n c e N o v e m b e r a f t e r Yo l a n d a h i t the region. D r. Fa b r e g a s a i d , w a s h i n g hands properly after using the comfor t room, before eating continued on page 7

March 17  

March 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

March 17  

March 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas