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January 25, 2014

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

January 25, 2014

Agaton causes new US govt extends assistance to Yolandadisplacements in affected schools in Leyte Guiuan he US Embassy Manila’s US Scheduled to be


bout 30% of the tents collapsed and over 1,600 people were evacuated in Guiuan, Easter n S amar as a result of the latest tropical depression Agaton. The UN OCHA said most of the 295 families who were forced to evacuate from the tent cit y in Easte r n S amar State Universit y and hundreds more people who lef t their homes retur ned af ter t wo days, while Shelter Cluster par tners helped to fix the damaged homes in other par ts of the province. I t was lear ned that four out of five evacuation centers were forced to cl ose due to the stor m. The families evacuated from the ESSU tent to unoccupied bunk houses and pr ivate warehouses. S ome evacuation centers in Tacloban it was lear ned also exper ienced flooding. The bad weather also flooded and damaged many temporar y lear ning sites, adversely affec ting school attendance for the week in R egion 8, the week ly repor t of UN OCHA stated. The evacuees continue to be accommodated in schools as they are from the no build zonesor areas prone to flooding. (PIA 8)


agency for International Development or USAID is set to distribute 17,250 student kits and 775 teacher learning packages to some of the hardest-hit schools in Leyte and Nor th Cebu. This is par t of the United States Government continuing relief effor t in the Visayas Region following Super Typhoon Yolanda. The distribution is in coordination with the Depar tment of Education through USAID/ Philippines’ flagship basic education project dubbed “Basa Pilipinas” which suppor ts the Philippine Government ’s early grade reading program.

held at Pawing Elementar y School, Pawing¸Palo, Leyte on Januar y 30 at about 8:30 o’clock in the morning, key officials from USAID and DepEd Leyte and Ormoc City Division officials will lead the USAID Handover of Post-Disaster Education Assistance Package to Leyte Schools . They include USAID/ Philippines Deputy Mission Dbirector Reed Aeschliman, USAID/ Philippines Deputy Director for Education Lee Marshall, DepEd Leyte Division Superintendent Ronelo Al Firmo, DepEd Ormoc City Superintendent Mariza Magan, continued on page 5

US State Secretary John Kerry brought good news to the people of Tacloban and Eastern Visayas during his visit in December of 2013. US Sec Kerry delivered his message at the USAID base camp near the DZR Airport in Tacloban after his visit at the DSWD Tacloban hub. Also in photo are (l-r) Ambassador to US Jose Cuisia, Leyte 1st District Ferdinand Martin Romualdez and Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez. (ldlopido)


January 25, 2014

DOH deploys 158 nurses in Northern Samar BY: TERESITA B. CARDENAS


he D epar tment of Health (DOH) has deployed 158 nurses in Nor ther n S amar under its 2014 nurse deployment projec t star ting Januar y 2014. This is a t wo year projec t renewable ever y six months depending on their per for mance. DOH Provincial Health O fficer Dr. R ommel Francisco said the projec t aims to improve local health systems a nd suppor t the countr y ’s attainment of universal health care or “K alusugang

Pangk a lahatan.” Francisco infor med that the projec t also aims to give employment oppor tunities to the growing number of unemployed registered nurses in the countr y and coincides with one of the main goals of the Aquino Health Agenda. On the other hand, Francisco explained that universal health care is the provision to ever y Filipino of the highest possible qualit y of health care that

is accessible, efficient, equitably distr ibuted, adequately funded, fair ly financed, and appropr iately used by an infor med and empowered public. It is a gover nment mandate aiming to ensure that ever y Filipino shall receive affordable and qualit y health benefits and this involves providing adequate resources, health human resources, health facilities and health financing, he added. (PIA8-Nor ther n S amar)

Participants of the UN OCHA-led Cluster Approach and Coordination Workshop composed of government partners, NGOs and CSOs listen attentively to the speaker as they formulate/identify salient points how they responded, what challenges met, what are the best practices and lessons learned from the super typhoon Yolanda and aligning coordination mechanisms into an operational model. (ldl/PIA-8)


January 25, 2014

North Samar OSC, OSY urged to register for enrollment on January 25 to receive Performance Challenge Fund C BY: LANI TUPAS



he province of Nor thern Samar will receive the Per formance Challenge Fund (PCF) of the Depar tment of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for calendar year 2013. This was learned from Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Romeo M. Cardenas. Cardenas said PCF is a per formance -based program that seeks to rationalize national government intergovernmental transfers to LGUs, and encourages convergence of local development initiatives with national development agenda, and priorities. Cardenas revealed that this is an incentive to an eligible local government unit in the form of a counterpar t fund to finance high impact local development projects identified as priority. Cardenas informed that one of the eligibility criteria for LGUs to access the incentive is passing the 2012 Seal of Good Housekeeping continued on page 7

hildren ages five and six years old, out of school children (OSCs), out of school y o u t h s ( O S Ys ) , t h o s e w i t h disabilities and special needs are encouraged to register for enrollment on January 25, 2014, Saturday. Mrs. Charita A. Bernardes, Naval North D i s t r i c t S u p e r v i s o r, D e p E d , Division of Biliran, called on all parents and concerned individuals, over Radyo Natin - Naval during the Kapihan at Pulong-Pulong nga Bayan hosted by PIA-Biliran, to go to schools nearest them on January 25 to ensure registration for enrollment for the school year 2014-2015 as the data gathered on that day will be the basis of the d e p a r t m e n t ’s preparation for the opening of classes in June. Bernardes stressed that the early registration aims at giving time for the department to prepare for the needs of the enrolled number of students on the opening of classes in June such as chairs, books, and

other education materials for pupils with disabilities, special needs, and those to enroll in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) now renamed to Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM). To straighten the school records of the pupils from the very start, Bernardes advised parents to bring the enrollees’ certificate of live birth. If the certificate of live birth is not available on January 25, it may be submitted until the opening of classes in June. Though the documentary requirements may be submitted l a t e r, registration for enrollment is only on January 25 and without extension. Submission of data gathered during the nationwide simultaneous early registration day is from January 27 until January 31. In her years of experience with DepEd, increasing number of enrollees has been noted e v e r y y e a r, B e r n a r d e s s a i d . (PIA 8 Biliran)


January 25, 2014

Maasin City eyes idle lands as source of city income BY: ERNA GORNE


or the first time, the city government of Maasin will start to inform landowners of assessed idle lands which would eventually spell out additional income for the city coffers by next year. City Treasurer Eliseo B. Costillas disclosed during the Action Center Kapihan sa PIA over Maasin Cable TV yesterday “ for the first time , the City Treasurer’s Office (CTO) will facilitate for securing legal actions in order for the city government to exact more income for not developing certain land areas within the city bounds by next year.” Costillas explained that idle lands are those land areas which measures one

hectare and above, with no less than fifty perrenial plants established, among other guidelines in the identification of idle lands at the barangay level, while at the poblacion area are those not fully cultivated as either a residential or commercial use shall also be identified among the idle lands, as well. Assessed values of idle lands will surely take a higher basic fees among the land taxes, City Assessor Andrea Duarte said. Duarte also explained that a certain land area might have already been paid taxes but if found undercultivated could be categorized as idle land subject

to an idle land tax. According to City Assessors Office, there are less than a hundred land areas around the poblacion which are already categorized as idle lands, Duarte noted. Meanwhile, Land Tax Section Head Nestor Salar, in the same Kapihan forum, urged the land and real property owners to pay taxes earlier inorder to avail of the tax dicounts offered by the city government offers from 20% down to 5% percent from January up to March 2014. However, delayed tax payments from April 2014 onwards will be sujected to penalties and surcharges.(PIA8 SoLeyte)


January 25, 2014 US gov’t...from page 1 teachers and students from selected schools in Palo and Ormoc City, Leyte. The Basa Pilipinas is USAID/Philippines’ flagship basic education project in suppor t of the Philippine Government ’s early grade reading program. Implemented in close collaboration with the Depar tment of Education (DepEd), Basa Pilipinas aims to improve the reading skills for at least one million early grade students in Filipino, English and selected mother tongues. This will be achieved by improving reading instruction, reading deliver y systems, and access to quality reading materials. The project commenced in Januar y 2013 and will be implemented for four years (2013-2016). Basa is being implemented in selected areas, namely : La Union, Ilocos Nor te, Ilocos Sur, Cebu Province, Bohol, and Maguindanao. The American people, through the United States Agency for International Development, have provided economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for over 50 years. In the Philippines, USAID works in par tnership with the national government in creating a more stable, prosperous and well-governed countr y through programs that foster sustainable and inclusive growth, strengthen governance and combat corruption, improve access to water, energy, health and education ser vices, increase environmental resilience and natural resource management capabilities. (PIA 8)

Gobyerno nagpahamtang mga kinahanglanon, nagdumara hilaba nga termino para mga pitad para rehabilitasyon nga bunga han Yolanda


a 20,000 ka-oras – o duha hin tunga katuig nga nabibilin nga panahon para matapos an trabahuon, an gobyerno en nagdudumara hin hilaba nga termino para maseguro an rehabilitasyon nga trabaho dida han mga lugar nga nagkaiigo han makusog nga bagyo Yo l a n d a en magpapadayon maski matapos na an termino han administrasyon ni Aquino dida han 2016. Hi Presidential Assistant on Rehabilitation and Reconstruc tion Panfilo M. Lacson en nagsering nga an iya opisina en nagdumara hin understudy nga magpapadayon han iya trabaho maski matapos na an termino han administrasyon ni Aquino han Hunyo 30, 2016. “ Wa ray k a m i i b a n g a pagpipilian kundi pagkaada hin makusog nga pagsunod, 85 ngadto ha 90 porsyento ngada han Hunyo 30, 2016. Pero nakuha gihapon k ami hin understudy para maski waray na kami pwede la gihapon i g p a d a y o n ,” s e r i n g n i y a d i d a h i n usa nga panmakiana ha Makati C i t y. Sering niya nga eni en igkakatugbang han pribado nga sektor dinhi, kun diin sering niya makakagpadayon pagtrabaho ha apektado nga mga lugar matapos hin damo pa nga mga administrasyon. Sering ni Lacson nga kun damo hini nga mga pribado nga sektor nga mga kumpaniya en kumitido pagdumara han r e h a b i l i t a s y o n n g a t r a b a h o ,” hera en mapabilin mahitungod nga hera en katatpuran hin pag-

a d a k a k u m i t i d o” p a ra t a p u s o n aa en katatpuran hin pag-ada k a k u m i t i d o” p a ra t a p u s o n a a en katatpuran hin pag-ada k a k u m i t i d o” p a ra t a p u s o n a a en katatpuran hin pag-ada k a k u m i t i d o” p a ra t a p u s o n a n trabaho. Samtang, sering niya nga an iya opisina en nagdadahum nga makakakita na eni hin pipira nga nga estraktrura nga gintindog han masunod nga unom kabulan ngadto ha usa katuig. Sering gihapon niya nga an iya opisina en padayon nga makikipagkuordinar ngadto han pribado nga sektor ngan han mga langyawanon nga mga sponsor dida han rehabilitasyon nga trabaho. Ngada yana, sering niya nga damo nga katawhan nga a p e k t a d o h a n Yo l a n d a e n k u l a n g la gihapon han era panguna nga mga panginahanglan, kun diin gintudlok niya an kaso hin pipira nga katawhan ha pipira nga parti han Samar nga napiritan pangukoy ha mga kweba. Samtang, utro nga ginpatapod ni Lacson an mga residente ngan han mga lokal nga opisyal han mga apektado nga mga lugar nga an iya opisina en napabilin nga diri magkikita han mga kolor kun hain nga partido an gindadapigan dida ha panhatag han mga panginahanglan. “Usa nga butang nga akon nahibaruan parti hini nga trabaho amo an pagigin patas ha pagtratar madiin ka man nga par tido. Nakikigharampang padayon ha page 7


January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014


Diri nagdudumot hi Pangulo Aquino kan anay Pangulo Arroyo


in-abuyonan hin opisyal han M alacañang an pahayag ni Pangulo B enigno S. Aquino III mahiunong han detensyon ha ospital han anay Pangulo, ngan yana Pampanga 2nd Distr ic t R ep. Glor ia M acapagal-Ar royo. Gin-isa ni Presidential Communications Operations O ffice S ecretar y Her minio S. Coloma, Jr. an mao nga isyu k ataliwan hin mga repor t nga ginhulagway han pinak abag- o pa la nga binisita k an Ar royo nga hi anay First Lady ngan yana I locos Nor te 2nd Distr ic t R ep. I melda M arcos, komo dir i daw mak atawo an detensyon han anay Pangulo. D etenido ha k aso nga plunder tungod hin gin-aaligar nga dir i husto nga paggamit han P366 milyon nga Philippine Char it y Sweepstakes O ffice intelligence funds, padayon nga North Samar to receive...from page 3

assessment which was assessed in the following governance areas such as accountability, transparent governance, and frontline ser vice per formance. The program puts premium on the promotion of effective and honest governance par ticularly at the local level through intensive campaign on full disclosure of LGUs operations, implementation of systems to determine per formance of LGUs in terms of their state of local governance and compliance with policies, and institution of per formance based LGU incentives or awards, he added. (PIA8Nor thern Samar)

gindidiwara ni Ar royo an mao nga k asaypanan. Dir i nagdudumot hi Pangulo Aquino k an anay Pangulo Ar royo, ser ing ni Coloma durante hin usa nga regular nga br iefing ha Palasyo. An detensyon niya ha Veterans M emor ial M edical Center en subay hin mando han kor te tungod han iya medik al nga k ahimtang, pahayag pa ni Coloma. Ante mano hini, nagser ing an Pangulo nga waray pa niya plano hin pagbisita k an Ar royo tungod nga waray ini dida hiton lista han iya mga prayor idad. Kondi, ginpatin-aw ni Coloma nga ginrerespitar han Pangulo an ngatanan nga k aruyag dumu-aw k an Ar royo. (Ginbinisaya ni DUM -PIA8, Easter n S amar)

7 Gobyerno nagpahamtang...tikang ha page 5 kita hin mga personalidad nga natikang ha iba-iba nga mga politico, ngan akon pirmi ginkaklaro ha akon pakikighimangraw ha era nga diri la hera mabaraka kay diri kami nagkikita hit mga kolor d i n h i ,” s e r i n g n i y a . “Kay an problema dinhi, kun plitiko it nasulod ha huroh i m a n g r a w, d i r i a n m a yo r a n imo ginkakastigo kundi an mga katawhan, an mga biktima. Ngan k u n b u b u l i g a n m o a n l u g a r, d i r i m o g i n b u b u l i g a n a n m a y o r, gobernador o congressman, an imo ginbubuligan amo an mga tawo nga nagkukuri. Salit amo ito it amon pagkita, an amon gius. Ngan ito en mapabilin (Kun imo titikangan pagtratar han katawhan pinaagi han era kolor ha politika ngan diri mapagawas han bulig, diri nimo ginkakastigo an opisyal kundi an era mga tawo. Ngan kun bubuligan nimo an usa nga lokal nga pangobyernohan, diri nimo ginbubuligan an lokal nga opisyal kundi an mga tawo nga era kaangayan pagserbihan. Amo ito it amo pagkita ngan i t o e n m a p a b i l i n n g a s u g a d ) ,” dugang pa niya. Gin-utro gihapon ni Lacson nga an iya opisina en mag-oobserbar pangaro han gudti nga mga ginkikinahanglan dida han pag-implementar han paghingayad han mga estraktura sugad han mga eskwelahan ngan han mga multi-purpose halls. Sering niya nga an mga eskwelahan ngan han mga multipurpose halls en kinahanglan nga magin pwede maski para diin ngan makakagserbi bali emergency evacuation centers, samtang an mga ospital en kinahanglan makagserbi bali command ngan communication c e n t e r s . ( Tr a n s . b y m a a / P I A 8 )


January 25, 2014


Kampanya sa gobyerno para protehiran an taga pagpahayag ginpapadayon, Opisyal


n administrasyon padayon nga naniningkamot pakigkoodinar san mga ahensya san gobyerno para mabaton an pamatay san mga media sa nasud, ini an sugad san opisyal s a n Pa l a s y o. Pa d a y o n a n p a k i g t r a b a h o dida san nadadabihan nga ahensya san g o b y e r n o. An direktiba sa kanira nga tutukan an pag susi ngan paghanap san mga nagbubuhat san sugad nga kremin, kay diri tutuyangan an paghimo san makangingirhat kontra ngada san mga journalists o mamahayag ngan kontra san mga nagtatrabaho kumo per yodista nga nagpapahayag sa kanra mga opinyon ngan pagpadayag, ini an sugad ni Presidential Communications

Operations Office Secretar y Herminio “Sonny ” Coloma Jr dida san press briefing sa Malak anyang. An mga pitad nga mga ginhihimo mao an pagbabag-o san pagpadalagan san balaudnon para mapalaksi an pagsolbar san mga kaso labi na dida san pinakadako nga kaso nga nadadabi an mga per yodista – an Maguidanao massacre. Tu l o n g a m g a H u w e s s a n R TC i n g i n d e s i g n a r p a r a m a g k a p o t s a n k a s o, d u g a n g n i Coloma Ngan siton nga panahon damo an natatabo nga pamatay san media, sugad ni Coloma a n P h i l i p p i n e N a t i o n a l Po l i c e ngan an mga ahensya nga nagpapatuman naghimo sin

pagkomiter para mapalaksi an pag aresto san mga may sala. Kaparte liwat san ginkomiter san gobyerno dida san pagprotehir san mga per yodista mao an pagkontrolar san pagwarak san diri lisensyado nga mga armas dihan sa nasud, sugad ni Coloma. An Presidente nagpirma sin bag-o nga balaodnon pagtaga pusil pagtuyang san mga professionals pagdara pusil para san proteksyon sugad man pagpahalaba san panahon san kaprisohan ngadto sin 30 anyos san bisan sin-o nga madakpan nga nagtatagyaon sin waray lisensya nga armas o pusil. ( Tr a n s l a t e d by: ADiaz/PIA8Northern Samar)

Malacañang andam buligan an mga parag-uma nga nahihidabi hin smuggling nga kaso


agpahayag kakulop hin kaandam an Malacañang pagbulig hin mga kooperatiba hin mga parag-uma nga nahidadabi hin kaso nga smuggling nga pinanngungunahan han gin-aaligar nga hadi hin smuggling nga hi David Bangayan nga kilala gihapon k o m o D a v i d Ta n . Dida hin usa nga briefing ha Malacañang, nagsering hi Presidential C o m m u n i c a t i o n s Operations Office Secretary H e r m i n i o Co l o m a , J r. n g a pannginginanuon ini nga isyu han Malacañang tungod nga diri daw makatadonganon nga gamiton ini nga mga

parag-uma komo dummies o ginkokontroloar hiton t i n u o d n g a m g a s m u g g l e r. Gin-admiter han negosyante nga hi David B a n g a y a n / Ta n a n p a g g a m i t niya hin mga kooperatiba hin mga parag-uma komo dummy dida han hearing ha Senado hadton Miyerkules kataliwan hin mahugot nga panmakiana ha iya ni Agriculture Committee c h a i r p e r s o n Cy n t h i a Vi l l a r. Samtang nagsering hi Coloma nga nagkikinahanglan an Malacañang hin kongkreto nga basihan agud mabuligan an mga paraguma tungod nga pira hini ha ira en nanenelikado nga

makasohan ngan bangin pa ngani mapriso. Kinahanglan mapuypoy ini nga pagmanipular ngada hiton aton mga parag-uma, mahugot nga pahayag ni Coloma. Nagsering pa hi Coloma nga an hin-o man nga mahibaro-an nga nahidadabi dida hin smuggling nga kaso en diri gud pasasayloon tungod nga gintatagan gud hin importansya han administrasyon Aquino an liabilidad han mga opisyal han gobyerno. (Ginbinisaya ni DUM-PIA8, Eastern Samar)

January 25  
January 25  

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