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January 29, 2014

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8


KFHI to distribute 17,300 knap sacks, school supplies to Tolosa, Tanauan schoolchildren BY: ERLINDA OLIVIA P. TIU


he Korea Food for the Hungr y I nter national, one of the many humanitar ian organizations now in Easter n Visayas, is set to distr ibute 17,300 k nap sacks full of school supplies to 17,300 school children in Tolos a and Tanauan towns of Leyte on Februar y 4, Tuesday. The distr ibution in Tolosa will star t at 10:00 o’clock in the mor ning of Februar y 4 and will cover 15 schools. M eanwhile, the distr ibution in Tanauan will star t at 1:00 o’clock in the af ter noon

and will cover 45 schools. Dr. S ang R ok Suh of KFHI told the Philippine I nfor mation Agenc y that although many schools reopened on Januar y 6, classes are disrupted by the lack of school supplies. “S o we will br ing the school supplies from M anila urgently,” Dr. S ang said, as he underscore that the school supplies will be distr ibuted to school children from K indergar ten to Elementar y up to H igh S chool levels. Dr. S ang who intimated continued on page 5

Pope Francis special envoy His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah celebrated a mass at a makeshift church in St. Elizabeth of Hungary Mission Station in Brgy. Libertad, Palo, Leyte, January 28. The church was totally destroyed by supertyphoon Yolanda and the parishioners helped built the structure made of bamboo and tarpaulins. (Vino R. Cuayzon)

January 29, 2014

ACF International

provides “Baby Friendly Tents” in Yolanda hit areas in Leyte


s an aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda, the ACF International (Action contra la Faim) is among the international agencies that came to the rescue and are now working in different devastated areas in Eastern Visayas. Among the services provided by the ACF International is the setting up of Baby Friendly Tents in Yolanda hit areas in Leyte. The project is in the nutrition and psychosocial area. The activities include Information and discussions about breastfeeding, hygiene, nutrition, children development, health; promotion of health care practices. The ACF International provides debriefing to help with the trauma, stress and psychological problems. Given as an example is when the clients feel afraid about the weather, if it starts raining, or if strong winds start. It provides psychosocial support in general and promotes community reinforcement. The beneficiaries of the project are the pregnant women, the lactating women with children under 2 years old, and also the caregivers that they are taking care of children under 2. They can come from continued on page 5


January 29, 2014

PDNA national team conducts assessment of Yolanda damage in Biliran province BY: RODRIGO S. VICTORIA


h e t e n - m e m b e r Po s t D i s a s t e r Needs Assessment (PDNA) national team is here in Biliran province for nine days to conduct a comprehensive assessment on the extent of the damages brought by super t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a o n p u b l i c infrastructures, agriculture, housing and other areas of concerns. The PDNA national team in Biliran province that a r r i v e d o n M o n d a y, J a n u a r y 27, initially met and discussed with the members of the Biliran provincial disaster risk reduction and management council at the PDRRMC operation center on matters pertaining to the rationale and scope of the assessment. The team will start the super typhoon damage assessment on Tu e s d a y, January 28 in the municipality of Naval; Almeria-Januar y 29; Cabucgayan-Januar y 30; C a i b i r a n -J a n u a r y 3 1 ; C u l a b a Fe b r u a r y 1 ; B i l i r a n - Fe b r u a r y 3 and an exit conference with a focus group discussions with the Biliran PDRRMC members o n Fe b r u a r y 4 a t t h e P D R R M C o p e r a t i o n c e n t e r. Relan Jay Asuncion, one of the PDNA members from the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) central office, said during the initial discussion with the Biliran PDDRRMC members that the damage assessment that will be extracted in the i d e n t i f i e d LG U s i n t h e p r o v i n c e of Biliran will ser ve as the basis o f t h e “r e c o n s t r u c t i o n a n d recover y ” effor ts of the national government.

Asuncion added that the national government specifically the O ffice of the President will not just rely on the rehabilitation p l a n s u b m i t t e d f r o m LG U s b u t will base on the assessment to be conducted by the PDNA national team comprising of several representatives from different national government agencies. “ The assessment will also ser ve as basis of the suppor t from the international donor agencies” Asuncion informed f u r t h e r s t r e s s i n g t h a t r e l i a b i l i t y, accuracy and truthfulness are needed in the damage assessment. He also urged the concerned local officials in the

i d e n t i f i e d LG U s t o b e a s s e s s e d in Biliran province to cooperate with the team members specially in the getting of relevant data and information which will help the team in coming up with a valid assessment repor t. The conduct of the post disaster assessment of worsthit areas in Eastern Visayas d u e t o s u p e r t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a was the fifth to be conducted in the country since the PDNA team conducted the first postd i s a s t e r a s s e s s m e n t o n Ty p h o o n Ondoy together with the United Nations representatives followed by typhoons Sendong, Pa b l o a n d t h e Z a m b o a n g a standoff incident Asuncion said.

Pope Francis special envoy His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah assisted by Fr. Michael Canaleja distributed relief goods to the parishioners of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Mission Station in Brgy. Libertad, Palo, Leyte, January 28. (Vino R. Cuayzon)


January 29, 2014

Naval town to install CCTV cameras

Dayaw-Taboan festival in EV to feature post-Yolanda literary performances, activities BY: LEONILO LOPIDO



aval, the capital town of the province of Biliran, will install close circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the town’s strategic areas this year. This was learned from Naval Mayor Susan V.Parilla during the initial meeting this year of the members of the municipal peace and order council (MPOC) held at the Naval SB Session hall. Parilla disclosed the installation of CCTV cameras this year when asked by Naval Councilor Eduardo Gaviola, chairman of the committee on public order and safety of the Sangguniang Bayan of Naval, about the status of the installation of CCTV cameras in the identified strategic places in the municipality. The lady mayor informed that the budget for the procurement of CCTV cameras is included in the 2014 budget and will be implemented once the 2014 annual budget will be approved. The CCTV cameras will be installed in identified strategic areas in Naval town like the bus terminal, public market, corner P.I. and Garcia streets and in the town’s entry and exit points from the south (Tacloban, Ormoc) east (cross country road) and north (Almeria and Kawayan towns), Parilla revealed. She also encouraged owners of business establishments in the municipality to install CCTV cameras but it is the discretion of the owner to install CCTV camera or not. CCTV camera is an electronic gadget that records the flow of activities on time and is a big help to law enforcement agencies in the prevention and curtailment of criminal activities.


n line with the Katig Writers-led 3rd Taboan Regional Writers Festival in Eastern Visayas, the National Committee on Literary Arts (NCLA) and the SubCommission for Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA) of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts have joined forces to come up with the Dayaw-Taboan Festival on February 7-8 at the University of the Philippines Tacloban College. According to Phil Harold Mercurio, NCLA regional coordinator for Eastern Visayas, the festival, which is a gathering of writers and artists, will feature literary conferences, poetry exhibit, poetry performances, traditional rituals and photography exhibit of Post-Yolanda Tacloban. There will be also presentation and recital of workshop outputs of poetry therapy by the Candajug children workshop participants, Mercurio said. Mercurio said that no less than the national artist for literature, Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera will be the guest speaker of the said event who will be joined by Prof. Merlie Alunan and Dr. Victor N. Sugbo of UP Tacloban, Dr. David Genotiva of Eastern Visayas State University and SCCTA Commissioner Joycie Dorado-Alegre. Other activities during the two-day festival is the election and oathtaking of Katig Officers for 2014 and the launching of the Katig’s Project Keep.

The festival, he further said, will be highlighted with a mangrove tree planting dubbed as “Bakhaw han Paglaum” on February 8 in Brgy. Baras in Palo, Leyte, one of the worst-hit coastal barangays facing Leyte Gulf. Recently, the Philippine Information Agency here conducted Harampang “Kapihan” ha PIA with the officials from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and disseminated information on the programs and activities of the Commission in celebration of the Arts Month on February particularly in the region with this year’s theme, “Art on the Edge” while the Philippine Arts Festival will focus on “Arts for Healing.” The Katig Writers Network, Inc. led by its president, Janis Claire Salvacion, is an umbrella organization of poets, fiction writers, playwrights and teachers whose membership spans from Palapag, Northern Samar to Maasin, Southern, Leyte. This year’s regional taboan banners the theme, “Paglaum ha panahon han kataragman” (Hope in times of Adversities) The Philippines celebrates the National Arts Month on February of every year pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 683 signed by then Pres. Corazon C. Aquino on January 28, 1991. (PIA-8)


January 29, 2014

DOH gives new nurses employment opportunities BY: SAMMY D. CANDIDO


he D epar tment of Health (DOH), Provincial Health Team O ffice (PHTO) conduc ted a t wo day or ientation on nurses from Januar y 27-28, 2014 at Easter n S amar Educational Cultural Center (ESSEC ) this Cit y. This t wo - day or ientation is designed to familiar ize the nurses with the concept and rationale of the Nurse D eployment Projec t of the D epar tment of Health (DOH), before their new assignments to the barangays. S ome of the 119 nurses who par ticipated the or ientation were new passers of the recently held licensure examinations for Nurses. The objec tive of this projec t is to augment the nursing wor kforce in the RHUs/Bir thing Homes, Barangay Health Stations, and LGU Level I hospitals to provide access to health ser vices for the marginalized population, and provide employment and wor k exper ience for nurses in rural areas and underser ved communities. According to Ms. M ar issa L. Titular, DOH R epresentative the hired nurses will be under a contrac t of ser vices status with an item of Nurse I, with a monthly salar y of P18,549.00. with a contrac t for six (6) months renewable based on a ver y satisfac tor y per for mance for a maximum of t wo (2) years. Titular al so said that nurses are then assigned in RHUs, Bir thing Homes, Barangay Health Stations and Level I LGU hospitals giving preference to the identified areas of the D epar tment of S ocial Welfare and D evel opment (DSWD) and National Anti-Pover t y

Commission (NAPC ) under the super vision of the Public Health Nurse/Chief Nurse. Af ter the satisfac tor y completion of the projec t, the nurses are awarded with a Cer tificate of Completion and Employment. She fur ther said for ever y municipalit y there are three to eight nurses to be deployed to the 22 municipalities and one Cit y. A Provincial M anagement Team (PMT ) was created to super vise and this will be chaired by Dra. Jean M ar ie A. Egargo, Provincial Health Team Leader(PHTL), members are: DSWD, D epar tment of I nter ior and Local G over nment (DILG), Philippine Nurses Association

(PNA)-Easter n S amar Chapter, PhilHealth and Civil S er vice Commission (CSC ). Af ter the projec t, the LGU shall design mechanism to absor b the nurses with good salar ies and benefits from the revenue of the expanded PhilHealth program. The said Projec t is relative to the Aquino Health Agenda, in which the DOH has designed the Nurse D eployment Projec t (NDP) to improve local health systems that will suppor t the countr y ’s attainment of the Universal Health Care or “K alusugan Pangk alahatan”. (SDC/PIA-E. S amar)

Pope Francis special envoy His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah touches the head of a child at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Mission Station in Brgy. Libertad, Palo, Leyte, January 28. (Vino R. Cuayzon)


January 29, 2014

18 more dead bodies recovered in Tacloban BY: CONSUELO ALARCON


Pope Francis special envoy His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah, President, Pontifical Council “Cor Unom” for Human and Christian Development and Archbishop John Du of the Archdiocese of Palo visited the supertyphoon Yolanda damaged Mother Mercy Hospital in Brgy. Utap, Tacloban City and saw what help the church can extend. Service to the poor is the hospital’s main concern. (Vino R. Cuayzon)

ACF International...from page 1

KFHI to distribute...from page 1

Monday to Thursday when the tents are open from 9:00 o’clock in the morning to 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. On Fridays, the tents are open only until 12:30 noontime. So the clients, the mothers and the children can choose the time, the day and the Baby Friendly Tent to go to or the tent nearest the place where they live. ACF International Baby Friendly Tents are at Barangay 89 (Basketball area); Barangay 89 (Payapay area); Barangay 68 (in front of Iglesia ni Cristo); Astrodome (evacuation center); Redemptorist Church (in front of San Fernando school and Bethany Hospital); Barangay 88 (Alimasag); and Barangay 88 (Costa Brava) in Tacloban City. In Dulag, Leyte, ACF International Baby Friendly Tents are in Barangay Tabu; Buntay; and Catmonan. The humanitarian organization has already conducted early disaster response through lifesaving interventions, distributing food, nutrition supplies and water, sanitation and hygiene ( WASH) kits. (PIA 8)

that the school supplies to be distr ibuted amounted to P6,920,000. “ We will put pencils, ballpens, erasers, crayons, ar t mater ials, color papers, notebooks, among others in the k nap sack . For this effor t, Korean missionar ies, Chr istians, and church members, with an overall number of 500 will be engaged in pack ing wor k for t wo days in the ar my head quar ter gym located in M anila and the pack ages will be transpor ted to Tolosa and Tanauan through Filipino militar y vehicles. ” We don’t want to boast about this effor t. We just want the residents in Yolanda hit Leyte that there are many countr ies in the wor ld that would like to help so they must not lose hope. Dr. S ang said KFHI ar r ived in Leyte 4 days af ter the t yphoon Yolanda and conduc ted emergenc y relief food supply ac tivities, health care¸ epidemics prevention and tent distr ibution. “Now, we are on a longter m projec t which focuses on rebuilding schools and churches,” Dr. S ang said. (PIA 8)

early three months following Yo l a n d a ’s enormous destruction in Eastern Visayas particularly in t h i s c i t y , Ta s k F o r c e C a d a v e r continued to recover more dead bodies in different places i n Ta c l o b a n . During the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) Meeting h e l d Tu e s d a y a t Le y t e S p o r t s D e v e l o p m e n t C e n t e r, t h i s c i t y, Ta s k F o r c e C a d a v e r h e a d e d by Senior Superintendent Pablito Cordeta of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in the region said, they had retrieved eighteen (18) more dead bodies in different barangays – eight (8) in January 21, seven (7) in January 24 and three (3) in January 26. Te n ( 1 0 ) o f t h e d e a d bodies were recovered in Barangay San Jose, 1 in Barangay Magallanes, 1 in Barangay Diit, 2 in Barangay Old kawayan, 1 in Sitio San Roque, 2 in Barangay 68 A n i b o n g , a l l a r e i n Ta c l o b a n Ci t y. Ap p a re nt l y, t h e the total number of cadavers r e c o v e r e d b y t h e Ta s k f o r c e i n the city since November 16, 2013 up to January 28, this year is 2, 565. The task force cadaver comprises personnel from the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation, City Government o f Ta c l o b a n , A r m e d F o r c e s o f the Philippines, Department of Health and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) which is t h e l e a d a g e n c y. ( P I A- 8 )


January 29, 2014

UNDP gives short term employment to Hernani typhoon victims BY: SAMMY D. CANDIDO


fter the devastating impact of super “Typhoon Yolanda”, the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) an international organization, implemented some programs in Hernani, Eastern Samar . And one of these programs that are being implemented is the Cash for Work. According to Mr. James Abdul, Area Coordinator of UNDP, in Eastern Samar, they intend to give additional

income for their families and for the rehabilitation and construction of their homes. “Since we implemented this program on December 9, we have employed 290 workers in 13 barangays”, Abdul said. Abdul also said, their role is to manage this program with the Local Government Unit (LGU), and to pay them in a weekly basis.

Abdul further said by this week, they will hire and employ 500 workers for Hernani alone. Meanwhile, in a short interview with Vice-Mayor Wilmar S. Candido, the Municipal Coordinator of this program, this cash for work program is a big help to their constituents. The Cash for Work is paid P260 per day for 15 days (including Saturdays and Sundays). Vice Mayor Candido said, their work is to clean the debris in the government institutions such as: schools surroundings, municipal ground, day care centers, barangay halls, barangay streets and canals. “ Under this program, I will see to it that all the people in the barangays can avail whatever his/her political color. Those who have worked already cannot work again”, Candido disclosed. The role of Local Government Unit (LGU) is to manage and distribute uniform supplies to the workers. Candido also said, being the focal person, he oriented the team leaders on their roles and responsibilities and submit the target of activities and accomplishment of their work. “I also make narrative report with pictures and submit to UNDP Area coordinator”, Candido said. UNDP Eastern Samar is manned by the following personnel: Amy Gagalac, Program Officer/ Manager, Alberto Aserios, Finance Officer, Fidel Cuevas, Finance/Logistics Assistance and James Abdul, Area Coordinator. (SDC/PIA-E. Samar)


January 29, 2014

Samar’s capital city to address shortage of food supplies BY: NINFA QUIRANTE


he Catbalogan City Price Monitoring and Inspection Team met yesterday to discuss solutions to the unstable supply of basic and prime commodities. With the alarming price increases and the unstable availability of several goods in the city, City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan called for a meeting at the Sangguniang Panglungsod (SP) Session Hall. City Tourism & Investment Promotions Officer Raul Reyes facilitated the said meeting, those present were from the Offices of City Agriculture, City Veterinary and City Economic Enterprises & Public Utility. With the difficulty of transporting goods from the Port of Matnog, the team is suggesting to open more cargo ships straight to Catbalogan Pier and to open the operations of Buri Airport. With this, the city will endorse a joint resolution with DTI Samar, Samar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and the Samar Island Partnership for Peace and Development (SIPPAD) to DTI Matnog to prioritize the shipment of prime commodities. The city will also draft another resolution to be endorsed to President Benign Aquino, Jr and Rehabilitation Czar Panfilo Lacson through National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) R-8 to declare Catbalogan City as the temporary center of Eastern Visayas. Officials noticed that the shortage can be addressed by increasing the supply of goods and easing transport through direct routes.

Last week, the shortage of dairy products became a trending topic with social media netizens. Consumers were unable to purchase chicken and eggs. Just yesterday, a fish vendor admitted a rise in the price of fish in Catbalogan saying consumers from Borongan and Tacloban were buying the bulk of the fish supply in Catbalogan. Susan, a siopao vendor had no choice but to increase her price from Php 22.00 to Php 25.00 per siopao.

“Price of meat is up, pork is now Php 220.00,” the lady said. These concerns aired by the fish and siopao vendors prompted the City Price Monitoring and Inspection Team created by Mayor Step to continue to monitor establishments to verify the availability of supplies, which data will serve as support to several initiatives of this city. (PIA -8 Samar with reports from LGU Catbalogan)

PIA-8 director Erlinda Olivia P. Tiu announces during the RDRRMC meeting Tuesday the forthcoming activities of PIA-8 on February which include the Training on Community Journalism for barangay leaders and the Trauma Release Exercise for Yolanda Victims: Training the Trainors. (Photo by Neil Lopido/PIA-8)


January 29, 2014

Ombudsman EV ready to receive complaints after Yolanda BY: CONSUELO ALARCON


s anti-graft agency of the government, the Office of the Ombudsman in Eastern Visayas is now ready to receive complaints against government officials or employees in the region who are involved in any illegal activities particularly in graft and corruption. Julius N. Oballo of the Office of the Ombudsman said during an interview with h i m o v e r P I A’s P o w e r f m , t h a t as early as November 18, all employees were required to report for work right after the accounting of personnel three d a y s a f t e r Yo l a n d a s t r u c k t h e city per instruction of Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas Pelagio Apostol. As regards the cases filed

at OMB, Oballo has assured the public that it would remain as is as all records are intact. H o w e v e r, O M B a s k e d t h e understanding of the public to bear with some inconveniences due to a number of logistical constraints brought by the strong typhoon. A p p a r e n t l y, t r a n s a c t i o n s , transmission or processing of documents and other forms of communication are at times delayed as their official couriers a r e s t i l l i n o p e r a t i v e . H o w e v e r, a liaison officer was appointed to facilitate the weekly reports in the region. “Having been hit by a calamity is not a blanket excuse n o t t o f o l l o w t h e l a w s ”, O b a l l o said. (PIA-8)

Integrated Provincial Health Services –Maguindanao fully supported Marabut Rural Health Unit after super typhoon ‘Yolanda’ hit this coastal town. LGU Marabut is starting to rebuild what was left of the government infrastructure. (PIA 8-Samar)

January 29  

January 29 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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