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March 12, 2014

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

March 12, 2014

51% of Eastern Visayas

Premier business school in East Visayas installs barangays now with VAW its 2nd president on March 12


s it r ises again af ter Yolanda, the S aint Paul S chool of Business and Law, one of the largest accountanc y schools in the Philippines is set to install in the I nstitution’s helm of leadership D ean Er win Vincent G. Alcala, CPA, MIB as its second president on M arch 12, 2014 at the school auditor ium at 10:00 o’clock in the mor ning. D ean Alcala is a Cer tified Public Accountant by profession and is among the O utstanding CPA’s of the countr y. He ear ned his accounting degree, Summa Cum Laude, from the Divine Word Universit y of Tacloban and his M aster ’s D egree in I nter national Business from the Universit y of Br istol in England, United K ingdom. He is likewise an alumnus


at the Asian I nstitute of M anagement in M ak ati Cit y for his Strategic M anagement and M ar keting Diploma. He has been in the academe for the past 27 years as Professor of Accounting and CPA reviewer at Divine Word Universit y in Tacloban, D e La S alle Universit yM anila, St. S cholastica’s College M anila, and S aint Paul S chool of Business and Law- Leyte. He also ser ved as Chair man of the D epar tment of Accountanc y at D e La S alle Universit y-M anila. D ean Alcala was a for mer Direc tor at KPMG I nter national, one of the top four global auditing fir ms ser ving as audit and lear ning direc tor of KPMG offices in some countr ies in the Asia-Pacific, Amer icas, and European R egions. Cur rently, he is a M ember of the Technical Panel for Accountanc y Education at the Commission on H igher Education National Headquar ters. I t was lear ned that last year, the school ’s board of trustee s elec ted its new set of officers paving the way for the appointment of M r. Alcala as the new S chool President. Three months af ter SPSBL was devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda, the school was back to nor mal operations with the help of generous individuals and organizations. This allowed the coming continued on page 5



lose to 51 percent of the barangays in Eastern Visayas have already set up the V i o l e n c e A g a i n s t Wo m e n D e s k s that are ready to respond to gender-based violence cases b r o u g h t t o t h e b a r a n g a y, t h e Department of Interior and Local Government in Region 8 said. T h e D I LG s a i d t h a t o f the 4,390 barangays in Eastern Visayas, some 2,237 barangays h a v e a l r e a d y e s t a b l i s h e d VAW desks as of December 2013. A VAW d e s k i n e v e r y barangay will ensure that cases involving violence against women and children are addressed in a genderr e s p o n s i v e m a n n e r. The Magna Carta of Wo m e n p a r t i c u l a r l y C h a p t e r I V on Rights and Empowerment, Section 9.d provides that “ All local government units shall establish a Violence Against Wo m e n’s Desk in ever y barangay to ensure that violence against women cases are fully addressed in a genderr e s p o n s i v e m a n n e r.” VAW d e s k s a r e t a s k e d primarily to: record and submit quar terly repor t on all cases of VAW t o t h e D I LG c i t y / m u n i c i p a l o f f i c e , k e e p VAW c a s e r e c o r d s continued on page 7


March 12, 2014

DOT consults with gov’t sector on Tourism Recovery Action Plan for Yolanda-hit East Visayas areas


he Depar tment of Tourism has scheduled a consultative meeting with the government sector for the preparation of the Tourism Recover y Plan for Yolandaaffected areas in Eastern Visayas. DOT Region 8 Director Karina Rosa Tiopes told the Philippine Information Agency that the consultation is set for March 13, 2014 from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon at the Leyte Park Hotel in Tacloban City. Director Tiopes said that in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, the Depar tment of Tourism saw the need to bring back the confidence of the international and domestic markets to the affected destinations. The DOT also saw the need to ensure that local communities continue to benefit through business continuity, creation of jobs and livelihood oppor tunities for enhanced and new tourism products. It is in this context that the Depar tment has sought the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) thru its Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE) Project - and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNW TO) and in collaboration with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) to provide a holistic strategy towards the rehabilitation of the tourism industr y in the affected areas. The Plan will contend, among others, the assessment of the tourism products; recover y strategy; site / product development plan; local community involvement in tourism; marketing and communications; and institutional suppor t. To ensure that the plan responds to the needs of

our industr y stakeholders, a consultation in deemed imperative in order to identify issues, elicit inputs and suggestions and assess existing tourism products and ser vices. “As our valued par tners in tourism development, the inputs of the government sector in this consultation will help frame recommendations on programs on how best to make products more attractive to tourists, more commercially viable and how the effects of the calamities can possibly be turned around to create new products and market oppor tunities for both affected tourism enterprises and local communities; and sites and product development programs to increase tourist arrivals and spending in affected destinations,” Director Tiopes said. Moreover, the inputs will aid in framing recommendation

on programs to stimulate and encourage the local tourism industr y, par ticularly operators – hotels, resor ts – to be more resilient to future disasters; and conceptual outlines for identified tourism development focus on infrastructure requirements and their links to local communities either as supplier or destination communities. Super Typhoon Yolanda has greatly affected the robust tourism growth momentum that the Region gained in the past years. To gain this back, there is a need to work together to create awareness and put in place a guide for the local stakeholders in the rehabilitation and rebuilding process, as well as boosting confidence with a view to stimulating tourism growth, Director Tiopes added. (PIA 8)

Catbalogan Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan leads the 600 Fun Walkers stretch with Zumba dances before the 3-kilometer fun walk around the city during the International Women's Day on March 8, 2014. (Photo by Jun Arceno/PIA-Samar)


March 12, 2014

Tacloban City marks World Water Day


n inter-agency committee composed of government and international humanitarian agencies has prepared a series of activities in line with the c e l e b r a t i o n o f Wo r l d Wa t e r D a y on March 22. M r. Alexander Legion told the Philippine Information Agency that series of activities will be conducted around t h e t h e m e “ Ta k e A c t i o n f o r Wa t e r a n d S a n i t a t i o n” w i t h t h e Wa r a y t r a n s l a t i o n “A k s y o n K i t a N g a t a n a n Pa r a H a M a l i m p y u n g a Tu b i g n g a n S a n i t a s y o n” i n order to relate in the present local condition and emphasize the emerging need for potable drinking water and adequate sanitation and hygiene. The activities aim to gather and partner with all various stakeholders in order to promote water conser vation by taking action for water and sanitation and to increase awareness on the impor tance of water resources and management as vital component for sur vival. In order to launch the activities, a press conference will be conducted on March 1 4 , Fr i d a y, 2 : 0 0 o’c l o c k i n t h e afternoon via the Harampang Ha PIA media forum at the Leyte Spor ts Academy conference hall. Among the activities planned by the group is a two-day symposium on health, sanitation and environment management o n M a r c h 1 8 f r o m 9 : 0 0 o’c l o c k t o

1 1 : 0 0 o’c l o c k i n t h e m o r n i n g a t the Leyte National High School and on March 19 at the San Jose National High School. Another activity is the radio guesting and media n e t w o r k i n g ; Wo r l d w a l k f o r w a t e r conser vation awareness through a To r c h Pa r a d e ; a n d Tr e e P l a n t i n g , Creeks and Coastal Clean-up a c t i v i t i e s a s c u l m i n a t i o n a c t i v i t y. O n M a r c h 2 1 , a Wa l k f o r Wa t e r C o n s e r v a t i o n P r o g r a m , a To r c h Pa r a d e , w i l l b e c o n d u c t e d f r o m 4 : 0 0 o’c l o c k i n t h e a f t e r n o o n t o 8 : 0 0 o’c l o c k i n t h e e v e n i n g . The first part will be a Pe p t a l k o n s i g n i f i c a n c e o f t h e Celebration by Mayor Alfred Romualdez. Intermission numbers will be presented b y t h e Pa l o C u l t u r e a n d A r t s Organization Theater or PCAO Theater and by singer Rico Blanco who will be invited by CRS. The second part will be t h e To r c h Pa r a d e w h e r e a l l t h e par ticipants will be provided w i t h t o r c h e s . Pa r t 3 w i l l b e a program by the City Band and P C A O T h e a t e r. T h e P l e d g e o f Commitment will be led by CRS. Fi n a l l y o n t h e D - D a y, t h e Wo r l d Wa t e r D a y o n M a r c h 2 2 , S u n d a y, a c i t y - w i d e s i m u l t a n e o u s tree planting and creek and coastal clean-up activities will b e c o n d u c t e d f r o m 6 : 0 0 o’c l o c k t o 8 : 0 0 o’c l o c k i n t h e m o r n i n g . (PIA 8)

DOH-8 reports 3 deaths in EV due to dengue BY: CONSUELO B. ALARCON


he Department of Health (DOH) in Eastern Visayas has mounted its anti-dengue campaign in the region following the repor ted cases of deaths for t h i s y e a r d u e t o d e n g u e f e v e r. In a meeting held recently at Leyte Spor ts Development C e n t e r ( L S D C ) , i n t h i s c i t y, Department of Health (DOH) R e g i o n 8 D i r e c t o r D r. J o s e L l a c u n a said, nine hundred ninety two (992) cases of dengue fever were repor ted in the region since November when super typhoon Yo l a n d a d e v a s t a t e d m o s t a r e a s of region 8. Out of this figure, three (3) died this year due to this infectious disease: a 14 year old boy from Sogod Southern Leyte, a n 8 y e a r o l d c h i l d f r o m b r g y. 7 4 a n d a 2 y e a r o l d c h i l d f r o m B r g y. 5 9 - A , b o t h f r o m Ta c l o b a n , C i t y. Although there was a significant increase of cases, there was no epidemic. “I would like to emphasize that while we have cases in s u c h m a g n i t u d e , w e d o n’ t h a v e epidemic since cases were the same as in the same period last y e a r,” L l a c u n a s a i d . Because of this, DOH has repeatedly warns the public to take all the necessary steps in order to avoid this fatal disease while the government intensifies its drive to prevent an outbreak o f d e n g u e f e v e r. ( P I A - 8 )


March 12, 2014

Red Cross-So. Leyte steps up partnership with various sectors BY: MARCELO PEDALINO


ith a fresh energy infused in a new leadership fully backed up by active board of directors, the Philippine Red Cross-Southern Leyte Chapter is bent on revisiting past linkages with different groups in and out of the province. Foremost among the links that must have to be re-strengthened are the close tie-ups with local government units in the province. “The Red Cross always lives up to its slogan of ‘Always first, always ready, and always there’ in times where and when our assistance is badly needed,” said Jonas Maco, the Officer-in-Charge of the local chapter who took over the helm from Noli Casa just last month. In an interview in the cable TV program Action Center Kapihan sa PIA Wednesday last week, Maco stressed that the Red Cross is not a government organization, not a non-government organization, but a humanitarian institution ready to assist people and communities in need to save lives. Although not necessarily new to the job as he has been connected with a chapter in Mandaue, Cebu, Maco, 27, still acknowledged the huge challenge in front of him and the high expectations for him to

deliver in terms of top performance and essential services. But he was confident that with the support of an active set of board of directors, the Red Cross’ image as a trusted entity during times of calamities and special services can be redeemed in due time. On top of his to-do list was to mobilize young students as reliable Red Cross volunteers that can easily be tapped in various activities, ready to be called on short notice. Soon, he envisioned a decentralized provincial Red Cross where all the 18 municipalities in the province will be enabled to have some sort of a branch. Further down the line will be the mobilization of barangay-based volunteers for each of the 500 barangays around the province for quick response during accidents in real-time. “There is already a program for this, and this is called Red Cross 143, which means that in every barangay there is one leader and 43 members, or 44 volunteers in all per barangay, which would readily act on emergency calls, from first aid to rescue,” Maco explained. (PIA8Southern Leyte)

Agriculture secretary monitors assistance to farmers in Basey, Marabut


ecretary Proceso J. Alcala of the Department of Agriculture was in the Region Monday to monitor the FAO and DA assistance to farmers in two municipalities of Samar that were ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda. Secretary Alcala who was with Food and Agriculture Organization Director General Jose Graziano da Silva, first visited Basey, Samar. Together with the FAO Director General, the Secretary was able to see how effective FAO and the Department of Agriculture’s fast and timely assistance to the farmers of Basey. “it’s good news actually that it’s as if our farmers were not displaced because after a few weeks from now farmers will harvest the produce of their labor , this is because of the timely intervention of FAO in distributing seeds to farmers of Basey,” said Alcala in an exclusive interview with the Philippine Information Agency. Aside from seeds, the FAO also distributed a sack of fertilizer in every hectare of land per farmer. The department of Agriculture has taken charge of those farmers not supported by FAO. The department also facilitated in identifying the recipients of FAO’s assistance. Meanwhile, in Marabut all local chief executives of Samar converge and had a consultative meeting with Sec. Alcala. The secretary also had a very good inter-action with the farmers and fisher folks. “After giving them the information continued on page 7

March 12, 2014


Premier business school...from page 1 back of the 3,500 students to their classrooms. The histor ic occasion will star t with the offer ing of a Holy M ass which will be presided by Bishop Filomeno Bac tol of the Dioce se of Biliran. I t was also lear ned that a pre ss conference is scheduled to be held af ter the investiture ceremony at around 9:30 in the mor ning at R m. 113 Academic Building of the school. A Presidential Banquet will follow at 12 noon at the SPSBL Q uadrangle, it was lear ned. (PIA 8)

DOST-8 director Edgardo M. Esperancilla presides during the Stakeholders’ Consultative Meeting-Workshop relative to its convergence and collaborative projects dubbed as Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) for the municipalities of Jaro (Leyte) and Basey (Samar) as pilot areas in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment thru Director Exiquiel Sarcauga (seated front), Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture, Visayas State University and the Province of Leyte. (Photo by Raul Tiozon, Jr.)

DOST-8 names two pilot areas for the Community Empowerment thru S&T project in East Visayas


he Department of Science and Technology in Eastern Visayas has identified two municipalities in Eastern Visayas as the pilot areas for the implementation of the Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) project in the Region. DOST Region 8 Director Edgardo Esperancilla named the two municipalities as Jaro in the province of Leyte, and Basey in the province of Samar. Recently, DOST conducted a Stake Holders’ Consultative Meeting – Workshop to facilitate the Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) Convergence and Collaborative Projects for Jaro, Leyte and Basey, Samar. According to Dir. Esperancilla, this is a collaborative project between the SUCs, the local government units and the national government agencies. Present during the activity were representatives from the Dept. of

Labor and Employment, Dept. of Trade and Industry , Dept. of Science and Technology and the Visayas State University. The DOST will provide for the technologies while DOLE will provide funds. DTI will help to find sources for markets and financing of some of the projects while the local government units will provide buildings, sites and they will also help identify the beneficiaries. For Basey, the technology that DOST will provide is the preservation of root crops such as gabi, ube and sweet potato and the production of nipa sugar and vinegar. In Jaro, the DOST will introduce brown rice, and high value crops, vegetables production. DOST will also provide the two municipalities with safe drinking water by installation of a solar powered water purifier funded by DOST. On March 10, DOST with the stakeholders signed a Memorandum of Agreement as to the counter

parting of the said project. Basey and Jaro are the pilot areas, Esperancilla said. The project will be expanded later on to other municipalities. In fact similar activities are now happening in Guiuan, Salcedo, Lawaan in Eastern Samar and also in Bobon, Northern Samar and Mahayahay in Sogod, Southern Leyte. The activity is a sign of joining forces to implement specific projects and signify the intentions and come up with a final list of projects that will be implemented in the municipalities. Aside from shelter, another important need of the people after all relief releases will be food and livelihood this is the reason that all their activities will focus in these two important needs of the constituents. The success of the project said Esperancilla will depend on the strong converge of the stakeholders. (PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann Abella)


March 12, 2014


Pag-abre otro han voter’s registration para 2016 nga pinili-ay, ika 6 han Mayo


agpapasabot an Tacloban City COMELEC Office nga an panrehistro han mga botante para han 2016 Presidential Elections in maabre otro han ika 6 han Mayo, yana nga tuig. Amo nga gintatawagan ni City COMELEC Officer Atty. Rosemarie Ann Reas Polistico an mga kwalipikado nga botante nga waray pa mag-rehistro

nga pumakadto ha City COMELEC Office, P. Paterno St., Tacloban City tikang han ika 6 han Mayo aber maghurar kon magrehistro. Segun kan Atty. Polistico, ha pagkayana, tulo na nga batches han Voter’s ID para han tuig 2009 tubtub 2010 in gin release han COMELEC Central Office nga andam na ipanhatag han Tacloban City. Ugaring,

ginpahinumdom la ni Atty. Polis nga personal an pagkuha han tag-iya han Voter’s ID ha City COMELEC Office. Waray daw eksakto nga petsa han panhatag han voters’ ID para han waray pa katagi komo madepender ini han ka abelable han kanan COMELEC printing machine ha Manila. (PIA-8) (trans: PIA 8-Samar/NBQ)

March 12, 2014


DPWH 5th District Engineering Office completes P1.9-M Kiga flood control project


esidents of Barangay S anta Cruz and the near by areas in Baybay Cit y can now sleep well at night without wor r ying about flashfloods with the completion of the repair and maintenance of the K iga Flood Control struc ture. The 5th Leyte Distr ic t Engineer ing O ffice of the D epar tment of Public Wor ks and H ighways said the K iga Flood Control projec t at Barangay S anta Cruz, Baybay Cit y along the Tacloban- Or moc -BaybayS outher n Leyte B oundar y R oad KM 1055+702, has been completed. The projec t amounting to P 1, 930, 000.00 is envisioned to protec t near by residents from potential r iver over flows and erosion. I t was star ted on S eptember 27, 2013 and was fully realized on D ecember 5, 2013 under contrac t with R.S R eyna construc tion fir m. I t was lear ned that on M arch 6, the inspec torate team of 5th Distr ic t Engineer ing O ffice monitored and inspec ted the

completed R epair M aintenance of K iga Flood Control Struc ture. The team was headed by OIC-Assistant Distr ic t Engineer Eusebio T. Culas with of Chief of Planning and D esign S ec tion Engr. Danielito P. Padon, Chief of M aintenance S ec tion Engr. Lyndel P. Jabines and Chief of M ater ials Q ualit y Assurance S ec tion Engr. D eolinda C. Palma. The team measured the ac tual length of the flood control struc ture and found that it complies with the required length. Engr. Culas said it is ver y impor tant that flood control projec ts are well planned and implemented proper ly. With the DPWH commitment to provide good ser vice, the projec t is expec ted to lessen cur rent flood predicaments within the area. (PIA8)

51%...from page 1 confidential and secure, and a s s i s t v i c t i m s o f VAW i n s e c u r i n g a Barangay Protection Order (BPO) and accessing necessary ser vices. The cost of the establishment and operations of t h e VAW d e s k i s c h a r g e d t o t h e LG U ’s g e n d e r a n d d e v e l o p m e n t budget, which shall be at least five percent of their budget a l l o c a t i o n , t h e D I LG p o i n t e d out. Meanwhile, Republic Act 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Wo m e n a n d T h e i r C h i l d r e n A c t o f 2 0 0 4 ) d e f i n e s VAW a s “a n y a c t or a series of acts committed by any person against a woman who is his wife, former wife, or

against a woman with whom the person has or had a sexual o r d a t i n g r e l a t i o n s h i p, o r w i t h whom he has a common child, or against her child whether legitimate or illegitimate, within or without the family abode, which result in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, psychological harm or suffering, or economic abuse including t h r e a t s o f s u c h a c t s , b a t t e r y, assault, coercion, harassment or a r b i t r a r y d e p r i v a t i o n o f l i b e r t y.” It includes, but is not limited to physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and economic abuse. (PIA 8)

Agriculture secretary...from page 4 and the whole idea as to what are the programs the government intends to do for them, we also had an open forum. We let the farmers and fisher folks speak so that the government can hear their side and what are the things they want to happen,” added Alcala. The main concern of the fisher folks was to ask for a continued assistance from government with their livelihood until they can recover from the big loss. Meanwhile, farmers according to Alcala brought out the concern about their banana plantation that was damaged because of typhoon Yolanda. With this the Department had a plan of helping the farmers. Aside from clearing operations, the DA will provide planting materials, make new programs and some interventions such as providing fertilizers until their full recovery. Alcala promised to the typhoon affected persons especially the farmers and fisherfolks, that the Department of Agriculture is with them for this is the clear order of President Benigno Aquino III. He also called on farmers and fisherfolks for cooperation, and to help themselves to be able to fully recover from the adversaries brought about by typhoon Yolanda. (PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann Abella)


March 12, 2014

Catbalogan City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan graced the opening of EastWest Bank, at Curry Avenue, the newest bank to open in the city on March 4, 2014. The Mayor believes that the presence of many banks indicate the sound economy of the city. (photos by Paulus Aragon of Catbalogan LGU)

March 12  

March 12 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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