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April 21, 2014

“in pursuit of PIA’s commitment to provide a national mechanism for the free flow of timely, accurate and relevant information… “

Daily E-Newsletter of Philippine Information Agency - 8


GSIS extends HELP

to Yolanda-hit Mahaplag,Leyte; Santa Rita, Samar


tate -owned Government Ser vice and Insurance System (GSIS) has extended home emergency loan program (HELP) to GSIS members either living or working in Mahaplag, Leyte and Santa Rita, Samar. GSIS members in the two areas may now apply for HELP until April 30 only. HELP, a one time special loan program, aims to enable GSIS members to rebuild their homes in communities that were hardest hit by supertyphoon “Yolanda.” Under the program, the maximum loan amount that members may borrow is based on their total length of ser vice. Those with less than five years of ser vice may borrow P30,000; while those with five years but less than 10 years of ser vice may borrow up to P100,000. Members who have been ser ving in government for 10 years or more are entitled to a loan of P200,000. The loan is payable in 10 years and bears an interest rate of six percent. The approval of the agency authorized officer (AAO) is required to process the loan. GSIS earlier said that HELP continued on page 7

April 21, 2014

DENR exhorts public to celebrate Earth Day on April 22


he Department of Environment and Natural Resources calls on the public to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with the theme “Ear th Day Ever yday, E v e r y w h e r e , f o r E v e r y o n e .” DENR Regional Executive Director Leonardo Sibbaluca made the call during the Harampang Ha PIA recently, as par t of the information campaign to highlight the celebration and to stir up awareness on current environment concerns particularly Climate Change. “On Earth Day, we shall be holding an Earth

Day Rally at Plaza Rizal in Ta c l o b a n C i t y ,” R E D Sibbaluca told the media practitioners present at the Harampang. He said this will be similar to the first Earth Day Rally in the United States in 1970, this Earth Day Rally in Eastern Visayas will summon up the participation and involvement of all the sectors in committing to action to address the current environmental concerns. The Earth Day Rally w i l l s t a r t a t 8 : 0 0 o ’c l o c k i n the morning of April 22. The rally will start at two points continued on page 5

Department of Environment and Natural Resources 8 regional executive director Leonardo Sibbaluca welcome participants to the DENR media orientation held at the DENR conference hall Tacloban City, April 8. (RST/PIA-8)


April 21, 2014

East Visayas military turns over captured Philippine hawk eagle to DENR-8


he 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army recently gave a very good example of the protection of the environment, its flora and fauna, that all people in Eastern Visayas must emulate. Maj. Gen. Jet B. Velarmino, commanding general of the Philippine A r m y ’s 8 t h I n f a n t r y D i v i s i o n (8ID) based at Camp Lucban, Catbalogan Ci t y, and Lt. Col. Antonio B. Dulnuan, commanding officer of the 87th Infantry (Hinirang) Battalion, Philippine Ar my, 8ID, recently handed over a captured Philippine hawk eagle, to DENR-8 Regional Executive Director Leonardo R. Sibbaluca, at the 87th IB headquar ters, in Brgy Polangi, C a l b i g a , S a m a r. MGen Vilarmino, in a

press statement said that the wounded Philippine hawk eagle, estimated to be five months old, was found by government troops who were assessing the effects of s u p e r - t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a a t t h e hinterlands of Pinabacdao-Sta R i t a , S a m a r. The military troopers n a m e d t h e b i r d “ M u r a y a w ,” a local term which means peace, and nursed its leg wounds for some four months. After the bird regained its strength, Lt Col. Dulnuan directed his troops to contact DENR-8 and arranged for the b i r d ’s t u r n o v e r f o r i t s e v e n t u a l return to the wild where it belongs. “While our primary mandate is to protect the people from threat groups, we are fully aware of the national

g o v e r n m e n t ’s environmental conservation programs and as such, we always provide necessary assistance to DENR, “ MGen Vilarmino said. The handing over to the DENR of the Philippine hawk eagle nursed by the 87thIB for four months is a manifestation o f o u r s u p p o r t g o v e r n m e n t ’s environment conservation program, he added. M o r e o v e r, MGen Vilarmino assured the people in Eastern Visayas that the Philippine Army in this part of the country is not only looking after the welfare and protection of the people from t h e N PA r e b e l s , b u t i s a l s o looking after the welfare and protection of the environment. (PIA 8)

Engineering Battalion-Korean Araw contingent partnership completes rehab of Baras Elementary School


he teachers and students of the Baras Elementary School expressed their gratitude for the completion of the rehabilitation of the school ready to be used next s c h o o l ye a r. School principal Len Artiga thanked the Korean and Philippine soldiers who rehabilitated the school hit b y Yo l a n d a , f o r a p e r i o d o f 25 days, from March 11 to April 8, 2014. She said the pupils can proudly say that their school was constructed because of the strong friendship between the Korean and Philippine Government through their respective

soldiers. She said the school is lucky to have been chosen as one of the schools in Leyte to be rehabilitated by the joint team. Surely, this help extended to them will forever be etched in the hearts of the pupils and the teachers, the principal said. The said school rehabilitation was jointly undertaken by the Republic of Korea Joint Support Group led by its commander Colonel Lee Chulwon and the 546th Engineer Construction Battalion of the Philippine Army led by 1Lt. James L o w e l l P. A n d a y a .

The rehabilitation work included the repair of ceiling boards and jalousies, laying of CHB and painting of the entire school building. The turnover of the rehabilitated school was attended by ROK Commander Col. Lee Chulwon, Monk Jung Woo, head of Korean Buddhist; 546 EBC and 543 EBC troops led by Lt. Col. E d g a r Ye r r o , t h e c o m m a n d i n g officer of 546EBC; Mrs. Len Artiga and Efren Santa Monico, the barangay chairman of Barangay Baras. (PIA 8)


April 21, 2014

DPWH-So. Leyte to enforce rightof-way limits along national roads

Maasin City vies for the highest nutrition award in the country



he D epar tment of Public Wor ks and H ighway (DPWH) office here in the province is bent on removing obstruc tions within the public r ight- of-way along national roads to widen these roads and as a safet y precaution for motor ists and p edestr ians. Distr ic t Engr. M argar ita Junia, in a press conference/ k apihan with local media Tuesday last week , disclosed that an inventor y on road r ight- of-way (RR OW ) has been under taken and is still going on. “B y M ay 2014 hopefully the inventor y will be finished and a database can be made,” said Junia, who assumed as the DPWH’s head in the province in S eptember last year. The lady distr ic t engineer said the great calamities that happened affec ted their schedules as they dispatched teams to help in the clear ing of places badly hit by t yphoon Yolanda, which was followed by Basyang that destroyed some highways in the province. These roads are now passable. Once the RR OW database can be established, the DPWH will star t sending notice to those who encroached the ro ads preparator y

for clear ing operations, Junia infor med. National pr imar y roads are measured ten meters from the center line on either side, thus with one lane measur ing 3 meters, another 7 meters is reser ved for public use, in which the gover nment can claim a r ight of way free of obstruc tions. M eanwhile, Junia said her office is wor k ing to reclassify the highway from Liloan to B enit, S an R icardo, from a secondar y into a pr imar y road so funds for its maintenance can be included in the regular budget. She said one of her staff is scheduled to go to Pintuyan to check on the road r ight of way there in the light of an ongoing P 10 million widening projec t in the saddle road sec tion. Asked on updates about the long- cher ished detour road along the side of the mountain as a long-ter m solution to the dangerous saddle road, Junia said the budget for this projec t is still under consideration and, if not car r ied this year, she will include this in the infra pr ior ities for nex t year, 2015. (PIA8-S outher n Leyte)



reparations are high for the city government of Maasin when national evaluators are set to conduct three -days nutrition evaluation as the city nutrition vies for the highest nutrition award in the countr y. A special meeting was called by Maasin City Nutrition Committee Chairman, Mayor Maloney Samaco Friday together with the regional nutrition evaluators led by Dr. Catalino Dotollo and team, who have just evaluated Maasin City for the regional level award a week earlier. No less than Assistant Secretar y Ma Bernadita Flores of the Depar tment of Health, who will lead the national evaluators for the highest nutrition award in the countr y, are expected to arrive from April 28 until May 1, 2014, Dr. Dotollo informed the body. It was learned that Maasin City, through the relentless effor ts of the Maasin City Nutrition Council lead by Mayor Maloney Samaco as the chairman, has been a consistent winner for the outstanding per formance on nutrition since 2011 and for two year being a Crown Maintenance Awardee, Dr. Dotollo said. Hence, the city of Maasin has been prepared by the Regional Nutrition Council to vie for the Nutrition Honor Awards – the highest nutrition award in the countr y, it was learned. As regional evaluators, their group take into account the management efficiency on how the city nutrition council utilized the nutrition funds that will redound to the increase in the nutritional continued on page 7


April 21, 2014

Siyudad sa Maasin hugot nga nangamdan alang sa national evaluation sa natad sa nutrisyon alang sa Nutrition Honor's Award sa bulan sa Mayo BY: ERNA S. GORNE


ugot na ang pagpangandam sa pangagamhanan sa Siyudad sa Maasin alang unya sa pag-abot sa mga national evaluators nga pangunahan ni Assistant Secretary Ma. Bernadita Flores sa Department of Health karong Abril 28 hangtud sa Mayo 1, 2014, matud ni Mayor Maloney samaco atol sa panagtigum sa mga membro sa Maasin City Nutrition Council sa miaging semana. K a u b a n n i D r. C a t a l i n o Dotollo, ang Regional Head sa Regional Nutrition Council og ubang mga regional evaluators, kinsa mihatag sa iyang mga observation kalabot sa pagkahi-apil sa siyudad sa Maasin alang sa “pinakataas nga nutrition award sa nasud kon Nutrition H o n o r ’s A w a r d 2 0 1 4 . Nahibalo-an nga ang siyudad sa Maasin, pinaagi sa paningkamot sa Maasin City Nutrition Council kauban ni Mayor Maloney Samaco ingon nga chairman, nahimong makanunayong (consistent) nga Outstanding Regional Winner sa nutrisyon gikan

s a p a t u i g 2 0 1 1 , m a t u d n i D r. Dotollo. Tu n g o d niini, ang siyudad sa Maasin gi-andam na sa Regional Nutrition Council alang sa pag-apil sa Nutrition Honor Awards- kon the highest nutrition award in the countr y. Diin ang masuhid nga pagtuki ipahigayon sa maong mga national evaluators lakip niini ang management effeciency – kon gi-unsa sa lokal nga nutritisyon council sa pagdumala sa mga pundo nga gigahin alang sa nutrisyon nga mga kalihokan kon kini naka-amot ba diha sa pagkabaton og maayon panglawas sa mga kabataan – ang pinakadaku nga porsiento s a e v a l u a t i o n , m a t u d n i D r. Dotollo. Lantawon usab ang mga inobasyon kon mga bag-o nga kalihokan pinasiugdahan sa siyudad sa Maasin aron lamang sa pag-kab ot sa sakto nga timbang sa mga kabataan sa siyudad sa maasin diin n a k i t a n i D r. D o t o l l o a n g k alihok an sa Brgy. Abgao Nutrition Council sa paghimo og barangay resolusyon

nga nag-require sa tanang pribado nga negosyo sama sa NOVO, J and F Dept. Store sa pag-gahin og Breast Feeding nga dapit alang sa mga inahan nga nagpasusu sa higayon nga mamalit sa ilang mga tindahan. Gusto usab sutaan sa mga national evaluators kon ang mga behaviors sa mga pamilya og komunidad makita nila nga naghatag ba gayud og pagtagad alang sa maayong panglawas sa mga kabataan, dugang pahayag n i D r. D o t o l l o. Matud pa ni Mayor Maloney Samaco, makakuha man o dili ang Nutrition H o n o r ’s Award, taliwala sa kataas nga rating nga gikinahangalan – kon 98% aron makuha ang maong pasidunggog, magpadayon gihapon ang kasibot sa siyudad sa pag-atiman sa sakto nga mga timbang sa kabataan kon nutrisyon.... apan mas labing maayo nga makuha ang maong pasidunggog, dugang pahayag ni Mayor Samaco. (esg/PIA8 SoLeyte)

April 21, 2014


Palasyo gin-aghat an mga pasaheros han EY0424 nga magpatest para MERS-CoV


tro nga nagpahimatngon an Malacañang han Domingo nga adlaw han panawagan han Department of Health (DOH) nga an ngatanan nga sakay han April 15 Etihad Airways flight EY0424 in alayon la magpa-test han Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV ). Segun kan Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary H e r m i n i o Co l o m a , J r. m a a b o t 200 nga pasaheros an nagbiyahe tikang Abu Dhabi kaupod an Filipino nurse nga naging positibo han MERSCo V, h i r a i n k i n a h a n g l a n makipagsumpayan han DOH. “ To d o t u t o k a n g i n i u t o s ng Pangulo na tiyaking lahat ng mga naturang pasahero ay sumailalim sa testing dahil ang MERS coronavirus ay maaaring makahawa sa

m a l a p i t a n g c o n t a c t ,” s e g u n kan Coloma ha Radyo ng Bayan. Sumala kan Coloma an pahimatngon in usa nga precaution kun diin tanan nga pasaheros han EY0424 in mapa-ilarum man la hin simple nga nose and throat swab hin libre ha pinaka harani nga government hospital. “Sa pamamagitan nito, may mabilis na paraan ng pagtiyak kung sila nga ay apektado at nangangailangan ng paggamot. Mabilis ding malalaman kung sila ay hindi apektado, sa loob l a m a n g n g k a l a h a t i n g a r a w ,” pulong ni Coloma. Mahihimo gihapon mag-contact ha DOH hadi nga mga numero ihap: 7111001; 711-1002; 0922-8841564; 0920-949-8419; ngan 0915-772-5621.

Usa na nga Filipino in namatay dara hine nga sakit han ika 10 han Abril, samtang lima an aada pa ha quarantine komo pagtagam. Waray naman daw han gobyerno igin-pagawas nga travel ban para Middle East countries, komo waray pa man MERS-CoV outbreak, ugaring ginpahinumdom an mga Filipinos nga nabiyahe hini nga mga lugar nga likayan an contact hini nga mga tawo nga nagpapakita hin baga trangkaso nga mga sintomas ngan pirme manhunaw han kamot. Adton binalik tikang ha Middle East nga nasakit kataliwan in duha ka semana in dire la anay ginpapakadto hin damo an tawo ngan magsumitir hin medical attention. (PCOO/PND (hdc) (trans: PIA 8-Samar/nbq)

DENR exhorts...from page 1 and will converge at the Plaza Rizal. The Program will be highlighted by the pledges of commitment to Mother Earth by representative of local and international NonGovernment Organizations, academe, industries and Peoples Organizations. Other activities include the Slogan Contest, the Earth Day Mob Dance cum Zumba Exercise and the Earth Day Fashion Show which will be held at the Eastern Visayas State U n i v e r s i t y i n Ta c l o b a n C i t y. (PIA 8)

President Benigno S. Aquino III presides over the Philippine National Police (PNP) Command Conference at the Main Conference Room of the PNP General Headquarters at Camp Crame in Quezon City on Monday (April 14, 2014). (Photo by: Rey Baniquet / PCOO)


April 21, 2014


Labing Una nga Environment Summit ipahigayon agig pagtimaan sa Earth Day sa SoLeyte BY: ERNA S. GORNE


ng probinsyal nga pangagamhanan sa SoLeyte magpahigayon sa labing una nga environment sumit agig pagtimaasn sa Earth Day nga kasaulogan karong Abril 22 dinhi sa Maasin City. Sumala kang Provincial Environment and Natural Resources

Management Office (PENRMO) Department Head Dr. Eva Abad, “ang probinsyal nga pangagamahann sa SoLeyte pinaagi sa pagpanguna ni Governor Roger Mercado magtigum sa tanan nga mga nalambigit diha sa pagatiman sa kalikopan sa pagpaminaw, pagkig-ambit og paghisgot kalabot

sa dagkong mga kalambuan diha sa pagpanalipod og pagkonserba sa kalikopan sa probinsya sa SoLeyte. Ubos sa tema nga “Panaglipdan og Ipadayon ang SoLeyte Web of Lfe”, ang maong tigum nagtumong sa pagkampanya sa mga maayong gawi, pagtumbok sa kasamtanangan nga mga isyu og hagit alang sa dugang adbokasiya og aktibo nga pag-atiman sa Mother Nature, matud ni Abad. Ang mga best practices naglakip sa malampuson nga pagdumala sa kalasangan sa YISEDA nga kasinati-an diha sa Brgy, Lunas, Maasin City, ang Integrated Coastala Management sa Macrohon Marine Park nga kasinatian, ang Solid waste management sa lungsod sa macrohon og sustainable and integrated for local govt ecosystem (SIMPLE) sa kasinatian sa lungsod sa SILAGO, dugang pahayag ni Abad. Usa usab sa mga kalihokan sa maong environement summit mao ang pagpresentar ni Dr. Abad sa Southern Leyte Environment Code. Atol usab sa maong tigum, Ipahigayon usab ang mga breakout session sa mosunod nga mga topiko: Forest, Biodiversity and Climate Change, ICM for Food Security, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Waste Management and Climate Change, Mineral Resources Management and Climate Change and SIMPLE for Good Environmental Governance, kauban sa tagsatagsa ka mga resource persons. Dayon, si Provincial Governor Mercado manguna diha sa paghimong lehitimo sa SoLeyte Sustainable Developement Council, sumala ni Abad.(Gibinisaya ni esg/PIA8 SoLeyte)

April 21, 2014


Himoa nga permanente ang positibong kausaban sa katilingban sa Pilipinas, ingon pa ni PNoy


a iyang mensahe sa Domingo s a Pa g k a b a n h a w, s i P r e s i d e n t e Benigno S. Aquino III mihagit s a m g a Fi l i p i n o p a g p u r s i g e s a mga tingusbawan nga nakabot sa iyang administrasyon sa higayon unya nga mokanaog na siya sa katungdanan inig ka 2016, bisan pa iyang gipaniguro nga ang good governance ug economic progress mapaligon pa sa nahibiling panahon sa i y a n g t e r m i n o. Matud niya nga ang mga government institutions mas

palig-onon pa, ug dugang hiwi nga mga opisyal ang patubagon sa mga kalapasan, bisan pa ang ekonomiya padayon nga nagtubo ug ang kinabuhi sa mga k a t a w h a n m o u s b a w. Iyang gihinumduman ang mga sakripisyo nga misangpot sa mga positibong kabagohan sa nasud, miresuta kini sa nasud nga nabanhaw gikan sa mga abuso ug sa pagka way p a g l a u m . “ Ta n d a a n po natin dumaan si Hesukristo sa marami

GSIS extends..from page 1

Maasin City...from page 3

is in response to the President ’s instruction to all government agencies to extend the necessar y financial suppor t that will enable Yolanda victims to rebuild their homes and resume productive livelihood and employment activities. HELP is one of GSIS’ programs geared at assisting Yolanda victims. The other programs include the grant of a six-month loan moratorium for members and pensioners living or working in worst-hit areas; an enhanced emergency loan with higher credit limit of P40,000 for members with outstanding emergency loan balance; and for the first time, a pensioners’ emergency loan of P20,000. Meanwhile, source from the GSIS informed the Philippine Information Agency that “Our Board of Trustees has already approved the extension of the loans moratorium up to November this year, instead of the six months initially declared. We will be sending out official emails/ notices by next week.” (PIA 8)

status of the children in the city- which will earn the highest percentage in the said evaluation, he noted. The group also appreciated on the introduced innovations implemented by the council to ensure good health of the children, wherein Dr Dotollo especially mentioned the distinct initiatives of Brgy Abagao Nutrition Council requiring all private enterprises like NOVO, J and F Depar tment Store to designated Breast Feeding areas for the mothers to continue to feed young infants while shopping. They also obser ved on the behaviors of families and community given to the nutritional needs of the children, Dr Dotollo fur ther said. Mayor Maloney Samaco said whether the city of Maasin wins or lost the Nutrition Honor ’s Award since it requires a ver y high rating of no less than 98%, the city government will continue to work passionately for the good health of the children, however, “it would be best if we get the prestigious national award,” he added. (PIA8 Soleyte)

a t m a t i n d i n g k a l b a r y o,” a n g Presidente nagk anayon. “Imbes nga mo-undang, gidawat niya kini sa kinatibuk-an, aron mahatagan kita og kahibayonan nga ma-angkon ang kinabuhi n g a w a y k a t a p u s a n .” Ang Presidente miingon ang hagit karon sa tanan mao ang pagsunod sa tarong nga d a l a n n g a g i p a k i t a n i K r i s t o. “Bigyang-halaga natin ang pagkakataong kaloob niya upang maiwaksi ang kasamaan at m a r a t i n g a n g k a h a r i a n n g D i y o s ,” s i M r. A q u i n o m i i n g o n . “ S a h a r a p n g m g a p a g s u b o k , p a g h i h i r a p, o g i n h a w a , n a w a’ y l a g i n a t i n g isabuhay ang kanyang mga dakilang aral -- ang paggawa ng tama, pagmamahal, at paglingap s a k a p w a .” Siya miingon nga kining maong mga birtud maoy makapahawa sa nasud gikan sa kangitngit. Busa ang pagsalig sa gobyerno nanumbalik, ug ang hustisya wala na magagad sa unsay gusto sa mga tawong kusgan sa politika ug ekonomiya. “May piring na muli ang katarungan: napaparusahan ang nagkakasala, mayaman man o m a k a p a n g y a r i h a n .” Ang Presidente miingon n g a a n g m g a Fi l i p i n o a n g a y n g a mag-preserbar ug magpanday ning maong mga ganansiya sa Administrasyon, bisan pa matapos na ang iyang pangatungdanan karong 2016. “ Tu n g k u l i n p o n a t i n g i p a g p a t u l o y an gating magandang nasimulan, at gawing permanente ang tinatamasang transpormasyon n g a t i n g l i p u n a n .” ( m m p, P I A 8 Southern Leyte)


April 21, 2014

Mga Pama agi sa Pagtindog sa Malig-on nga Balay PAG-ATOP (Roofing)

BINTANA UG (Doors and Windows)

2ft. 1ft. 1

PAGSUMPAY (Connections)



30 cm max.

PAG TUKOD (Bracing)

PAG-PALIG-ON (Bracing) aspalto



April 21  

April 21 issue of 1 Eastern Visayas

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