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February 17, 2014

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8


February 17, 2014

LEYECO 2 manager

appeals for understanding from member consumers


he Leyte II Elec tr ic Cooperative (LE YECO 2) G eneral M anager M a. R osar io C. Avestruz, made an appeal for understanding from all member consumers as she gave the assurance th at the elec tr ic cooperative will fast track its wor k to hasten the re - energizing of all the househ old covered by the cooperative. As of press time there are more or less 51 thousand consumers that are listed, however, Avestruz is not sure if they still have their house or they already have transfer red to other place or if they are still willing to be connec ted. “ We are just benchmar k ing for 51 thousand,” said Avesttruz. I t was lea r ned that 98% of the cooperative’s distr ibution system was damaged, there are only 125 wor k force and only 43 linemen. With the wor k force, according to Avestruz , the Cooperative is maximizing and doing the necess ar y adjustment to hasten the restoration wor ks. Asked as to how the residents can help the team in the immediate restoration of power supplies, Avestruz appealed for understanding and patience. continued on page 7

Philippine Red Cross (PRC) head sector for Typhoon Yolanda relief operations Val Aguilar (right) read the message of PRC Chairman Richard Gordon and Sec. Gen. Gwendolyn Pang during the relief distribution with International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) delegates to the affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda held at the barangay Baras Palo Leyte, February 14. (Photo by Raul S. Tiozon, Jr/PIA-8)

LGU commits to build back better, stronger for a more resilient City of Tacloban


midst the staggering loss of lives and devastation, we have a reason to be thankful and to remain confident that w e w i l l b u i l d b a c k b e t t e r, stronger for a more resilient C i t y o f Ta c l o b a n .” T h u s , s a i d Ta c l o b a n C i t y Mayor Alfred Romualdez as he addressed the big crowd at the Ta c l o b a n A s t r o d o m e d u r i n g the Commemoration of 100 d a y s a f t e r Yo l a n d a o n S u n d a y , Februar y 16. Mayor Romualdez said he is determined to build a city that will be safer and better for the sake of the children. He also acknowledged

the support of the International Humanitarian Agencies who were also present during the commemoration saying “ The overwhelming generosity of heart and strength of spirit demonstrated by the people who have come to our aid and t h e p e o p l e o f Ta c l o b a n , h a v e inspired the world to come together and unite in the face o f a d ve r s i t y. “ “A s w e u s h e r i n t h e p h a s e to recovery and rehabilitation, we take this opportunity to acknowledge our milestones, check into our progress and make known to the different continued on page 5


February 17, 2014

PRO8 sets to hire more cops in 2014 P

olice R egional O ffice 8 under the leadership of PCSUPT Henr y P. Losa ñes, R egional Direc tor has ac tivated its screening committees that will proce ss the mandator y minimum requirement and other documents submitted by the applicants for the PO1 position. This is in line with the moder nization program of the Philippine National Police where the PO1 RECRUITMENT PR OGR AM for C Y 2014 is being set for hir ing of additional police nationwide. For this year, it was lear ned that PNP will hire 13,000 Unifor med Personnel R egular Q uota ; 6,000 Unifor med Attr ition (Proposed); 2,358 Unifor med Unfilled (2013 Attr ition) and 7,469 Non-Unifor med Personnel, thus a total of 28, 827 law enforcers. Direc tor Losañes said that the PR O8’s quota allocation, proce ssing and date of oath-tak ing will be disseminated as soon as this O ffice will be fur nished with a copy of the Letter of I nstruc tion (LOI) for C Y 2014 PNP recruitment. The following are the general qualifications for appointment in the police ser vice, according to the R egional Direc tor. The applicant must be a citizen of the Philippines; a person of good moral charac ter ; must have passed the psychiatr ic/ psychological, drug and physical tests to be administered by the PNP; must possess a for mal baccalaureate degree from a recognized lear ning institution; mst be eligible in accordance with the standards set by the commission which are NAPOLCOM PNP Entrance, R A 6506 (Licensed Cr iminologist) R A 1080 (Bar and B oard Examinations), PD 907 (Honor Graduate), or CSC Professional.

M oreover, the applicant must not have been dishonorably discharged from militar y employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the gover nment; must have no pending cr iminal case in any cour t, including at the O ffice of the Ombudsman or administrative case if he/she is already an employee of the gover nment; must not have been convic ted by final judgment of an offense or cr ime involving moral tur pitude; must be at least one meter and six t y t wo centimeters (1.62m) in height for males and one meter and fif t y seven centimeters (1.57m) in height for females; must weigh not more or less than five k ilograms (5kg) from the standard weight cor responding to his/her weight, age and sex; and must not be less than t went y one (21) nor more than thir t y (30) years of age. The initial requirements for PO1 R ecruitment include six copies of each contained in one folder with tabbing: M unicipal/ Cit y M ayor ’s Endorsement; M unicipal/Cit y Adhoc R esolution/ Cer tification and Wor ksheet; D uly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CSC ) For m 212 (R evised 2005); Bir th Cer tificate authenticated by the NSO (For mar r ied, submit mar r iage contrac t); and Eligibilit y repor t of rating authenticated by the issuing office. O ther requirements include t wo (2) pieces of black & white pic ture with name tag, 1 bust-size pic ture, and 1 whole body pic ture indicating applicant ’s name; Transcr ipt of scholastic record and diploma duly authenticated by the school registrar ; Cer tificate of good moral charac ter issued and duly authenticated by the college/universit y where the applicant graduated; Local

clearances (Barangay, Police, Police Provincial O ffice, M ayor ’s, MTC, R TC, Provincial Prosecutor ’s and NBI); and M edical cer tificate from cit y/municipal health office. I nterested applicants must have appropr iate eligibilities for PO1 from the National Police Commission ( NAPOLCOM), Professional R egulator y Commission (PR C ), or the Civil S er vice Commission (CSC ). For more inquir ies relative to the PNP R ecruitment for C Y 2012, interested persons may contac t the O ffice of the R egional Personnel and Human R esource D evelopment Division PO3 R enato V. Or tega at M obile N umber 0908257-5168. (PIA 8)

February 17, 2014


100 days from Yolanda, protection concerns remain for millions of displaced, UNHCR says


he United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said it continues to support the government in providing protection and durable solutions for vulnerable typhoon survivors, 100 days after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck Central Philippines. UNHCR said over 4.1 million people have been displaced by the super typhoon that unleashed its wrath on the disaster-prone country on November 8 last year, claiming some 6,200 lives and damaging 1.1 million homes. More than three months later, concerns remain on the security of affected communities just starting to recover from the devastation, UNHCR noted. Lingering issues include a heightened risk of human trafficking, sexual and gender-based violence, child exploitation and concerns about highly vulnerable sectors such as elderly people, persons with disability and indigenous populations caused mainly by the loss of dwellings and livelihoods linked to the disaster. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), under the Typhoon Yolanda Protection Cluster led by the government’s Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), has supported the strengthening of the Women and Children’s Protection Desks of the

Philippine National Police to improve security for women and children survivors. UNHCR has advocated for and supported the deployment of dozens of female police officers from other regions to typhoon-stricken areas. “We have been heavily involved in training local authorities, aid workers, and members of the Armed Forces and the Police force on the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, child protection and sexual and genderbased violence together with the other members of the Protection Cluster. Through this, we have a dialogue with national protection actors on how to bring a human rights perspective into the emergency response and search for solutions for the most vulnerable populations,” said Joel Andersson, Head of Yolanda Operations for UNHCR in Tacloban, one of the areas hardest hit by the typhoon. Another initiative of UNHCR has been to install teams in disaster areas to monitor all forms of movement of those displaced by the typhoon, including relocation and resettlement, and ensure that these are voluntary, safe, free, informed and dignified. Affected persons can inform UNHCR staff of their protection concerns. UNHCR which is among the first agencies to respond to the emergency, has been working in six disaster areas. These include Tacloban, Guiuan, Ormoc and Cebu, where UNHCR co-leads the

Protection Cluster, as well as Roxas and Borongan where the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has been delegated the responsibility. “We will continue to work with the government to help deliver durable solutions to the millions displaced and affected by the super typhoon, with a protection focus,” said Andersson. Alongside these services, UNHCR has provided assistance to nearly half a million typhoon survivors 100 days after Typhoon Yolanda with emergency shelter and relief items, counting more than 10,000 tents, 15,000 solar lanterns, 60,000 plastic sheets, 80,000 blankets, 30,000 jerry cans for water, 15,000 sets of cooking utensils, 3,000 hygiene kits and 2,000 sleeping mats. UNHCR has been mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect refugees and find durable solutions to refugee problems worldwide. It also provides protection to internally displaced persons victims of conflict and, in certain cases, natural disasters. In the wake of Typhoon Yolanda, UNHCR has been requested by the government to co-lead the Protection Cluster for the emergency response. (PIA 8)


February 17, 2014

Newly repaired house, Republic of Korea joint support group’s gift to this Filipino Korean War veteran I t was a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration for a Filipino veteran who fought in the Korean war. As a sign of gratitude for helping them during the war, the Republic of Korea thru its Araw Forces here in the Region with the assistance of the AFP Engineering Brigade, volunteered to rebuild the Yolanda-detroyed house of the Korean War veteran Segundino D. Gerisola St., 84, at Barangay East Visoria in Carigara, Leyte. In the afternoon of February 14, Gerisola who fought for the Koreans in 1952-1053, received his newly rebuilt house from the Araw Forces. According to Eom Younhwan, assistant Commander of Araw Forces, the team rebuilt Gerisola’s house because he was a veteran of the Korean war and they wanted to reciprocate the veteran’s sacrifices. The Koreans acknowledge the blood and sweat offered by the Filipinos during the war and they wanted to pay this with a labor of sweat and love. Gerisola also received hearing air and a

wheel chair from the Korean government. He also underwent a special dental check-up from the Korean’s dental bus which was especially brought to Carigara. Moreover, Gerisola’s newly rehabilitated home was also provided with a generator set and a television set and a new pathway for his wheel chair was also constructed. The Assistant commander of the Task Force Araw told the Philippine Information Agency that aside from Gerisola, the team will also repair veterans’ homes in Tacloban, Palo, Tolosa and Tanauan. The Korean military attaché, according to Eom, confirmed the participation of these veterans in the Korean War. According to Eom, about seven thousand Filipino soldiers fought in the Korean War, from 1950 to 1953. Eom said the Korean team was greatly touched when Gerisola shared his stories during the war and sang some of the Korean songs he learned during the war. Gerisola is now living with his

son Renato and his son’s wife Vilma in the said barangay. He said his wife died in 1985. Gerisola said that he was glad with the help of the Korean government support group, it will make his family members live comfortably after the devastation of typhoon Yolanda. For the longest time Gerisola was just confined in the vicinity of his house because of the difficulty in walking but now he can go out and visit some friends with the help of his new wheelchair. Meanwhile, during the turnover of Gerisola’s newly repaired house, the Araw forces also offered ice cream and popcorns for the kids in East Visoria while a Medical and Dental Mission with 7 doctors and 7 nurses from Korean Forces provided medical and dental services plus free medicines for the constituents of East Visoria. It was like a fiesta day in the barangay, the teary eyed Gerisola exclaimed. (PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann Abella)

International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) hand in hand in the relief distribution to the affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda during their relief operations on February 14 held at the barangay Baras Palo Leyte. (Photo by Raul S. Tiozon, Jr/PIA-8)

February 17, 2014


LGUs urged to take an active role in peace building


multi-sectoral group who attended a workshop on local peace and development in Samar urged the local government units to take an active role in Peace building. According to one module in the workshop presented by Judy Batulan of the Depar tment of Interior and Local Government (DILG), if the LGU practices transparency and strengthens the local peace and order councils, it can foster peace. He added that peace can also be attained when the LGU is able to uplift the living conditions of the people and enforces laws related to peace and order fairly without favor. For her par t, Emy Bonifacio of the Office of the Presidential Assistant on the Peace Process (OPAPP) who co sponsored the workshop with the DILG said that it is time that planners do ‘peace lensing’. By this, she means that all programs and projects of the LGU must foster peace. “ When people are contented with their lives, with the environment, there is peace in their midst,” she added. DILG outlines the roles of the LGU in peace building as they have a high stake in reducing conflict and violence. More than reducing crime and danger, the LGU must also manage conflict and promote peace by ensuring the economic growth, security, productivity and people’s health and well being. With the growing advocacy for peace, LGUs are being compelled to take a more active role in conflict prevention and

ABS-CBN’s Jing Castaneda led the ‘Panata ng Patroller’ with the barangay officials, municipal/city information officers and some volunteers as they pledge to perform fairly the duties and responsibilities of a Bayan Patroller during the PIA-ABS CBN-led Citizens Journalism Training, February 12. PIA also designated the participants as Barangay Development Information Officers and Community Development Information Officers. (Photo by Raul Tiozon, Jr./PIA-8)

LGU commits...from page 1 stakeholders, our future plans f o r t h e C i t y ,” t h e M a y o r a d d e d . We remain mindful of the herculean task still ahead of us. The city government of Ta c l o b a n City remains dedicated and committed to ensuring that the welfare of t h e p e o p l e o f Ta c l o b a n a n d t h a t the best interest of the City are promoted and protected. The commemorative program was preceded by a Thanksgiving service officiated b y R e v. Fr. A m a d e o A l v e r o. After the message of t h e M a y o r, t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l Humanitarian Agencies particularly M r. Casper Engbong, the head of the U N O C H A i n Ta c l o b a n a n d t h e h e a d o f t h e R e d C r o s s M r. A l l a n Mosqueda also delivered their messages.

Inspirational Songs will b e r e n d e r e d b y t h e Ta c l o b a n City Choir and Councilor Cristina Romualdez sang the song she sang while hanging on for her life and that of her c h i l d r e n d u r i n g t h e Yo l a n d a onslaught. Those who attended the Commemoration represented t h e c ro s s s e c to r o f t h e s o c i e t y. Many of them were wearing purple shirts. Most of them wore a purple ribbon given by the organizers. Seen attending the event were City Hall employees, barangay officials, private citizens and media practitioners. Also seen were two regional directors, D i r e c t o r J o s e L l a c u n a , J r. o f DOH and Director Olive Tiu of PIA. (PIA 8)

peace programs par ticularly at the program and policy levels. Although the brunt of peace -building is borne by the LGUs, line agencies like TESDA, DEpEd, public works, health, agrarian reform, social welfare,

environment and natural resources and uniformed agencies like the police and the army also commit to assist the LGU in the promotion of peace through their own projects and programs. (PIA 8-Samar)


February 17, 2014


100 dias kahuman ni Yolanda, ginhangyo han gobyerno an mga Filipinos nga pa hilawigon an Edsa 1 spirit pagbulig han survivors


ataliwan hin usa ka gatos ka adlaw tikang han super Typhoon “Yolanda� (Haiyan) nga nagbilin hin dako nga danyos, ginhangyo han gobyerno han Domingo nga adlaw an mga Filipinos nga tindugan an bayanihan spirit nga nagtigaman han EDSA People Power 1 pina-agi han kanunay nga pagtambulig han mga survivors.

Ginhahangyo daw han gobyerno an mga Filipinos ha bayanihan spirit ngan sugad man ha spirit of EDSA People Power nga ipadayon an pakipagbinuligay ha gobyerno ngan mga donor ngan aid agencies ha pagpadangat hin tambulig ha mga tawo nga nagtatalinguha tumindog ngan umursa kataliwan hiruspak, segun

kan Operations Office Secretary Sonny Coloma ha dzRB Radyo ng Bayan. Bisan pa man daw han duro na nga higwa-os han gobyerno, daw kulang pa ha pagbaton han mga panginahanglan han mga apektado nga pamilya. Padayon naman daw an ira pagkarawat hin mag-upay nga suhestyon basi mas malaksi an pagdangat han tambulig, sumala kan Coloma. Desidido daw an gobyerno pagpadangat han massive rehabilitation efforts han 171 nga munisipyo ngan syudad nga apektado han waray sugad nga kalamidad. An mga apektado nga pamilya nga aada ha bunkhouses ngan temporaryo nga puy-anan in tatagan hin permanente nga puyanan ha new human settlements nga may igo nga facilities para pakabuhi. Bag-o nga mga eskoylahan, munisipyo ngan merkado publiko ngan town centers in tutukudon gihapon. Dugang pa niya, hi President Aquino in nagmando ha mga Cabinet members nga ig-andam an detalyado nga roadmap para hin epektibo nga pagtagad han kalamidad labi na han mauran nga bulan han Hunyo. Kaapi hini an pagpatuman han new emergency alert protocols para storm surge, floods ngan landslides, istrikto nga pagtuman han No-Build Zones ha mga baybay ngan hitaas nga standards para disaster resiliency han mga buildings ngan imprastruktura. Prioridad daw gihapon an pagbutang hin all-weather communication system, satellite phones ngan mobile communications kit pag siguro nga waray ma-uutod padayon ha page 7

February 17, 2014


LEYECO 2 Manager...from page 1 Though the cooperative is doing its best to restore power supply even with the absence of an order to energize all consumers, the LE YECO team has accepted the big task of energizing all households in their area of coverage to br ing their lives into nor malc y. “ We do understand our roles, thus, we are doing our best that even until now LE YECO is calling all those who have the capacit y and the abilit y to help us in restor ing the power supply in our area coverage,” Avestruz added. I n fac t, LE YECO have published in national daily a call for contrac tors who has the capacit y to help us, said Avestruz. The M anager also clar ified that the M arch 31, 2014 target for them to energize all of their consumers is a deadline imposed upon them by the National Elec tr ification Administration. Thus, LE YECO 2 is ask ing an inter vention from NEA to help them, to augment people to comply with the order. Avestruz also emphasized that the Cooperative is not simply restor ing the elec tr ic lines but rebuilding the distr ibution system and it needs all the help it can get. (PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann Abella) 100 dias...tikang ha page 6 nga komunikasyon bisan may-ada power service interruption. Segun kan Coloma dire kita angay tumagya ha iya pag-sabi han sagdon ni United Nations resident humanitarian coordinator Luiza Carvalho. Gin-otro niya an sabi ni Carvalho, nga angay an mga otoridad, UN agencies, nongovernment organizations, ngan mga Filipino in tagusyahon dara han kalaksi han relief and rehabilitation efforts ugaring dire angay tumagya. Segun daw kan Presidente

nga dara han natika grabe nga epekto han climate change, kinahanglan mas dako pa nga pitad an buhaton para reinforcing han supply of power, dugang pa niya. Angay daw nga an Pilipinas ngan iba pa nga disaster-prone countries in utdon an cycle of prediction, devastation, ngan rehabilitation ha pag –adopt hini hin prinsipyo nga build-back-better ngan maging mas produktibo pa. Samtang duro an pasalamat ni Coloma ha UN, foreign governments, international and domestic organizations, civic organizations, ngan volunteers nga padayon an paghatag financial and logistical support, pagtagad han mga apektado nga pamilya ha calamity zones. Nagpapasalamat daw hira gihapon han business organizations ngan humanitarian foundations nga nagpa-abat han ira interes nga maging development sponsors ha 24 priority areas ha partnership han Presidential Assistant on Rehabilitation and Recovery (PARR). Segun ha iya , hi PARR Secretary Panfilo M. Lacson in nag –prioritize na han local government units nga nagtrabaho han ira

homework ha pag andam han postdisaster needs assessment analysis ngan corresponding rehabilitation plan. Padayon daw hi Secretary Lacson ha pakipagsumpayan ha Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Interior and Local Government, ngan National Housing Authority ha pag-andam han relocation ngan rebuilding sites para hin bag-o ngan permanente nga housing ngan local government facilities. Para naman han Department of Social Welfare and Development padayon ini ha paghatag han panguna nga panginahanglan han mga pamilya nga aada hamga temporary shelters. Aada naman daw segun kan Coloma an Department of Health doctors ngan paramedics nga nagbabantay han posible nga mga sakit. An Department of Labor and Employment naman in naghahatag hin cash-for-work ngan temporary employment opportunities samtang an Technical Education and Skills Development Authority in nagdudumara hin skills training, dugang ni Coloma. (trans: PIA 8-Samar/NBQ)


February 17, 2014


Palasyo gindayaw relihiyoso nga grupo pagpakita hin pagkig-urosa kaupod mga nagpakalibre han Yolanda


indayaw han Malacanang dida ha Domingo en usa nga relihiyoso nga grupo ha pagpakita hin pakig-urosa han mga nagpakalibre han Bagyo Yolanda (Haiyan) pinaagi hin pagdumara hin usa nga ‘walk for a cause’ ha Manila dida han nakalabay nga katapusan han semana. Sering ni Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio “Sonny” Coloma Jr. nga samtang an Iglesia ni Cristo en nakagdumara hin world record, an mas importante amo an ginpakita hini nga simpatiya. “An importante ha natabo kakulop amo an pagpapakita o manipestasyon han pakikiusa ha aton mga katawhan nga nagkaaapektohan han kalamidad. Di ba an ngaran han aktibidad amo an “Walk for a Cause?’ An cause amo an bulig ngadto han nagkaaapektohan han Yolanda, an paghatag hin bulig ngadto han mga nagkapeperwesyo han Yolanda,” sering ni Coloma dida han kanan gobyerno dzRB Radyo ng Bayan. Dida han Sabado, an Iglesia ni Cristo en nakagdumara hin bag-o nga Guinness world record pinaagi han pakagdumara han pinakadako nga charity walk nga gindumara ha usa nga lugar. An 1.9 kakilometro nga baraktas en nagtikang ha Cultural Center of the Philippines ngan nagtapos harani ha Diamond Hotel ha may Roxas Boulevard nga may maabot 175,000 nga mga nagpartisipar. An world record en anay ginkaptan han Singapore para han The

New Paper Big Walk dida han Mayo 21, 2000. Adto nga kanan Singapore baraktasay en mayda maabot 77,500 nga mga nagpartisipar nga nakalista nga gin-organisar han The Singapore Press Holdings, The Singapore Amateur Athletic Association ngan han The Singapore Sports Council nga an panuyo amo an pagpasarang han maupay nga panlawas. An kita han aktibida en nahingadto ha edukasyon, sports ngan charity organizations. Ginkumpirma ni Kirstie Bennett, an Guinness adjudicator ha Pilipinas, nga an kanan dida han Sabado nga charity walk nga kadamo en ginbasi ha kadamo han wrsitbands nga gingamit han mga nagpartisipar nga ginhulog dida hin usa nga kahon ha may finish line. Sering dida

han mga sumat an nasabi nga baraktas, en durungan han gindumara ha 54 nga iba nga mga lalawigan ngan 27 nga iba nga mga nasud, nga an panuyo amo an paghikay hin pundo para han mga nagpakatalwas han Yolanda, nga nakaigo han Bisayas ngan Southern Luzon han nakalabay nga Nobyembre. Naobserbahan ni Coloma nga an bag-o nga world record en “resulta” han kanan relihiyoso nga grupo pagka-urosa, usa nga butang kun diin gindayaw han Palasyo. “An pagkakaada heto nga world record an nagin resulta han pagkakaurosa ngan pagsasakripisyo han mga meyembro nga aton gindadayaw,” sering sering niya. (maa/PIA 8)

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) regional vice president Walter Bacareza (right) partners with the local media to disseminate to the public that all Filipinos who are Philhealth members and non members Eastern Visayas affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda may avail of PhilHealth benefits during the presscon on the occasion of its corporations anniversary held at the Lorenza Hotel Tacloban City, February 14. (Photo by Raul S. Tiozon/PIA-8)

February 17  

February 17 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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