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April 25, 2014

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Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8

April 25, 2014


RA 101211 prohibits buying for consumption or resale of relief goods T

he Department of Social Welfare and Development reminds the public that Republic Act 101211 prohibits the “buying for consumption or resale, from the recipient disaster affected persons any relief goods, equipment or other aid commodities received by them.” DSWD Region 8 Director Nestor Ramos made the warning even as an eatery owner now faces legal action for buying relief rice. Marchita Ygrubay, 52, owner of Sola Eatery along Salazar Street in Tacloban City will soon be put to trial for buying 17 sacks of DSWD relief rice for her fastfood business. The DSWD Field Office Eight

headed by Regional Director Nestor Ramos, filed a case against her Wednesday, April 23, for violation of section 19 (d) titled as Prohibited Acts of Republic Act 101211 or An Act Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System. He said the Honorable DSWD Secretary, Corazon Juliano “Dinky” Soliman has ordered to immediately pursue legal action against her. The DSWD Regional Director gave a stern warning to the public, neither to buy or sell relief goods or equipment intended for distribution to disaster victims. Under Republic Act 101211, anyone convicted of said crime will be penalized with

an amount of not less than P50, 000.00 and not to exceed P500,000.00, or imprisonment of not less than six years and one day or more or more than twelve years or both, at the discretion of the court. Ygrubay alleged she bought the 25kilo sack of rice at P600 each but would not identify her sources. She was apprehended last April 4, the day after Director Ramos found out the 17 sacks piled up inside her eatery. Director Ramos had dinner on the night of April 3 at Ygrubay’s place and accidentally found out the said goods in question. (PIA 8)


April 25, 2014

Thai government distributes rice to Yolanda victims in Basey T

he ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR) gave some 25 kilogram bags of rice to 350 families of Barangay Buscada, Basey Samar on April 24, 2014. Basey Mayor Junji Ponferrada met the donors from Thailand led by APTERR Acting Manaher Nongnooch Deetae and other officials from the DSWD and the National Food Authority. “ We are giving you these for humanitarian reason, and this is supported by the government of T h a i l a n d ,” D e e t a e s a i d i n h e r message. The rice was part of the 5,000 MT Thailand Rice Donation under the program APT ERR. She also hinted to return and to hopefully

provide livelihood programs. DSWD Regional Director Nestor Ramos also urged the Basaynons to express their thanks for the generous donors. Ramos explained that not all Basaynons will b e g i v e n t h e r i c e ,” only displaced families with no j o b s y e t .” He asked them to support the leadership of Mayor Ponferrada to be able to rise again from the ill e f f e c t s o f t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a . “Maswerte kita nga damo nga kalungganayan an hatag han national government, padayon nga nanginginanoan aton nasyunal nga p a n g o b y e r n u h a n ,” ( W e a r e fortunate we are receiving aid from the national government, that it

Philippine Red Cross chairman Richard Gordon bares the continuing recovery efforts particularly in the Yolanda-devastated areas in Eastern Visayas in a press conference held Saturday in Tacloban City. Also in photo are (from left) Ms. Aurora Villarente of PRC Leyte and PRC secretary general Gwendolyn Pang. (Neil Lopido/PIA-8)

continuously look after our welfare.) the mayor told the Baseynons gathered at the barangay hall. Lucresia Ta g a n a , 54 who was one of the recipients immediately called a pedicab to deliver her bag of rice. In her family of eight, she computed the rice could last them more than a week. “Dire unta kami makaon nala hin luto hin aga, pero kay makure an amon trabaho, g u g u t o m o n d a y o n k a m i ,” ( W e would have opted to skip breakfast to economize on rice, but with the nature of our job in the farm, we just can’t.) said Kagawad Ruth Oracion. N FA M a n a g e r F r a n n i e Mercado told the recipients that what they got was first class rice. (NBQ/PIA 8-Samar)

3 Leyte mayors set aside the holding of Pintados Kasadyaan Festivals in June April 25, 2014



eyte mayors have decided to set aside the holding of Pintados Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals this coming June traditionally held every fiesta celebration of Senior Santo Nino, the patron saint of Tacloban and the Province of Leyte. This was the consensus of the majority of the local chief executives in the Province during the meeting of the League of the Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Leyte Chapter held recently at the Governor’s Hall, Capitol Building, this city. The setting aside of this cultural religious activity was finalized in a form of a resolution passed by the majority of the mayors during the LMP (Leyte chapter) meeting for the reason that almost all municipalities including the

city of Tacloban were struck by the strong typhoon. Former LMP Leyte Chapter President and Palo mayor Remedios L. Petilla who is also the executive chairperson of Pintados Kasadyaan Festival of festivals said, today is not the proper time to hold this colorful presentation after all the props and costumes were destroyed by the typhoon. Instead, festivals from other places such as Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Sinulog festival of Cebu and other festivals are invited to come to Leyte on June to showcase their potentials and help boost the morale of the survivors of Yolanda in Leyte. The Pintados Kasadyaan Festival is a merry making, religious and cultural event held every june 29

where Leytenos celebrate a religious festival in a unique way and colorful way. The Pintados Festival displays the rich cultural heritage which incorporates native music and dances of the people of Leyte and Samar. Meanwhile, the Kasadyaan festival of Leyte showcases the culture and colorful history of the Province of Leyte which was pioneered by former Leyte Governor Remedios Petilla. The Pintados Kasadyaan festival has become a tourist attraction every fiesta celebratin in the city of Tacloban. It also helps the people to see the beauty of the traditions and culture of our ancestors.(PIA-8)

DOST enhances community empowerment thru Science and Technology


he Department of Science and Technology DOST in Eastern Visayas is enhancing the implementation of its project dubbed as Community Empowerment through Science and Technology as directed by DOST Secretary Mario Montejo. Engr. Ramil T. Uy, Senior Science Research Specialist of DOST8, Community Empowerment through Science and Technology is a program where the agency give livelihood opportunities and other science technology- based assistance to communities. Engr. Uy said that the pilot local government units are Jaro in leyte, Basey in Samar and Salcedo in Eastern Samar. As of press time,

three projects were given to these municipalities. For Jaro, the agency is focusing on vegetables, cutflower, and cacao production down to processing. In Basey, and Salcedo towns, DOST is focusing on the feasibility root crop production and processing for gabi and sweet potato. With the support of the Department of Labor and Employment through its Rehabilitation,Assistance for Yolanda areas or RAY program, DOST is also looking with the possibility of developing the “lechon” of Tanauan, added Uy. The DOLE and the local government unit of Tanauan already discussed the possibility and DOST is

targeting that by next month, the LGU will be given assistance to develop its lechon industry. He said that DOST is also partnering with the Department of Labor and Employment for the charcoal, briquette production. DOLE will fund the project while DOST will provide the technology. The local government unit will provide the infrastructure as its counterpart. The project is a convergence of DOST, DA, DOLE and DTI to give assistance to the community to give them opportunity to have income. (PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann A. Abella)


April 25, 2014


DPWH-4th LED constructs multi-purpose pavement of the OCCS BY: MARIVIC ALCOBER


he D epar tment of Public Wor ks and H ighways (DPWH) – Leyte For th Engineer ing Distr ic t (4th LED), headed by Distr ic t Engineer Lino Francisco C. G onzalez, is cur rently construc ting the multipur pose pavement of the Or moc Cit y Central S chool (OCCS), Or moc Cit y under the contrac tor MAC Builders. With a construc tion cost of P10,000,000.00, D.E. G onzalez infor med that the said projec t,

which took off last 27 M arch 2013, was supposed to be completed by 24 July 2013. However, due to weather condition, to date the status of the accomplishment of the construc tion projec t is 84.17%. I t was lear ned that recently, DPWH R egional Direc tor R olando Asis together with some of his staff made an ocular inspec tion on the status of the construc tion projec t, wherein rubber ized

mater ials impor ted from Taiwan were used and installed by the Taiwanese supplier themselves. I t is expec ted that once the construc tion of the oval of the Or moc Cit y Central S chool will be fully completed, the school officials will already be able to host future athleti c ac tivities. (PIA8)

ILO imparts skills on community-based enterprise development


he International Labour Organization (ILO) -Manila conducted a two day workshop April 23 and 24 dubbed as Introduction on the ILO Community –Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) methodology and Training Tools. According to Ms. Cecille B. Colarina, ILO Field Coordinator Tacloban, the workshop is a venue where all partner government agencies, humanitarian organizations and other non-government organizations come together, in order to be able to help more their respective beneficiaries. Colarina said that in the two-day workshop, the participants will acquire skills and knowledge in community based enterprise development which later can be cascaded or re-echoed among their beneficiaries so that they can start with their individual businesses or local enterprises. Through the workshop,

they can also identify potential income earning opportunities , the participants will train their own beneficiaries to be able to go back to their businesses or to be able to venture into new business opportunities. Colarina emphasized that ILO is pushing for the trainees to encourage their beneficiaries to use the locally produce products. Community-based Enterprise Development is meant to promote products made out of locally available raw materials, Colarina added. The 2-day workshop was participated by OXFAM, PLAN International, REDCROSS, the Department of Labor and Employment the co-lead of the project and partners from Phil. Coconut Authority and the Department of Agriculture. Meanwhile, the local government units of Tanuan, Tolosa and Tacloban sent their representatives. The coverage of the workshop

is almost regional in scope considering that the participant’s coverage is regional especially those affected by typhoon Yolanda added Colarina. The participants of the workshop according to Colarina are the facilitators on the ground where they showcase what they learned in the workshop, they are considered key players of CBED in the community. Colarina informed that the participants has the option to continue with the succeeding phases of the training or immediately apply what they learned in the workshop to their local beneficiaries. The International Labour Organization according to Colarina is one of the UN organization that showcase community based enterprise development, their mission now in our region is to help the beneficiaries to start their own businesses especially those displaced by from their original works or livelihood. (PIA 8 with Lizbeth Ann A. Abella)


April 25, 2014

Malacanang kuntento han pinakabag-o nga resulta Pulse Asia survey


n Palasyo dida han Lunes en nagpagawas hin kakuntento han pinakabag-o nga nga resulta han Pulse Asia survey kun diin nagpapakita nga hi Pangulo Benigno S. Aquino III en nakakaangkon la gihapon hin grado han kanan may hitaas nga pagtapod. “Nagpapasalamat kami nga an Pangulo en padayon nga nakakatagamtam hin hitaas nga pagtapod nga grado,” sering han Presidetial Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. dida hin usa nga press briefing. Sering niya nga an Pulse Asia survey en “nagpabilin nga pareho la gihapon statistically”. “Samtang han nakalabay, 74 porsyemto en nakita nga hiya

en matatapuran, ha pagkayana 69 porsyento en pareho an pagkita, ngan lima kaporsyento en waray makakadesider, ngan diri didto han column nga ‘waray pagtapod’ nakabutang,” sering ni Coloma. “Eni en kinahanglan igkunsiderar bali usa nga pagpahinumdum para han liderato han nasud nga pakuro-kusgon an paniguro pagpahamtang han mga reporma nga eginsaad, mahitungod nga maaram kita nga an aton katawhan en hitaas an mga ekspektasyon,” sering niya. Ha pagpakianhi kun an Malacanang en nalimpyohan parti hin mga paghusga ha resulta han pagebalyuwar parti mga kritisismo parti han kanan gobyerno pagkapot han

mga situwasyon ngan may kalabutan ha mga trahedya, nagsering hi Coloma nga an administrasyon en napabilin nga abri hin mga kritisismo ngan nakarawat hin mga suhestyon tikang ha ngatanan nga mga sektor han sosyesdad. “Diri gud namon duro nga eginkakabaraka eto nga mga pagsusun mahitungod nga importante eni nga elemento para hin usa nga may demokrasya nga hurohimangraw. Importante nga may mga tawo nga magpapagawas hin nakuntra nga opinyon mahitungod han era sinsero nga karuyagon nga makabulig han aton nasud nga maghinga-upay ngan eni en ginrerekognisar,” dugang pa ni Coloma. (Trans. by maa/PIA8)


April 25, 2014


Isyu pang-hostage sa Luneta misangpot sa win-win solution, ingon ang Malacanang Isyu pang-hostage sa Luneta misangpot sa win-win solution, ingon ang Malacanang


ng isyu sa Luneta hostage taking nga nakapa-aslom sa relasyon tali sa Pilipinas ug Hongkong sa hapit upat ka tuig natapos diha sa win-win solution, si Cabinet Secretar y Rene Almendras nagkanayon pagka Huwebes.

Sa press briefing sa Malacanang, si Secretar y Almendras miingon nga pulos ang Philippine ug Hong Kong governments ang natagbaw sa mga demanda sa mga biktima ug sa ilang mga pamilya. Pa g k a A g o s t o s a 2 0 1 0 , 2 1

ka mga turista gikan sa Hong Kong ang gi-hostage sa usa ka n a p a l a g p o t n g a Po l i s s u l o d s a bus sa may Quirino Grandstand s a L u n e t a . Wa l o k a m g a t u r i s t a ang nakalas ug daghan pang uban ang nasamdan sa pakyas nga pagluwas. Matud ni Almendras nga ang mga biktima ug ang ilang pamilya hatagan og “token of s o l i d a r i t y ”, k a n t i d a d n g a w a l a mabutyag nga nag-gikan sa mga n e g o s y a n t e , m g a m o l u p y o, u g n i bisan kinsang nagpakabana, ug wala mag-gikan sa gobyerno sa Pilipinas ni sa Hong Kong. Dugang pa niya nga ang Chief Executive sa Hong Kong nga si Leung Chun Ying nagpadayag sa iyang pasalamat ngadto kang Presidente Benigno Aquino III. Ang kalihim sa gabinete una nang nangayog dispensa sa pagka hinok sa iyang kutay sa lakaw sa Hong Kong tungod kay daghang emosyon ang nalambigit. Karon nga nakab-ot na ang resolusyon sa hostage taking incident, gilibkas na sa Hong Kong ang mga sanction nga nag-require sa mga Philippine officials ug diplomatic passport holders pag-apply og visa kon mobisita sa Hong Kong, ingon man sa “black ” travel aler t nga nagbahad sa mga Hong Kong citizens sa pag-biyahe sa Pilipinas. Si Secretar y Almendras miingon serado na gayod karon ang naasoy nga isyu. (translated by mmp/PIA8-Southern Leyte)


April 25, 2014

Mga empleyado sa Maasin City padayon pagbulontaryo sa Bayani Challenge – pagtukod og mga balay


padayon karong adlawa ang pagbulontaryo sa mga empleyado sa siyudad sa Maasin pinangunahan ni Mayor Maloney Samaco ang pagtukod sa napulo ka mga balay ubos sa programa sa Gawad KalingaBayani Challenge house build didto sa Josefina II Village sa Barangay Combado, Maasin City. Matud ni Maasin City Mayor Maloney Samaco sukad kaniadtong unang semana, ang pangagamhanan sa Maasin City nag-angkon sa pagtukod og napulo ka mga housing units diha sa GK Josefina II Village alang sa mga biktima sa siyudad sa Maasin atol sa bagyong

Basyang. Ubay-ubay sa mga balay diha sa Sitio Tuburan sa Barangay sa Basak, Barangay Canturing og Barangay Combado, pulos sa siyudad sa Maasin, kansang nga balay nangaguba tungod sa pagbol-ug sa baha, dili pa lang dugay. Nunot niining mga kalambuan, ipahibalo ni Mayor Samaco nga ang hataw (physical exercises) matag Biernes nga gipatuman sa Maasin City LGU pagahulipan sa kasamtangan sa pagpadayon og boluntaryo sa pagtukod og mga balay diha sa Josefina II Village. Nahibalo-an nga ang siyudad

sa Maasin nag-amot og labing menus P1 milyon ka pesos alang sa Bayani Challenge karong tuiga, diin kini naglangkob sa pagpatukod og napulo ka mga panimalay, pagtukod sa Water system sa mao nga GK village, paghatag og transportasyon sa mga boluntaryo nga mi-apil atol sas Bayani Challenge . Ang siyudad sa Maasin misaad sa padayon nga pagbuluntaryo sa labing menus 500 ka mga empleyado gikan sa City Hall hangtud matapos ang pagtukod sa maong mga panimalay. (esg/PIA8 SoLeyte)

DOH, Task Force MERS-CoV ginduso pagpakuro-kusog han gius pagbiling han waray pa magka-eekasamin nga mga pasahero han Etihad


inmanduhan ni Pangulo Benigno S. Aquino III an Department of Health (DOH) ngan han InterAgency Task Force MERSCoV nga pakurokusgon an gius pamiling ngan pakighimangraw han masobra 200 nga mga pasahero han kanan Abril 15 nga Etihan flight EY0424 nga waray pa magka-eeksamin para han nasabi nga sakit. “Dida han alas’8 han aga han Lunes, April 21, 173 ha gawas han 414 nga mga pasahero o 42 porsyento en -nagkakokontak,” sering ni Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. dida hin usa nga press briefing. Iya nasabutan nga dida han 173, 100 en nagka-eeksamin nga negatibo. “Naghuhulat pa kami han mga result han iba pa nga 73 nga mga pasahero,” dugang pa niya. Sering niya nga ginmanduhan han Pangulo an DOH nga segurohon nga an ngatanan nga mga pasahero en umagi hin libre nga nose and throat swabbing tests para han Middle East

Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) ha mga pampubliko nga mga hospital o akreditado han DOH nga mga pasilidad hin panlawas. Gin-utro niya an panawagan han gobyerno ngadto han masobra 200 nga mga pasahero han Flight EYO424 nga deretso nga makipagkuordinar ha DOH pinaagi han era 24-oras nga mga hotlines: 711-1001; 711-1002; 0922-884-1564; 0920-949-8419; ngan 0915-772-5621. An kanan Bureau of Quarantine alert bulletin para han mga Pilipino ngan mga langyawanon nga nanbyabyahe tikadto ngan tikang han mga nasud han Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, ngan United Arab Emirates) en nagpapadayon. Sering ni Coloma nga an kanan gobyerno gius pagbiling ngan pakighimangraw han mga pasahero en alinsunod han kanan Wold Health Organization (WHO) pamalaud ha pagtagad han nagpapakatapon nga mga sakit. “Kay an pamalaud han

WHO parti hini en kinahanglan nga magkaaagian an ngatanan nga mga nagpapakadara hini pinaagi han aktibo nga pagbantay o panginano ngan kinahanglan nga hera en umagi hin pag-eksamin mahitungod nga mayda hini 14 ka-adlaw nga incubation period,” sering ni Coloma. (Trans. by maa/PIA8)


April 25, 2014

Mga Pama agi sa Pagtindog sa Malig-on nga Balay PAG-ATOP (Roofing)

BINTANA UG (Doors and Windows)

2ft. 1ft. 1

PAGSUMPAY (Connections)



30 cm max.

PAG TUKOD (Bracing)

PAG-PALIG-ON (Bracing) aspalto



April 25  

April 25 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

April 25  

April 25 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas