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March 17, 2014

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March 17, 2014

Rotary Int’l districts show concern for Yolanda

Medair launches drones to map Yolanda devastated areas in Leyte

survivors, distributes 46 boats in Ormoc City



he R otar y I nter national par ticular ly Distr ic t 3870 R otar y Club of Q uezon Cit y and Distr ic t 3860 R otar y Club of Or moc , amid cheers and smiles from the fisher folk beneficiar ies from Or moc, Albuera and Palompon, distr ibuted 46 fishing boats dubbed as R otar y Fleet at the beach front of Or moc Bay in the mor ning of M arch 17, 2014. B efore the distr ibution of the blue and white R otar y Fleet, a memorandum of agreement was signed by the R otar y Club Distr ic t 3870 represented by I mmediate Past Distr ic t G over nor Peter R odr iguez, Or moc Cit y M ayor Ondo Codilla, Albuera M ayor Junie dela Cer na, Distr ic t 3870 G over nor Francis R ivera, Dr. Joseph Cor tes and the presidents of the Fishing Association­s-beneficiar ies. Past Distr ic t G over nor Danny Fausto explained the MOA saying that the fisher men bene ficiar ies are obliged to remit 10% of their daily income to their respec tive fishing associations while the remaining 90% goes to the beneficiar ies themselves. I n case of emergenc y, the fishe r folk members may bor row continued on page 7

edair, an inter national NGO cur rently helping in the recover y and rehabilitation of Haiyan-hit areas, is using drones to make new maps for Tacloban and other hard-hit areas in Leyte. M r. Joel K aiser, emergenc y response officer of M edair told the Philippine I nfor mation Agenc y that Ta loban Cit y and Leyte have maps which anyone could G oogle, but these were made before the Yolanda onslaught. On S aturday, M edair send off one small, light weight drone in the presence of Tacloban Cit y M ayor Alfred R omualdez, and a few media representative led by the Philippine I nfor mation

Agenc y, at the Cit y Hall grounds. I t was lear ned that only one drone was assembled because of the unpredic table weather last S aturday in the Cit y. M ore drone will fly when the weather is good, M r. K aiser said. “ You can just push a button or launch them by hand to see them fly, and you don’t need a remote anymore —they are guided by GPS and are inherently safe,” K aiser added. The drone looked like simple model air plane, to sur vey landscapes and take photos with thousands of digital images that can be stitched together into 3-D continued on page 5

Rural folks from Matuginao, Samar availed of the free medical-dental services extended by the 8th Infantry Division and the Samar Provincial Health office conducted during the Peace and Development Caravan held on March 14 in said town. (Photo by Jun Arceno/PIA-8 Samar)


March 17, 2014

DSWD-8 to scale up its poverty alleviation program through NCDDP BY: CONSUELO B. ALARCON


he Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Eastern Visayas is set to scale up its operation and coverage of its poverty alleviation program with the implementation of the National Community Driven Development Program in the region within this year. Eubolo Co, Deputy Regional Program Manager of the National Community Driven Development Program (NCDDP) of DSWD Regional Office 8 said, the program is targeting 136 municipalities of the

six (6) provinces across the region. Like the Kalahi-CIDSS, the National Community Driven Development Program (NCDDP) uses community-driven development strategy to empower the people in order to capacitate them in solving community problems that may affect their poverty situation. Under the NCDDP, projects in the local level will be implemented in four cycles and in every cycle there is a municipal allocation. Previously, Kalahi-CIDSS was implemented only in bottom

poor municipalities comprising 25% of the muniopalities in the region. However, under NCDDP which is set to be implemented in the month of May, it shall cover all municipalities whether Yolanda affected areas or not.(PIA-8)


March 17, 2014

City Fire Marshall aims nearzone fire incidence in Maasin City this year BY: ERNA S. GORNE


s the year 2014 rolls in, there has been no reported fire incidence that the Maasin City Fire Depar tment has responded t o , s o f a r. According to Maasin Cit y Fire Marshall I nspec tor Kenith N. Casas of the Bureau of Fire and Protec tion (BFP), the city fire department aims to attain near zero-fire incidence i n M a a s i n C i t y t h i s y e a r, i n a n interview at Action Center K a p i h a n s a P I A , We d n e s d a y, a t t h e S e n i o r C i t i z e n ’s O f f i c e i n Maasin City in time with the national celebration of Fire Prevention Month in March 2014. Fire Marshall Casas noted that since he assummed leadership at city fire department, “there was only one fire incidence that they responded immediately and isolated a business establishment on fire in Sitio Tu b u r a n i n B a r a n g a y Tu n g a t u n g a l a t e l a s t y e a r.” “ H o w e v e r, a t o t a l o f 2 6 fire incidences in the city were r e p o r t e d i n 2 0 1 3 ,” h e s a i d . Casas said their department will work hard in order to attain to a much lesser

fire incidence that they might e n c o u n t e r t h i s y e a r. The non- occurrence of fire incidence in a community would indicate that the fire department is doing its assignments and isolating fire incidence of an affected building structure also signals a quick response by their end. That Maasin Cit y Fire Department will intensify the information dissemination and arm the community on the fire prevention tips and identification of fire hazards, organizing fire volunteer brigades in all the 70 barangays o f t h e c i t y, a m o n g o t h e r activities, he said. The city department now regularly maintained its 5 units of fire trucks and 26-trained personnel though the standard number of staff should have been 60 personnel, he added. He also noted that the earlier the fire victims get help from them would spell out quick response since they are re a d y 2 4 h o u r s e ve r yd a y. “ The city fire department hotline number is easy to r e m e m b e r, j u s t d i a l 3 3 3 ,” h e said. (PIA8 SoLeyte)

Washing hands properly prevent 400 kinds of diseases, says Dr. Fabregas BY: CONSUELO B. ALARCON


n line with the celebration of t h e Wo r l d Wa t e r D a y f r o m M a r c h 18-22, 2014, the City Government o f Ta c l o b a n i n c o o r d i n a t i o n w i t h some International Humanitarian Organizations have intensified their advocacies on the importance of practicing good hygiene to prevent hundreds of diseases. During Harampang ha PIA held recently at Leyte Spor ts Development Center (LSDC), in t h i s c i t y, D r a . G l o r i a Fa b r e g a s , Consultant for the Special Health Programs of the City Government o f Ta c l o b a n h a s r e i t e r a t e d t h a t washing hands properly can help prevent the spread of organisms or bacteria that may cause 400 kinds of diseases. The statement of Fa b r e g a s w a s s u p p o r t e d b y K a t e Nolan of the Save the Children, an International Humanitarian Organization who has been here s i n c e N o v e m b e r a f t e r Yo l a n d a h i t the region. D r. Fa b r e g a s a i d , w a s h i n g hands properly after using the comfor t room, before eating continued on page 7


March 17, 2014

DOT with private partner counsels on how to go on after Haiyan


he Depar tment of Tourism had a series of inter- action with the private and government sector together with students leader in Tacloban last march 10 which was possible because of suppor t given by the Geiser Maclang Communications Inc. Dir. Karina Rosa Tiopes of DOT revealed. Geiser Maclang is one of the big players in PR industr y said Tiopes and among the industr y they are one among the few who offered risk management, the group came to Tacloban to talk about business and life continuity after disasters and crisis. Ms. Amor Maclang of Geisler Maclang Communications ,Inc shared her experiences for she has been helping places like Zamboanga most of her advocacies and projects has been for free as par t of their corporate social responsibility.

Last Monday with the interaction, DOT were able to gather enough inputs both from the private and government sector to identify possible project that DOT can do together with the Geisler Maclang Communications Inc. Possible projects said Tiopes has something to do with communications, image building, and trainings. From the inputs and information gathered Tiopes and Maclang met last Saturday to frame up the possible projects to under take. With the forum with the student leaders Maclang’s objective was to crowd source or come up with a core group of youth leaders who will help build a positive image for Eastern Visayas through the use of social media. This is because of the youth’s active social networking

such as facebook, twitter and instagram. Youth can use their time, talent, creativity, to help build back an better image for Eastern Visayas . Tiopes said that Maclang committed that the core group organized in the nor th east and nor thwest Leyte tourism development areas will be scheduled for a training to improve their skills, communications skills to convey positive things. Based in Geisler and Maclang Communications, Inc. experience for ever y number of negative publicity an area gets it can be countered if many people will post positive things for that place in the social media Tiopes added. ( PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann A. Abella)

The Rotary Club of Ormoc turn-over some 46 fishing boats dubbed as Rotary Fleet for the fisherfolk beneficiaries from Ormoc, Albuera and Palompon held at the beach front of Ormoc Bay, March 17. (Photo by Raul Tiozon, Jr./PIA-8)


March 17, 2014 Medair...from page 1 maps. Af ter the aer ial sur vey and photography, the new 3D maps will already be ready. The same will be ver y useful for the rehabilitation wor k that is ongoing in the Yolanda affec ted areas. M r. K aiser said that the Swiss-based humanitar ian aid agenc y, together with Drone Adventures, a Swiss non-profit organization that promotes the humanitar ian use of drones, will also launch these devices in other par ts of Leyte like D ulag. The ‘eB ee drones’ will take hundreds of aer ia l images of the disaster-affec ted area, which will then be merged to create 2D maps and 3D ter rain models. These will be used to help M edair deter mine where the greatest need is and what the most appropr iate assistance should be to affec ted families as they continue to recover. M edair is cur rently assisting recover y effor ts by

providing mater ials and exper tise to build shelters in D ulag, which was hit by Super-Typhoon Haiyan last November. M ore than 80% of the town’s homes and cropland were destroyed. “R ecover y from a disaster of this magnitude can be complex,” said K aiser. “ The maps produced from the images taken by the drones will give ever yone, including communit y members themselves, an oppor tunit y to better understand not only where the greatest needs are, but also their potential solutions.” “Having accurate images of affec ted areas will allow us to address the needs of individual households and advocate on their behalf when necessar y,” he added. The images will be made public for free online, enabling communit y leaders and humanitar ian organizations to use the infor mation to coordinate reconstruc tion effor ts. M eanwhile, M r. K aiser said that the President of Drone

Adventures Adam K aptocz gave the assurance that drones have great potential to help dur ing humanitar ian cr isis. “Light weight drones such as the eB ee are safe and easy to operate and can provide crucial imager y at a precision and speed unattainable by satellite imager y. Their relatively low cost of deployment make the technology attainable even by small communities throughout the developing wor ld. Not only can drones be deployed immediately following a disaster in order to assess damage and provide detailed infor mation to firstresponders like M edair, but they can also assist communit y leaders in planning recover y effor ts,” the Drone Adventure President said. M edair responded within 24 hours to the Phili ppines cr isis in November 2013, and is cur rently providing emergenc y shelter k its to those most in need. (PIA 8)

Pangulo Aquino makikigkita ha iba-iba nga mga sektor yana nga semana


i Pa n g u l o B e n i g n o S . A q u i n o III en makikigkita han ibaiba nga mga sektor yana nga semana para makig-usa ha era pamiling hin mga pamaagi pagpadarodagmit han paguswag han nasud, sering han Pa n g u l o d i d a h a n L u n e s . Dida hin usa nga pamahayag, hi Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda en nagsering nga pirmi ginkaklaro h a n Pa n g u l o a n p a p e l h a n m g a lokal nga pangobyernohan ha pagpauswag han nasud salit amo eni an rason nga makikigkita hiya hini ha era yana nga semana.

A n Pa n g u l o en magdudumara han oath of office para han oath taking han mga League of Local Government Units ngan han mga Elective Officials, ngan magyayakan didto ha general assembly han League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP). P a n g u n g u n d a h a n g i h a p o n n i Pa n g u l o A q u i n o a n conferment ceremonies han 1 6 t h P h i l i p p i n e Q u a l i t y Aw a r d s nga nagrerekognisar han exemplar y per formance han mga organisasyon ha mga pampubliko ngan mga pribado nga sektor nga nakakuntribwer ngadto han

pagpakurokumpetensya ngan pagigin produktibo han nasud, sering ni Lacierda. A n o p i s y a l h a n Pa l a s y o e n n a g s e r i n g n g a a n Pa n g u l o e n maatinder gihapon han Original Fi l i p i n o M u s i c S u m m i t p a r a makigkita han iba-iba nga mga kapitalista han industriya ngan igduso an pagpauswag hini, sering niya. ( Tr a n s . b y m a a / PIA8)


March 17, 2014


Iglesia ni Cristo naglunsad eco-farming nga pasilidad ngan lugar nga pagbabalayan ha Leyte


n Iglesia ni Cristo nga pinamumunuan ni Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo en nangundahan dida han groundbreaking ceremonies nga gindumara dida han 14 Marso 2014 para han pagbalay ngan panginabuhi nga mga proyekto para han mga biktima han bagyo Yolanda ha Leyte. An kanan INC nga pagbalay ngan eco-farming nga lugar en usa nga 3,000 ka-hektarya nga tuna han Iglesia ni Cristo didto ha Sitio New Era, Barangay Langit ha bungto han Alangalang han lalawigan han Leyte.

An modelo nga komunidad en nakapahamtang 18 kakilometro tikang ha siyudad han Tacloban nga ginkukunsiderar nga “ground zero” han distruso nga dara han bagyo Yolanda. Pinaagi han pagbalay ngan pakabuhi nga proyekto, nagdadahum an INC nga makakakuntribwer han dagmit nga pakatalwas ngan rehabilitasyon han lalawigan han Leyte nga naigo han Yolanda. Nahibaruan nga an panguna nga lugar kun diin pagdudumaraon an pagbalay, pakabuhi parti pag-uma ngan

pabrika hin mga higamit en usa ka-768 kahektarya nga pahuhurohilawigon pa ha urhi nga mga adlaw. Eni en nangangahulugan nga an mauuna nga 1,000 kabug-os nga mga kabablayan dida han relocation area en ig-aalutaga ngadto hin 1,000 nga nagkawawarayan panimalay nga mga pamilya mahitungod han Bagyo Yolanda. An New Era resettlement ngan eco-farming nga komunidad en magkakaada gihapon hin pabrika hin mga binulad nga isda, parahimo hin mga higamit nga pabrika, ngan usa nga planta hin mga botelya. Ngatanan eni en maghahatag hin pakabuhi ngadto han mga tatagan hin tagsa-tagsa nga panimalay. Para han Eco-Farming nga mga proyekto ha Sitio New Era, an masunod amo an mga tanom nga igkukultibar dida han komunidad: tikang ha langyaw nga iba-iba nga klase hin humay, tikang ha langyaw nga mga tanom nga namumunga hin prutas, tikang ha langyaw nga mga utanon ngan cultured mushrooms. An ngatanan nga mga produkto han eco-farming en para ha gawas, o dekalidad nga mga produkto. An panguna nga mga benepisaryo han proyekto, an eco-farming nga proyekto ngan han iba-iba nga mga pabrika ha Sitio New Era amo an mga meyembro han Iglesia nga naapektohan han bagyo Yolanda nga nakaigo han Central Philippines dida han Nobyembre 8, 2013. An pundo para han mga bulig nga higamit, proyekto pagbalay ngan ecofarming nga proyekto, upod an pabrika hin mga higamit, planta hin mga binulad nga isda, planta hin botelya en tikang han pundo nga ginhikay ha Iglesia ni Cristo dida han”Worldwide Walk for those affected by typhoon Yolanda” nga gindumara dida han Pebrero 15, 2014 ngan tikang han mga donasyon han Iglesia Ni Cristo nga mga myembro para han “Lingap sa Mamamayan” o Aid to Humanity. (Trans. by maa/PIA8)

March 17, 2014


Washing hands...from page 3 and before or after handling food help prevent the spread of various forms of diseases particularly gastroenteritis, some of which can cause serious health problems. On her par t, Nolan said, washing hands properly with soap and clean water is ver y important. It was learned that a number of infectious diseases can be spread from one person to another by contaminated hands particularly gastrointestinal infections, influenza and hepatitis A. The WA S H cluster in coordination with some

international humanitarian organizations are promoting good hygiene with the use of c l e a n a n d p o t a b l e w a t e r. S u r p r i s i n g l y, “ t h e r e h a s been no repor ted cases of acute watery diarrhea in the city after typhoon Yo l a n d a devastated t h e r e g i o n f o u r m o n t h s a g o. H o w e v e r, t h e r e w e r e c a s e s o f g a s t r o e n t e r i t i s b u t n o t a l a r m i n g”, Fa b r e g a s s a i d . Relative to this, health exper ts have said, some forms of gastroenteritis can cause serious complications, especially for y o u n g c h i l d r e n , t h e e l d e r l y, o r those with weakened immune system.

H o w e v e r, drying the hands properly is as impor tant as w a s h i n g t h e m p r o p e r l y. The City Government of Ta c l o b a n t h r o u g h t h e WA S H cluster in coordination with the Depar tment of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the International Community will take part in the celebration to promote water conser vation by taking action for water and sanitation. The theme for this y e a r ’s c e l e b r a t i o n” Ta k e A c t i o n f o r w a t e r a n d S a n i t a t i o n”. ( P I A - 8 )

Rotary Int’l...from page 1 half of the 10% and at the end of the year, the Association have the option to divide the 10% contr ibutions among themselves as dividends or whatever the board may agree. Distr ic t 3870 G over nor Francis R ivera was tear y- eyed at the spec tacle he was witnessing. He said the R otar y I nter national feel what the Yolanda sur vivors are feeling. This is the reason why af ter the S oup K itchen which R otar y Distr ic ts 3870 and 3860 conduc ted in Or moc, it was resolved for his distr ic t to help some more. He said th at the 46 boats compr ising the R o t a r y Fleet is just the first batch as he announced that some 150 to 200 boats will be donated by a R otar y Distr ic t in Califor nia. M eanwhile, I ncoming Distr ic t G over nor S amuel Pagdilao

who is also a Congressman, said that he will also adopt the projec t dur ing his ter m so that more fisher folks who are the most affec ted in the coastal areas of Wester n Leyte will be able to recover their lost livelihood. Af ter the blessing of the boats by Fr. R aymond Calubid, the ceremonial break ing of Champaign on the boats was done by Ms. R ina R odr iguez, Ms. Baby Allegue and PIA R egion 8 Direc tor Olive Tiu whose late husband was a Past Distr ic t G over nor of RI Distr ic t 3860. Aside from the boats, 7.5 horsepower engines, gasoline and fishing gear including St yrofoam containers were given to the beneficiar ies, the ac tive R otar y Club of Or moc Class 1 President Troy B umagat who is the overall busy-body for the ac tivit y, said. M r. Bumagat said the

projec t has three phases: the first was the boat-mak ing where local boatmakers were employed; the second phase is the Fishing af ter the distr ibution of the boats. The third phase, he added, is the Livelihood component for the fisher folk families through Tinapa-mak ing where the tinapamakers from S amar will be tapped to transfer technologies. The R otar i ans and the fisher folk beneficiar ies conduc ted a shor t Or moc Bay cruise to the delight of the Or mocanons. The R otar ians then proceeded to Barangays Naungan and Linao to tur n over 11 rehabilitated classrooms and all 38 classrooms which were repainted by the R otar y I nter national. (PIA 8)


March 17, 2014

Presidente Aquino otro nga ginpahamtang an saad nga modernisasyon sa depensa ngan pangabuhian san mga sundalo


i Presidente Benigno C. Aquino III nagpatapod san mga myembro san pwersa armada san gobyerno sin suporta basi magkayaon sin gamit ngan kabatiran para sa epektibo nga pagbuhat san trabahuon ngan obligasyon. Ini an mensahe san Presidente durante san pagtapos san Philippine Military Academy san Domingo nga adlaw nga an gobyerno maaram san panginginahanglan san mga sundalo ngan ginbubuhat an ngatanan para mapaupay an kahimtang. An karuyag naton: tagan sin kusog an mga sundalo nga pauswagon an tagsa ngan pamilya. Padayon an gobyerno nga nagpaplano sin pitad basi diri mabayaan san kahibabruan kumo sundalo sa kakayahan nga ipahamtang an maupay nga kabubuwason. Ini an

mensahe san Presidente. Kaapi san mayor nga ginduduso san administrasyon mao an paghatag san mga myembro san pwersa aramada sin armas ngan gamit nga ira kikinahanglanon basi mas maging epektibo. Sugad halimbawa, nga an bidding nga pamalit sin duha nga twinengine naval anti-submarine helicopters gintikangan na. An militar liwat liliwanan an Vietnam War-era rifles san bag-o nga napalit nga 63,000 assault rifles para san mga sundalo sa masunod nga mga bulan, sugad niya. A gobyerno liwat in andam pumalit 12 nga lead-in fighter trainer aircraft tikang sa South Korea nga gagamiton para san kanan nasud operasyon depensa sa teritoryo.

Antes pa sini, an military nagbalyo moderno nga barko para pagpatrolya san kadagatan, walo nga Sokol combat utility helicopters, tulo nga Navy helicopters ngan iba pa nga bag-o nga mga sarakyan pan militar. Gintatarget liwat san gobyerno nga pumalit walo nga kadugangan nga combat utility helicopters nga gagamiton para san search ngan rescue ngan disaster-relief missions antes an presidente lumusad sa pwesto. Labot san pagmoderno san militar, an administrasyon nagprograma liwat para san mga sundalo sugad sin panbalay ngan pangabuhian. Ini an sugad san Presidente. Sa yana, yaun na 54,449 nga mga balay an napahimo para san mga myembro san militar.

March 17  

March 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

March 17  

March 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas