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April 30, 2014


Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

April 30, 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III delivers his message during the dinner reception at the Rizal Hall of the Malacañan Palace for the State Visit to the Philippines of His Excellency Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, on Monday (April 28). The United States continues to be a major trading partner of the country. (Photo by Benhur Arcayan / Malacañang Photo Bureau)

National Nutrition Honor Award assessment starts in Maasin City BY: MA. REBECCA G. CADAVOS


t least five barangays were randomly chosen by the national evaluating team for the Nutrition Honor Award (NHA) led by Assistant Secretary for Health and National Nutrition Council(NNC) Executive Director Maria-Bernardita T. Flores. The national validating team which arrived April 29, 2014 in Maasin City was welcomed by City Mayor Maloney L. Samaco and Cong. Damian G. Mercado in a short program held at Maasin City College together with the members of the City Nutrition Committee headed by Nutrition Action Officer Dr. Francilisa I. Tan, Sangguniang Panglungsod members, among other concerned local officials and employees.

The evaluation will start today until May 2, 2014. The five barangays chosen by the validating team were Pinascohan, Laboon, Malapoc Norte, Canturing and Ibarra. The team will also visit mangrove areas, school’s hand washing facility, Maasin City nursery, to name a few. During the presentation of Maasin City’s nutrition situation, Mayor Samaco focused on the impact programs implemented by the city such as food production, food fortification, livelihood assistance, micronutrient supplementation, nutrition information, communication and education, promoting healthy lifestyle, nutrition in emergencies,

adopt a malnourished child program, among others and it’s road to the national Nutrition Honor Award, as its target and goal for Maasin City. “Nutrition has always been included in my priority programs,” the city mayor said showing the Maasin City’s 13-point agenda, “MALONEY SAMACO,” as Market and business improvement; Agricultural production; Livelihood assistance; Orderliness and peace; Nutrition and health services; Education for the masses; Youth empowerment; Sports excellence; Anti-illegal drug campaign; Mangrove and forest protection; Advocacy for tourism; Concreting and maintenance of roads; CONTINUED ON PAGE 7


April 30, 2014

DOLE 8 family supports Mega Jobs Fair on May 1 V

ar ious gover nment agencies have expressed their suppor t in the upcoming Labor Day Job Fairs to facilitate employment of wor kers in R egion 8. R egion 8 Direc tor Exequiel S arcauga of the D epar tment of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the region said, each of the agenc y has its par ticipation in the M ega Jobs Fair to be held simultaneously at St. Paul S chool of Business and Law, Campetic Palo, Leyte and Or moc Superdome Or moc Cit y on M ay 1, 2014. Twent y five (25) genuine recruitment agencies overseas will be joining the jobs fair offer ing a total of 7,684 job orders and 22 employers from region 8, five (5) from region 7 and Two(2) from Caraga region with a total of

1, 843 jobs available. This includes three national gover nment agencies which have job vacancies such a s the National Economic and D evelopment Author it y, D epar tment of Trade and I ndustr y and O verseas, Wor kers Welfare Administration and National M ar itime Polytechnic. A one -stop shop employment ser vices will also be provided by the DOLE family namely : the O verseas Wor kers Welfare Administration, Philippine O verseas Employment Administration, Technical Education and Sk ills D evelopment Author it y, Professional R egulation Commission, National Conciliation and M ediation B oard, R egional Tr ipar tite Wages and Produc tivit y

B oard, National M ar itime Polytechnic, National Labor R elations Commission, Employees Compensation Commission and other gover nment ag encies. Livelihood fairs will also be featured dur ing the Jobs Fair where produc ts/ser vices from the beneficiar ies of some DOLE assisted livelihood programs will be displayed on a number of booths. This is the 4th jobs fair conduc ted by D epar tment of Labor and Employment in Easter n Visayas af ter Yolanda struck the region in November last year. The Labor Day celebration on M ay 1 is anchored on the theme “S a Sipag, Tiyaga at Talino Buong M undo ay S aludo sa M anggagawang Pilipino�. (PIA-8)

NCMB 8 urges Bethany Hospital to reopen BY: CONSUELO B. ALARCON


he National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) in region 8 is ver y optimistic that Bethany Hospital will reopen on J u n e 1 7 , t h i s y e a r. In a press conference held at DOLE Regional Office 8, National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) Director Juanito Geonzon has confirmed repor ts that the hospital has already applied for temporar y closure after it was devastated b y s u p e r t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a i n N o v e m b e r l a s t y e a r. H o w e v e r, t h e a p p l i c a t i o n to close was temporary which i s g o o d f o r s i x ( 6 ) m o n t h s o n l y, hence, the hospital is bound to o p e n o n J u n e 1 7 , t h i s y e a r. Prior to this, a conciliation mediation proceeding was conducted by NCMB after the employees union of the hospital filed a preventive mediation case

before the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) in Ta c l o b a n . It was learned that the management has agreed to comply with the issues raised by the employees union during the m e d i a t i o n c o n f e r e n c e . M o r e o v e r, the management also agreed to reopen. But, they refused to give a timeline as they are still awaiting the decision of the management after the general assembly in Legaspi this coming M a y. S u r p r i s i n g l y, a f t e r t h e third meeting with NCMB gates at Bethany Hospital were already c l o s e d . I f i t h a l t s p e r m a n e n t l y, over 300 employees and their families will be affected. To d a t e , v a r i o u s a g e n c i e s such as Department of Health, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) have

already appealed to Bethany Hospital to continue the operation as thousands of people in Eastern Visayas need the ser vices of the hospital. Bethany Hospital is a medical center for sick of all creeds and has been in existence for 82 long years. A ter tiar y hospital administered by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. (PIA-8)


April 30, 2014

Maasin City joins Labor Day celebration in Leyte BY: MA. REBECCA CADAVOS


delegation from Maasin City will be joining in the celebration of Labor Day tomorrow, May 1 in Leyte in response to the call of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Director Exequiel Sarcauga inviting Maasin City to participate in the twin activities. Maasin City Mayor Maloney Samaco in his regular program aired over radio station DyDM, “Maasin City in Action” informed that graduates from Maasin City College who have no work yet will be sent to the region for the Mega Jobs Fair to provide them opportunity in looking for a job. Maasin City job seekers will have a free transportation through the Maasin City Bus, he said. The venue of said activity will be at Saint Paul’s School of Business and Law in Palo, Leyte.

It was learned that DOLE-8 invited employers from Region 5, 7 and the CARAGA Region. Convergys and E-Performax from Cebu responded to the call of DOLE-8, while 5 employers from CARAGA will also join the jobs fair, it was learned. Meanwhile groups of women’s organization will also join the Livelihood Fair, one of the activities during the Labor Day. These women, who were grantees of DOLE’s livelihood program will bring along their produce to be displayed at the booth reserve for Maasin City delegation. The women who will be accompanied by the City Social Welfare and Services Office will display food products such as ampao, bod-bod, yema, peanut butter, to name a few and coconut and bamboo

No less than City Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan and 8ID Commanding General Jet B. Velarmino graced the opening of the 3-day youth leadership camp, gathering nearly 150 youth leaders both in-school and out-of-school to be immersed on skills enhancement, values formation and character building.

products like sanika (coconut basket), among others. This year’s 112th Labor Day is focused on the theme, “Sipag, Tiyaga at Talino Buong Mundo Saludo sa Manggagawang Filipino,” which honors workingmen that will provide an opportunity for the informal sector workers to display for sale their Kabuhayan projects, as well as a one stop shop where they can apply or renew documents such as the National Statistical Office for birth certificates, Philippine Regulation Commission PRC for their PRC licenses, National Bureau of Investigation for those who want to secure clearances, and the Department of Foreign Affairs for the immediate endorsement of processing of passports in Manila. (rgc/PIA8-SoLeyte)


April 30, 2014


Southern Leyte solon recalls Maasin City’s journey to National Nutrition Honor Award BY: MA. REBECCA G. CADAVOS


ur goal is to have a healthy and nourished citizenry not only in Maasin City but throughout Southern L e y t e ,” Cong. Damian G. Mercado disclosed in his opening message during the welcome program for the national nutrition evaluators held April 29, 2014 at the Maasin City College . The Southern Leyte solon recalled how Maasin City attained the nutrition awards. “ This is the prize of our effor ts which started when I was still the local chief executive of M a a s i n ,” h e s a i d r e f e r r i n g t o the numerous awards since he was still the mayor of Maasin, a municipality then, then became city mayor and was continuously suppor ted by now city mayor M a l o n e y S a m a c o.

The awards for Maasin for effective nutrition program implementation were mentioned s u c h a s t h e G r e e n B a n n e r Aw a r d s ; Outstanding Municipality in t h e R e g i o n ; R e d O r c h i d Aw a r d s for three consecutive years which gained Maasin City the H a l l o f Fa m e f o r s u c c e s s f u l l y implementing the anti-smoking campaign; Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition ( C R O W N ) , t o n a m e a f e w. This year Maasin City will vie for the National Nutrition Honor Aw a r d , the highest nutrition award throughout the countr y for being consistently winning the CROWN Maintenance Aw a r d f o r t w o y e a r s f r o m 2 0 1 2 2013. “Giving good ser vices to t h e p e o p l e i s o u r t o p p r i o r i t y,”


Tanauan Leyte mayor Pelagio Tecson congratulates the joint efforts of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the joint support group of Korean military during the turn-over ceremony of the newly repaired school buildings at the Malaguicay Elementary School, Tanauan Leyte, April 24 sponsored by the Korea Food for the Hungry International and Gyonggi provincial office education. (RST/PIA-8)

C o n g . M e r c a d o, f o r m e r l y t h e mayor of Maasin and Governor of Southern Leyte disclosed adding t h a t “o u r b u r n i n g d e s i r e a n d unending commitment towards nutrition improvement for all Maasinhons is a continuing j o u r n e y.” “ With or without the award, our passion will still keep o n b u r n i n g ,” h e s a i d . He was grateful to Mayor Samaco for continuously implementing the best nutrition practices, not to mention all other innovative programs concerning health and nutrition t h a t w e r e i n t r o d u c e d b y S a m a c o. O t h e r t h a n M a a s i n C i t y, LG U s v y i n g f o r N H A a r e t h e M u n i c i p a l i t y o f L a l - L o, C a g a y a n in Region II and Ifugao Province in the Cordillera Administrative Region. These LG U s have shown efficient and effective management of its nutrition program for the past 5 years which resulted to low prevalence of under weight among its preschool and school-aged children, it was learned. The national evaluators f o r t h e N u t r i t i o n H o n o r Aw a r d was led by Assistant Secretar y for Health Maria-Bernardita T. F l o r e s . T h e y s e l e c t e d 5 barangays to be validated such as Pinascohan, Laboon, Malapoc Nor te, Canturing and Ibarra. The e v a l u a t i o n s t a r t e d t o d a y, A p r i l 30 and will end May 2, 2014. (rgc/ PIA8-SoLeyte)


April 30, 2014

Gobyerno nagtatrabaho para protehiran an mamamahayag – Presidente Aquino


i Presidente Benigno C. Aquino III nagbagaw sa atubangan san mga langyawanon nga mamamahayag nga ginpapanginano san kanya administrasyon an pamatay san mga mamahayag sa nasud pinaagi san inter-agency committee. Iton nga komitiba in nagkikita dida san extralegal killings ngan forced disappearances, turture ngan iba pa nga seryuso nga bayulasyon san katungod san kinabuhi, kalibrihan ngan seguridad san tawo, ini an iya pahayag san gintig-ob nga press

conference kaupod si Presidente Barack Obama sa Malakanyang. An Presidente nagreport nga 62 nga mga kaso an gin imbistigaran san komitiba, napulo sini an ginkonsiderar nga extrajudicial killings. Sa napulo nga mga kaso san extrajudicial killings, sayo la sini an natabo durante san presente nga administrasyon, sugad niya. Matungod naman san Maguindanao masaker sin masobra 50 nga journalists, an Presidente

nasugad nga masubra sayo ka gatos an nasang atan san krimen ngan ada yana sa korte. Sayo nga ginduduso san gobyerno mao in reporma sa hudikatura, nga iya ginsaad dida san iya pagdalagan san piniliay sa tuig 2010. An gobyerno nagtatrabaho liwat para mapalaksi an ada sa korte nga mga kaso para maseguro an disposisyon san hustisya, dugang niya. (Translated by ADiaz/PIA8-Northern Samar)

Pangulo Obama nagpasalamat han mapaso nga pagkarawat han mga Pilipino


agpagawas hi US President Barack Obama han iya pagpasalamat kan Pa n g u l o Benigno S. Aquino III para han iya mapaso nga pagkarawat ngan han maupay nga pagtagad ha iya ngan han mga meyembro han iya delegasyon dida han iya pagbisita ha Pilipinas. “Nakanhi la ako hin usa ka-adlaw pero an maupay nga pagtagad nga iyo ginpakita ha akon ngan han sobra kamapaso nga pagkarawat nga eginpaabot ha amon en nagpapahamtang ha amon hin mapaso nga emosyon ngan pagpahinumdum, pamati k o, h a n k i l a l a n a n g a p a m a t a s a n h a n m g a P i l i p i n o n g a k a t a w h a n ,” sering niya dida hin usa nga mensahe dida han state dinner ha Malacanang. Gindayaw han US lider an pamilya Aquino mahitungod han era kuntribusyon ngadto ha sosyedad han Pilipinas kun diin iya gintagan hin duon nga waray mas pa nga makakalabaw

sugad han paghatag han kanan usa kinabuhi para han nasud sugad han gindumara han kanan Pa n g u l o t a t a y d i d a h a n p a n a h o n han martial law han panahon han mga Marcos. Kan Obama gihapon ginhingaday an papel han kanan Pa n g u l o n a n a y, a n a n a y p a n g u l o C o r a z o n A q u i n o, s a m t a n g a n nasud en nagpapadayon nga nadus-og kasunod han kan Marcos diktadora. Ginrekognisar gihapon ni Obama an mga Pilipino nga may mga talento sugad kan Manny Pa c q u i a o n g a n C r i s C o m e r f o r d , an k anan White House executive chef o parapanluto nga natawo ha Manila. Naghingaday gihapon hi Obama nga an mga Amerikano en inspirado han kanan mga Pilipino dagmit nga pak ak abawi tikang hin mga problema ngan determinasyon nga utro tumindog matapos hin ano man nga kakurian sugad han

dako an danyos nga dara han B a g y o Yo l a n d a n g a n a k a i g o h a n Pilipinas han nak alabay nga tuig. “ Ya n a n g a g a b - i , a n a m o n mga kasing-kasing en nasusubo para han pipira nga amon igkasi mga Amerikano didto ha amon nga nagkadadanyos mahitungod hin pagka-iigo hin sobra kamagkusog nga mga b a g y o n g a n m g a i p o - i p o, p e r o ginkukuha namon an amo mga kusog pinaagi han iyo mga e h e m p l o,” s e r i n g n i y a . “Kay samtang kita en n a s u s u b o, m a a r a m k a m i n g a k a m i en makakabalik pagtindog ngan utro namon nga pag-aaydon eni nga mga komunidad nga nagkaaapektuhan mahitungod nga an mga katawhan en may pagtagad h a k a d a t a g s a ,” d u g a n g p a n i y a . P N D ( Tr a n s . b y m a a / P I A 8 )


April 30, 2014

WARAY NEWS Pangulo Aquino ginpasidunggan hi US President Obama pinaagi han Order of Sikatuna


inpasidunggan ni Pangulo Benigno S. Aquino III dida han Lunes pinaagi han Order of Sikatuna ha ranggo nga Raja o Grand Collar hi US President Barack Obama, nga nakadto ha Manila para hin duha ka-adlaw nga pagbisita han nasud. Dida han state dinner nga ginpasidungog para han nabisita nga lider han US, ginpresentar ni Pangulo Aquino an Order of Sikatuna nga pasidungog ha pagrekognisar han kan Obama “pagigin makusog nga lider ngan mga palisiya nga nag-asister han Pilipinas ha mga oras hin natural nga mga kalamidad.”

“Bali usa nga sangkay ngan kasugbong han mga Pilipino nga katawhan, Mr. President, ginpakita mo an waray kabantad nga kakomitido ngadto han pagpa-uswag ngan pagpauro-upay han amon nasud. Salit, kaangayan la nga an iya paniguro en igrekognisar pinaagi han pagpahamtang han Order of Sikatuna,” sering ni Pangulo Aquino dida han iya toast. “Tikang han 1953, an pinakahitaas nga rekognasyon nga may diplomatiko nga kalidad han Republika han Pilipinas amo an Order of Sikatuna.

Eni en ginpapahamtang ngadto han mga naghahatag, ngan nagpapahitaas, han magkatugbang nga relasyon ha butnga han aton nasud ngadto han iba nga mga nasud,” dugang pa han Pangulo. Nahitudlok gihapon hi Pangulo Obama “ha pagbulig nga mapabilin an estabilidad ngan kahimyang pinaagi han pagpasunod han balaud ha Southeast Asia, ngan pakig-usa ha aton ha pagtrabaho nga mapanindugan an kapasidad ha pagdepensa han aton nasud.” Sering ni Pangulo Obama nga nalilipay hiya ha pakakarawat han nasabi nga pasidungog. “Ginkakarawat ko eni ha espirito kun diin eni en eginpahamtang ha akon ha pagigin komitido ha pagpadayon ngan pagpahiro-hilarum han pagigin magkasumpay han aton duha nga mga nasud,” sering niya dida han iya pag-toast. An Order of Sikatuna en usa nga Order of Diplomatic Merit nga ginhahatag ngadto hin mga indibidwal han naghatag hin pinakama-upay ngan kaangayan tagan hin hitaas nga pasidungog nga mga serbisyo nga ginhatag ha Pilipinas. An pinaka-una nga US lider nga nakakarawat hini nga pasidungog amo an anay Pangulo Dwight E. Eisenhower dida han 1960. Dida gihapon han iya toast dida han state dinner, naobserbahan ni Pangulo Aquino nga an era ginuroestoryahan dida han Lunes en nakasentro dida nga nagpapadayon nga huro-himangraw ngan kooperasyon ha butnga han duha nga mga nasud. an aton positibo, ngan maiha na nga mga relasyon,” sering niya. “Kita en obligado han panuyo nga ipahamtang an aton ginka-usahan nga mga prinsipyo hin demokrasya, katungod pantawo, ngan pagigin libre ngadto hin inklusibo nga reyalidad, diri la para han aton tagsa-tagsa nga katawhan, kundi para han ngatanan nga mga nasyon,” dugang pa niya. PNP (Trans. by maa/PIA8)


April 30, 2014

Pangulo Aquino ginpasalamatan an US mahitungod han nagpapadayon nga bulig pinansyal


i n p a s a l a m a t a n n i Pa n g u l o i n p r a s t r a k t u r a , pag-iban han Benigno S. Aquino III an kakablasan, ngan maupay nga bumisita nga hi US President pangobyernohan pinaagi han Barack Obama mahitungod han $434 milyones nga grant tikang k a n a n A m e r i c a b u l i g p i n a n s y a l h a n 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 6 ,” d u g a n g p a n i y a . para mas pa nga mabuligan an A n k a n a n U S Fe d e r a l k an Pilipinas ekonomeya. Av i a t i o n Administration Nagsering gihapon an desisyon pagbalik han Pilipinas Pa n g u l o n g a g i n r e r e k o g n i s a r n g a d t o h a C a t e g o r y 1 n g a e s t a d o g i h a p o n n i y a n g a n i Pa n g u l o e n m a g p a p a h a m t a n g h i n p a r e h o Obama an impor tansya han nga benepisyo para han US ngan makusog nga gink a-usahan nga han Pilipinas, sering niya. ekonomeya para han padayon Samtang damo nga nga pag-uswag han Pilipinas mga lagusan en gin-abrihan ngan han US. ha butnga han US ngan han “Hini nga bahin, Pilipinas, eni en mak ak ag-abri eginpagawas naton an aton hin mas pa nga mga opurtunidad p a g d a y a w h a n k a n a n U S s u p o r t a p a r a h i n m g a n e g o s y o, s u g a d ngada han kanan aton gobyerno man makakagpasilidad han mga programa ha ilarum han pagpahiro-hitaas han turismo Pa r t n e r s h i p f o r G r o w t h n g a m g a n g a n negosyo bahin ha opinyon, kun diin ginpapahiro- pagbyahe, sering niya. hilawig an palisiya pagpa-uswag Ha pareho nga higayon, h a n e k o n o m e y a p i n a a g i h a n $ 1 4 5 n a g s e r i n g h i Pa n g u l o A q u i n o milyones nga ginplano nga mga nga mapaso nga ginkakarawat k u n t r i b u s y o n t i k a n g h a U S A I D,” h a n iya administrasyon an s e r i n g n i Pa n g u l o A q u i n o d i d a h i l a w i g n g a g i n k a s a r a b u t a n h a hin usa nga pahimatngon nga butnga han Pilipinas ngan han iya ginbasa dida han joint press US par ti han termino ngan mga conference kaupod hi Obama ha pribileheyo para han kanan US Malacanang dida han Lunes. supor ta han k anan Pilipinas “A n suporta han US hangyo pagpahiro-hilawig han en ginpaagi ha Millennium espesyal nga pagdumara han C h a l l e n g e C o r p. , n g a n a s u p o r t a i m p o r t a s y o n h a n b u g a s t u b t u b han implementasyon han 2017. mga proyekto ha kalsada nga S a m t a n g

ginhurohimangrawan nira an Tr a n s - Pa c i f i c Pa r t n e r s h i p ( T P P ) , usa nga ginkasarabutan parti pan-negosyohan nga nakikita nga makakaghurma han kanan kinalibutan ngan kanan rehiyon arkitektura pan-ekonomeya ha 2 1 s t c e n t u r y, a n P i l i p i n a s e n naghihingita kun tipaunanho m a k a k a p a r t i s i p a r d i d a h a n T P P. Ginpasalamatan gihapon h a n Pa n g u l o a n k a n a n U S s u p o r t a para han mainuswagon nga pagtapos han ginkasarabutan par ti kahimyangan ngadto han M o r o I s l a m i c L i b e r a t i o n Fr o n t . Hi Obama en umabot ha Manila dida han Lunes para hin duha ka-adlaw nga pagbisita han nasud. An Pilipinas an k atapusan nga bahin han iya upat ka-nasud n g a A s i a n t o u r, k u n d i i n k u m a d t o hiya ha Japan, South Korea ngan M a l a y s i a . P N D ( Tr a n s . b y m a a / PIA8) NATIONAL ...FROM PAGE 1 and Over-all barangay development. He said that the city government allocated funds for nutrition program for at least P1 million for the past 3 years and more than P1.4-M last year. Maasin City has maintained for two consecutive years from 2012 and 2013 the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN) and vying for this year for the Nutrition Honor Award – the highest award for nutrition throughout the country. It was learned that awardees of NHA will get a cash prize of PhP 1 million and a trophy to be presented during the 2014 National Nutrition Awarding Ceremony in October with His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III as the Guest of Honor. (PIA8-SoLeyte)


April 30, 2014

Mga Pama agi sa Pagtindog sa Malig-on nga Balay PAG-ATOP (Roofing)

BINTANA UG (Doors and Windows)

2ft. 1ft. 1

PAGSUMPAY (Connections)



30 cm max.

PAG TUKOD (Bracing)

PAG-PALIG-ON (Bracing) aspalto



April 30  

April 30 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas