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1D Shots

Another Level – Harry Styles Your P.O.V. “No Harry! Let go off me!” I shouted trying to get out of Harrys hard grip around me. “Listen to me. Listen to me!” he hissed while pushing me up against the wall, while trying to get me to look into his eyes. “I love you, dont you understand that? I love you so much, only you!” I was stunned, he never said he loved me before. Harry, my boyfriend, but now he had said it. I looked into his eyes and spat at him. ”If you love me so much, then why did you kiss her Harry? Am I just another one of your girls? Dont you ever dare lie to me Styles”. I could see the hurt in his eyes, and I knew I had crossed the line. He slowly let go of me. The both of us were

silence, but it seemed like the noice kept comming and getting louder by the minute. “Sorry I didn-“ “YES YOU DID! Is that how you think I am? Just someone who kisses all the girls he can? I may used to be like that, but then I met you! That girl was no one! Yes I kissed her, but I love YOU! But you just think I’m some dumbass….” I looked him in the eyes. Emotions running through your body. The truth, the hurt and the pain, but somehow I still didnt want to believe it. He looked directly into my eyes. Those green eyes. It reminded of new fresh summer grass, hope and last but not least love. But right now they were filled with hurt from my own words. “Say something” Harry whispered almost unable to hear. Harry’s P.O.V. “Say something” I whispered. Not sure if she heard me. I looked into her eyes. This night was meant to be perfect but that bloody picture had spoiled it all. I loved her, with all of my heart. I had known it for a long time, but to afraid to say it. And now she looked at me with those eyes. Like she saw right through me, and into me. Like she could see how much I was hurting. Your P.O.V. “You kissed her?” The words escaped my lips. He nodded dissapointed. “I must be crazy,” I said and ran into his arms. Taken in his sweet smell. His lips quickly found mine. He started to kiss every inch of your face. I bit his ear and whispered, “I love you too”. He pinned me up against the wall. And soon I could feel the feeling in your stomach that made you want Harry more and more. His strong hands found their way up under your skirt. He started to massage your breasts. Kissing you harder and with more passion. Harry’s P.O.V. I lost control. I ripped her dress into pieces. Didn’t care if it was broken or not. Her nails wer digging into my back. I wanted her more than ever. My boxers were

suddenly way to small. She pulled of my shirt and ripped away my trousers. There we stood in the hallway, looking at each other. I lifted her up and her legs were around my waist. I smashed her into the wall, leaving love bites everywhere to make sure, I had made a mark upon her. “Oh Harry” she moaned into my ear, and by that sending endless shivers down my spine. Your P.O.V. His lips, hands, love where every where. The only thing seperating us were underwear. He carried me into to the bedroom, laying me gently onto the bed. Making sure I wasnt hurt. Before moving on he looked into my eyes, and we connected. Somewhere else, deep within our souls. Something that I couldnt explain. Harry’s P.O.V. I felt it. Into my bones. She had forgiven me, she wanted me. I wanted her. But that wasnt it. I loved her, she loved me. I could see it in her eyes too, we both knew it. Slowly, sincerely I unclapsed her bra. Throwing it away. The only sound were my pulse, or was it her pulse? I wasnt sure. I pulled down her panties, never leaving her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. Her beautiful naked body. Your P.O.V. He looked at me in gaze. My hands touching his skin all the way down to his waist. Removing his boxers. Revealing his erection. His lenght. It all. His eyes, the perfect toned body. Out of nowhere he slammed into me. No warning, the pain instantly turning into pleasure. “HARRY!” I screamed. You kissed his collarcone, well knowing that was his favorite, and most sensitive spot for kisses from you. Harry’s P.O.V. I kept fucking her. Hard. Harder than ever before. Sucking on her sweet niples that turned into a sweet bright pink. She kissed my spot, and I could feel it run into my vains. The lust. I kept thrusting. I could feel her clench up around my dick. That feeling

Your P.O.V. I was so close. Taking it all in. His short breaths against my hair. His body working above me. His abs moving, his muscles on the back showing, the feeling of Harry inside me. The sounds of our bare skin slamming against each other. Him hitting my g-spot. making me moan sweetly into his ear. And there it was. My climax, rushing over my body. Leaving anything but him grey. I could feel him cum inside me. I could feel every single inch of my body screaming out in pleasure, him trhusting lightly now. Slowly moving out. Leaving me and him tangled together, sweating. He brushed the hair away from my face. “You felt it didnt you?” I whispered. Harry’s P.O.V. “You felt it didnt you?” she asked. “Yes (Y/N) I did.” I said in my husky voice. She smiled so delightly. I couldnt stop smiling. She took a finger and stuck it into my dimple. I chuckled of how silly she was. Suddenly she looked all serious. “What’s wrong love?” “Do you really love me, or did you just say it?” She said, and I could see small tears. “I love you (Y/N), never doubt that. I feel you in my blood. I feel you now. When we are laying like this…. you are…. you make me… I have never felt love like this, we are connected on another level and we both know it.” She smiled and cuddled into my neck. I sang her to sleep.

Love after war – Zayn Malik Half way round the world Lies the one thing that you want. Buried beneath the ground, Hundreds of miles down. And one thing that arises in your mind when your awake, Is bending you till you break… Your head rose from the bed. Heartbeat rapid, breath heavy. ‘Another dream gone wrong’ you thought heavily. You could feel the beads of sweat on your forehead, clammy on your skin. The room was somber, you couldn’t see anything but the glint of light reflecting from your alarm clock. 3:32 A.M You feel your chest, heart steadying once more. You sink back into your pillow gradually. Ever since that day two months ago, you’ve been having nightmare after nightmare. Ever since you got that call telling you that your boyfriend was missing, you haven’t quite been the same. You quit your job, days seemed longer, and your bed

seemed the only comfort in the world left. You only got up once in awhile to get water, but other than that, you practically lived in your sheets. As you lie in bed, your head lying on your too fluffy pillow, you reminisce about all the good-times you had with your boyfriend. How you never got too say goodbye to him the day he left because you both got into a heated argument about him going into war because it was his first time going. But, when you found out he wasn’t coming back your mother gave you a note he left behind for you. You never wanted to look at it the day he left because you were so ashamed that he would leave you behind like that, without a word. “Selfish,” your Mom had said. He told you how much he loved you and that he was going to marry you if he got back out alive. The note he left behind, you held too close to your heart, hammered onto a wall, almost like a picture of your past. Your mother always told you he was going to come back home one day, but you hardly ever believed that. “Thank god you still have Zayn,” Your mother would whisper. Zayn and you were in the same predicament basically. He lost his girlfriend to a car accident but he had always stayed strong, fierce, unmoving. You’d always think how amazing it was for him to cater to your every need when he was in the same situation. He’d knelt by your bedside and sing you too sleep, bathe you, hold you, hold you so close and so tight you’d sometimes forget that all of this had ever happened. Then he’d leave when you were in deep sleep, unaware, mumbling your boyfriend’s name, eyelids shut, blocking out the world outside. You heard a loud thump. You rose up quicker than a speed of light. You could hear footsteps getting more and more audible the closer they seemed. “Must be Zayn,” you murmur. The door flung open and standing beneath the doorway was indeed, Zayn. “Hey, (Y/N)” he says sheepishly. You could see he had a plastic bag filled with snacks in his right hand, and a bar of soap in his left. Today he was bathing you. Hooray. “C’mon” he said motioning for you to follow him to the bathroom. You rolled you eyes and mumbled under your breath, unmoving. “Alright, be difficult.” He placed the plastic bag on the dresser nearby the doorstop. walking over to you, “I’ll just have to carry you.” You let out a yelp as he picked you up bridal style. “What on earth―” Your words were cut off as your breath caught in your throat, his dark, intense eyes staring at you intently. You always wondered how he always would be able to shut up with only a look. Kicking open the door, he let you down gently. “Take off all your clothes” Zayn said playfully, teasing the hem of your shirt. You blushed, “Uh, noo.” He raised an eyebrow. “Do what I say or you won’t get a hug.”

“And what makes you think I want a hug?” You joke. He laughs and steps forward, moving closer towards you, his chest colliding with yours. Inhaling and exhaling simultaneously, your chests being forced up and down. Without taking a breath, he forced his hot lips on yours, burning heat with fire. “I love you.” he murmured on your lips. One of his hands slithered up too your hips, the other one caressing your face. Your eyes are squeezed shut. The only person who had every said those words to you were your boyfriend. His lips broke away from yours to suck on your neck. “Baby, close your eyes….” Zayn sung into your ear. “Don’t open till the morning light.” His breath hitting your ear, and diverging to the crook of your neck, made you shiver. “Baby, don’t forget,” he kissed your ear. “We haven’t lost it all yet.” You both whispered together. He pressed his forehead against yours, sliding his hand under your shirt, pulling it up as you two stared into each other’s eyes. He released you, pulling the shirt over your head, exposing your bare breasts. The air on your already hardened nipples made you bite your lip to suppress a moan. He bends down too where he’s hugging your knees, slowly kissing up your legs, til his lips meet your shorts. He bites his lip anxiously. “Are you ready (Y/N)? I know you haven’t in a long time.” You roll your eyes, even in the most serious moments he’d always astonish you by how sweet he’d always be. Digging your nails into the back of his head, you pull him closer. His hands grab your bum, squeezing on them, gently. Standing up, his hands were going to the hem of your pyjama pants but before he could reach them, you grabbed his wrist, stopping him in his path. “I got it,” you said. Pulling down your shorts, you stand up once more, Zayn eyeing you with something of hunger. Reaching forth, he gently stroked your waist, touching all over your body. Squeezing your breast, licking your stomach, rubbing your clit through your panties. This was something strange, unnatural but it felt like the most natural thing right now, the two of you moving only for and towards one thing. And that one thing had forced you to move as one, to hold each other so close that it hurt to breathe. And now it was happening. You are going to fuck Zayn, and Zayn is about to fuck you. His eyes raked over your body, hands trailing down your spine, sending shivers of lust. He stepped away for a second, his lips leaving your neck and you were just about to let out a sigh of protest before he was back again, body pressed firmly against yours, leaving no more room for his hands to explore. His hard length pressing against your stomache, you lean your head onto on his chest as his hands crawl up between the two of you to squeeze your nipple. “Oh, yes Zayn,” you moan, sighing into his warm, flushed body.

His hands slid down your stomach, to your panties. You spread open your legs slightly to encourage him as his eyes glanced anxiously at yours. He rubbed your clit and ran his hand down your pleasure. “Zayn,” you croak out. “Stop teasing.” You managed to hiss out before another wave of pleasure overwhelmed you. He slid down your panties and pushed you against the tile wall. “I’m gonna fuck your pussy so hard, even your pussy will be screaming my name,” He said aggressively, kissing you roughly before pulling away to explore your body once more. You could see the lust grow in his eyes. He took his pants off and his boxers and now both of you stood naked body too body. “Fuck me Zayn,” you murmur against his chest. He lifted one of your legs up, holding it firmly before gently sliding a finger into your already wet and wanton pussy. Your eyes rolling to the back of your head, you hold on to him for dear life as he kissed and sucked down your jaw line. ” You like that baby, imagine my dick inside of your throbbing wet pussy,” He whispered dirtily into the crook of your neck his hands moving rapidly in and out of your vagina. “Zayn, I’m about too…c-c―” but before you could finish he took his finger out, smirking. Licking his finger he smiles cheekily at you. “You taste good,” he whisper, tongue sticking out between his teeth. You roll your eyes before pulling him closer towards you. “More,” you murmur. Placing his hands at your hips, his body tenses in preparation. “Are you sure?” He says timidly. After all of this, he was still afraid. This boy was impossible. “Zayn, are you an idiot? Stop fucking teasing me. I need you now.” You hissed, and before he could back out, you reached to hold his cock, stroking it gently as his body arched to accommodate you. Now it was your time to smirk, pausing as you watched him, eyelids fluttering, a low groan escaping his lips. His eyes slowly fluttered open, low and dark with lust, breathing heavy. He reached for your hand still placed on his cock, pulling it away. You looked at him in question. He had that telltale smile on his face once more. “I need you now. No more teasing. I need you now.” Before you can even respond, his hips surged forward to meet yours as your legs climbed up to his waist, resting comfortably at his hips. His body shuddered as your hips bucked as the sudden pleasure hits you. The wonderful feeling of being stretched, being filled up with something so perfectly wonderful. Something that made all the right places tingle. Something that caused your hips to move involuntarily at its own will. “You’re so tight.” He hissed, eyes screwed shut. “Zayn move,” you urged. Biting his lip, he slid back out slowly, and pushed forward gently once more.

“More.” You moan as he fills you up once more. His breathing heavy in your ear, he picks up the pace, pulling out and pushing back in once more, each time bringing you closer to that peak of epiphany. You could feel the warmth already travelling over your body, hair tangled, already a fine sheen of sweat covering the two of you. “Faster,” you moan. You can hear Zayn groan loudly before moving faster against your hips, hands trembling from the effort of holding you up. Low sounds are ripped from his throat and noises you can’t even define escape yours. “Harder. Harder. Harder,” you whisper, barely audible, into his ear. He must’ve heard because before you know it, his hips are slamming roughly against yours, pushing you up against the wall as he fucks you roughly, furiously and frantically. You could feel the walls crumbling around you, as you both strove for that one thing. Animalistic sounds filled the bathroom, moaning, grunting, groaning, and high as falsetto and low as bass, the slapping of skin on skin almost like a harmony of bliss. He slithered one hand away from holding you up to reach for your clit, rubbing it frenziedly, almost like a staccato to your beat as he fucked you harder and harder against the wall. You no longer needed to ask him what you wanted because he already knew. Your moans quickly escalated to such a high pitch you were even dizzy from the immense amount of pressure building in your abdomen. You could tell he was close, his body quaked before yours, hair tangled between your fingers. “Cum for me,” he hissed out, teeth clenched together. “I want to see you orgasm, baby.” Before you could even realise what was happening, your walls were tightening as the pressure behind your stomache burst and small white lights appeared at the edges of your vision. Panting heavily, your entire body tensed in his and your hips bucked against his, screaming his name in wild abandon. He gently stroked your clit to prolong your pleasure but you knew he was too close and you didn’t even care, your high swept you off your feet. Zayn thrust two more quick jerks before his head was thrown back as he burst inside you. Panting heavily, groaning your name so low it was nearly inaudible. The two of you stayed there for a minute, breathing heavily, trying to calm your breath before pulling himself out and letting your legs back onto the floor, arms shaking. The two of you stared into one another’s eyes, wonder and amazement eminent in both. He grabbed your hand and led you back to the door but he turned around halfway. “I forgot a condom,” he said, biting his lip anxiously.

You let yourself smile once more. “Well I guess there’s going to be a Malik Junior then.” Smirking, he picked you up, bridal style once more, your arms wrapping around his neck, carrying you to your bedroom where the two of you collapsed on the bed in a mess of tangled limbs, kissing deeply. Don’t know what you’re made of ‘til the one thing that you want Is coming with the dawn and suddenly changes Monday syndicate meets everyone the same All we’ve lost to the flame, listen to me now Zayn pressed his forehead against yours, “Baby close your eyes don’t open till the morning light. Don’t you ever forget, we haven’t lost it all yet.” He sung. “All we know for sure, is all that we are fighting for,” you both whispered too each other. You both embraced, your head on his shoulder and his head on your shoulder. “Baby don’t forget we haven’t lost it all yet,” you whispered and kissed his shoulder. Someday when this is over We may still have no answer For now it’s when I hold ya We are closer, we are closer We are closer, we are closer The rest of that day, you two spent your time holding each other and talking about your significant loved ones. But, 9 months after that day, indeed, you did welcome a baby boy into the world, and agreed to get married and start a life together.

Like you wanna be loved – Niall Horan You are finally on your first date with Niall. You have looked at him so many times, and you have seen him in your dreams so many times. He looks at you, smiling that lovely sexy half smile, that melts your whole body. “Should we go?” He suddenly says, while you were obviously staring at him. You nod. As both of you walk outside, he takes your hand. It feels like lava in your body. Not hot burning lava, but sweet warming lava, that warms up your heart, like molten heat smoothing over rough ridges, soothing and completely and utterly perfect. You look him in the eyes, and you can see it. It is well hidden, but it is there. Lust. “Why are you smiling in that way?” he asks you. You feel the lust for him building up in your body. You want to give him the most honest answer, so you say “Because… I wanna kiss you.” Silence, and you feel stupid, but you feel his hand tightenening around yours. So you walk in silence. You finally reaches his hotel, and you look up. Before you can start to say goodbye, he drags you into the elevator. He wraps your around you, tight, as if this was the last time he was ever going to hold you. You look into his beautiful blue eyes again, and you feel yourself being lost away in them, like a stranded swimmer being drifted away into sea. He kisses you, and again you feel the lava melting up your body. You bite his bottom lip, and you can feel him smile into the kiss. “I’ve been waiting for this so long”, he whispers into your ear in a low husky voice. A rush of lust comes over you. You grab around his

neck. You feel the sweat break. Your kisses are filled with passion. The elevator door opens. Fast, he grabs your hand and you run to his room. As soon as your inside he pins you up against the wall. His hands are all over you, everywhere. His fingers circles around your nipples, and you cant contain all the lust inside you. You kick of your shoes, and Niall starts to unzip you dress. You rip away his shirt and unzip his pants. You both take a small break to gain your breath. His eyes are filled with lust, and so are yours. You are already wet, wanton for more. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around him. He kisses your neck, sucking it, leaving lovebites all over. You hide your head in his golden locks, and feel them tickeling your face. He lies you down on the bed. He removes your bra so gently, looking directly into your eyes. “Kiss me” you demand. As if a beast came up in him, his lips goes for yours, nipping and sucking roughly. Your tongues battle, and he rips of your panties. He kisses you whole body and going lower and lower. He reaches your clit, lickening it slow in circles. His fingers are almost tickeling your opening. You moan. You have dreamt about this, but this is way better. He sucks harder on your clit, and you can feel you are comming closer fast. He sticks his tongue deep inside you and you let out his name lous in the room. His fingers are circleling around your clit. He sticks a finger inside you and again you let a moan. You are so close. He has now 2 fingers inside you, swirling tightly. He comes up to your face kissing you. “Say my name” He growls into your ear. He move his fingers faster, you look him in the eyes. You want him. You rip of his boxers, and starts stroking him. He growls loudly into your ear. Teasing you whisper into his ear; “I want you so bad.” You can feel the shivers running througout his body. He pushes himself into you, you grab his head, hissing into his ear “Oh Niall!” He thrusts harder into you, he growls, looking into your eyes. You reach your climax and arch your back. He comes to, back tensing, muscles rippling. You both relax, panting heavily, chests heaving. You lie against each other. He looks intense into your eyes. Your bodies are still sweating. He holds you close. “Im in love with you,” Niall says. “Then kiss me like you wanna be loved, ‘cause Im in love with you too,” you respond. You close your eyes, and feel Nialls lips so gently on yours. You both fall asleep laying in each others arms.

Pounding hearts – Louis Tomlinson “Louehh,” you whine, your voice muffled by his strong hand clamped over your mouth. “What?” he asks, eyes glittering mischievously. Suddenly, his free hand is against your side, his long fingers tickling you mercilessly. “Louiss!” you squeal, laughing as he continues his assault. You squirm underneath him, trying to break free from his grasp. As your struggle harder, he scoots himself over, straddling you so that you can feel his knees on either side of your waist. He removes his hand from your mouth and pins your arms above your head. “What?” he asks again, this time, though, his eyes are dark. You can’t quite place the look on his face, so you stare up at him from beneath your eyelashes, thinking. You say nothing, still trying to catch your breath. Your chest rises and falls quickly and you can see his eyes flick down towards it as he hovers over you. Lust, you think suddenly. That’s the look in his eyes. Automatically, the ends of your mouth curl up. Slowly you arch your back, so that your hips press up against him. His eyebrows shoot up, but he doesn’t move. Taking this as a cue to proceed, you ever so slowly start moving your hips in circles, grinding against him. Louis leans forward so that his face is just inches from yours. “We shouldn’t,” he whispers, his hot breath washing over your face. He doesn’t say anything else, so you lay there, perfectly still, waiting for him to roll off of you. He doesn’t though, and suddenly his lips are pressed against yours, softly, sweetly. He pulls back, his brow furrowed so that a small line forms between his eyebrows.

The second his lips leave yours, though, a warm hungers builds in your stomach, bubbling its way up you your mouth. You pick your head up from the bed and catch his bottom lip between your teeth before kissing him again. Louis smiles into the kiss and seems to abandon his doubts as you feel his wet tongue run along your bottom lip before parting your lips and pushing its way into your mouth. Your kisses grow heated quickly, trading soft and sweet for hungry and passionate. Your tongues battle each other for awhile before Louis’ lips leave yours and instead press themselves against your throat. You let out a small moan as he sucks gently right above your pulse. As his mouth explores your neck, you feel his hips begins to move slowly against yours and you become aware of a hardening lump pressed against your thigh. You smile and wind your fingers in his feathery hair, pulling his lips back to yours. Suddenly his hands are at the hem of your shirt, jerking it up over your stomach. You sit up and pull it over your head before Louis reaches around to fiddle with the clasp of your bra, kissing you all the while. He pulls you onto his lap and his lips find your breasts, kissing and sucking your nipples while his arms wrap around your back, fingers toying with the edge of your jeans. His fingers trail lightly around your waist until they reach your stomach, where they dip down to undo the button of your jeans. He pushes you back onto the bed and pulls them off of you. You look up at him as he peels them off of your legs and your entire body shivers with desire. Then, kneeling in front of you, he takes off his blazer before sliding the suspenders off his shoulders one by one, agonizingly slow. You groan, annoyed with his teasing. “Louiiis…” you bite your bottom lip, fluttering your eyelashes. He laughs and reaches for the first button on his white oxford. You sit up quickly and reach out to help him. He grabs your wrist though, and pushes you back down, kissing you deeply before returning to tend to each button, slowly. Finally, as he reaches for the third button, you sigh and throw your hands up above your head. Frustrated with his teasing, and getting wetter every second just by watching his bare chest appear inch by inch before you, you decide to tease back. Closing your eyes, you slowly run your hand along the front of your stomach before sliding it into your panties. You moan and bite your lip as you trace small circles around your clit. Without stopping, your open your eyes. Louis is perfectly still, eyebrows raised, mouth hanging open with his fingers still hovering over the third button of his shirt. Smiling, you sit up and reach for his pants, fumbling with the buttons. Louis gently slaps away your hand before tearing at his shirt, madly undoing the last of the buttons and sliding off his pants before pinning you to the bed and pressing his body against yours. “You fucking tease,” he growls in your ear, slowly grinding himself against you. “You’re one to talk,” you say back, nipping sharply on his earlobe. He yelps and pulls back, a devilish smile on his face. “You’ll pay for that one.” Kissing his way down your body, he stops to remove your underwear before placing your legs over each of his shoulders. You feel him kiss the inside of your thigh while his

fingers draw light patterns on the top of your legs. He moves closer, and you feel his hot breath wash over you. You shiver and he laughs softly. Then, without warning, he licks you completely, from bottom to top. You gasp at the sudden contact and your hands shoot out to grip his hair. He traces your clit slowly with his tongue, alternating between tantalizingly slow and deliciously fast, leaving you breathless. “Louis,” you breath, as he sucks your clit into his mouth, massaging it with the tip of his tongue. He smiles against you and the tip of his finger toys with the your opening. You moan and throw your head back as he slowly slides his finger in. Moving his finger back and forth, he laps at your clit before sliding a second finger in. He slides his fingers back and forth faster, curling them up to hit your g-spot while pounding them in just a bit further each time. Gasping and moaning loudly, you know you’re close to the edge when he pulls his mouth away to look up at you with dark eyes and whispers, “Come for me, babe.” Without looking away, he uses his free hand to rub your clit while his fingers continue to pound you. Propping yourself up on your elbow to get a better look at the toned, tanned creature before you, you clap your hand to your mouth to muffle the string of curses that fall from your lips. “No!” Louis growls, crawling up to pull your hand away from your mouth as his fingers continue to pump you. “I want to hear you say my name.” He latches his lips to your neck and nips and sucks as his other hand finds your clit again. “Come, babe. Come for me,” he whispers again. With one final thrust, you feel yourself tighten up around his fingers as he pushes you over the edge. Your back arches and your hips buck up towards him as he wiggles his fingers and slowly circles your clit, letting you get the most out of your orgasm. Finally, your breathing slows and you collapse back on to the bed, spent. Louis’ fingers slide out and he cleans up the mess he’s made before kissing back up your body and locking his lips to yours. Smiling against his lips, you quickly push him over onto his back and wink before saying, “My turn.”

A welcoming sight – Niall Horan Opening the door of Nialls apartment, you could smell his cologne; it sent shivers down your spine. You missed him so much, you haven’t seen him in 2 months, with him being on tour and you living in Australia, it was tough on your relationship, but you always worked it out. Walking through the door, memories flooded your mind, looking at the kitchen and remembering the time you guys were making cookies while on twitcam and ended up having a food fight. That was the night you both said I love you for the first time, looking over at the couch, remembering the time Louis cock blocked you and Niall because he was sick of watching you guys make out all the time, you couldn’t help but laugh to yourself. Hearing some fumbling from down the hall you called out for him. “Niall?” You shouted. He wasn’t expecting you for a while but somehow you ended up arriving in London an hour earlier. “Babe?” He replied, popping his head out of his bedroom door. “What are you doing here, I’m meant to be picking you up in an hour at the airport?” he asked looking at you confused.

He looked so cute when he was confused, the way he tilts his head, it’s adorable. You smiled and walked up to him giving him a hug, you both just stood there in each other’s arms, you had missed him so much, tears started to build up in your eyes, blinking hard a few fell down your cheeks. “I missed you so much,” you whispered in his ear, trying not to cry. “I missed you more,” he said, pulling away and placing his lips on yours. Pulling away he placed his forehead on yours, whispering, “I love you [Y/N]” “I love you too, Niall,” pecking him on the cheek. You started walking away just as Niall wrapped his arms around your waste with his hands resting on your stomach, being as self-conscious as you are about your body you slide his hands away. “Babe,” he whispers in your ear. “What?” You mumble back. “I love you I love everything about you, and when I say everything I mean everything,” whispering that to you as he puts his hands around your again kissing your neck. You turned around, facing him, starting into his blue eyes, you always got lost in your thoughts when starting into his eyes, he slid his hands down to your bum, placing his hands around the curve. You blush and kiss him softly. He knows you are a virgin and that you are insecure about your body, he has told you time and time again that he doesn’t want to rush you, I mean you’ve been dating for 9 months now, but just looking into his eyes you knew you were ready, and you knew you wanted him to take this part of you, you look down and giggle into his neck. “What?” Niall asks concerned “Oh,” you giggle. “Nothing just, umm” you look up and stare into his eyes, you peck him on the lips and shyly whisper. “I’m ready,” you murmur and he just stares at you for a bit, before a little smirk appears on his lips. “Are you sure?” He asks concerned, you just smile and nod, he kisses you, pushing you against the wall, deepening the kiss, he’s never kissed like this before, he slides his tongue over your bottom lip, begging for

entrance, slightly opening your mouth it turns into a heated make out session. He grabs your bum and pushes you up, with your legs wrapped around him, he carries you to his bed, without breaking the kiss, and laying you down gently on the bed then he breaks the kiss. “Are you sure babe?” He asks, worriedly “Yes Niall”, you giggle “I love you and I want to share this with you and only you.” “I love you so much,” he says and kisses you again. He pulls off your lacy underwear without breaking the kiss, he moved his lips to your neck and starts nibbling, leaving love bites, you let out a little moan; you can feel him smirk as he kisses your neck. You tug on his shirt as a sign for him to take it off, so he does. He pulls your dress over your head, staring at your chest; you cover up your stomach with your hands not wanting him to see. He moves your hands away and kisses you and says. “[Y/N] you are beautiful.” “No, I’m not,” you say worriedly as you don’t want him to think differently of you seeing you basically naked, only in a bra. He kisses you again. “Yes you are, and I love you, really I do, nothing will change that.” You smile and kiss him, removing your hands from your stomach. He removes your bra, just starting at your breasts he smiles, his adorable smile. He looks back at you and give you a kiss before lowering himself on you, pulling your legs up, you can feel his hot breath against your tights, he looks up at you, like asking for permission, all you do is smile. His tongue, slightly sliding down to your clit, teasing you, you moan loudly wanting more, he presses his face against you, the pressure of his tongue and his nose felt amazing, never having experienced anything like it before “Fuck Niall,” you moan, your legs twitch at the pleasure he is giving you, you moan again, arching you back, you can feel that you’re close. “Niall I’m uhh I’m close,” you moan louder, he pulls away not wanting you to cum yet, he looks at you and smiles.

“Babe, you taste so fucking good,” you smile as he says that, as he brings himself up he looking into your eyes, you could just stay there forever, looking into those beautiful blue eyes, but you were so fucking horny you needed him inside you. “Niall,” you questioned. “Yes babe?” “Can you please just get in me!” You demand and all he does is laugh at how eager you are. “Are you sure you want to?” “Of course Niall, I love you, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to do this.” He smiles and kisses you, taking off his pants and calvin klein’s, grabbing a condom and putting it on and positioning the head at your entrance, he whispers into your ear “Babe, this is going to hurt, and I just want you to know that I would never do this on purpose and I just love you so much.” You smile and kiss his cheek. “I love you too Niall.” And with that he starts to slide his dick in you, you wince at the pain, putting your head to the side, covering your eyes with your hand, not wanting him to see how much pain you are in. “Babe, I’m sorry, do you want me to stop, I want to hurt you,” he asked, concerned “No keep going, it’ll get better” you manage to say, as he slowly slides more in you it hurts more and more, you let out a cry, he stops looks at you worried. “Babe I can’t do this I’m hurting you,” “No, please, keep going, it doesn’t hurt as much now.” And with that he thrusts in and out of you, starting off slow, but picking up the pace. “God babe you are so fucking tight,” he moans out, you smile, knowing he is enjoying this as much as you are. “Faster,” you moan, he picks up the speed, going into you as much as he can, the please is to much, trying to hold in the moans but you can’t. “Ughh, Niall, fuck,” you moan. “Babe scream my name,” he manages to choke out. “Niiaalllll!” you moan a little louder. “Louder babe” he says.

“Oh fuck, uhh, NIALLLL, Im so clo-” Your walls tightened around his dick, your toes curled, you arched you back bring your head back as you orgasmed, he trusted into you a few more times before pulling out and collapsing beside you. “[Y/N] that… was… amazing,” he said out of breath. “I love you.” “I love you too,” he says with a smile, wrapping his arms around you. You could hear laughter coming from the lounge room, Niall puts his briefs back on and you put your undies back on and one of his shirts, walking into the lounge room you see the boys, you forgot that you didn’t shut the front door when you arrived so they just helped themselves in, they sat there starting at you and Niall, Louis started intimidating you “OH NIALLLL” the boys laugh, Niall wraps his arms around you and kisses your cheek as you blush a little embarrassed. “Shut it, Louis,” Niall said, mock-pouting. “I’ll shut it when she does, I could hear her from my house,” Louis replies, you blush again. “Oh don’t worry [Y/N] be know how big Niall is, any girl would be screaming that loud,” Harrys adds, you just laugh and give them all a welcoming hug.

Selfless Passion – Liam Payne You and Liam have been dating for around a month now, and you were getting impatient; you needed him. Craved him. Longed for him to be inside you, but his gentlemanly ways forbid him from even suggesting that you go further than those steamy makeout sessions on his couch that were not even close to enough. You could tell that he wanted it, too; the lust in his eyes as he placed gentle kisses down your neck, sucking and licking, and how it looked like it almost pained him to keep his hands from travelling even further south. But tonight, the two of you have just returned from a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant, and you won’t take no for an answer. You’re just through his front door when you turn towards him, with every intention to kiss him passionately and tell him you’re ready, when he pins you suddenly against the wall. “I’ve been wanting this for a long time now,” he growls in your ear, one hand on your waist. You shudder as he begins kissing your neck, his fingers just slipping beneath the waistband of your skirt. “Are you ready?” he asks quietly, with a tone of anxiety in his voice. Your brain is in too much of a euphoric state to form any coherent sentences so you simply nod yes. His lips finally claim yours roughly and you moan, leaning into his arms. His lips are warm and slightly wet and you flick open his mouth with your tongue. He picks you up in his strong arms and carries you over to his bed placing you down gently on top of the duvet. He slides off your skirt and panties and pulls your shirt over your head quickly, and you hastily remove his clothes as well. Soon, your bra is removed as well, and Liam stands

back, admiring every curve of your body, his mouth open in awe as his eyes dark with lust rake over your bare skin. “Beautiful,” he murmurs, and trails his fingers up and down the curve of your waist. When he leans down and kisses you, you can feel his hard cock against the inside of your thigh, which causes a moan to escape from your lips. You feel him smile against your mouth, obviously pleased with himself, when he begins to place a trail of wet kisses down your neck, chest and abdomen, and a wave of excitement washes over you as you anticipate him reaching his final destination. Soon, his tongue is swirling your clit, and you cry out in ecstasy. He plunges one of his long fingers deep inside you, and you feel an almost primal noise being ripped from your mouth. He quickly inserts another, until you’re screaming and on the brink of orgasm. He stops suddenly, pulling away and looks at you with his dark, smouldering eyes. “You’re sure you’re ready?” He asks, and you let out a whimper. “Yes,” you reply. Without hesitation, he slides inside you and the both of you gasp. He surges forward and with each and every thrust, you groan in pleasure as you feel moans escape your mouth, closing your eyes and breathing heavily. Before you know it, you feel the warm tingling sensation begin to take over your body as you moan even louder. “Liam,” you pant. “I’m going to come.” You see him lick him lips and move even faster. “Oh god oh god oh god.” You say as you feel yourself reach your climax, your nails digging into his back. “Liam!” You call breathlessly as you orgasm hard, clenching tightly around him. You feel yourself float away in absolute bliss but you still feel the overpowering feeling of overstimulation. “Liam, oh god. You can’t be serious,” you say as he plunges even harder and deeper into you, him groaning loudly. You see him smirk. “Bet you’ll come again before me.” You don’t even have the energy to reply, all you do is arch your back as you feel the familiar sensation of arousal build up quickly. After almost an hour, (although you haven’t been keeping track of time, only of orgasms, which has now reached 4), you’re absolutely exhausted yet so completely satisfied. “Liam,” you whisper. “You can come.” He buries his head in your neck and he pushes forward one more time, roughly and comes, shouting your name as his fists are tangle in your hair. He doesn’t hesitate to fall down beside you on the pillow and wrap his arms around you, placing a gentle kiss on your shoulder. “I love you.” Liam says. You say the same, and the pair of you fall asleep in a tangle of limbs.

Stay the Night – Niall Horan By the time we left, the shadows on the ground had grown significantly longer than they were when Niall and I had entered the cozy shop, and my stomach throbbed from laughing so hard. We were cracking each other up the whole evening through. At first, I thought, he just was going to get more napkins, help me get cleaned up, and buy me a scoop… but then we got talking and spent the entirety of the evening together. Our senses of humor could not have been more perfectly matched. During the night he admitted that since he went to an allboys school, he didn’t really know how to act around girls. I wasn’t afraid or ashamed to laugh really hard and truly be myself around him after that. It felt like I’d known him for a long, long time. I had heard of One Direction before, but had no idea he was part of the group. Throughout the night, multiple fans approached him (some of them even wanted to talk to me!) and he was overly courteous, but I could tell it was getting to him. We both wanted a little more privacy… So, now, here we were! In his mind blowing, beautiful hotel suite. It had multiple rooms, a huge kitchen, and a loft. “This is it!” He said cheerfully, popping in the card-key, and opening the door for me. “This is so great! Just look at this place! I can’t believe you didn’t think of taking me here sooner.” I gawked. “You have no idea…” He mused to himself. I giggled and raised an eyebrow at him. He fought a smile, registering that I had heard him. He showed me around the place, giving me a personalized guided tour, and it really was quite the

sight! But my mind was unable to focus on his comments, because I found myself in awe at the view from the glass wall in his bedroom. “Wow… it’s so breathtaking, the view you have.” I barely whispered. I heard a barely audible sigh coming from a short distance behind me. I turned around to see him a few feet away, leaning back against a wall in the bedroom suite. But Niall wasn’t enjoying the stunning view of Los Angeles at night… he was looking right at me as he said, “I couldn’t agree more.” I smiled towards the ground, and returned to my original position, away from him, facing the window, so he wouldn’t see me blush. I had never been so flattered. I couldn’t see him, but I could sense him drawing closer to me from behind, closing the distance between us. I could feel his eyes on my body. I closed my eyes and the room seemed to shake with the beat of my heart. From that moment on, it was as if an invisible switch had been flipped on in that room. I knew he could sense it too… Niall and I now had a different purpose here, tonight. I was experiencing him… wanting him in an all new, different way that I never expected. It was as if the lustful, needing feeling suddenly hung thick in the air. Niall gently ran his fingers through my hair, moving it off my shoulders and slid his right hand at the nape of my neck and, without thinking, I slightly leaned into his touch. I felt those utterly attractive lips crash into the opposite side of my neck, setting off nerves in my whole body. His left hand grazed my lower back, before it glided around my left hip to the front of my body. He pulled me closer with my prominent hip bones, until the curvature of my back made contact with his chest. God, he was right behind me. By the time his right hand was filled with a fist my hair, I could take it no longer. I flipped my body around and leaned in. He kissed me hard on the mouth. The kiss started off slow and safe, little movement was involved, but as we continued, it grew more intense. Our mouths opening farther each time, then closing with every steady rhythmic beat. His arm’s grip around me tightened, pulling me closer, allowing me to feel the prominent shape of his growing length against my inner thigh through his jeans. He pulled away as the kiss slowed down, so I opened my eyes to see him biting his lip, looking down at my mouth then looking back up, deep into my eyes, just like when we’d met. I will never be able to explain how much, for some weird reason that turned me on. He took a couple of long moments just to look into my eyes, as he cupped my face as delicately as a baby’s. I swear I saw his brows pinch together ever so slightly, as he closed his eyes tight and crashed his lips into mine once more. This kiss was faster… I could feel our tongues synchronized in a dance of giving and taking, and I was growing more tortured by the second. Our lips never broke the kiss, when he removed his hand from my face and slid it high up the outside of my thigh, under my dress, squeezing one side of my bare bum hard with his whole

hand, pulling, almost yanking me in closer. There were few layers of clothes keeping his ever-so-obvious erection from satisfying the dull ache down where I wanted him the most. “Audrey.” He breathed heavily, “I need you.” He said. His lips brushing mine when he moved his mouth to say this. I gave Niall’s lip a soft love-bite then smiled. “Then have me.” I begged him, causing him to grin from ear to ear. He hooked his fingers around the bottom hem of my dress, making a point of feeling the skin not exposed to him until now, on his way pulling it up. Tossing it aside, he didn’t even bother to look at my body before hungrily moving in for another kiss. His hands explored my body before his eyes did. Though, I noticed that he wasn’t actually feeling my body much, besides holding me to him with his hands on my hips and belly, and for the strangest reason, that really plucked at my heart strings. It struck me that he was being respectful towards mybody … only going as far as I wanted… not wanting to surpass my limits, and his earlier comment about not really knowing how to act around girls really got to me… it was an ‘aww’ moment for me inside. So (of course) I broke away from the kiss for a moment to smile at him devilishly, remove his polo over his head, take his hands in mine, and place them upon my breasts. I immediately earned a throaty groan and I twisted my fingers in his hair as he licked and kissed all around my chest. I don’t think he noticed when I reached back with my free hand and undid my bra, leaving it to fall to the ground, because I felt his member rise up my leg even more. I whipped off his belt, and his jeans were on the floor in record time. Niall was down to his boxers, and me, to my panties. He scooped me up like a princes, so I gasped playfully and he chuckled that famous Niall chuckle that I knew and loved. He laid me gently on the bed, placed himself on top of me, between my legs, and started giving me a hickey on my neck and he slipped two fingers inside of me, around my panties, making me whimper. I couldn’t help it. “That was actually so cute.” He laughed with a crooked smile in his hot Irish accent. “Hey babe, how much do you want me?” Niall breathed into my skin, pulling out his fingers, but rubbing my clit. He was driving me crazy! At this point I had one of my hands on his low abdomen, so I slipped it in his boxers and began rubbing the head of his length with my thumb in small circles, grasping it with my hand. Judging by the immediate facial reaction I got from him and the fact that there was already clear precum dripping out, I thought it must have felt pretty good. Each time my thumb encircled it, his face would wince with pleasure and his breath faltered each time. Yep, confirming my thoughts… “Look,” I started, he seemed amused, “You have a really gorgeous face, but I think it would look even better between my legs.” I teased. His grin grew even larger, and he obeyed by quickly slipping off my lace underwear all the way, and running his tongue down my

stomach until he struck gold. I writhed in the sheets with ecstasy as his mouth explored me. I was giving his excruciatingly soft hair the death-grip with my fingers and softly moaning his name, while he worked. When he came back up for air, I could tell that he could take it no longer, and honestly, neither could I. Of course, I would have given him head in an instant, but I could tell that he wanted to wait. He wanted more than anything to please me for as long as he possibly could, and for that, there was only one solution. I was brisk to pull his boxers down, and I finally saw him completely exposed. Mother ofHe was big, long, pink, and hard. My eyes widened a little which made him laugh, and he kissed me once on the lips. I opened my legs comfortably wider, and I could feel his tip nudging my opening and all around it. “Please, Niall” I whispered. And with that, Niall Horan entered me. I closed my eyes a little, as they were rolling back. I felt his hot breath on my face that kept the same pace as the lulling, ‘kir-thump, kir-thump’ of the headboard banging against the wall. He felt so warm, pumping into me. Niall put his hand behind my head, getting even closer to me and my head rhythmically rocking on the pillow. I had to admit, he had a really attractive sex-face… he proceeded to give me love bites all over, causing me to curl my toes, gripping the sheets. He noticed that and let out a sexy little groan of pleasure. I couldn’t help but utter a few short ‘ah’s in return. I felt Niall grow significantly inside of me, and my own body reacted by getting tighter around his shaft. He grabbed one of my legs and hoisted it over his shoulder comfortably, unleashing a whole new set of ‘oh’s and moans from me, as the new position allowed him to thrust even deeper into me. “Fuck… oh, awh fuck yeah Audrey. Right there baby. Ye- yeah right there. Can youfeel that, baby?” He loudly managed to say, increasing the speed of his pumping and banging of the bed against the wall. At that very moment, Niall had hit my g-spot. And he knew it too. I let loose some scream-gasps and some shouting of his name. But damn, once he’d found my most pleasurable area, he just kept rubbing it, and rubbing it, and rubbing it. His own groans were increasing in volume and frequency, as well. I came. He felt it. “I’m so close.” Niall panted. I could not manage a reply. I couldn’t focus on him with all of the waves of pleasure racking my body. Where were my words? “Oh… Oh, shit. Oh. yeah- babe… babe- I think I’m gonna…” he trailed off, his voice wavering a little with each thrust. I then felt him finish inside me. I felt his hot fluids flow into my body. His movements felt so natural, so right. As if we’d done this a thousand times and we had a thousand times to do it, yet. He finally pulled out of me, both of us out of breath. He lay beside me facing up. His only slightly worn-out erection was still high,

raising the one thin layer of sheet above us almost in the shape of a tent, rustling the sheets with every slight movement. Even though he was no longer humping me, it was as if my body could still feel him there. The muscles in my lady-parts were still flexing on and off, and it felt SO good. I rolled on my side facing him from across the bed. Just the sight of him lying there still focused on catching his breath with his eyes closed, mouth open, and his chest rising and falling with just the faintest glimmer of sweat turned me on so immensely, it hurt. I wasn’t done yet. I wanted him so badly, my body ached for him. I ran my hand down my waist and started fingering myself slowly. He turned just his head the side to watch my naked body. He looked me up and down, until he met my eyes and gazed into them. I guess whatever he saw, he must have liked because out of the corner of my eye, I saw his length shifting, growing longer and higher, barely covered by the sheets. With that, he rolled on top of me, and we made out for just a moment, before he took the hand that I was pleasuring myself with, in his. “Allow me.” He said. That night we did a couple more rounds (If ya know what I mean) until we were both exhausted. At one point in the early hours of the morning, I woke up, feeling Niall tracing my bare back with his fingertips in the dim lighting. It was so relaxing, I fell back to sleep. Finally, I woke up with his arms wrapped tightly around me, making me smile. I tried to loosen his grip, but he murmured, “Nooo,” quietly in his sleep. I finally managed to escape to pick up coffee and breakfast for us. When I came back, he had just gotten out of the shower and cheerfully greeted me by the door in just his towel. He gave me a quick peck and I placed the food on the counter. “Look, Audrey.” He began, playing with his hands and averting my eyes. “I don’t do things like last night often, so I don’t know how this usually works.” He continued. “But, I just… I mean like… I think I really, really like you.” His cheeks turned a shade of deep red. “And I would love nothing more than to spend some more time with-“ I cut him off by kissing him hard on the lips, and when we broke apart, he leaned his forehead into mine and sighed through his nose… Doing that thing again where he looked at my lips, then back up at my eyes. “What am I gonna do with you?” I teased flirtatiously, putting a huge smile on his face. Slipping my small hands into his big ones. “Feel the same way?” He offered. We both laughed. I’d really found something special this time…

Reckless Abandon – (Whoeveryouwantittobe) He pushed her onto the bed, their lips not separating for a moment. Their two bodies grinding against each other as his erection grew with every passing second. The growing bulge against her thigh got her even wetter. He quickly peeled away any clothing left on her already heated body. She clawed and ripped away the material covering him that was separating their hot flesh. Their tongues danced madly together in reckless passion. He moved down to her jawline and then to her neck, sucking deeply on her sweet spot making her moan from the back of her throat. His hands going wild all over her irresistible curves. Finally, his nimble fingers reached the place where she craved him desperately. The cold of his fingers on her throbbing clit made her shudder with pleasure. He began to massage her in circular motions, always approaching her center but never entering. Finally, the teasing was too much for her and she pulled his hand away. She flipped their bodies that were soon to become one over so that she was in control now. Her thighs squeezed either side of his toned torso as her tongue worked his skin from his neck to his hips. He moaned with anticipation as he felt her hot breath on his pulsing cock. She firmly grabbed his base and thrust the rest of his length in her mouth without hesitation. He bucked his hips with the sudden burst of pleasure and he began to moan her name as her tongue went wild on his length. His hands were tangled in her long hair and she could tell he was close to his high. She sat up and quickly put herself down on his erection. As he felt her slide down onto him, he let out the most animalistic sounds that only turned her on more. She began to grind on him. At first, she went slowly, but began to pick up pace as he grasped her hips and moved them in unison with his already circling pelvis. She threw her head back as he roughly circled her clit with his thumb and as she began to bounce up and down making him moan even loude With one last rough, firm grind of both of their hips, they came together in a symphony of moans and panting. He thrust his hips up a few more times to let her ride out her climax. She didn’t get off of him immediately but collapsed on top of him, both enjoying being of one body. He then turned her over as she laid her head on his heaving chest listening to his heart race and smiling, knowing that the love between them would only grow from that moment on.

More – Harry Styles He was over at your house, it was usual for the two of you. You and Harry had been friends for a while, known and trusted each other before the show, the fame, the craziness. A strong friendship based on fun, trust, and a deep understanding of each other was what made you miss him when he was away, smile when he came home, and bury yourself in his arms when he showed up at your house to visit. He already said hi to your parents as they bombarded him with questions about the states,Australia, and the rest of the boys. They used to be more protective and hesitant when you two hung out, but their trust in him grew over time as they realized that he cared for you and that he valued your friendship too much to hurt you. You and Harry decided to go out for a swim in your pool and played some volleyball. Your parents popped outside to tell you that they were going out for a bit. You later sat on the pool steps and talked about what had happened in the past months that he had been away. You talked about school and your family while he talked about the tours and the boys. You reminisced about the simpler days but dreamed about the crazy ones to come. You two had been so far away for so long and your lives were so different, but you always came back to each other at one point or another, and that was the beauty in your relationship. You got out of the pool to tan for a bit while Harry took a couple more laps of the pool. You laid down on the pool chair and stretched out your arms behind you, elongating your body, working out the kinks you felt in your back. You heard the light splashing stop and felt eyes raking over your body from top to bottom. You looked over and saw Harry standing in the pool, staring at you, moving his eyes up your legs to your stomach to your breasts, to your eyes. You were one to find flaws in your body but the way that he was looking at you made you feel so…sexy. Him looking at you like this was normal to some degree, you had been hook-up buddies once before. But he had gotten himself a girlfriend, later broken up with her, and it had taken months for things to get over the awkwardness and anger and go back to the blunt, low-key, trusting relationship that you had. Lately when he had come home from tour, his gazes sometimes seemed longer and more intense when you had gotten dressed up to go out or changed your shirt quickly with him in the room. You had called him out on it once or twice but he usually just looked away and laughed it off. So him now, with his gaze fixed on you so intently, just made you giggle and banter, “Quit staring Harry, I’m not going to evaporate you know.”

He snapped out of his trance and laughed. “I’ve missed you babe,” he said while splashing some water on you and going for another lap of the pool. You let the sun soak up the water off of your body, feeling the heat and knowing you were going to get some bad bikini lines. Harry was still swimming, off in his own world, and you were feeling a bit adventurous. You slipped off your bikini top and closed your eyes, letting the sun envelop your whole body and your mind drift off in a relaxed state. You woke up with a gasp, cold water suspending your body as you opened your eyes and frantically looked around for the source of the disturbance. You saw Harry in front of your pool chair with a big bucket, now empty, in his hands, laughing hysterically. “Oh my god, Harry!” You screamed, getting up and starting to chase him back into the pool. As soon as you got up you remembered that you were topless, but were too occupied with chasing Harry to care. He jumped in the pool and you jumped in after him, laughing while trying to wrestle him underwater, being hopelessly overpowered. As you both came up from underwater, gasping excitedly for air, he had his arms tightly wrapped around you, finally forcing you to give in. Now wet and cold after being in the sun for so long, your nipples erect and extra sensitive, you could feel Harry’s toned torso meeting yours. You started to feel a longing for something between your legs. You could feel him growing hard against your stomach, knowing that he felt it too. Out of instinct and familiarity you wrapped one leg around his hips, pushing your opening closer to him. He moaned. You kissed your way up his chest, nipping and sucking while your hands moved up and down his back. You wrapped your arms around his neck and started kissing up his neck and reaching his pulse point. You stopped, suspended in time, as you felt his hands on your back move downwards slowly. His mouth started on your neck, sucking and leaving marks, making you moan. His hands moved down to your bum, underneath the thin bikini bottoms that seemed to be in the way. He cupped both cheeks of your bum, squeezing them gently before forcefully pushing you harder against him, forcing you to wrap your other leg around him and moan again, more loudly this time. “I’ve missed you so much, babe, you have no idea,” he whispered breathlessly as one of his hands followed your bum cheek down, leading to the spot in between your legs that had wanted to be touched, handled, fingered, fucked. He ran his finger along your entrance, pausing at your clitoris, turned on by how warm you were already. He ran his finger over your clitoris a couple more times, rubbing you and making you bite his ear while moaning loudly. But it wasn’t enough for you, and all it took was one word, one whisper into his ear. “More.” He pushed his finger into your vagina, and his long, slim finger pushed in slowly, letting you adjust as he started to move it in and out. He pushed a second in, causing you to scream, in pleasure and pain, as you rode up and down on his two fingers. You reached your high and came down. He took his fingers out of you and held you against him, supporting you as you were too exhausted to do so yourself. You kissed him on the cheek and then softly on the lips. It had been a while since your lips had touched but it felt right. He held you in his arms for a couple of minutes longer, kissing your forehead and burying his face in your hair. You gently pulled out of his hug and took his hand. You kissed him again and whispered suggestively against his lips, “Shower?”

Pure Bliss – Niall Horan You’re waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant Louis has taken you too. The tall blonde waitress hovers in the background as Louis’ leg purposely brushes your bare calf. You let out a small smile from your worried lips, his bright eyes staring at you with such certainty. You slip off your heels and gently rub his leg through the fabric of his trousers as his perfectly curved pink lips curve to match your smile. The lights are low in the restaurant, lit only by candlelight, and almost empty due to the late hour. His hair glittering gold in the candlelight, shadows only enhancing his prominent cheekbones as shadows played on the tips of his cheeks from his long dark lashes. He reaches a hand out for yours, and you feel a cool metal being slipped onto your finger. Your eyes widen as he raises up his eyebrows to survey your reaction. You pull you hand away and look closely at the silver band, a perfect gemstone tinted pink placed at centre. Your eyes meet his, serious, swimming with emotion as he grips your hand. “I know we’re not ready for that yet, but I want you to know that I’m serious. I want you to know that I’m yours, and you’re mine.” You nod, speechless. He grips your hand even tighter. “I still remember when we first met here, at this very restaurant, and at this very table.” You’re eyes search his, the familiar delicate flicks of his hair, the beautiful curved eyebrows, the shining blue-green eyes that had often looked at you with so much lust, and you couldn’t help but be struck absolutely speechless by how he had thought she had been worth even his time. His smiling eyes danced across her face. “So this isn’t an engagement ring, but a promise ring. Because I promise, that with everything that I have, I will come back to you.” He bites his lips, worry on his face as silence falls between the two of you. “You can speak anytime you know,” he whispers. You smile softly. “You want to get out of here?” He murmurs.

“Yes please,” you agree. And before you can even stand up he’s at your side and picking you up as you shout with laughter. He walks the down the street to his hotel before putting you down and sliding his key into the lock before slamming the door behind you, eyes on you as he pushes you up against the wall and he was no longer that sweet boy at the restaurant, he was the man that could make you feel the strongest of emotions without even laying a finger upon you. His hungry eyes searched yours as he bit your bottom lip with every surge of his lips as you fought back. Tongue exploring one another’s hot wet caverns. He swiftly rips of your dress and panties before pinning you against the wall once more as his lust filled eyes scour your bare body. Your hands find his shirt and begin unbuttoning, his lips frantic against your neck, biting, sucking, licking. He quickly grows impatient as your fingers fumble with the buttons and he pulls away from you for a second as you gasp from the cool air hitting your feverish skin before ripping off his shirt, buttons popping. He presses himself against you once more, breath hot on your ear as he plants scorching hot kissing down your neck, as you arch your back, pressing yourself closer against him as he lets out a hiss between his teeth. You frantically pull at his trousers as he quickly undoes his belt and you pull them down with his boxers. He kicks them away before his eyes lock on yours once more, dark lashes framing his glittering eyes, rimmed dark with lust. He picks up your legs and you wrap them around his waist and before you can say his name, he’s thrusting deep into you as you reach the highs of epiphany. Pure bliss.

Harsh Breaths - Larry Stylinson threesome You didn’t realise you were this nervous until the moment you stood at their front door, fiddling with your bracelets. Your hand hesitated at the bell, your stomache in a tangled mess. You’ve tried to deny the feeling of attraction to both the boys the entire week but now standing there, right before their door, your mind is swimming with questions that could only be answered if you ran the doorbell. Taking a deep breath, you gently press the button, heaving a sigh. Before you can shake off your nerves, the door opens with Harry leaning against the doorframe, his eyes drinking you in with an intensity that left you stricken with silence. Lust eminent in those striking green eyes.

“Well, hello gorgeous,” Harry’s raspy voice said as his eyes finally returned to yours. “Hi,” you manage to choke out as he leads you into the expensive flat the two boys shared.

But before you could take in the stunning room, you were aware of a slight pressure around your wrist and the handsome boy leaning against the bar. You smile widely as his eyes light up and walks over toward you. He envelopes you in a warm, sweet hug, making your entire body tingle, his hands lingering on your hips as he leans back to drink you in. As Harry makes his way over to the bar to grab a drink, you’re left alone with Louis, his fingers lightly tracing circles on your wrist as the two of you laugh and talk. You look over to the bar to find harry staring at you with intense fire that made your face flush hot. As he approaches, you see him glance over at Louis, and the two of them share a secret smile. After a few hours, the three of you were just past the stage of tipsy, that fine line between sober and wasted, where you’re beginning to feel the haze in your head but enough courage to do things that you’d usually not normally do. Music was turned on and you were lying on Louis’ lap as the three of you talked lazily about everything and nothing. You swayed your hips to the music on the couch and you could feel a pair of warm hands gripping them. You’re eyes fluttering closed as you felt the warm hand gently rubbing your hipbone. You open your eyes to find Louis eyeing you with a hunger you can’t deny. You breathe out heavily as he lets a small mischievous smile play on his face. He shares another mysterious glance with his friend before Harry jumps up suddenly and says, “Let’s go swimming,” while running to the double doors that led outside. Before you can even reply, Louis picks you up and follows. Once outside, he lets you down, hands still lingering on your bare thigh. You look around, wondering if there was a spare swimsuit, but the minute you looked at the scene before you, you knew there were no swimsuits involved. Harry was already in the pool, stripped down to his boxers, diving down and dunking his mess of brown curls in the water before flipping them out of his eyes. You bite your lip, observing the glistening curls as water dripped off them. You look to your right and find Louis already in the process of kicking his pants off before running and diving into the pool. Your throat catches at the sight of his perfectly tanned and toned body. Both of their intense eyes, dark with lust, eyed you.

“Come on, get in!” Harry said from the pool, playfully shoving Louis across to reach the edge. “I’m not yelling a bra though!” You laughed because it was the truth. half.

You didn’t mind stripping down, but you were kind of missing an essential

“And that’s stopping you because?” Louis asked jokingly, wading towards you in the water.

You laugh once again, but you realise the boys weren’t

joking. You sigh to yourself, their tanned torsos glistening with beads of water. Before you can talk yourself out of it, you’re stripping off your dress and kicking it away with your feet before running into the cool water, your arms crossed over your chest. You can feel the boy’s eyes trained on you as you gently slip yourself into the water, the cool silk enclosing your body. You dunk your head down and emerge, pulling your wet hair out of your face to find yourself face to face with Harry. His lips slightly parted, breath hot and heavy on your cool skin, his eyes looking at you with such lust you felt heat rushing down. Before you can say a word, he closes the already small gap between the two of you, bring his body to yours. You couldn’t help a small gasp escape your lips as you feel the pressure of his growing erection press against your leg. He smirks and tilts your chin upwards to face him. You feel electrified by his touch, your body aching. His lips pressed roughly against yours, not even hesitation before his tongue parted your lips and began to battle with yours. His hot, wet tongue sliding in and out playing, teasing with yours. His other hand reaches for the small of your back, pulling you closer towards him, while your hands reach for his wet hair, tugging them gently, eliciting a small groan from his lips. You’ve almost forgotten about your third companion until another pair of hands reach around your waist to cup your breasts. An audible gasp broke you from Harry’s lips for a second, but he wouldn’t let you leave for long, pulling you back in.

“I’m going to make you so wet.” You hear Louis whisper in your ear from behind you.

You already knew he was telling you the truth, but he made it

even worse by attaching his lips right between your neck and shoulder, biting down hard and licking as his hands gently massaged your nipples. Trapped between two walls of complete pleasure, as each nipped, sucked and licked against you, you knew you needed at least one of them inside you this instant. You reluctantly break away from Harry’s lips to whisper, “Take me inside.” Louis’ arms, still wrapped around your waist, picks you up once more while running into the house, kicking open the door to his room and throwing you on the bed as Harry shouts for you to wait for him.

“Why in your room?” Harry whines, as he emerges in the door way. Louis was crawling on the bed towards you but he casts a glance over at his friend.“Does it really matter, mate?” He laughs, moving up, straddling you. Harry laughs, “What the fuck was I thinking,” he says before running to the side of the bed and jumping on.

“Now where did we leave off?” Louis says cheekily, his eyes glittering. Before you can answer, his lips are attached to yours, kissing you roughly, lifting you into a sitting position against him. Louis scoots over for Harry to attach back onto your neck, nibbling your ear while playing with your breasts. Your mouth breaks from Louis’ for only a second, “Fuck Harry,” was all you manage to get out before Harry pulls you onto his lap and starts grinding against you, kissing you now while Louis’ scorching lips trail down your back. Your hips move against each other in frenzy, rubbing against one another, moaning uncontrollably.

“You like it don’t you?” Harry whispers against your lips as you answer with your moan.

“You think she wants more, mate?” He separates from your

lips to ask Louis over your shoulder. Louis lifts his head from your neck and shrugs.

“I know she does, but she needs to do more than just that.” As if you weren’t already turned on enough, the way they spoke so casually drove you wild. You wanted to be at the mercy of these two boys, knowing fully they’d never do anything to hurt you but finding it almost uncontrollable to keep yourself away from these tempting boys. Your hands gripped the Harry’s hair as you looked him directly in the eye, his sparkling green eyes dark with lust.

“Please …” You moan, “Please, I want both of you, please give it to me.” Your voice was so raspy with desire. “Hmm…I don’t know if that’s enough, what do you think Lou?” Harry asked, you felt Louis shake his head. “Fuck me, please!” You whimper with desire. “Oh fuck,” he said surprised.

“Beg for it,” Harry commanded.

Before the boys could ask for more, you reach down for Harry’s cock underneath his still-wet boxers.

His head dipped back as you begin to stroke him, his already hard erection quickly building.

“How about now, Harry?” You hear Louis say, laughter evidently laced in his voice. You hear Harry groan before saying, “Definitely,” in a raspy voice. You’re kissing down Harry’s chest, still stroking his length, eliciting loud groans from him. Louis’ hands go wild on your body, and without your notice, they slip into your panties. You let out a gasp as he gently rubs your swollen nub, electric pleasure coursing through your body. With Harry’s length still in your hand, you continue kissing down his chest, ever so often, pausing ever so often as pleasure surges through your body. You kiss, nip and suck on his bare skin, licking your way downwards until you reach his already hard and hot erection. Louis plays with your clit, rubbing it tantalizingly slow and then furiously fast, making your breath catch in your mouth, as you sought for more.

“Louis,” You gasp out, “Quit teasing.” You feel him smirk against your neck before ripping off your panties from the back and throwing the flimsy piece of fabric over the edge of the bed. He toys with the entrance of your pussy for a minute with his finger before slamming himself into you as you gasp with pleasure and pain, tears stinging your eyes.

“Give a girl some warning,” You choke out. He pauses, waiting for you to get used to himself. “Sorry,” he murmurs. You smile against Harry’s skin, dipping down lower. Gently licking up and down his long throbbing length. His head dips backward, hips bucking as a string of curses fall out of his mouth. You smile against his erection, playing with his tip with your tongue. You see his eyes flutter closed, long dark lashes against his cheekbones. Tongue swirling, you take him in, as he sucks in a deep breath.

“Fuck, (Y/N),” He murmurs. You were groaning with sweet pleasure as Louis plunged in and out of you from behind at his own pace, roughly holding your hips. Noises you never knew you could make were falling out from between your lips as the boys before you and behind you groaned loudly. You’re previously wet bodies from the pool were feverish and sweaty, skin rubbing on skin with wild abandon.

“Oh my fuck…” Harry hissed, head still tilted back, hips bucking to meet your mouth halfway.

Louis was groaning loudly, muffled against your

shoulder and you knew that the three of you needed to move faster before you were each driven crazy. You licked up and down from his base to his tip, placing tiny kisses at his tip while pumping faster with your hand. The boys said your name in pleasurable unison. You were getting hotter by the second but you couldn’t stop. One hand holding yourself up, and one holding onto Harry’s hipbone for dear life as Louis slammed into you roughly, skin slapping on skin in a symphony. You knew the moment was coming, the time of inconsiderable pleasure, where all that mattered was the pleasure that was consuming you. You knew you couldn’t take it anymore, not with the hot, rough thrusts that hit your g-spot just right, the pressure of the boy’s before and behind you. Your limbs tensed as a scream is ripped from your throat. Waves of ecstasy ripple through your body, your extremities tingling. Your head dips back, breaking contact from Harry’s cock for a second before moving frantically once more. You knew they were close too, Louis’ panting evident in your ear and you could taste pre-cum in your mouth.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” You hear Harry mutter before a series of names, curses and groans emit from his passion bruised lips. You feel his hot cum fill your mouth, his length pulsing as pleasure consumes him. Before you can take in what’s happened, Louis swearing in your ear, muffled groans against your throat as he slams into you one last time before tipping his head back and reaching the tips of epiphany. The three of you fall in a mess of tangled limbs and hair, collapsing, chests rising and falling with harsh breaths. Droplets of water still running down your back from your wet hair. You look over to Louis, who takes your chin, tipping it upwards before kissing your already bruised lips, nipping and sucking on your bottom lim. Silence greets the room, the only sound penetrating was the panting of your harsh breaths. You pause for a minute before you speak.

“Can this happen every night?

Throw you away – Zayn Malik You’re arguing with your ex boyfriend on the phone as your best friends Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn stare at you. You’re close to tears as you hang up on him, his voice ringing in your ears. “I need to talk to her,” Zayn whispers to the rest of the boys as you turn of your phone with a heavy heart. As the boys leave, Zayn sits next to you and wraps a warm arm around your shoulders. “If you ever want me to bash him up, you can tell me alright?” He whispers into your ear. You let out a small laugh as you lean your head against his shoulder. “But don’t let ever him come back, you’re too precious to be wasted again.” He whispers even softer, his hot breathe blowing on your neck. You tilt your head up to look at him, confused, his dark, smouldering eyes fixing on yours. His hand reaches for your face, tilting your head up higher so he can look deep into his eyes. His thumb gently brushes your bottom lip as you bite your lip. You see him lick his lips, his dark eyelashes heavy lidded. Before you can take a breath, he pulls you forward, your lips crashing halfway, his scorching lips moving against yours. You feel the warmth spreading from your stomache to your fingers and toes, the hunger pushing you forward, and with every small nip, lick, clashing of tongues, you feel your desire growing, his lashes fluttering against your cheek.

Without breaking contact he lifts you up, your legs wrapped tightly around him as he carries you to his bedroom. He kisses you firmly as he lays you down on your bed, your hands madly clawing at his clothes, pulling up corners as his fingers scramble at yours. He lips find your neck and your too distracted to even bother trying to remove his clothes anymore. He breaks from your skin for a moment to pull his shirt over his head before he latches back on, his tongue swirling over your pulse point as your breath accelerates. His fingers trace the curves of your body, barely brushing your skin as his lust filled eyes wander down, teasing you lightly with his finger. You arch your back and press yourself against him, begging for more. “Please,” You murmur. Before you can say another world he pulls off his boxers, his arms beside your head holding up his frame. “Are you sure?” He whispers almost afraid to ask. You nod, as his lips find yours once more, pressing himself against your entrance. The last thing you hear before he enters you are, “I’ll never throw you away.”

Morning Glory – Harry Styles “Are you awake?” You breathe into his neck as you lightly run your finger up and down Harry’s torso, your head pressed tightly onto his chest from your previous sleeping position. “Mmm,” he groans huskily rubbing his thumb gently on the base of your back. “Morning glory?” You whisper quietly as you take your finger from his torso and trace it lower down, outlining his hip bones and lightly graze it over is lower abdomen. “Mmm,” he moans again, louder this time, you know exactly how he likes to be woken up. You crawl on top of him, pressing your body to his flushed skin, knee either side of his hips as you kiss slowly down his torso, your hands scraping down gently with you until you reach his crotch. He lets out a groan as you slowly pull down the corners of his boxers before taking his full length into your mouth as quickly as possible. “Oh my god,” he shouts, his voice breaking through his husky morning voice, as you begin to lick his most sensitive spots, the tip of the head, the base of the shaft. He’s gripping your hair tightly, biting his lower lip yet sounds escape them anyway. “Oh god (Y/N), please, I’m close,” he manages to breathe out through clenched teeth. His eyes are shut, his long dark eyelashes fluttering open slightly every time you graze one of his sensitive spots. You look up at his bright eyes, framed by his long dark lashes. You pull away from him as he lets out a heavy sigh of need. You sit yourself up a little, balancing his tip right before your entrance as you begin lowering yourself onto him. You hold down a small moan as you feel his length graze your clit.

“Holy fucking shit,” He mutters under his breath as his hands reach your waist, pulling your torso closer to his. His hands slide up and down your back finally getting tangled in your hair. Your eyes flutter shut under Harry’s lustful gaze as he sits himself up a little, giving him the perfect view of you. “Harry…” You murmur between shallow breaths as he slowly begins to rub your clit, bucking his hips up to meet yours halfway. Before you even realise, you orgasm quickly, screaming his name as he comes after you, feeling you clench around him. Your arms give out and you collapse on top of him, breathing heavily. “Good Morning,” you mumble into his neck, smiling.

Loius Tomlinson - Harder

It’s the middle of winter, you’re on your way to your boyfriend Louis’ house to hang out, it’s so cold you couldn’t wait to get inside, to away from the cold, away from all the snow. You knocked a few times on the door, there’s no answer, you didn’t really expect one, as you’re an hour early. The door is locked, he always told you to let yourself if whenever with the spare key that he keeps in gap of two bricks near the door. You opened the door and walked in; the warmth of the heater sends goose bumps all over your body, smiling to yourself knowing that he will be hear soon. You walked down the hall to his room, “why is his door shut” you thought to yourself, he never closes the door unless he is sleeping or with you. “ahh fuck” you heard him moan, coming from his room, the first thing you thought of was that he was fucking another girl, you got quite upset thinking about it, but you decided to go into his room, despite the thoughts that were going on in the back of your head, you knocked on the room, opening it just a crack. “Babe are you in here?” you called out, innocently “Fuck, umm just a sec” he said in a panicked tone, that didn’t help the thoughts that were running through your

head, so you opened the door more, to your surprise you see Louis, sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, with his hand on his dick, you couldn’t help but giggle. “[Y/N] what are you doing here babe? I wasn’t expecting you for another hour” he said blushing, while trying to cover up his boner with the blankets. “I thought I’d surprise you and come a little early” you giggled, you couldn’t help it, it’s not every day you walk in on your boyfriend masturbating. You walked over to him, not caring that he was naked you wrapped your hands around his waist and placed your lips on his, pushing him down on the bed. You moaned a little as you could feel his boner against your thigh. He smirked knowing how easily he can turn you on, pulling your legs on either side of him, you put your hands next to his head, placing your lips on his, he grabs your bum pushing you closer to him, a moan escaped your mouth, at that he flipped you over so he was on top, attacking your lips your tongues fighting for dominance. He starts to pull your pants down, breaking the kiss, staring into your eyes with a smile on his face; you peck his lips as he pulls your pants and lace undies off your feet, you giggle a little. He stares back into your eyes and whispers. “I love you [Y/N]” you couldn’t help but smile at that, you never could when he said it to you, you kissed him again, as you pulled away you whispered back to him. “I love you too” he smiled at you, pecking your lips, he bends your knees and brings your legs up, at that he slowly pushes into you, giving you time to adjust, you moan, turning your head to the side, closing your eyes with pleasure. “Unnf, harder” you moaned, he smiled knowing the pleasure he is giving you, he trusts harder and faster, you bite your lip trying to hold in your moans, a few escape through your mouth. “No babe, let it out, I love hearing you moan, hearing you scream my name” he managed to say, you let out a few moans, not being able to control yourself, that’s all that was coming out of your mouth “Fuck babe you’re so tight” he manages to say, trusting harder and faster, you smirk, he loves how tight you are, moans are escaping his mouth.

“Oh god babe, faster” you moan, he does so, you couldn’t hold it anymore. “Lou, I’m close, unnf” you whisper, he starts to slow down, teasing you a bit. “No, babe faster, PLEASE” you scream. “Oh god I love it when you scream my name, scream again babe, scream my name” he says with a cheeky grin. “Fuck Lou, harder, please, just fuck” you scream, at that his thrusts get harder and faster, hitting your g-spot every time, you were close you knew you were, he hits you g-spot a few more times, throwing you over the edge. Your toes curl, grabbing the sheets, pushing your head back, closing your eyes tightly, arching your back, our whole body tensed up with pleasure, moans still escaping your mouth as his thrusts get weaker and uneven, as he pulls out you sigh with pleasure, flopping down next to you. “Fuck that” you say out of breath “was ama—zing” you say, still panting. He looks into your eyes and smiles, he kisses you again. “Yes that was” he giggles, kissing you again, he pulled you closer to him, your face buried in his chest, his chin resting on your head. “I love you [Y/N]” he whispers, you smile, you loved it when he said he loved you “I love you to Louis” you whisper back, closing your eyes, drifting off to sleep in his arms.

Zayn Malik – Stay With Me The music’s on, the atmosphere is intense, and your favorite people are here at the club you decided to party at with your two best friends. You’re in the midst of buying a drink when you see a unique, yet familiar sight. “Is that… Is that Zayn? From One-” you begin to scream, though you get interrupted by a sudden hand over your mouth. You can’t tell who’s doing this to you, and you become frightened. As you’re about to try to get to your escape, the unknown person pushes you outside of the club, so that you are outdoors near the exit. The hand lets go, and you finally get a chance to see the freak that touched you like this. “Who the fu-” you began to say, but you stopped in mid-swear as you realized. This was Zayn. Zayn Malik, the “Bradford Bad Boy”; the heartthrob; and most excitingly, your favorite of the five, though you loved them all. Zayn had something special about him. “I’m sorry, I just wanted to have a fun night, I didn’t think I’d be seen, and when you said my name out loud I couldn’t help but interrupt you.” said Zayn, very quickly, as if he was in a hurry. “Oh my God, it’s, it’s alright. What’s wrong, are you in a hurry?” you say, not knowing what else to say. Your body is filled with a myriad of emotions, and that’s all you can really get out. “Oh no, no, I’m fine babe. I’m just a little disappointed with myself. I promised myself as a little boy that I’d never put my hands on a woman like that. I’m so terribly sorry, if there’s anything I can do to make this up to y-” He trailed off… “Well, I have an idea. Since you’re such a pretty lady, how about I treat you to dinner and a movie at my place?”

You’re shocked. Zayn Malik just invited you to his house, not to mention he called you babe. “Y-yeah! That sounds great. I’d love to, but don’t invite me because you feel bad. Don’t worry about me, I’ll just go back into the club and just forget that any of this ever happened and I’ll stop burdening you, it’s silly. It’s the least I could-” before finishing, Zayn interrupts you again, in an intimate whisper. “Sh, it’s my pleasure.” Feeling magnificent, you walk with him to his car, and he begins to hold your hand. It’s a short distance of a walk, unfortunately; you wish you could hold his hand forever. Soon enough, though, you arrive at the car, where he lets go of your hand and opens the passenger-side door for you. “Take a seat, love, and get comfortable. My loft, sorry, apartment as called in America, is a ways from here, about a half hour”. You listen to these words intently, though you’re already drifting to sleep. “Ok”, you say; the last thing you say, and the only thing you say this car ride. Zayn parks the car in the garage of the apartment complex. He looks over to inform you of the arrival, but you’re fast asleep. Instead of waking you, he decides to take it into his own hands to transport you into the building. Getting out of the car quietly, he tiptoes over to your side of the car and opens the door, unbuckles your seatbelt, and picks you up gently and slowly. You feel strong hands around your legs and waist, causing you to wake up. You open your eyes, and you see Zayn’s beautiful pouf. You realize he’s carrying you, and you close her eyes so he won’t stop. He lays you on top of the bed in the apartment, and while your eyes are closed, starts looking at you. He begins to ponder waking you up. He also thinks (which overcomes his prior thought) of the skimpy outfit you have on; short high waisted skirt and a lacy crop top. He admires you and begins to look at you from your eyes, down lower to your breasts, stomach, and legs. He can feel his member growing, and decides to wake you up with a little more intensity than he imagined. He climbs on top of you and kisses you on the cheek, then the neck, sucking and nibbling on every inch. Then, he starts to suck on your collarbone, which awakens you. You yawn, and then realize what Zayn is doing. “I’m guessing you’re a little excited, huh?” You say, trying to sound flirty. “I’m only excited because you’re here. I have you all to myself. I was eyeing you all night at the club, and I had found the perfect excuse to talk to you. As soon as I got the chance, I had to snag it. I had to be with you.” As soon as his little speech ends, he starts kissing you again, though this time, there’s something different: you kiss back. Gentle at first, he kisses you sweetly and then looks into you’re eyes. “You’re absolutely beautiful. Thank you for being here with me tonight” he says, and starts kissing you a little bit more passionately. It begins to get heated, as his hands grab your waist and yours grab his neck. You start off the passion, as your tongue grazes his bottom lip begging for entrance. “You’re a little naughty, aren’t you?” Before he receives a response, his mouth opens ever so slightly so that your tongue can enter. He stops the kiss after it gets hot, and

then starts taking off your clothes. He starts with the top, then the skirt, which leaves you in only a matching thong and bra. You smile at him, then tug at his t-shirt signaling you want him to take it off. He does. The same goes for his pants; you tug, he removes. You’re both half-naked, and you decide to have a little more fun. You grab him by the waist and flip him over, so that you’re on top. You start sucking on his neck and find the spot where he loves it the most, and he lets out a little moan. “Go lower, please” you hear, though Zayn wasn’t intending for you to. You follow his orders, and begin to lick down his abs and the sensitive area where his boxers meet his skin. You nibble at the seam of them, and start using your hands to gently graze across his hard, ever present boner. He’s been waiting for so long for this, and this torture is killing him, but you love it. All through this, he’s making moans and groans, until you take your hands off of him. “Please. Please. More, more, more. Please, I’ll do anything”. Though it takes a few more minutes, you finally give in. You pull down his boxers, revealing his hard member. First you rub your hands up and down starting at the base and ending at the head, and going very slowly. His moans are quiet and you can’t take it, so you start to go faster. You lean your head over and blow cold breaths on the tip of his penis, which drives him crazy. He can’t take it anymore, and he pushes your head down. You understand the memo, and you start using your mouth on him now, going up and down and using the rest of your body to touch his thighs and grind on his legs. You can feel the twitching in your mouth, but he pulls you off of him when his moans get the loudest. “We need to save that for later” he says sexily, and yet again flips you over. “Now that you’ve given me what you want, and I know what you want, it’s my turn.” He begins sucking on your nipples and blowing cold air on them, making what’s in between your legs throb. He begins rubbing his hands up and down your thighs, and then they hit where you wanted them to be. You’re soaking wet, and you both of you can feel it. “Did I make you this wet?” he says. “Uh-huh”. He starts kissing you on the lips and neck, and then rips off your thong and uses his teeth to pull up your bra, which you take off. He slides a long, slim finger in, and pain and pleasure both occur. You begin to moan, and he loves it. After a little, he puts another in, which drives you crazy and you start to moan. You feel your walls tightening as he hits your g-spot each time. “Uh, uh Z-Zaaaayn I’m com-” is all you can get out before he takes his fingers out. He knows what he’s done, and he’s done it for a reason. He takes his member and slowly brings it to your pussy and starts slowly inserting it but taking it out. “I don’t know if you’re ready yet,” he says, and you quickly beg him in response. “I don’t know if a little girl like you can take it, you’re so tight I’m not sure if you’ll like it” he moans in his deep breaths into your ear.

“I’ll love it, Zayn please. Please, please, please.” Without notice, he shoves his hard cock into you, sending your body into waves of pleasure as you let out a scream of his name. The furniture in the room is rocking, and so are your bodies together. You can feel your walls tightening again, and this time, much much much stronger. “Uh Zayn, Zaaynnnn, Zayn I’m coming, I can feel it” you moan. “Ten more seconds, please I need to do this with you” “I can’t”. “Do it,” Zayn says, in his sexual, deep groan of a voice. You count down from ten, and as soon as one hits you feel his member twitching and soon bursting inside of you. Your walls tighten and you let out a moan as your whole body is sent into shocks. He pulls out of you and lays on your body, and he begins to talk to you after you both rest for about ten minutes. “Please, I’ll beg for you to stay with me tonight. Stay with me for longer than tonight. I need you. You’re so beautiful, your eyes are flawless, and they’re my favorite part about you. I need you, and, and, and, I love you. I love you. Please stay with me.” he randomly says, and your heart flutters. “I love you too, Zayn. I’ve loved you since the minute I saw you.” “I feel the same, love.” After a minute of silence, he slowly walks nakedly over to his closet, and grabs a pair of boxers for himself, and a t shirt of his and your underwear from earlier. He puts on his boxers, then hands you the other clothing. “Here sweetheart, I’m pretty sure you don’t sleep in the nude,” he says laughing, and you put them on. You start feeling tired, and so you rest your head on the pillow. He lays next to you, with his hand on yours and his lips on your cheek. “We can go get your stuff tomorrow, alright? Live with me.” “Of course, Zayn.” You fall asleep into his arms that night, as he sings you to sleep.

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